16 April 2014

Humpday Happenings...
If you prefer your mornings more on the "frosty" side, then this morning will be just what you're looking for.
Our Hoosierland weather will be a bit more on the unseasonable side with temps struggling to reach 50 degrees.
But, on the good side, we will have lots of sunshine and maybe a breeze or two.
Fort Wayne set a new record with last night's LOW of 24 degrees, so that tells you it's a little more than sweater weather, but that too will change.
In the interim, let's set about filling up that comforting morning beverage as wwe take a peek into what's been going on.
*** First out of the chill zone today is our WHO SAID THAT quote of the week:
" A nation's culture resides in the hearts and souls of it's people."
Now, that should tell you a lot about how OUR country is doing in that regard, right?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the Taj Mahal...
*** While I always enjoy a happy ending, hopefully this will be the LAST story we have on this punk-ass thug, Deadrian Boykins.
Here's the link:
An unrequited and smirking asshole learned he got another 20 years tacked on to his (already) 60+ year prison sentence yesterday...for his attack on a confinement officer.
Some people (like this jerk) just have a head full of bad wiring, and I don't want to hear word one about how "poverty" was to blame...or that "Whitey" caused this in his life.
This buttwipe CHOSE the path he tread, and he got a decent payback for making such bad decisions - 91 years in jail, with Judge Gull requesting he be remanded to a MAXIMUM security facility.
Yes, "Buster Badass" will not be on OUR streets any time in the foreseeable future - good riddance to bad rubbish.
Let's see how much of "a joke" it is when he becomes the new bitch of cell block C...or gets shanked over a cigarette.
Still, it does put a smile on MY face.
Moving on...
*** Did YOU know that GPS systems can only help police SOLVE crimes and not STOP them?
(Well, DUH!)
It's true, friends, and here's the story link to PROVE it.
I kinda figured as much, because the ONLY way to effectively diminish crime is to be as PROACTIVE as you can be.
The story talks about how two sex offenders were not monitored properly, which lead to them committing  rapes and murders of at least four California women.
One would feel that GPS technology worked "as intended" when it came to devices alleged to have been monitoring the perps.
It says 300 feet ahead, but the cliff is only FIFTY feet away?
The spokesman for the Dept of Corrections and Rehab in California said that a monitor cannot detect that a crime is being committed - only that it can place an offender at a location and time when it comes to crime scenes.
And maybe you think such offenders take this into consideration when applying their "skills" in the commission of sex crimes?
A ball and chain we ALL can live with
You have to admit that it is (at this point) JUST a tool in the arsenal of items used to help SOLVE crimes.
We've MANY ways to stop crime, but unfortunately, few are used with vigor when it comes to application, because of the lawsuit mentality of our society.
Everyone has all these "rights" that are fought over in courtrooms across the nation every day, when all that is needed is to call them privileges and deal with them as such with stricter penalties for violating the ACTUAL RIGHTS of other individuals.
*** Next up, Remember when we used to have dress codes in PUBLIC schools?
I do, and I have to say that our graduating class (1970, and proud of it) was the LAST in my former high school to have one...so began the downward spiral into all of the problems we have in schools today (imho).
But, if you look around ANY public school today, they have begun to address clothing issues such as provocative tops for the girls and saggy-baggys for the boys.
Hats need to be REMOVED (as they should be), and no wearing jackets in class (that's what the damn LOCKER is for).
Still, those tween and teens look less like STUDENTS and more like those we see outside AFTER SCHOOL...too much "casual" clothing, and to me, it's TOO damn casual. In fact, it's downright SLOPPY...period.
Here's a story that addresses a new issue with certain clothing:
Doesn't leave MUCH to the imagination.
Now, it's about "leggings", which are being worn as PANTS for girls, rather than a garment to be worn under a skirt, for example. They're also called pencil pants, or skinny jeans (no denim).
They even have "jeggings" - leggings that are printed to LOOK like you're wearing jeans.
(how novel)
In Evanston, Ill, the schools are saying that IF you wear leggings, you have to have a shirt LONG enough to cover a girl's backside...long enough to reach you fingertips. That is even MORE sloppy.
I mean if we're suspending students for wearing a USMC shirt or wearing an AMERICAN FLAG shirt on a MEXICAN holiday, where does all this insanity truly end?
It's like the school make this sh*t up as they go along...or another clothing item comes on the market.
A BAN...on the AMERICAN flag,...in AMERICA?
If private and parochial schools can set a "standard" (and not a DOUBLE one) when it comes to children's clothing and codes of dress, then WHY can't public schools return to those same days they USED to have? I'm not talking strict uniforms, either...just nice, appropriate clothing that fits the venue.
It would seem to be the prudent thing to do.
Recall when kids were getting jumped in public schools for wearing LOGO jackets?
That has fallen out of favor, but athletic shoes are still popular.
We used to ONLY wear "athletic shoes" (call them what they really are - SNEAKERS) in GYM CLASS.
And during the rise (no pun intended) of the MINI SKIRT during the 60s, we had standards set for the length of the HEM for ladies.
THIS kept your mind off quadratic equations!
Too short...you get sent home, and you BETTER return back the same day with more appropriate garb, or you were listed as TRUANT.
Boys didn't have FACIAL hair, (that's what shavers were for),no long hair on boys, and NOBODY wore T-SHIRTS to school...and NO JEANS of any kind.
My father always used to believe that "If you LOOK like a slob,...that's the way others will see you." and he was spot on with that one.
Also, being slovenly in appearance doesn't help the "educational process" one damn bit, because IF, as the schools say, they are preparing the youth for LIFE (and eventually the workplace) than a GOOD appearance should be second nature (unless you grab a job working in the city sewer system).
The story says much as to tolerance, intolerance, double standards, and a few other issues too many are reticent to sweep under the nearest carpet, in the hope it will all "just go away"...which it never does.
*** Last back to the corral today...Our CULTURE is a large part of the problems we have in America.
What we choose to allow in our society is not always in the best interest of everyone, so perhaps it once again comes down to making BETTER choices for ourselves AND our society?
Always seems to come down to a SIMPLE one.
Yep, sure as hell does...as it should be.
Permissiveness and pervasiveness are two parts of a society that can undo decades of progress, and we can see as much since we did away with dress codes back in the 1970s.
In almost every case, when we TRY to become more tolerant, we produce MORE intolerance against those who are not as tolerant.
That is one helluva vicious cycle to be saddled with.
There are much BETTER ways to get back on track, but it always means working at it, and that's why I don't say EASIER ways to move forward. Easy is for the lazy.
If life were so easy, we'd all be stellar models of success in anything we did, without exception.
Then again, we'd learn little along THAT path, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

15 April 2014

A Very "Taxing" Day...
Yes, it's THAT time of the year again, friends...time to "pay the piper" for all those songs we STILL haven't heard (yet).
We'll be getting into THAT mess, along with some other things anon, but first off, let's talk WEATHER.
The Hoosierland never ceases to amaze me (however slight that might be) when it comes to changeable weather.
Woke up this morning to some SNOW on everything BUT the roads...be nice if that was ALWAYS the case, especially in WINTER.
And, it was CHILLY (again).
Temps were not even above freezing.
But, the sun's starting to peek across the horizon (sneaky bugger), and the skies are looking better for now.
Today's weather will consist of rising temps (but not that far) into the upper THIRTIES - didn't we just have a 70+ degree day?
Nope, that's NOT a winter picture - was taken this morning.
And, we'll enjoy a slight breeze, for all you die-hard kite flyers out there...bundle up.
Yes, we did miss that lunar eclipse as well. The moon was out briefly around 0500 hrs and I managed to view a portion of a waning event (less than a third was eclipsed by then).
In the meantime, hope you have the furnace going and that you'll join me in a nice, hot morning beverage.
All I can say is..."YUM!"
I'm  sure glad the SWISS MISS isn't a union member and doesn't go on strike on a regular basis, aren't you?
*** First off of the rooftop today is a story that sure made me going
This has to do with the recent fire at the iconic Philmore (theater) on Broadway.
And here's the story link:
The FWFD says that "hot towels" were to blame for the fire, which caused heavy smoke damage to the structure.
Now, before all of you begin rolling your eyes in disbelief over this, let's skull this one out.
Reports say the fire broke out in the KITCHEN area (remember that).
And it also says the towels were taken out of a DRYER (obviously one used for drying things made of CLOTH)
Then the towels were placed in a "confined space", which did not allow the heat to dissipate.
That's where I start to have some "trouble" with all of this.
So, what we're being told, is that the towels (somehow) spontaneously combusted?
How many of us have taken clothes out of OUR dryers and immediately PUT THEM ON?
(I'll raise MY hand, too)
NEVER got a burn of ANY kind, but those clothes were not "confined" in any way.
Sorry, don't feel like I'm spontaneously-combusting here.
Been to a REAL barber in times past and NEVER got burned by any of THOSE hot towels (which were steaming when they came out).
Still, ANY receptacle the towels were placed in HAS to dissipate heat, unless the container is HOTTER than the damn towels?
You mean to tell me that the molecules of the towels became MORE excited (hotter) after being place in whatever receptacle they used?
The ONLY case I can figure out where such spontaneity would occur, is if the towels had raw SODIUM on them and were tossed into a wet container.
Chemistry alert - Sodium and water get along as well as natural gas and an open flame.
Don't try this at home, kids!
Stuff goes "boom" aka reacts VIOLENTLY (like a perp resisting law-enforcement).
Such a thing will also occur with potassium permanganate (emergency fire started for survivalists).
It's not just for hanging on walls, folks.
That compound reacts well with water to produce flames.
So, if those towels were hot enough to spontaneously combust (seemingly an impossibility), who would place them in a closed container or space?
And, doesn't anyone in or near the kitchen know what a FIRE EXTINGUISHER is for?
I'd say if construction is ongoing on site, then it SHOULD be required if not by the owners of the property, then by those doing the construction work.
But, that would make too damn much SENSE, would it not?
Something smells like 3-day old fish here.
Moving on...
*** Next up..a reminder that today is TAX DAY, the 1st anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, and the day the R.M.S. Titanic sank in the North Atlantic.
(note to self: never do anything really important on this day)
*** Ever feel like life is just one REVOLVING DOOR?
As a kid I really grooved on those at a few of the banks we had back on Philly...
Sure feels like life in the Summit City
Mom had to tell me to stop going around in them...little did I know it would mirror LIFE soon enough...and for a longer duration.
But one woman discovered that some people can use such doors for other things...
Here's the story link:
Seems we had an ATTEMPTED RAPE at the 1st Source Bank, located at 200 E. Main St just before 1500 hrs yesterday
(hmm...thought banks used to close at 3PM...musta made it under the wire)
A man trapped a woman inside the door and began ripping her clothes.
When police arrived (and we have MORE of them downtown than the rest of the city combined...lol) they found a man inside the bank, hiking his drawers back up, sweating profusely. The woman had managed to get a table between her and the man.
Police ordered him on the floor, to which he ignored the officers, who then deployed a TASER multiple times, as the man tried to get to the woman over the table. (persistent buck, isn't he?)
Eventually several officers wrestled him to the floor and hog-tied him with handcuffs (I'd pay to see how that looked).
The woman told police the man approached her and was talking gibberish but seemed to be in need of help (for some trim, obviously).
When she went to hold the door to the building where the bank was located, he grabbed her arm and forced her into the doorway, tearing at her clothes.
It's just NOT worth it.
(talk about "ballsy" - no pun intended)
The perp was taken to hospital where he measured a very high heart rate and had burns to his lips.
(crack pipes will DO that to druggies)
While the attacker has not been ID'ed (anyone care to play "Guess the Ethnicity?"), he also has NOT BEEN ARRESTED!!!
I'd say his development already has been (arrested, that is)...LOL.
He IS, however a suspect in a separate battery case being investigated...
So, why not HOLD him for 72 hours??? That's legal to do.
I could be wrong, but my thought is he's NOT white, otherwise, we'd see his face in the news and know his name.
(we know how MOST of the "drive-by" media shakes THESE days)
*** Last back to the hangar today...Fort Wayne looks to be having ANOTHER AIR SHOW...and it will be in September of 2016 (another reason to live another couple years...LOL)
Here's the story link:
Sure, let's do this AGAIN...!
When the media first announced we'd have another show, I knew it was not going to be THIS year - takes a while to line things up, get certain "acts" to participate (some are booked a year in advance, like the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels).
Even the F-22 Raptor Flight Team (who I met at the last show here and got an autographed picture) are well booked for all of THIS year.
Really cool bunch of Raptor people.
I think it's a good deal for the city...for a change. The MAIN reason I like it, is that it causes people to come in and through OUR part of town (even if it's by way of a major road or highway and circumvents the ghettoland).
And you have ALL sorts of people with a similar interest, both from around here and every other compass point in the USA.
Even the kids are well behaved, and no signs of problems anywhere.
Seniors flock to such events, being pushed in wheelchairs, and I think that says much to regaining who WE are...as a nation.
We TAKE the time to enjoy a fun day watching airplanes and visiting static displays (the C-5 Galaxy STILL is one big-ass ship), and we COMMUNE as we were intended to do as a society...as Americans.
In many ways, it's like taking a trip back not just into history, but OUR history...when such things as valor, integrity, honor, and courage meant so much more to EVERYONE, and not just to those in uniform and their families.
It's part of what our culture used to be, and in a lot more abundance.
It's who WE were, are, and should always strive to become.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

((PS - and get those taxes done...kapeesh?))

14 April 2014

Monday Musings...
Welcome to another week, sure to test the limits of adaptability when it comes to the weather.
We're starting off today with some clouds and some rain...but that/'s going to change.
The clouds will give way to higher overcast with maybe a peek or two from the sun (if we're lucky).
The high today is whatever it is outside this morning, as it'll be getting colder as the day progresses.
And yes, Winter has one more round left in the magazine, as we're expected to get possibly an INCH of SNOW later tonight into tomorrow morning.
Goes to show that the Hoosierland is one crazy-ass place when it comes to meteorological events.
In any event, we're not going to let that deter us from finding out what's going on , so pour another cup of your favorite morning beverage-of-choice, and let's begin the journey for today...
*** Well, no one got SHOT in Fort Wayne...for a change.
And only one topic I want to nail down a bit tighter, so bear with me.
There was this one column in the OP-ED section of yesterday's J-G (Perspective section).
Here's the story link:
And this is considered a GOOD day!
Now, the title of the column MIGHT be a bit misleading...
"Cooperation Helping Keep Streets Safe".
I agree that cooperation with law-enforcement is a BIG DEAL when it comes to helping THEM protect US.
But the most recent shooting in Ft. Wayne was because "someone snitched", and that tends to defeat those efforts by police to enlist the help of the citizenry.
Some place a LOT more than others, but YASUREYOUBETCHA!
It's like the old adage "Snitches Get Stitches"...those impromptu cases of "lead poisoning".
Cooperation is a part of the puzzle, but this nosedive in homicides is DIRECTLY attributable to the FRIGID weather we've had for the better part of the first couple months this year.
If you're talking about OTHER crimes like burglaries, robberies, assaults and such, THOSE are in full vigor around town...it's just that all of THEM aren't as "news-worthy", although they affect whoever becomes the victim JUST as readily.
The column goes on to praise the efforts of this "new" gang unit, and I came to a screeching stop at that point.
And I got my best "Mr. Peabody" persona out for this one.
Afterwards, could you take me for a walk, Sherman?
Let's set the WAY-BACK machine to...oh, let's say APRIL of 2008...a good SIX YEARS AGO.
And the place will be the NEWS-SENTINEL, where an article was written there by one Evan Goodenow.
Here's the link for THAT (seemingly forgotten) story:
Wow...back in 2008, there WAS a "concerted effort" to deal with LOCAL GANGS.
Wasn't my fault...much.
And the FWPD had a newly-created "gang-unit" consisting of FIVE FWPD officers and TWO BATFE agents.
So, what happened there?
Nothing got any better...only worse, especially where homicides were concerned.
Of course, there were also some inconsistencies when it came to the NUMBER of gangs we had in the city (at THAT time).
(then) Chief York said it was FOUR.
Bob Rinearson (former FWCS safety supervisor) stated it was FIFTEEN.
Bob Rinearson
The column IS a very good read, and Rinearson's take is nothing short of brilliant.
HE called it "organized crime"...and I have to agree.
"The longer we allow it to go, the'll only get stronger", he said, and damn if he wasn't right.
Neil Moore
Former FWPD chief Neil Moore weighed in as well by stating: "When you have a SUBCULTURE (my emphasis) of violence and gang activity in a city, it doesn't go away".
And all this was spoken SIX...YEARS...AGO...!
But wait, we're not quite finished yet, kids.
In ANOTHER (followup) article, again published by the News-Sentinel in MAY of 2008, there was more.
And here's the link to THAT article:
Here, we see yet another "number" when it comes to active gangs in Fort Wayne.
Off. John Chambers
FWPD Officer John Chambers states that police have documented FIFTY THREE gangs in the city.
That's a far cry from those numbers in the article one month prior, and a crapload more than York's figure.
(fuzzy math, perhaps???)
Of those 53 gangs, there were 20-30 that were "active". That's still a jump in the numbers, but not that far off from RInearson's number.
Now, we've have a good, solid SIX years since then, so do any of us REALLY think the problem din, in fact..."go away"?
Look to the stats from 2013 for the short answer, friends.
(yes...it IS no)
So, the city spent money to (re)create a NEW (new) "gang unit" with TWELVE members, with most being gleaned from county, state and federal agencies, and we also (re)created the position of Public Safety Director and tossed about $100K in HIS direction FOR his "direction", all the while, replacing the FWPD "capo" position with a black man in the hopes of better "reaching" the populace, of which 27% are black, with the majority of that minority concentrated on the (where else?) SOUTHEAST SIDE, where we also have a black quadrant commander as well.
Thank the WEATHER!
I've said time and again, that having 100% black officers doesn't mean jacksh*t down here, because these gang members traditionally (in a heartbeat) will turn on "their own", and a uniform, shield and gun doesn't make it better when it comes to respect in that matter.
I have never come across a case where having a black police chief and black officers in black communities did any more good than what departments used to have, except that more black officers were found to be conducting illicit activity under the guise of being a law-enforcement officer (ease of acquisition of things in the 'hood" like drugs, "trim", shakedown money, and so on)
It's a vicious trap, and any department has to be REAL careful here.
Yet, these two articles clearly show that this city HAD a viable unit to deal with gangs...and apparently didn't do all that well, because if they DID make some good collars, the perps got out way too soon, or (worst-case scenario) more thugs came HERE from other cities to "open up shop" as it were, and take the helm of whatever gang they represented.
We be "GOOD" boys - Dboyz
There is ALWAYS some there to fill whatever position becomes "vacant", and many times, these perps STILL conduct business from JAIL, so when they do get out, things are right where they left it.
I'd have to agree with Rinearson, that such IS organized crime...only the race has changed and the methodologies.
This is all an aside from the Hispanic contingent and the gangs THEY have in THEIR communities.
Some cities have this racial component attached to gang activity...where the Hispanics want to take back "their" territory from the black gangsters.
But few are really forthcoming with calling such things "race wars",which in fact, they are.
Naturally, everyone else other than those races get caught in whatever crossfire erupts, both literally and figuratively.
Maybe some of us simply DON'T WANT THIS CRAP AROUND US.
So, after much outcry, our city "reinvents" the wheel, by basically doing what they INITIALLY did 6 years ago, in the hope that this time, doing the same thing will result in a different outcome.
I think Einstein had a word for that.
Only crazy people are insane...and cannot go faster than,light.
INSANITY...yeah, that's the word.
Have to roll with Albert on this one.
*** Last back to the barn today, we're all familiar with the phrase about "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again", but there comes a time when a DIFFERENT APPROACH is warranted.
Never ending - kinda like INFINITE.
All this city has done in six years (of rising criminal activity) is come back to the beginning of the moebius strip...back to "square one" it would appear.
How much (taxpayer) money and resources have been squandered in that time?
And if we had 20-30 active gangs back THEN, how many MORE do we "enjoy" NOW?
Why weren't such gangs as PAC(722) disbanded when that first gang unit was created?
It would seem that not ONE of the local gangs have gone away. Some do get quiet for a while, but they always mange to regroup and come back like the proverbial "bad penny".
So...the city gives in to it's own brand of insanity and tries the same thing over again, when a stronger method to eradicate these gangs is clearly needed, especially when this city touts all of it's diversity with such sects as the refugee Burmese (and yes, they have criminals too, probably living in our community).
When people choose to have a meth lab on the block rather than black or Hispanic gang members, that's got to tell you something about the violence that accompany such "culture" (there's that dreaded "C"-word again).
We ALL need to make better choices, AND be allowed the opportunity to have better choices available, because the future of this city...or any city rests in the balance for us, and our progeny.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

11 April 2014

Friday Follies...
Yes, the calendar is not messing with you...it IS...the weekend.
And the Hoosierland weather is going to be nicely accommodating as we progress throughout the day.
After some morning clouds (left over from last night's light rain) we'll see the sun break through with temps reaching the lower 60s.
That's not a bad way to begin a weekend, that's for sure.
Also, if you happened to read YESTERDAY'S post...AND watched last night's JEOPARDY, there was a Supreme Court topic with a BRANDEIS answer...so, it goes to show that if you're a follower of this blog, you CAN do well on game shows...lol.
Now, without any further ado, let's go top off that morning beverage, and see what's been happening since last we convened.
*** First off of the breakfast table today is the resignation of Kathleen Sebelius (not EVER to be confused with JEAN SIBELIUS, who wrote such classical greats as FINLANDIA, ANDANTE FESTIVO, and 8 symphonies and assorted incidental music).
The GOOD Sibelius.
The Sebelius is question was responsible for the rollout of the uber-flawed Obamacare fiasco, which continues to plague the majority of Americans since it's inception.
The BAD Sebelius - See 'ya...wouldn't wanna BE 'ya!
I guess this is what happens when you stand too CLOSE to the curb when the bus is coming...you get nudged UNDER it.
Oh, well...good riddance, toots, have a nice (costly to the taxpayers) retirement.
*** Next, I've been mulling over that Congressional committee exchange between rep. Louie Gomert (R-TX) and Obummer's AG - Eric Holder, and while I love to see such a worm (Holder) squirm on the hook, as well he should for all the treasonous things he's been guilty of, I also found it disturbing to see the blatant disregard for the committee and for Congress itself.
Looks like we have another "Teflon Don" in the Attorney general's office. And then Holder goes to a NAN meeting (Sharpton organisation) and whines like a spoiled brat over the issue of RACE when NONE of that was ever even hinted at during the committee meeting.
Who the f$ck does this jerk think he IS, anyway?
And, he's NOT the first AG to go under scrutiny, and certainly not because of his damn skin color.
Do the names Janet Reno, John Mitchell, A. Mitchel Palmer, or John Ashcroft ring any bells?
Those happen to be a few of the more "notable" AGs from times past, but Holder has them ALL beat (collectively) by a country MILE!
Hell, even black pastors wanted this guy impeached as recently as February this year.
He's hip-deep in corruption and is nothing but a disservice to the office he has held since the anointed one appointed him.
And naturally, when he's backed into a corner, he whips that old "race card" out of his ass for all to see. And people back off of this twerp because of THAT? It's NOT about race, people...it's about INCOMPETENCY...period.
Well, we could toss in some lack of accountability, too.
In earlier times, such actions would have him removed faster from office than you could imagine.
One might say his actions are traitorous in nature...if history serves as a barometer of such things.
Moving on...
*** Sometimes (but not often) the Allen County prosecutor's office gets it right...sorta-kinda.
Here's the story link:
Gang members get a "hefty" bond raising to $250K...
Yeah, well, considering the PRIORS for carrying a firearm w/o a permit and carrying as a prior felon, one might think that even that $250K is a bit LOW.
I know I do...
Go to JAIL, go DIRECTLY to JAIL...(and stay there)!
These two black thugs can still find it easy enough to bond out, for they only need produce $25K, which if 1/10th the total amount to get back on the streets.
Perhaps with the priors for firearms violations, the bail SHOULD be jacked WAY up...to around DOUBLE the current amount (for starters).
Half a MIL might send a better message to these assholes.
And when sentencing comes around (as we know it will) add IN the firearms violations  as a MINIMUM, and non-negotiable 5 YEARS for every violation...no wheeling and dealing or pleading down, got it?
Just a thought.
(and a damn good one if you ask me).
*** Police have released the security cam pics of the woman that robber the Burger Dairy on Lower Huntingdon rd the other night.
Here's the link for the story:
Yeah, I would be checking out Willow Creek for THIS one...pronto.
Somehow, the manner that "she" is holding the pistol doesn't seem like that of someone who KNOWS how to handle such a weapon
Makes me wonder if it IS a real weapon and not some "look-alike" piece she got on eBay.
I will say the pics are fairly good, but the tech has improved SO much since I used to install and maintain such devices.
Also makes me wonder if a "silent alarm" button is installed at the store, because as SOON as I saw someone looking like HER come through the door, that button would BE pushed, and this woman would be staring down the barrel of MY gun before she got to the counter.
But, I like to be PROACTIVE in such instances.
*** As you know, I have a squirrel-buddy who comes by almost every day to get his peanuts from my hand.
(we're still trying to figure out who has WHO trained the best)
Thanks, Bob...yumyumyumyumyum...
And this little guy, along with his bunny counterpart and all the birds KNOW they have a welcome repast at OUR place anytime.
But, some critters seek adventure (and sustenance) elsewhere, like in THIS story, which had a fatal ending.
The (new) McMillan Park Community Center had a "guest" back on 1 April, and that visitor caused about $300K in DAMAGES to the facility when the critter got into the electrical system and caused a power surge that fried 3 HVAC units and damaged some parts of the boiler system.
That's GOTTA leave a mark.
Suffice it to say, THAT squirrel (who I hear was posthumously named "Sparky") has gone to that great peanut farm in the sky.
The former McMillan Park ice rink is being converted to (more) "bassabawl" courts (yay), and the entire project is estimated to cost $4.5 MIL.
And will most certainly deteriorate long before that money and the facility pays for itself, knowing the locals around there.
The conceptual art for the center...before it's ghettoized.
It might keep a few kids off the streets, but not enough to justify all the money tossed at it (thanks for the ghetto, Glynn Hines).
The best part (you're gonna love this one) is that "the board" (whoever the hell THEY are) APPROVED an ALCOHOL policy for the center (like we don't have ENOUGH alcohol-related issues down here), but like other park system venues, will ONLY be allowed during PRIVATE events and not to "the public", and must be served by a caterer with an off-site liquor license.
Yeah, THAT'S gonna work out well.
Drinks at those events must be served by a LICENSED bartender, and the renter must pay for UNIFORMED SECURITY.
Yeah, that should work about as well as those at nightclubs around town like MOOKIES...or RICK O'SHAYS...or even PIERE'S.
(where shootings and fights take place with regularity).
Somehow, the phrase "destined to fail" comes to mind....wonder why?
*** Last back to the hangar today...I was puttering about the fortress yesterday, moving pictures around and hanging new ones...like THESE.
Yes, sometimes, you have to change up when it comes to the indoor "scenery", and I've no problem with that.
More people should display these.
Getting those founding documents (BTW, these are NOT the originals...cripes, I'm not THAT damn old...LOL) up kinda makes you hold your head a bit higher when you pass by.
And that Captain America poster, which takes the place of the USAF poster I had over the entertainment center, is printed on SILK, and the artwork was too good to pass up.
Not bad...AT ALL!
Plus, that represents a connection to MY past...when things were definitely a lot LESS complex...and better.
Back then, we only had to worry about being hit with a commie nuke...or getting a bad grade (and for some of us, a C-MINUS was considered very bad, especially when your parents knew you COULD do better).
We were thicker-skinned and let things roll off our backs a lot more than people do today.
We were less sensitive to bullsh*t and more sensitive to one another.
We had better values and espoused nigher standards.
How far we've "progressed" since those days forty years ago, hmm?
I dunno...I'd prefer it if we stepped back a few decades, and considered all we've lost over time, and try to recapture some of it...for humanity's sake.
A nice thought to start the weekend, don'cha think?
DO have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.