30 March 2015

Monday Musings...
Welcome to what we like to call HOLY WEEK - the most religious time of the Christian AND Hebrew year.
And to those of the Jewish faith, a blessed PASSOVER to you. Sorry I missed that yesterday.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with mostly sunny skies and temps into the upper forties, with no chance of precipitation (for a change).
I swear I felt sleet yesterday while out feeding the squirrels on the patio...
We've a few things to chew the fat over today, and perhaps one or two of them might strike your fancy (if that hurts, then maybe your fancy needs to move out of the way?) so let's have at it.
Get yourselves that morning cup of fortitude poured and together we'll brave whatever comes our way...at least, that's the plan.
*** First out of the HQ is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
March 30 - 
Wha...not THAT Doctor???
Now, being an almost constant visitor to doctors as a child, my affinity for such people IS provisional.
I don't like to see one IF I don't HAVE to...period.
Ohh...THOSE doctors.
I look at doctors (and dentists) like hairdressers...ONCE they get you IN there, you're a "lifetime customer"...lol.
Her...yes. Him...no.
I'm sure Chris would love to be doing that today...maybe after work?
I usually DRIVE through OUR (safari) park down here...I can wash wild animal scat off the CAR a LOT easier (than off of clothing...heh).
---And, it's I AM IN CONTROL DAY
I suppose it all comes down to WHAT (exactly) you can be in control OF, right?
I know what I WOULD LOVE to be in control of, but that's not gonna happen, and I'm positive you have YOUR wish-list as well.
Well, any small victories along these lines are better than NONE, hmm?
Moving on...
*** Wifey's taking the car in today for a checkup and some repairs to the driver side window...it doesn't go up or down.
Where's the button that activates the OTHER buttons?
Dunno if the switch gave up the ghost or not, but when you have a car with all the "power" crap onboard, that's WHAT HAPPENS.
Don't have such issues with the "Batmobile"...that has window CRANK HANDLES...because people used to be a lot LESS lazy in those days...
And I MANUALLY LOCK the doors, too!
"Why yes, I CAN roll my OWN windows up and down by using the handle, thanks for asking.".
Amazing how costly the price of "easy" can be...isn't it?
*** Next, you know what is difficult?
Of course you do.
You live life as best you can, so that means you know how to advance through adversity.
But there are those times when you don't expect such difficulty..like when watching TV.
I was flipping between the NAT GEO presentation of KILLING JESUS and the AMC season finale of THE WALKING DEAD.
Trying to watch BOTH on ONE set was hard to say the least, but since I "read the ORIGINAL book" regarding Jesus, I had to see TWD in most all of it's entirety...wasn't disappointed in the least, either.
First, let me say that what I did see of Killing Jesus was a marvelous historical account of the times of our savior.
The producers of the show seemed to get everything very correct, and I appreciate that.
It wasn't as heavy on the true BIBLICAL aspects, though, and I think it was intended that way.
Nothing wrong with history, is there, especially if we LEARN from it.
As to TWD...well, that was a decent way to end a season.
These oddballs with the "W" carved into their foreheads (Wolves)...always a pack of loons lurking nearby to mess things up...kinda sounds like my neighborhood most days.
At least the Alexandria compound is okay...for the time being, and the people there are finally realizing that Rick's group ARE indeed survivors.
Rick set them straight with wanting to help the Alexandria folks survive and will teach them to be more than sheep behind walls.
THIS is a man I WANT for a neighbor!
What's REALLY cool...MORGAN is back (first person Rick met in season 1)
And he kicks butt with that staff.
Should be a really good 6th season...this one seemed to blow past.
*** Next up, I never cease to be amazed at what I find when I do a Google search...
Sometimes, it's like people KNOW what I'm thinking, while other times, it's the exact opposite.
It's almost like a "box of chocolates", Forrest!
With that in mind, I came across a "list" of things that (in the original article) black people have ruined.
Let ME state that the list pertains to "inner urban ghetto blacks" (and yes, now Latinos as well), because as we all know (or should by now), there are MANY blacks that don't even want to live near some of their "own kind" that infest the SE side of Ft. Wayne, and those are the ones I grew up with.
So, here's the list...and I even added some.
34 Things urban ghetto Black People Ruined
1. School dances
2. Cars (Google donks, boxes or bubbles)
3. Rhodesia
4. South Africa
5. Baltimore
6. Detroit
7. Cigars (got blunts?)
8. Responsible gun ownership (more gun thefts and crime)
9. Manhood (more like man-children)
10. The cute daughter of a country singer (MIley Cyrus)
11. Newark
12. Philadelphia
13. Fatherhood (no responsibilities)
14. Ferguson
15. New Orleans
16. Student collegiate athletics.
17. Christianity
18. TV news (Sharpton - need I say more?)
19. Pants (never knew a waist was mid-thigh)
20. White teenagers (that think they're "cool", too)
21. Representative government (Charlie Rangel, for example)
22. Childhood (mini-rappers and thugs)
23. Los Angeles
24. Teeth (got "grill"?)
25. Public health (anyone want to talk STDs and HIV?)
26. Courtship (what the hell is THAT?)
27. Higher education (everyone's a scholar)
28. The rule of law (Eric Holder take note)
29. The English language (Got Ebonics?)
30. Trips to the mall (flash mob vandals)
31. Fast food (brawling at BK)
32. SE Fort Wayne (drive through my part of the ghettohood)
33. Peace and quiet (cars, dogs and mouths rule the day)
34. The Presidency (got THAT right)
Now, see if you can explain to me where I'm WRONG about any of these...or perhaps you can even ADD a few more?
*** Got us another D/B in the city...but it doesn't look to be the "typical" type of death (by homicide).
Here's the story link:
A visiting corrections officer noticed a foul smell in a house located in the 200 block of W. Woodland Ave (least it ain't on the south EAST side).
This took place Saturday afternoon.
When the officer searched the house, a D/B was found in an upstairs bedroom closet.
(someone should have known that dead people don't keep well in vertical coffins and not without being embalmed)
The man and woman at the house wee detained by police. A neighbor noticed that there were THREE people at the house, but the third person had not been seen for more than a few weeks.
This should be an interesting case to figure out. Perhaps someone was cashing checks for the dead person..a nice case of fraud, maybe?
*** Next up, Wifey and I dropped off the car and then walked up the alley to our "Fortress"...
WHAT A FREAKING DUMP (not our house, that is).
It should look THIS good NOW.
The damn alley LOOKS like a ghetto...trash strewn everywhere...litter all over.
THIS is what entitlement must look like. I didn't take pictures (might do it later when we get the car).
What the hell is up with people that they cannot manage to clean up after themselves???
These are the SAME people that bitch, piss and moan the blues when they WANT a nice place to live.
Hell, you didn't take care of the LAST place you had...you're sure as not getting ANOTHER one to trash the f$ck up.
This generational irresponsibility has become the bane of most every major city across the fruited plain (and then some).
These people obviously don't know their ass from their elbow, otherwise they'd figure out the whole "clean areas are nice and make us all feel better and safer" thing.
Not a chance in hell of these mooks figuring that out.
This only ADDS to the clutter.
And don't you dare attempt to CALL them on it...they take offense...like YOU'RE to blame and not them.
Well, that's bullsh*t, plain and simple.
Such people would wallow in it (and many do) if it would get them more free stuff...at YOUR expense.
*** Last back to the trash-bin...(Speaking on which, we DID get out trash picked up Friday afternoon) in many ways, society has ceased to continue to EVOLVE.
Too many people have become "static" in their lives and are passing such apathy on to their progeny.
Regardless of how slow you choose to move in life, it has to always be FORWARD. There is no turning back, and marking time does no one any good whatsoever. There is no retreat, and should be no surrender, but to the moolies I see, hear, and read about, they have indeed surrendered.
They have "given in" to the latest "fad" that comes along...the latest GIMMICK, and are driven not by self-improvement, but by (...you guessed it...) entertainment.
Now, I enjoy entertainment as much as anyone, BUT...it's not my "raison d'etre". To me, it's a diversion from the mundane, the banal, and yes, all the nasty that life tosses at us daily.
Thing is, you fight THROUGH the nasty crap...conquer, not surrender to it. In that alone, you come to a much better appreciation of this gift of LIFE that God provides us every single day.
After the tough stuff is over...THEN you can relax and enjoy what you've struggled for. and not before.
A lot more people would be better served if they took the time to remember that.
And our society would be a lot less problematic as a result, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

29 March 2015

Have a Blessed Palm Sunday.

27 March 2015

Friday Follies...
We made it...finally...at last...the weekend.
Cripes, I thought we'd NEVER get here.
I want to talk some trash today, but we've a few other things to get out of the way before that..
Our Hoosierland weather starts off with a rather brisk morning, giving way to partly cloudy skies and a high temp of only about 33 degrees.
Gonna take forever for the Hyacinths to come up, and don't put that heavy jacket away just yet.
Makes me wonder if march will go out like a lamb (not betting on it).
Now, I want you all to take a deep breath, get yourselves comfortable and pour a nice hot cup of your favorite morning beverage, as we get set to see what has been transpiring since yesterday.
*** First out of the laundry chute is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
March 27 - 
---Today is NATIONAL "JOE" DAY.
You tell 'em, Joe...
You can take that several ways, but my first thought is (who else?)
THEN, would come the "Joe" I find in my coffee cup...a very close second...heh.
*** We couldn't forget the weekend, so here 'ya go:
March 28 -
ROFLMAO...around THIS part of Fort Wayne, it would HAVE to be some sort of CRAP.
I mean, it IS the end that we always seem to get.
(and I'll get into that soon enough)
March 29 -
A good day to visit a local establishment and thank them with your business to their business.
---And, it's also SMOKE AND MIRRORS DAY.
Why do we seem to have ALL these days that pertain specifically to those in our nation's CAPITAL???
Moving on...
*** The ID's of the latest homicides has been revealed.
And here's the story link:
Homicide Number Six was 21-year old Jaymaris R. Alexander
Homicide Number Seven was 47-year old Mark Kenchanh
Alexander                      Kenchanh
The article gives some back-story to priors for both men.
And, it's nice to see that the coroner issued a "declaration" for these deaths...
Please don't forget to update your "dead-pools" accordingly.
And to think we're not EVEN into the really NICE weather yet...
*** Next up, yepper, another shooting on the city's (...all together, folks...) SOUTHEAST SIDE (my, you're all in good voice today).
And here's the latest from WANE:
Now, I wonder WHAT a man was doing this morning in a church parking lot at 0300 hrs...don't you?
The victim was shot in the knee and told police he ran to that parking lot (from where we're not told).
Church parking lot - and no donuts.
Just before this incident, police were called to Stardale Drive for reports of shots fired.
These two locations are about a MILE apart, so it doesn't look like this guy LIMPED that far.
It just means we have more than ONE occurrence of gunshots...and that's typical since the weather broke.
The victim was taken to hospital in serious condition and detectives hope to speak with him.
*** Next up...let's talk TRASH...
To be more precise, let's talk about how OUR trash was NOT picked up yesterday.
Yeah, the trucks should LOOK this nice.
Republic service came by before 0900 hrs (typical), and I noticed that our can still had the lid CLOSED, as did the people across the street.
I checked the alley bins, and THEY were all open (and collected).
So, needless to say, I was having a "WTF?" moment.
But, I gave the trash guys the benefit of the doubt, as they sometimes change routes around.
Well, an hour later, the trash truck came over our side street, and collected the trash from the people across our street...and STILL left ours UNCOLLECTED.
Now, THIS second miss (of ignorance) was NOT going to go unreported.
I called into the city's *311* line, and left a bit of disdain there, then I proceeded to call Republic themselves, and got nowhere - they claim they don't  handle calls regarding Fort Wayne...even though their ADDRESS is in FORT WAYNE...
WTH is up with THAT bit of bullshit?
And there it sat...forgotten...and lonely.
Then, I emailed Solid Waste and told them about it...still waiting for a reply there.
I mean, we are the ONLY house that was missed...after the truck came through TWICE.
And, if you know me, then you know that one of THE fastest ways to piss me off is to IGNORE ME (in a manner such as this).
I have noticed that Republic has not had a "stellar record": for it's customers since it took over from SERV-ALL.
Hell, at least when SERV-ALL missed a pickup...they missed EVERYONE...lol.
(they didn't discriminate)
I am awaiting a pickup TODAY...and if that doiesn't happen, I have entertained the notion of taking the trash DOWNTOWN and dropping it in Mayor Henry's office (or someplace close).
To me, there is no sense to have people on these trucks that pickup trash at the SAME locations week after week, and then all of a sudden "forget" one house...no explanation to such stupidity.
Hell hath no fury as a pissed off "Bob"...remember that.
*** Last back to the woodshed...it never seems to end down here...the number of problems, that is.
And the thing is, there doesn't HAVE to be as many...or as frequently as we happen to enjoy.
I know I'm sure as hell NOT causing ANY of them.
If anything, Lord knows I'm trying to do what is right and keep to myself...as does Wifey.
But, that, apparently is NOT what is "desired" by others.
One example - we can't seem  to get a regular paper carrier, and not one without a "candy-arm", if you get my drift.
Some days you're playing "hunt the wumpus" looking as to where the paper landed
Some days, the paper has come late or not at all, prompting a call to get another delivered.
If it's not the newspaper, it's the damn trash...missed pickup - at least a handful every year, and what seems to be a constantly changing "staff" on the trucks.
The USPS is touch-and-go, too.
Things I KNOW should arrive here don't, or are delayed for some strange reason
Or, it's school buses trying to navigate streets too narrow for TWO-way traffic.
And these are an aside from the crime going on like the curbside drug-deals, or the party houses, or the more than 40% number of vehicles with improper lighting at night.
But, the worst problem HAS to be the crop of people living here for the last 10 or so years.
It's changed the entire face of the area to 50 shades of FUGLY.
And the city's "lack of vision" for such things is costing them lots of missed revenue...daily.
We have speeders galore, wrong-way parking out the ass, double-parking and chatters tying up traffic, kids roaming all over to all hours, playing in the same street those speeders travel. There's more litter ON the street than in the trash bins, and if you didn't take some pride and pick up all the trash from these morons, your property would look as bad as everyone else's.
It's no wonder that new businesses are harder to come by than a police officer for a loud music call.
And what businesses remain do so at their own risk, thanks to the criminal element firmly entrenched here.
It's not that ANY of these problems are unsolvable...they most certainly ARE, so where are the people who can do something about it?
Hey, I'm only ONE person and have NO allies and limited resources, AND operate within the confines of the law (unfortunate on the last one...heh)
But, I'm sure there must be others that feel the same...and want this part of the city BACK the way is once was...and that's a helluva lot better than it has become.
The black community does nothing when it's their OWN people causing most of the mayhem.
They're too busy suing the city over something frivolous to be bothered with making GOOD changes.
Same can be said for the Latino population.
And, make no mistake -  BOTH communities are responsible for the drugs that come into this city.
Like I say...you TRY to do good...and for what?
It's akin to smacking your head against a wall, and when people ask me WHY I bother doing that day after day, year after year, I simply tell that "Because it feels SO damn good when I stop."
I will also proudly tell anyone living around us that"
"I've upped MY standards...now UP YOURS."
DO have yourselves a good weekend, wherever it may find you..
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

26 March 2015

Where's the Weekend?
If this week seems a bit on the LONG side, it must be due to all the crap that's been going on.
Not the least of which is this crazy-ass weather.
And speaking of that...
Our very own Hooiserland weather starts off with some moderate RAIN, but that might give way to a brief snow shower (less than 1/2 inch accumulation) before turning to a much calmer day with a high into the forties
Expect the clouds to hang around for a bit, too, so it will be another gray day.
Now, with that done, let's get a nice LARGE cup of our favorite drink close by (we might need it today), as we see what else is going on...
*** First out of the cookie jar is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"The bad man desires arbitrary power. What moves the evil man is the love of injustice."
This was spoken by John Bordley Rawls (21 February 1921 - 24 Noveeber 2002) who was an American moral and political philosopher.
And here is his WIKI:
Now, before we go any further, let me state that he does not appear to be that much of a conservative, and yet many of his studies indicate that he was not a roaring leftist either.
It's a good read, rather lengthy, but shows that much of what he wrote about tended towards a common sense approach to justice.
His most notable works were:
--A Theory of Justice (1971)
--Political Liberalism (1993)
--The Law Of Peoples (1999)
--Justice As Fairness - a Restatement (2001)
Plus a book of collected papers and lectures on the history of moral philosophy.
He was a stutterer, so he never sought the limelight, and did not lecture all that much.
He not only won the Bronze Star while in the military (WW2), but also the Schock Prize for Logic and Philosophy (1999), National Humanities Medal (1999), and had an asteroid 16561 Rawls named after him.
He's an interesting person, and one with whom I had no prior knowledge of until I delved into some quotes of his.
*** Next up is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
March 26 - 
(well blow me down).
Popeye must be loving this one.
This should prove most interesting as I'm curious as to WHAT all of you out there would come up with.
Have at it, friends.
Meanwhile...back at the morgue...
*** Yes, we not only notched HOMICIDE NUMBER SIX yesterday when a D/B was found in an empty lot near the intersection of Holton and Colerick Sts., but ALSO grabbed us a BONUS with HOMICIDE NUMBER SEVEN a bit farther south on the city's (you guessed it)...SOUTHEAST SIDE.
The sheet in the background is the D/B
The badlands seem to be getting a tad "badder" these days...must be the weather.
Here's the story link for the 6th homicide:
WANE had a good interview with a neighbor, who (unfortunately) feels the need to VACATE the area...which means the bad guys WIN.
Here's that link to the video:
Nice rims for a poor neighborhood.
Granted, staying and fighting for what is YOURS seems overwhelming most days, and you know you're not getting the patrols you NEED in your area to allow you to feel AS safe as in years past.
Still, there comes a time when you HAVE to take a stand...much like the Founders of this nation...AGAINST such tyranny and injustice.
We're not fighting another country...just some street thugs that think the world is THEIRS...
--- Here is the lowdown on the LATEST homicide (#7 for those dead pools you have):
This happened yesterday afternoon around 1620 hrs in the parking lot along the 1100 block of Fayette Drive at the Brendonwood Park Apartments right off of Decatur Rd. (Gee that's less than half a mile from our "Fortress", too)
A red Dodge Dakota pickup was found by arriving officers after a report of shots being fired. The man was listed as "Asian", and shell casings were also found inside the truck. The headlights were still on.
Police don't believe this was related to other recent shootings (if it was drug-related, it probably IS related, however non-directly).
--- Amazing that "all of a sudden" all these shootings and killings take place.
Let's call the majority of these part of a "power-vacuum" that is attempting to be filled after recent major drug busts that have taken high-level distributors off our streets.
As a result, you KNOW that gangs are involved as well.
All these 2nd and 3rd-rate thugs are now trying to become the next drug "czar" in this city, and everyone not connected with this crap may be caught in whatever crossfire ensues.
We are way ahead of last year's totals (14 I believe), and we have the impetus to at least MATCH that number, perhaps exceed it well enough.
Thing is, these punks never go away...there are always MORE already living here, or being "imported" from other cities TO Fort Wayne.
And also, it would appear that whatever threats or promises our black FWPD chief leveled at these thugs meant little to nothing in the long-term prospects of cleaning this city the hell up.
Doesn't look like these cretins are afraid of our chief in any way, shape, or form...does it?
*** Next up, it looks like the top-rated show on the planet might be in a bit of a bind.
Here's the story link:
(Left to Right) Hammond, Clarkson, May
Yeah,UK's  TOP GEAR is not without one presenter. Jeremy Clarkson has got the sack after a fracas with a producer which left said producer with a split lip.
That's a damn shame, because the show is predicated upon the banter between the THREE presenters - Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. It has become a world phenomenon in the realm of fact-based television with over 350 million viewers.
(that's a LOT of viewers)
*** Next, let's top off today's post with a look at recent visitations to our humble abode...
Our BUNNY is BACK...!!!
.Wrinkles LOVES bread
And...sunflower seeds.
There you go, then. A little bit of SANITY down here in the ghettohood.
*** Last back to the coroner's office...we're seeing another increase in violent behavior, perpetrated MAINLY by the black community.
Yep...and getting worse.
And again, as is always the case, we are NOT hearing the proper OUTCRY from THAT community.
A murmur here and there...and that's about it.
But we DO hear about a white man and his kids LEAVING the area...being FORCED from HIS HOUSE, because of the behaviors of a minority.
And we hear about ONE officer who may or may not have anger issues.
Hardly seems like anyone really wants the races to live together peacefully these days, at least in certain neighborhoods. And let's not discount the Latino community and all the drugs (and crime) THEY are allowing to come here. Whites also have the meth trade and pharmacy robberies on their hands. Plenty of crap to go around.
The Broken Window Theory has been actively pursued in this city with relative abandon over the last 25 years...nothing has been done to STOP it. Community-Oriented Policing doesn't WORK down here.
A few arrests over the years to a handful of major players does NOT halt this disease in it's spread across the city, does it?
We change the FWPD chief...and we see the SAME things going on...guess this a case of no matter how you change things, they will remain the same?
If the police were permitted to take care of small infractions, and thereby force these low-information people to UNDERSTAND the law...and eventually OBEY it, then we might see a decrease in such larger instances where our officers are investigating homicides and shooting on an increasingly frequent basis.
The bad element has had enough slack on their leash...time to reel them all in, once and for all.
And bring in everyone associated with them in any way.
Stop the freebies which are supposed to keep these people from being violent - stop the housing, the free food, the free child-care...ALL of it.
Find a way to make ALL these people accountable first to themselves, then to their families and then to society, make it stick once and for all, and perhaps then, we can all breathe a bit better each day, rather than find dead bodies near our houses.
Time for the good guys to start winning again...the way it should be, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

((PS - I just hit 9000 COMMENTS...and I thought "I" had a lot to say...LOL
Thanks again to every one of you.))