22 October 2014

Humpday Happenings...
It's the middle of the week, and that means we're halfway home (to the weekend).
And you'll be seeing a bit more sunshine today, as opposed to the last several days which took on a dreary pall.
The Hooiserland weather will have us with clearing skies, and temps rising into the mid-50s, with a slight breeze.
(hope that breeze blows the right way, so the lawn will be a bit more "self-cleaning" as far as all the leaves go).
Now, let's join one another in getting a warm and soothing cup of our favorite morning beverage and take a look into what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the water closet today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life, it is perhaps the greatest of God's gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts, and of sciences."
I figured since I was railing on tech of late, this would tend to place it in a more proper perspective.
So, WHO said this? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in the physics lab...
*** It's time for our salute to "what the hell happens today, Bob?"
October 22 - 
Today is (hope you're all sitting down)...NATIONAL NUT DAY...!
Now, we can take this in one of SEVERAL ways, can we not?
"Yo, Bob...where's the NUTS?"
Nothing is mentioned as to if it pertains SOLELY to foods such as peanuts, walnuts, acorns, pecans, pistachios, or almonds.
(even though it's "assumed" to be the foods...we HAVE to question everything these days, hmm?)
Yeah, now SHE is NUTS.
It could ALSO mean all the LIBTARDS out there...or  it could mean all the crazy-ass criminals out there, the people who walk down streets talking to themselves, or even mean a part of the MALE anatomy.
TYPOS? Yeaaaaahhhhh, baby!
Lots to choose from, right?
I'll leave it to you to decide which one fits the day best.
I think some of our woodland critters who stop by would have already made up THEIR minds.
Moving on...
*** And, it's time for our week's review of ALL of the SHOTS FIRED calls that NEVER make the news.
SHOTS FIRED CALLS - 10/14 - 10/20
October 14
14F135363 19:47:21 113 SHOTS FIRED 2500 BROADWAY
14F135391 21:04:10 113 SHOTS FIRED 1200 HUESTIS AVE
14F135432 23:30:46 113 SHOTS FIRED 7300 DECATUR RD
October 15
14F135460 00:48:11 113 SHOTS FIRED 2300 SOUTHWAYNE AVE
14F135461 00:50:21 113 SHOTS FIRED 2200 FOX AVE
14F135833 21:41:58 113 SHOTS FIRED 3600 AVONDALE DR
14F135464 00:50:41 58 SHOOTING 500 PIERCE AVE
14F135465 00:53:05 58 SHOOTING 500 PIERCE AVE
October 16
14F136195 19:00:13 113 SHOTS FIRED 1400 THIRD ST
14F136262 21:53:43 113 SHOTS FIRED 1000 PRANGE DR
October 17
14F136298 00:30:48 113 SHOTS FIRED 5100 STONEHEDGE BLVD & ABBEY DR
14F136420 10:50:12 113 SHOTS FIRED 4400 GAYWOOD DR
October 18
14F136792 04:53:05 113 SHOTS FIRED 2600 WINTER ST & PONTIAC ST E
14F136848 10:09:23 113 SHOTS FIRED 300 WHITE FIELD DR & VALLEY VISTA
14F136907 13:54:06 113 SHOTS FIRED 4400 WARSAW ST & CONGRESS AVE
14F136915 14:00:35 113 SHOTS FIRED 4400 WARSAW ST & CONGRESS AVE
14F137084 21:25:48 113 SHOTS FIRED 100 CONCORD LN E
October 19
14F137218 05:06:08 113 SHOTS FIRED 4400 CALHOUN ST S
14F137524 23:44:49 113 SHOTS FIRED 4200 LAFAYETTE ST S & MCKINNIE AVE
14F137525 23:45:39 113 SHOTS FIRED 4600 GAYWOOD DR & CAPITOL AVE
14F137527 23:47:29 113 SHOTS FIRED 4400 ANTHONY WAYNE DR SW
October 20
Once again, the majority of them occur in and around OUR part of the city...but we are getting a nice downtown to distract us from such things, right?
*** Next up, an update about the female DB found in Catholic Cemetery along Lake Ave..
Here's the story link:
One Quinn Joseph Albers, 20, of Fort Wayne has been arrested AND charged with murder of the woman whose body was found in the cemetery Monday.
The cause of death, as well as the woman's ID has not been released.
Albers is being held without bond.
*** And here's a case where police did a "no-no".
Talk about an "OOPS" moment...
It's real simple...there was an ILLEGAL search, and I stress the "illegal" aspect, because the evidence that would back up such a search was not enough to warrant the search.
This stemmed from dog fighting in a yard at a house back in 2012. Police arrived, saw the dogs, separated them with the help of Animal Control. Should be over and done, right?
Well, one dog ran in the house, and rather than just close the door behind the animal (and get a warrant to search the premises), the officer went into the house...and found a pot growing operation.
The person living there was arrested on those charges, but the search that netted the pot was NOT part of the dog-fighting gig...got it?
Had a search WARRANT been forthcoming, there could have been some sort of mention (suspicion) in it for drugs, illegal firearms, and other goodies...but that has to be STATED UP FRONT.
Granted, the officer might have thought the dog was injured and needed aid, or that a person COULD have been dead inside, or injured and could not call for help (an emergency situation where a warrant is not required), but in times like this, you simply CANNOT take anything for granted, no matter how noble your intent.
What you WANT to do, and what you NEED to do can often be VERY far apart.
I feel for the police, but I grudgingly have to side with the Indiana supreme court judge who tossed the pot "evidence".
(maybe NEXT time)
*** Last back to the station house...have you been trying to get the priority game under control?
I've been mentioning this off and on for a while, and I feel it's important to pursue such things in times like these.
We all got em...but are they in the correct order?
Now, I won't make up a checklist for you...each of us has to consider one based on THEIR experiences, lifestyle, situations, and the like.
You are the best person to understand YOU (And yours)...that goes without saying, right?
Plus, you spend MORE time with you than anyone else, so who better to know what needs to be done, and in the most appropriate order to do it?
I know, there are those who can't be bothered, and they are the ones that the rest of us wind up carrying through life (thanks to the government misuse of our tax dollars).
Uh, oh...that can't be good.
I believe as Ben Franklin did...make people UNCOMFORTABLE in their :"poverty" (or whatever situation they chose to chase after) and they will flee from it.
But, when slothfulness becomes more "attractive" than the pursuit of a better life or being a better person, what can you do?
Well, you can keep living by EXAMPLE...and therefore TEACH by example.
And even if only ONE person takes notice and decides to do something positive as a result of how they see you conduct your life...it's a victory.
But the best aspect to this...you get to sleep with a much clearer conscience every night.
(which explains insomnia in way too many people these days)
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

21 October 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
Welcome back to my little part of the blogosphere, and all that comes along with it.
Looks to be a typical autumn day today here in the Heartland
Our Hoosierland weather is as follows - We're looking at mostly cloudy skies with temps only reaching into the lower 50s.
Might be a good day to gather some leaves...or not, depending on your level of motivation (and priorities).
With that said, let's grab ourselves a morning cup of fortitude and settle back to see what's been going on elsewhere.
*** First out of the fridge is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
October 21 - 
Today is COUNT YOUR BUTTONS DAY, and I don't know if they're talking about ALL those random buttons we find about the house, or JUST the ones on the clothing we have on.
(each pair of my camo pants have TWELVE, and I have spares)
That looks SINFULLY good, too.
(now THAT sounds rather intriguing, because I like BOTH...a LOT!)
Meanwhile, back at the bakery...
*** How about this "serial-killer" out in NW Indiana...and it's a black guy to boot (typical perps such as this tend to be white)
Here's the latest in this grizzly investigation:
Darren Vann - arrested.
Seems this man's been busy...and as far back as perhaps the last TWENTY years.
Amazing what comes from a confession.
Considering all the abandoned housing in and around Gary, Indiana, it's no surprise he had plenty of places to stash the bodies of the women he is accused of murdering.
Also makes me wonder who checks similar houses in and around Fort Wayne?
It's not as though we don't have that many...we've got HUNDREDS of vacant and/or abandoned houses...some have been on the list to be razed for YEARS.
Bet you'd be surprised what you'd find in them.
I'll also bet the city never checks these houses, or, in some cases, doesn't know who the owner is either.
*** And speaking of DBs, there was a woman found dead (by police) at a local Catholic cemetery.
Here's this story link:
Catholic Cemetery, located at 3500 Lake Ave (near Coliseum). was the place police were called to around 1520 hrs yesterday. Could this be #14?
A man, who was seen walking from the area was detained and questioned by police.
One source (WANE) states he was "apprehended", while others (Journal-Gazette) do not.
So, we're left guessing again.
Maybe it was some older person walking to visit the grave-site of a spouse...we don't know, because no one says anything.
At least FWPD chief Hamilton was seen smiling around the cemetery...wonder who managed to coax him out from under...I mean from BEHIND his desk?
Moving on...
*** Well, I took a stroll over to the Frontier store in Southgate Plaza yesterday morning, and (obviously) got a replacement WiFi router...took all of about 30 seconds.
Wow, this one has TWO antenna...and it's RED.
I actually waited for the customer in front of me to do her business LONGER than it took for my "transaction".
What I find a bit "odd", is that the woman there asked me to place the bag (with the old unit) in a basket next to the counter and then asked what it was. Didn't even look at the unit, didn't ask any information about our account, service history, address, or my name. I mean, it was SPEEDY customer service, but NO questions asked at ALL?
That's damn strange...
NO verification if the unit was even OURS to begin with?
It could have been something I stole from someone's house, for all they cared.
Like I said...it was a bit odd.
After getting home without incident (or homicide on my part), I hooked the new unit up and presto...back online once again.
But I STILL had to enter a gateway PW for the damn WiFi thing (for our laptop, which is a wireless unit).
THAT took close to an hour to set up...damn PW would not take (maybe it's the lack of lettering on the keyboards of the main computers?), but the laptop came in handy to access and then verify the PW...problem solved.
So, all is right with the world (for the moment), and Bob is happy once again (also...for the moment)...LOL.
*** Last back to the salt mine today...like many people (most notably my late Dad and Roseanne Roseannadanna) are keen to say "If it's not one (damn) thing...it's another", and never were truer words spoken, especially in times such as these.
In an age of 24/7 news coverage, we are CONSTANTLY bombarded with things (many often sensationalistic out the wazoo) from ALL over the glove, and it's hard to focus on one specific thing. Sure, we tend to gravitate to what's local, because THAT affects us directly, but we have to also remember that things on the other side of the planet ALSO have some sort of impact on :"we, the people" here in the USofA.
I could stand "corrected", but not that much.
Like all other facets of our lives, we have to get our priorities in order...determine what is MOST important to US, and work on things that are the most pressing...like a leaky roof, or a vehicle that has a problem, or a sick child.
You get the idea.
Certain things will always trump all the other things...if you're operating on common sense and reason
We seek solutions for that which has the MOST important effect on our lives.
That doesn't mean we forget the rest...we just shuffle them around our "short list" a bit...take care of them later.
I look at our house (aka "The Fortress") as GROUND ZERO...THAT is the most important thing, because without it, not much else can take place in our lives. Everything else radiates outward from there in importance.
The area AROUND the house comes next, and then this part of town, and then the city itself.
THEN, I concern myself with issues on a state, national and eventually global scale.
Never settle for THAT.
Some people can't even do that...they go from hour to hour, no direction, no cogitation on the future,. other than the extremely immediate (what happens next syndrome).
You HAVE to have some type of order in your life...to NOT have much (or any) is to invite chaos in to play, and it loves to do that.
Perhaps that's much of what's lacking with people and our society today...an ABSENCE of order...or priorities, and the lack of a sense of accomplishment from following through such things to their conclusion.
Funny, we used to do that without batting an eye...makes me wonder why we ever got away from it.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

20 October 2014

Monday Musings...
Although it's NOT raining(at this moment)...it SHOULD be (and will some of the day)...at least where WE live - yeah, it's another one of THOSE days...since yesterday, in fact, and I'll let you all in on it in a minute.
The Hooiserland weather will find us with partly cloudy skies, a good chance of off-and-on rain, and temps in the upper 50s...maybe hitting 60.
There, now that's over with, so go get a cup of your favorite morning beverage (I've got mine)...because I'm doing my best not to be "madder than hell" this morning.
*** First out of the trough, is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?"
October 20 - 
Today is BRANDIED FRUIT DAY...and that's all there is.
Now, I like brandy, and if someone sticks some fruit in it...as long as it doesn't mar the taste OF the brandy, it works for me.
Meanwhile, back at the distillery...
*** We started off the weekend in FINE style, so that tells me that some type of crap is lurking JUST around the next bend.
Saturday found us with TWO new suet baskets (courtesy of Menards) and suet cakes to place in them.
Let's see THIS one "disappear".
I ONLY placed one basket back outside, and this time, I wired it to the post (branch) with COAT HANGER WIRE...really THICK stuff (beware "Bobby Dearest"...lol).
Let's see anything short of a phone-line worker cut THAT bastard now and haul it away!
So far...no "takers"...let's keep it like that.
When the feeder gets filled, NUTHATCHES show up.
And, we had our assortment of critters stop by the suet AND the feeder...our bunny, our squirrel, lots of birds (nuthatches, chickadees, a junco and sparrows and wrens)
THAT was worth the drive to get the new baskets.
(drunken assholes...)
But you just KNOW that all good things such as these are destined to be ending (soon).
Sunday morning, I get up and see THIS along the side lawn of the house...nice fresh TIRE TRACKS.
Thanks to the all-night drunken Latinos across the street (who need to be shot), we have a "souvenir" of their latest party.
So, I was "planning" to contact a landscaper and see if we can get some long-ass RAILROAD TIES placed along the property line...stacked about two-high...high enough to prevent assholes from parking ON the damn grass, and enough to damage any vehicle that tries..
(yes, that would include the "mommasitas" who pick their charges up from the FWCS bus stop as well.)
That was the initial "plan" for today.
But, our WiFi ROUTER decided it was time to give up the ghost...
Went in to check some stuff, and the Allen County scanner was "off"...(???)
I then noticed NO lights on the router.
I reset everything and still...nothing.
Wifey got on the horn w/ Frontier, the tech did some things at his end, and after nothing changed, the consensus was the router crapped out (after over ten years).
Time for ANOTHER one...
He said the NEW ones are MUCH better...
(Gotta LOVE Chinese engineering and manufacturing...NOT)
The good news is we still have TV and phones...bad news - NO Internet until I waltz over to Southgate's Frontier store and grab us a new router around 0900 hrs today...hope no one screws with me along th way. hate to add homicide to a router swap...lol.
One interesting note - the TV program data is DEPENDENT upon the Internet to download it, so I can see the blurbs across the bottom of the screen telling me WHAT THE HELL I'm watching...did not know that.
Right now I only have "program data not available" (well, DUH!) I thought it was ALL done through those wonderful FIOS  fiber-optic connections that we were told could carry SO much more information...guess we were LIED TO...AGAIN.
Anyway, that is where we stand on Monday, and if there's anything else to jaw about, I'll be sure to get it on here as soon as I can get the new router up and running (I hear I have to call and enter some damn codes for the WiFi).
Sure miss the days of plug-n-play.
Hell, I miss the days of FREE broadcast TV...
*** Last back to the barn...when did it become "better" to have SO much of our lives depending on as FEW devices as possible? Don't get me wrong, technology DOES have it's place, but I much prefer a one-to-one trade off. ONE cable for the TV, ONE line in for the PHONE, and ONE line for the Internet (and never the twain shall meet).
That used to work SO damn well for such a long time.
When ONE system has a hardware (or software) failure, it does NOT take something (or everything) else along for the damn ride. Now, the latest bump in the road is STREAMING VIDEO...Internet THROUGH your damn TV.
How many potential bugs can YOU count that can take BOTH of these systems out?
APPS a'plenty, too.
Toss in a home-alarm system, the phones, and various APPS that can do things about the house (like setting the damn coffee maker, or even adjusting the heating when you;'re not even there), and you can EASILY see this can be a recipe for failure.
Take ONE piece out of the mix, and everything crashes down like a house of cards.
This is ONE time were segregation is REALLY needed.
But I don't see that happening any time soon...
It will just keep adding to itself, until the machines are running us (along with some authoritarian regime).
We need to change our mindset...not become THAT dependent upon all these "gadgets" that we dismiss our humanity to with such abandon.
Most all of this stuff is NOT meant to make us better HUMANS, anyway...
It's meant to make a few rich, and isolate (some would say insulate...whatever) us from one another, rather than bring us all together. Look at what computers have done already, and we're barely out of the gate when it comes to the POTENTIAL these things can (and will) do.
We need to back off for a bit...take some time to reclaim who WE are, and not what "IT" is, and why we're being told we "have to have it".
And I think I'm not the only one feeling this way these days...at least I sure as hell HOPE not.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America

17 October 2014

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the end of another fun-filled week on this wacky planet we call EARTH.
The fall foliage is in full swing, the temps are getting cooler, and we FINALLY have the World Series teams locked in (The Royals versus the Giants...personally, I'm running with the Royals, not because I even follow baseball these days,but because San Fran is a shadow of it's former self and a bastion of liberalism - a far cry from the days of Bullitt and Dirty Harry).
The Hoosierland weather today will see us with a break in the rain, some sunshine, and temps climbing (maybe) to around 70 degrees.
Now that's an Indian Summer we can live with.
So, go get yourselves a cup of YOUR favorite morning beverage (already got mine), and let's take a look at what's happening with the rest of the world.
*** First out of the starting gate is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature, and I'm going to cover the weekend, JUST so you can get a jump on all the good stuff.
October 17 - 
Today is WEAR SOMETHING GAUDY DAY, which, if you lived down here in the ghettohood, would be damn near EVERY DAY.
Not exactly the look we're going for.
I often say that some people DON'T have the sense they were born with, and that CERTAINLY includes any "FASHION" sense.
We used to have Hawaiian Shirt Fridays back in Philly, and that started decades ago.
These days...no need for that.
Plus, I NEVER consider wearing CAMO to be gaudy...just sensible.
October 18 - 
Saturday will be International Newspaper Carrier Day, so to celebrate that, I promise to NOT shoot at our carrier (they have gotten their collective sh*t together of late).
NO Beard Day? Do NOT tell THESE guys...
It's also NO BEARD DAY...so NO problems there with me...lol.
We train up OUR bunny right!
And, it's the SWEETEST DAY of the year, but that doesn't mean you scarf down every candy bar or cookie in the house.
October 19 - 
Sunday has only one thing of note, and that's a "biggie" - EVALUATE YOUR LIFE DAY (amazing it falls on a SUNDAY what with church-going and all). Personally,
I tend to do the evaluation gig a LOT ...must be an "aging" thing...lol.
But, it keeps me centered and off the streets.
(good thing for the locals)
Now, on to the "rest of the story"...
*** Kevin Leininger's got another good column in the News Sentinel regarding OUR downtown versus another...that of Des Moines Iowa.
Here's the story link:
Now you know that Fort Wayne is ALL about it's DOWNTOWN these days, to the exclusion of damn near everywhere else.
Des Moines is obviously doing something RIGHT, though, as the stats in the article tell the tale.
They rank FIRST in the 100 best Midwest cities, while we're struggling down in 52nd.
They also have higher per capita income, higher income increase, higher per-worker productivity, and a higher population increase. So what makes them better?
Well, we're sending a "delegation" there to find out (wonder how much THAT will cost?)
"Quality-of-life is important" touts Leadership Fort Wayne Exec. Dir Cheri Becker (who coordinated this trip to Des Moines), and will be looking at what role foundations will play in improving communities (here)'
"There are FORTY projects going on DOWNTOWN" (my emphasis), she says.
Wow, and not ONE damn single project going on or going up on the SE side...just a lot of crime going down.
Again, we see evidence of more keeping up with the Joneses syndrome.
Why not just set our OWN standards, rather than mimic someone else's?
Must be too complex  to figure that one out.
(Typical liberals)
*** This winter is NOT supposed to offer up another round of a POLAR VORTEX...
(so we're being told)
Here's the story link:
God...enough with the global warming crap already.
Wait a minute...wasn't LAST year supposed to be not that bad, considering all the "global warming" the leftards told us was already HERE?
The best advice these days...when you hear one thing, expect the other, so I would plan for a cold winter, and if it proves wrong, no big deal.
But, if it proves correct, you're already prepared...a no-lose situation.
*** The city starts it's annual leaf collection this Monday, beginning up north...we get done LAST (as usual), starting 3 November.
That gives us 2 more weeks of leaves to gather up (or use the blower on)...actually a good thing for those (few) of us that actually DO gather leaves for pickup.
 Everyone else seems to just let them fall and not do anything about them (lazy-asses).
*** Da Prez "may" want to appoint another "czar" (her we go again)...regarding the Ebola outbreak.
Here's the link:
Okay, so (to me) this demonstrates ANOTHER place where this so-called leader is woefully INEXPERIENCED.
Actually, he's been in over his head for some time, and he's a pretty tall guy, so that tells you the severity of the situation.
This is what you get when you have a community organizer running the show.
*** Can FUSION reactors be closer to fruition than we think?
We gotta get this a LOT smaller, gang.
Maybe, according to THIS story:
Hey, if ANYONE could pull this off (aside from Doc Brown and his "Mr Fusion"-powered DeLorean, the venerable "Skunk-Works" could.
Closer than we think?
This is the Lockheed-Martin facility out west - the same people that brought you the SR-71 (and a few other cool toys)
Dubbed the "CFR", the reactor is potentially SAFER than fission reactors, and could be small enough to be placed in the back of a truck.
These can conceivably power cities, spacecraft, and yes...maybe even my 1983 Firebird...lol.
Hey, I'm open to options.
And it doesn't hurt the drag coefficient.
Be nice to have a flux-capacitor to go with that reactor, though.
(oh, the fun I could have changing history...for the better)
We shall see how this develops...it does look promising.
*** Last back to the garage...it's always nice whenever we hear about some "holy-grail" technology which can impact the masses in such a positive way...imagine the cost drop in utilities,for example with the advent of fusion technology.
And, with a lot fewer of the hazards that nuclear plants currently inspire...truly a defining moment.
Naturally, this happens when the government stays out of the way of the free-market system, because private enterprises are the REAL driving force when it comes to advances in such things.
All governments can do is STIFLE creativity and productivity, and impede the private sector, when it should be leaving them alone. Same can be said for WE, the people.
Get big government out of OUR way, and we ALL do better.
We can achieve much more, and yes, even those on the bottom rungs of society become motivated to get off their asses and MAKE something of themselves. That used to be called the American Spirit.
We seemed to have locked that away in the closet the government has given us, and we need to get that door open and take it back out into the sunlight, where it belongs.
This country has so many people that CAN accomplish so much...if our government wasn't being such a damn "nanny".
Like children, we cannot be taken care of ALL out lives, because sooner or later, those kids grow UP, and have to stand on their own...do for themselves, succeed, or fail, and when they fail, get up and try again until they make it.
Yeah, we can do this...we just need the opportunity...and the desire.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.