07 March 2008

It's Definitely Friday...
Those of you readers that have been on board here from the beginning will already know EXACTLY what today's post will be about, but for the uninitiated in the crowd, allow me to elucidate.

I'm a big law and order proponent.
I believe that laws are there not because we need to primarily protect the innocent, but rather are in place because we have people that will NOT obey authority at ANY level, and must be dealt with accordingly.
And whatever law we institute MUST apply to every single person, or it means less than the paper it was written on as well as the ink used to draft it.

With that said...let's have some "fun"...shall we?
Like any living, breathing red-blooded, flag-waving American male, I really LOVE a BIG BUST!!!

Three Tons of Pot Seized Near Harlan, Indiana -
Looks like someone's been real "busy", doesn't it?
Matthew McChesney, who rented a house just east of Harlan (22633 Antwerp Road), and had been under investigation for several months by law-enforcement agencies was pulled over for speeding Wednesday night near State Boulevard and Reed Road in Fort Wayne.
That's not unusual...people fly through my part of town on most any gievn day.
But when they searched his car, found the 12 POUNDS of MARIJUANA and about $100,000 he was carrying, the police must have figured he wasn't going to the nightdrop at the local bank. That led police (who obtained a search warrant ) to the house he was renting (damn nice house too...love to buy it in a seizure sale and get my ass out of this ghetto), and what they found THERE astonished them.
Inside the house, police found about 6,700 POUNDS of the aforementioned leafy substance (nicely weighed and baled in plastic wrapped "bricks" to kill the odor). The ACSD said that this is the LARGEST stash they have ever come across. The street value of the pot is estimated to be (easily) about $6 MILLION dollars (move over, Steve Austin).

Also found at the house were several large safes (weighing about 1500 pounds each), Sopranos DVDs, assorted Star War figurines, a SCARFACE poster, and some exercise equipment. ALL of it, along with an AK-47 (and 3 -30 rd mags) were confiscated as evidence and will be returned when Matt can establish the items were NOT bought with drug money...(yeah...right). The assault rifle will NOT be returned. Law enforcement authorities had to use a semi-trailer to haul away all the "stuff".

A neighbor said that McChesney was not a "friendly" person. The neighbor also wondered about the man who always seemed to have more than enough money, drove expensive cars that he frequently changed. McChesney told the police he was "self-employed". (rrrriiiigggghhhtttt)

Police also served warrants at three other homes in Fort Wayne that McChesney weither owned, or had some connection to. Officers did not find significant amounts of drugs at those houses McChesney is quietly resting his ass in the Allen County lockup (without bail) on a prelim charge of dealing and possession. And because of the sheer amount of marijuana found, you KNOW the feds are licking their chops over this one.
Police expect to be making more arrests in connection with the pot found at McChesneys' house (and they can start with people I've told them about in the past that operate with regularity around my area).
That's basically the story for now...cool, huh?
I'll be following this like a bloodhound on a scent trail...stay tuned.

-Helmke's At It Again...

Speaking to a "crowd" of 200 at Indiana Tech, the former mayor of Fort Wayne told stories about gun violence.

And in that speech, he mentioned four items that should be included in the current Federal gun provisions that "could" reduce gun violence in THREE years (why so long, Paul?):

1) More effective background checks
2) Prohibit sales of certain weapons to the public
3) Regulate the trafficking of illegal guns
4) Limit the number of guns purchased by one person at one time

OK, Paul...lemme see about this...
-On item 1, that would go a LONG way to stop the PEOPLE from getting a gun. That is more PEOPLE-CONTROL than gun control. That's not too bad.
-On item 2, I have one word: WHY? Maybe I want an FNB P90 carbine w/ supressor.
-On item 3, How the hell can you "regulate" ANYTHING when it pertains to trafficking in something illegal? Can you "regulate" STOLEN guns? I don't THINK so, Paul.
Cripes, we can barely regulate what goes over the airwaves and flies through our skies, let alone all the black marketeering in illegal firearms. How about an outright BAN with very severe penalties? Maybe an open-carry for alllaw-abiding citizens so they can shoot the perps BEFORE they steal some guns? Get real with that one, Paul.
-On item 4, local agencies and gun store owners are working to stem the tide of "straw-purchasing", and looking closely at people walking into a gunshop and buying "off the rack" 25 .40 cal handguns said to be for "personal use" (rrrriiiiiggghhhhhttt).

Lastly, some really local crime.
There's a BLACK MALE (big surprise) out there wanted for the pistol-whipping robbery of the store manager at the Family Dollar on Decatur Road this past week.

**((The perp was driving a late model pearl white Cadillac Escalade SUV (real easy to spot, people), and was captured on video (inside as well as outside) at the Scott's across the street (where he went to possibly use the beaten woman's checks at the customer service counter, but left the store when someone else was in line ahead of him). He also looked as though he was talking to another black woman in the parking lot of Scott's.
**((editor's update: As of 0932 hrs, the Escalade vehicle in question on the code 53 does NOT belong to the robber. The driver of the SUV came into FWPD HQ and straightened that much out.))

**((Editor's update 8 March - Let it NOT be said that I do not know when I report something in ERROR. The man seen in the above video capture (from Scotts) was NOT the robber who pistol-whipped the manager at Family Dollar.
I owe an apology to RANDOLPH JACKSON as I was at fault for following the media "lead" and wrongfully accusing him of the robbery. He was the man who owns the Escalade and was NOT involved in the robbery. THAT man is STILL at large.
This blog will always "man up" to anything posted in error.
I suppose there still IS something to be said for getting one's facts STRAIGHT (hear THAT, local media?). I can only post what is available with my commentary, and will ONLY use speculation where applicable, and ONLY when it pertains to MY point of view, and NOT the facts as they are presented))

By the way...more snow might on the way...keep those shovels handy, folks.
And there you are, all the news that's making news.

DO have a SAFE weekend and drive carefully.

06 March 2008

It Was REAL, and It Was FUN...
But all this snow wasn't REAL FUN...not one damn bit!
It was (dare I say it?) ENTERTAINING, though. I said to my wife that I should go out front with a cold beer, sit my butt down on the step, and watch all the people trying to do what I had already done (much better) hours before, because I practice a little self-discipline and get up early regardless of the weather.

Hey, I was up before 0600 clearing my sidewalk, and even got to chat up the paper delivery guy. THEN I found out FWCS cancelled today, so my wife didn't NEED to have the driveway cleared (it was done anyway...so sue me). But since everyone ELSE seems to stay in bed until the sun shines on their ass, whether there is school or not, and since everyone ELSE around here doesn't hold down any sort of JOB to speak of (which explains all the time they have on their hands), I tend to "buck the trend" in this neighbohood.
Yeah, I'm the anomaly here.

What was humorous was the manner in which people were cleaning off their vehicles (while the sidewalks and steps leading TO those vehicles were totally ignored). Many use the wipers to clear the windshield and trust that Mother nature will take care of the rest. That'll screw up a wiper motor REAL fast, but it's best to let them find that out all on their own. Some used their hand (gloved or not), and I wonder WHY they didn't stop at almost ANY store, and grab themselves a cheap-ass snow scraper/brush when they got their gallon of orange drink and Andy Capp Hot Fries?
One "family" was actually using SNOW SHOVELS to remove the snow from their car (nothing says "typical ghetto behavior" QUITE like that, does it?) and their kids did everything BUT clear snow away, but did find time to climb on the HOOD of the car to get the roof cleared off. Another house was using a square spade garden shovel for snow removal (and we all know how MUCH snow you can get on one of those, don't we?), while I stood there watching them, and was pleasantly bemused.
It's also funny to see people TRYING to use a snow-blower. It's not hard to figure out that hardly any of these folks graduated high school, have been "guests" of the Allen County lockup numerous times, and are probably on some controlled substance NOT approved by the FDA, so what is the FIRST thing YOU would do in THEIR "condition"?
Yeah, that's right...operate complex machinery. To them, anything above a twist-off cap, or a soda can's pull tab IS "complex"...trust me!
And beware...they WILL be out on the roads today.

There are some days where I am just NOT at a loss for physical humor, especially when I look out a window. It does tend to minimally balance out all the crap (read "neighbors") that I would otherwise have to be dealing with every single day around here.

Then there are the boomcars. Ah, yes...they are becoming quite like the USPS; Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor gloom of night can stop THESE MORONS from keeping us awake (and the plaster cracking in our homes). Used to be a time when they would at least have a modicum of civility when it came to inclement weather.
Not anymore.
They have to exercise their intimidation and testosterone in ANY weather...all the time. Gotta love those city ordinances they never seem to enforce, don'cha?

And lastly, we have the snowplows...those orange trucks try and rooster-tail all the snow from the street back ONTO our clean sidewalks (lazy-asses aren't fazed by this) because they go down the streets TOO damned fast. Slow up, guys...get the job done RIGHT.

There IS a lighter side to the plow trucks, and that's when all the people that don't think the plows will come, (and do NOT use their own DRIVEWAY or GARAGE to park their vehicle, but instead defer to ON-STREET PARKING) are PLOWED IN when the trucks go by. Then they gripe their ass off and struggle to get the car dug out (hint: without a shovel, that's one daunting task). Seems these people might ENJOY a good struggle (to hear them speak about oppression that happened ages ago, and has NO bearing on their status in life) anyway, so they should quit bitchin', and start shoveling. Exercise is good for the soul, bru'tha!
I must say that whenever the plows DO arrive around here (which is usually a day or more after the snow stops), they DO a good job. And they don't come down the streets as fast any longer (maybe they're reading this blog?). Then again, we saw them last night after 9PM.

The police radio's been abuzz with the obligatory slideoffs, police chases, fights, accidents, and sundry other weather-related (and ghetto-related) behaviors. Cripes, even the officers in blue don't even get a let up in the "action". Doesn't matter what the weather is, some dumbass will always want to commit SOME crime...somewhere. Yet I know that with certain calls on the air, you can even tell THEY manage to find a little humor in some of this.

Some of the worst problems which will linger as long as we don't get a lot of days above 32 degrees, are the residential intersections here. Most of them are "low-lying" compared to the streets, ponding the water like there's no tomorrow.
And all that WATER turns into all that ICE when the temps drop below freezing (like last night). It's not bad if you don't plan to STOP at all, but the manner of driving that many of the locals exhibit demands you approach EVERY intersection with more caution than usual, even if it's a stop sign (for them).
But, all in all, it wasn't such a bad day.
It could have been worse (and most likely WILL be so soon enough).
Hey, it's the south side....whaddya expect? Whispering Meadows?

05 March 2008

Oh Yeah, It's HUMPDAY alright...
Well let's see...in the past 24 hours we've had sleet, freezing rain, snow, more sleet, and a touch more snow, and just a smidgen of freezing drizzle (and sleet).

Sure makes things appear like that winter wonderland of song. Looks like we got around 6 inches, and unless you shoveled last night to remove that layer of SLEET under the snow, you're going to really be "having fun" outside today. Snow is an excellent insulator (ask any Inuit tribesman), and unless you got the sleet off the concrete, it will freeze to the sidewalk or driveway with all the snow on top if it. It's just plain old Physics, folks!

FWCS has closed today (good call, considering the SIDE STREETS SUCK as far as traffic goes - at least they do on the SOUTH side of town). Sorry kids, this snow won't be making any good snowmen today.

Jay County was real smart and closed last evening before 7PM!
Talk about foresight (well, there's that, and the fact that they ARE more RURAL down here...a "southside" I can really get into, as in a LOT FEWER IDIOTS and a lot MORE NICE PEOPLE).

Since some of you might be snowbound today, take a few minutes to punch up the FWPD online scanner and listen in on what you're NOT getting yourselves into.
Here's the link:

It's amazing what you will hear regarding the state of our (local) society.
And you'll have a much better appreciation of the men & women in blue.

Now, let's take stock in my particular area, shall we?

Well, it looks like no one is getting their ass out of the sack to shovel the sidewalks (other than yours truly), as you can see from these freshly-taken snapshots up and down my block. And even though the kids are "off" today, you can bet THEY WON'T be around (down here), shovels on shoulders looking to make some REAL EASY cash by clearing sidewalks. Maybe in those NICE neighborhoods we'll still see those young entrepreneurs doing the right thing.

I did contact Captain Tom Bandor at NCE regarding citing people who DO NOT clear the sidewalks, and this is the body of the email he shot me back:

I do appreciate your perspective on this issue, the problem is staffing and prioritizing duties. We here at NCE cannotkeep up with the day to day higher priority duties.
By the way the ordinance does not name an enforcement authority. With that being said if there weren’t anything else to do and we could afford to employ all of the NCE Officers, the Police Officers and the Firefighters in this City for enforcement of this particular ordinance we could only touch a small portion of this vast City.
Therefore our enforcement efforts would appear to be arbitrary and capricious and cited violators would have standing in court. I believe that this is why in 24 years of Law Enforcement experience in this community I have never seen this enforced at any level.
And there you have it.
Through no fault of his own, Captain Tom has said that the city has an ordinance- city code 99.047 (of many I might add) that is relatively UNENFORCEABLE (much like the NOISE ordinance-city code 96.03, 96.05, & 96.15, and the IMPROPERLY ILLUMINATED VEHICLE ordinance -IC-9-19-6-4- on the southside of Fort Wayne).

So I guess all of us "oddballs" that feel the need to (out of courtesy and/or a sense of pride) clear our sidewalks can all roll over and get back to dreamland, eh?
And if anyone is even thinking of slipping on our sidewalks and then SUING us...think again, because NONE of us really HAVE to clear ANYTHING off for you to walk on (in spite of the fact that we WOULD be liable under conditions such as we have today).

Nah...we'll be out clearing OUR sidewalks anyway.
We're weird that way...aren't we?
WE still give a damn.

04 March 2008

Local Landmark Looking to Close...
The downtown Lincoln Museum, a little gem nestled in the heart of our fair city's crown (since 1920) is going lights out, and right on the heels of a year-long local celebration of Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday in 2009, Lincoln Foundation officials announced yesterday that the museum will close to the public effective 30 June. And YES, I DID add a tear to the face of Lincoln seen above. Move over, "Life and Legacy"...make way for Copstaplenty Square and ALL that money THAT will bring in for decades to come (yawn...yeah, right).
I'd grab up those mementos REAL fast, people.
(no mention there yet as of today...wonder why?)

As a result, close to 80 historical items will have to find new homes. Of course no one knows where all these artifacts will wind up. (I'm thinking the four winds myself)
Citing declining attendance, the collection's dispersal to other sites will better match the Lincoln Financial Group's mission to ensure the items get maximum exposure and remain accessible to the public. This is not expected to be a negative in the downtown area redevelopment. (They probably already SOLD the property to some developer and are counting the cash.)
That's pretty much the PRINTED story.
Now for MY take on this (caution: you might learn something here).

I can sum up the Lincoln Museum's "problem" in ONE word: ENTERTAINMENT!

It's not entertaining enough for the masses of ADHDs and their pitiful 30 second attention spans. It's not SUPPOSED to be a freaking carnival sideshow -it's frigging HISTORY, you dip$hits! If ANYTHING, it's supposed to spark debate, provide insight, and invoke a sense of enlightenment.
History is to be presented in a less joyous, more somber manner, allowing one to reflect on the times and circumstances surrounding it. It's not intended to be thrill-seeker's paradise. That's what the surf at Maui, or the cliff-diving in Acapulco is for.
Spend some time at THE WALL in D.C.
Or try the Smithsonian Institution and the National History Museum there.
Stop by the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, or the Science and Technology Museum in Chicago. It's about H I S T O R Y, you morons.
It ain't DISNEYWORLD or even a NASCAR event, for God's sake!
They have a G.A.R. Museum in Philly, staffed by VOLUNTEERS, and funded with private donations. They barely make enough money to pay the freight, and yet...they have been at the Ruan House in Frankford for ages. They are in it for the HISTORY, as in "let's not forget our past when we look to the future". I like that.

But hey, maybe the Hardball guys can ride to the rescue.
Think about it.
We can have a "Theme Park" in center city, right alongside that redundant baseball stadium. We can call it "Honest Abe's Railsplittin' Ride-O-Rama", or something similar. Imagine the possibilties. You can experience what it would feel like to have someone come up from behind you (while you're enjoying a play), and put a bullet in your skull (with VR technology). Oh wait, they ALREADY do that (for REAL, too)...on the SOUTH side. It's called MURDERING ONE ANOTHER.
We can have the Mary Todd Lincoln "Crazy-Ass" waterslide, or perhaps see what it would have been like if Lincoln would have NOT signed the Emancipation Proclamation. We can give our OWN version of the Gettysburg Address, while civil war re-enactors cheer and applaud. We could even do a "Hillary Clinton smear campaign" against Stephen Douglas as we participate in the "great debate". They could come out with a Honest Abe basketball shoe (sure to make some young boys have to have them). Nike can get on board with this : "Air-Lincolns"! It's sure to be an "E"-Ticket ride, no matter how you feel about it. This could become a huge money-maker for our city, IF ONLY it was "branded" and marketed the "right" way...and that means MORE ENTERTAINMENT, people!

But I suppose that the REAL history might be LOST in all this frivolous self-indulgence. So what, we're re-writing the history books for the schoolkids already, what's one more little "change" going to matter, right? And besides, don't so many OTHER nations around the world look at America as some war-mongering bastard with it's finger in too many pies? I'd like to think that these other nations have their heads firmly up their asses (which they do).

Hey, I went to Abraham Lincoln High School in Philly, so I have some vested interest in all this. I feel this city is cutting off it's nose to spite it's face (yet again). Tell you what....with all that damn nose-cutting, this town's looking more like Michael Jackson every day. Damn shame this city doesn't have the talent to go with it (but we do have the sexual molesting down here pretty well, with all the pedophiles). Yeah, it's ALWAYS a trade-off.

I'd like to see the museum STAY. I mean we DO have an African-American History museum, and that's not going anywhere soon. I say let's be fair AND balanced about it, and keep Abe here. If it wasn't for Abe, the African-American museum probably wouldn't BE here...right, Hana?

But if there is NO way possible to keep the Abraham Lincon Museum HERE...in Fort Wayne, then by all means, I say take the entire collection and send it to D.C., or at least to Illinois (birthplace of Abe), and call it done.

Obviously, EVERY generation (up to NOW anyway) has understood the NEED for the museum, and what it stood for. But people can't be bothered with history...it's old and in the past. What's important is NOW...HERE...TODAY. Forget that what we say, think or do will shape the generations to follow, which in turn WILL BECOME the future history of our people and our nation.

We're already reaping the "benefits" from a lack of understanding history through education (by choice), and rising crime (due to stupidity). Why be burdened with lessons we could learn from history...that's just too much "work" for us, right? If this city is not able to see past it's billfold, simply CANNOT appreciate history, and in the process perhaps LEARN from it, then the destiny awaiting it will be something I'm glad none of us will be around to see.

03 March 2008

Monday Musings...
Welcome to March.
Wow, a whole weekend where I wasn't shoveling, salting, or sweeping some sort of precipitation from about the house and steps.
A freaking miracle to behold.
But although this month didn't enter like a lion, don't let this lamb-like day fool you. We're probably going to be back into wintery weather by this time tomorrow.
I, however WILL enter the month of March like a LION.
Another house in our neighborhood was hit by scrappers within the past few days. And the old owners were closing on it this Wednesday. The NEW owner stated he had insurance, so the former owners aren't worrying about it, UNLESS the new owner decides to back out of the deal. Then the former owhers call out the LAWYER, and start talking lawsuits.Technically, it's not "their" house any longer, and the ink has had a time to dry. Still, the situation begs for resolution on a much different scale; namely WHY this is still occuring in the first place?
I sure hope it's not because of the "money for drugs" problem we're not supposed to be having due to this large 13% decrease (lowest in over 25 years???) in crime. Oh, no...that just can't be it.
Funny thing, though...both houses that were recently targeted were being sold by WHITE people. Now I don't want to cast any aspersions against any (other) race, but it sure seems peculiar that it played out this way. And as the last DECENT white household in the immediate area (if there are others, they sure ain't advertising it) I'm seeing a form of reverse racism being perpetrated here.
Just yesterday, one of the "new arrivals" that moved in across the street (that also doesn't work or attend school and that YOU are funding through your "genereous" contributions to the welfare system) emptied his hands of a crumpled bag and a coffee container on the neighbor's sidewalk. Now I'm sorry, but with THAT type of (typical) behavior, you're not accruing any gold stars in *my* PLUS column, Bub.
And don't even THINK of demanding any "respect" from me when you apparently have NO concept of the word and how it's REALLY defined.
Should this person choose to do likewise to MY property in the future (and you KNOW it's coming), I won't be the one who nicely "asks" him to remove his trash (that only gets a gun pulled on you, as I have learned from past experience). I will simply bolt out the door, and YELL: "Yo, this ain't your f$cking living room...pick that damn trash the hell up...NOW". And I'm sure that spotting a pistol on my hip will reinforce my imperative quite well. Yes, folks...THAT'S how you deal with these people. Not that it will matter all that much in the long run, because within a week or two, the "short-term memory affiction" thay all seem to suffer from (we called it CRS in the past - Can't Remember $**t) will kick in, and you'll have to REMIND them...again. I've seen this time and again.
But I digress...
Over the past few decades, this part of town has gotten what many consider a "bad rep". Well, aside from all the bad RAP I constantly hear from the boomcars thumping through the area, I can say that the south side EARNED every reputation is currently enjoys! And this part of town did it with gusto. Sure there might be those "pockets of resistance", as I like to call them (those that still believe in a resurrection of this part of hell on earth), but these days, there simply aren't enough of "us" to go around and make ANY headway.
We can't fight the low-income housing juggernaut and the manner in which it places people with many a sordid past history, along with NO SENSE of ownership, boundaries and respect for others into houses costing less than a POS used car, and expect those of US "normal people" to find it all "happy, happy, joy, joy".
That crap won't float!
When there is NO responsibilty, NO consequences, NO respect for authority, NO accountablity, and NO sense of pride in anything, dont EVER expect ANY neighborhood to survive, let alone THRIVE. It just will NOT happen. In fact, you might as well STOP calling it a "neighborhood", as there is nothing "neighborly" about it any longer. Just call it what it has become; a GHETTO.
Listen in on the police scanner, and see what I mean.
So as long as scrappers have a place to "play", along with the child molesters, rapists, arsonists, murderers, burglars, car thieves, robbers, drug dealers, and assorted other human waste we (respectfully) call criminals, don't EVER try to cajole me into thinking crime is ever going down, and that by constructing token "projects" such as Renassance Pointe, this part of the city is doing OK. I'll never be THAT dumb to believe a load of crap like that. And neither would any other person with at least TWO functioning brian cells in their primate skull.
It's like I said before, the city doesn't seem to believe in the "broken window" theory...even when the entire building is crumbling down around them, so I suppose the saying that: ONLY FOOLS fight in burning houses still rings true.
When the city begins to seriously remove ALL the human scum, vermin, whatever you want to call it from our areas, then, and ONLY then can any of us who are left even begin to take back this part of the city, making it thrive once more (and lining the city's pockets again with tax revenue).
Was that a porcine aviator I just saw overhead?
Make no mistake...this IS a war (in many ways) down here, and we can either wage it in the proper manner (that would mean fight to WIN), or we can keep allowing the politicians to fight it for us in the uninspiring manner they have demonstrated over the years, with the predictable results.
Vietnam (alone) should have taught us well enough in that regard.
This city is hemorrhagic where money is concerned, and it's time to put away all the Band-Aids and talk about some SERIOUS triage starting with clamping off the offending "arteries" with some followup tranfusional measures.
Shoring up an already depleted tax base will only occur when people who are generationally living on the dole are taken off of it, the criminal element finds it unproductive to conduct business, and people are taught how to be responsible to themselves and their community. Then we can have people who KNOW how to behave, treat others RESPECTFULLY, and know what it means to be a PRODUCTIVE member of a society.
Sounds a tad harsh, but sometimes it TAKES bitter to DRIVE bitter.
'Nuff said there, people.