14 December 2017

Thoughts For Thursday...
I will say one thing about this lake-effect snow thing here in northern Indiana...IT SUCKS!
An inch here...an inch there...just enough to piss you off, but not enough to snow you in, or make things come to a nice quiet halt. Yes, just enough to be concerned about (because a lot of others aren't).
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us sunny skies, temps reaching to around 24 degrees (the only snow melting will be reflective then), and light winds.
So, let's not waste any more time, as we all get ourselves some hot coffee, tea, or cocoa to chase that chill away, and steel us to whatever will come along...
*** First off of the slippery sidewalk is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"You don't teach morals and ethics and empathy and kindness in the schools. You teach that at home, and children learn by example."
This is attributed to one Judith Susan Sheindlin  (née Blum; born October 21, 1942) who you all know by her "other name"...JUDGE JUDY. She is an American prosecution lawyer, former Manhattan family court judge, television personality, television producer, and author.
Not bad for a little girl from Brooklyn, is it? And here is her WIKI:
((In October 2013 it was reported that Sheindlin was still the highest paid TV star, earning $47 million per year for Judge Judy. Sheindlin is the longest serving judge or arbitrator in courtroom-themed programming history, a distinction that earned Sheindlin a place in the Guinness World Records.))
Now that is certainly saying something. Anyone care to argue that women in the workplace don't get their dues? All it takes is hard work, dedication and passion.
All she can say to some is "really?".
((In February 1993, Sheindlin's outspoken reputation made her the subject of a Los Angeles Times article,  profiling her as a woman determined to make the court system work for the common good.))
Would be be so fortunate that OTHER court systems in other cities were wanting to do likewise.
(especially in our fair city of Ft. Wayne)
Author Brendan I. Koerner has commented on the popularity of Judge Judy:
"Court-show viewers don't seem to want moral conundrums or technical wrinkles. They love Sheindlin's show because she offers them a fantasy of how they'd like the justice system to operate—swiftly, and without procedural mishaps or uppity lawyers. They get to see wrongdoers publicly humiliated by a strong authority figure. There is no uncertainty after Sheindlin renders her verdict and bounds off the bench, and there certainly are no lengthy appeals."
Another dummy gets the eye roll.
((A 2013 Reader's Digest poll supported Koerner's statements, revealing that Americans trusted Judge Judy more than all nine justices of the United States Supreme Court
Since the debut of her court show in 1996, it has been the #1 rated show of it's kind.))
It's a really good read, and you'll find out the other facets of broadcasting she is involved with, as well as a list of her books (she has written seven to date).
I really like her...maybe it's because she reminds me of my late Mom...lol.
*** Next up, time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---It's National Alabama Day
(how timely is THIS, with that recent election, hmm?)
---It's National Bouillabaisse Day
(fish stew with fennel and saffron...yummy)
*** Next , an update on the two men found dead on Calhoun St. Here's the link:
Okay, so it's NOT 39 homicides, but 38 (for the time being). The other death has been ruled a suicide (which is really a SELF-INFLICTED homicide).
In any event, I would be surprised if we did NOT hit at least 40 homicides here for the year. Last year's record rate of 49 is the new "benchmark" for the criminals to shoot for (no pun intended).
*** Next, and just in time for the new year comes THIS story:
Now, we're right in the midst of a go-round concerning an ELECTRIC rate hike (of damn near astronomical proportions like 20+ %), and (as could be predicted) smack-dab on the heels of THAT jackal come a study which looks at raising the WATER rates.
I guess we also forgot about the recent natural gas rate hike...and the wheel tax...and rising fuel prices at the pumps...right?
Sure, implement it INCREMENTALLY over the years...so as not to make we peons feel TOO put out (of pocket) with whatever funds we have available. More bullshit from more sources. A shame we can't somehow make THAT substance work to alleviate our constantly rising rates for every utility under the sun.
((The last water rate increase was phased in between 2013 and 2015.
“While no one likes a rate increase, all the money they spend on it goes right back into benefiting the entire community,” CEO Kumar Menon said. “You might not experience a water main break today, but when you do, it's a pain. This is one way to stave off that pain.” City Utilities' $184.6 million budget is funded through rates paid by customers.))
And WHO, EXACTLY pays for the all the government-sponsored welfare queens who use water like there's no tomorrow? Oh, that would ALSO be the TAXPAYERS, my friend.
Now, just on a whim, WHO is paying for that BIG DIG (sewer runoff tunnel) we got going on? Is this rate hike ONE way of paying THAT bill? Just asking.
*** Next up, another black guy gets brave with a knife. Here's the story:
He be busted AGAIN.
((Michael T. Harris, 44, of the 3600 block of Avondale Drive, was charged Wednesday with intimidation using a deadly weapon, four charges of domestic battery, one in the presence of children, and criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon.))
Some men just cannot take "NO" for an answer...can they?
((Harris was arrested the next day when he appeared for a probation meeting at 11 a.m.
He was being held at the Allen County Jail in lieu of $37,500 bail, a jail spokesman said. ))
He was ALREADY ON PROBATION? Well, that sounds TYPICAL, doesn't it? And ghetto, too.
No wonder the black community has problems...they ignore them and let them fester.
*** Next, let's not be biased, so here are some meth-head white trash perps and their fanciful story:
((Colton Vibbert and Veronica Grear, both 25, of the 3200 block of Lost Valley Drive, are charged with dealing methamphetamine and maintaining a common nuisance.
When police raided a mobile home Nov. 9, they found more methamphetamine than what would be normal for personal use.  Five separate plastic bags contained 46.5 grams of methamphetamine and another plastic bag had 12.2 grams of inositol, a common cutting agent used by narcotic traffickers, court documents said.
Vibbert                      Grear
There was also $500 in cash, a digital scale and a box of plastic sandwich bags.))
Yeah, they weren't doing any free lunch programs with THOSE sandwich bags.
((Vibbert was being held in lieu of $125,000 bail; Grear has bail of $52,500, according to an Allen County Jail spokesman. The location of the raid was redacted from court records.))
Redacted? I thought it WAS at the mobile home...maybe some place we're NOT supposed to know about, because it might cause CONCERN?
BTW, nice HEAD and FACE TATTS, you moron. Sure to get hired with THAT crap inked all over you...NOT! Got that "illustrated man" thing going on, hmm?
*** Next up, I've got to get away from all this crap and take a visit to "Kitten Corner"...
But then they do cute stuff like this...
Well, the kids were a bit more "anxious" yesterday...getting into run around mode.
Had to even shout at them once.
They were flying through the house, leaping over furniture, but thankfully not breaking anything along the way.
Guess they miss "mommy"?
Nah, I think it's more of the "terrible twos" acting up...lol.
*** Next, let's see what's going on with "Midnight and Company"...
Right on time as always, our furry duo were there at the patio door, awaiting their breakfast, and since it was "Wet Food Wednesday", they got some Friskies pate` (turkey and giblets) with dry food covering the wet food.
Needless to say, ti was well-received.
The rest of the day was spent close by and since it was snowing at "last call", rather than hand-feed them (treats) as I usually do, I just placed some on their plates.
I think ALL three of us thought that worked out well.
*** Last back to the frozen pond...the human condition is a funny thing.
And yes, we can use funny "ha-ha" as well as funny "peculiar".
So, if you want to see a typical slice of the nonsense some people can display with a zeal that could best be used elsewhere, watch Judge Judy a few times.
I watch just so I can see what my "neighbors" are up to, because a LOT of her cases involve the type of people and their behavior that permeates our part of Ft. Wayne.
Granted this is "small claims court" (most that can be had is a $5K limit), but the mannerisms of those involved on both sides of that aisle are SO southside Fort Wayne.
I believe you can learn a lot from her program. You can learn about the LAW, and you can learn about the morons who BREAK the law.
She's NOT addressing Congress...lol.
I'd go so far as to say that it's actually more EDUCATIONAL than entertaining, although when a black man (born and raised in our country with no foreign ties) tries to make his case, and they have SUBTITLES to understand his "mumble-speak", ( lazy English) that tells me a lot of what ails the black community (specifically) and our nation (in general). I admit that part was entertaining, but it speaks to human nature, it's permissiveness, and how much some folks are willing to tolerate (for tolerance sake).
Fortunately, Judge Judy doesn't tolerate much, and says so quite often.
Be nice to see and hear MORE people speak up and not put up with such BS...PC or otherwise.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

13 December 2017

Humpday Happenings...
Okay, so we're being told we have ONE more day of this lake-effect snow shower crap, and I'm already bored with it. I don't mind snow at CHRISTMAS time, but weeks before just mucks up whatever plans you have going on before then, doesn't it? Still...we soldier on.
Our Hoosierland weather for today finds us with a frigid start to the day (single digit mornings are a real bitch), mostly cloudy skies, temps reaching to around the 32 degree mark, lighter winds and yes, scattered snow showers (expect an inch or less in Ft. Wayne and all parts south - more up north).
So, with that dispensed with, let's get ourselves  a hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa, as we take a look at what else has been going on...
*** First out of the igloo is our WHO SAID THAT? quote for the week:
"You don't teach morals and ethics and empathy and kindness in the schools. You teach that at home, and children learn by example. "
I firmly believe this to be God's honest truth, and anyone who would deem otherwise has not been brought to understand such a wonderful and proper concept.
So, WHO said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back  at James Madison high school in Brooklyn...
*** Next up, time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---It's National Cocoa Day
(now if THAT isn't great timing...what is?)
---It's the National Day of the Horse
(seems like a "stable" form of transportation...lol)
---It's the National Guard Birthday
(blow out the candles)
---It's National Violin Day
(Somewhere, Sarah Chang is smiling)
---It's Pick a Pathologist Day
(doesn't it help to know WHICH ONE you might need first?)
*** Next, it might seem as if we have notched homicides number 38 and 39 for the year.
Here's the story:
This took place yesterday around 0947 hrs at a house located  at 2423 S. Calhoun St. when officers responded to a report of a suspicious person.
((The property owner called police after he heard noise coming from the upstairs of the property where he had gone to work, Officers heard what they believed to be a single gunshot from inside the home, so the department’s Emergency Services Team and Crisis Response Team were called to the scene. They sent a robot into the building that showed an unresponsive male victim inside. As the EST cleared the building a second dead male body was found.))
Interesting that it appears to be a rental that has been subdivided into TWO units (2423 A) rather than leaving it as a single family house that it once was. The house next door (2419) is ALSO a rental.
((The property is owned by Continuum Enterprises LLC, which is in the 6600 block of Sweet Wood Court, according to the Allen County assessor's office.))
Sure would seem like a double homicide, considering the police came out wearing those blue gloves (avoiding blood contact or a disturbance of a crime scene). It is being investigated AS a homicide.
*** Next up, one could use the colloquialism that it's "cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey", and with that in mind, city council brought some brass balls to their meeting last evening by rejecting the king's...I mean mayor's pocket veto on the "pay to play" ordinance.
Here's the story:
((Veto overrides require approval of two-thirds of City Council, or six votes, to pass. Arp and Crawford were joined by Councilmen Russ Jehl, R-2nd, Tom Didier, R-3rd, Paul Ensley, R-4th, and Tom Freistroffer, R-4th, in overriding Henry's veto. Councilmen Michael Barranda, R-at large, Glynn Hines, D-6th, and Geoff Paddock, D-5th, voted against the override. The vote was identical to a Nov. 21 preliminary vote on the proposal.))
*** Next, the city touts it's "improvements". Here's that story:
((About $25 million was invested into 41.5 miles of asphalt resurfacing; 5.7 miles of concrete reconstruction; 9.2 miles of concrete sidewalks; 14 miles of concrete curbs; 11 miles of trails; 768 concrete ramps; and 3,000 replaced traffic signs and other work.))
One of only TWO that work in 2 blocks.
Now, any evidence I can see from our "Fortress" regarding improvements down here is a curb-strip that's been torn to hell, and a lot of street lights that are NON-functioning.
(luckily, the one near OUR house is one of two that still works).
Now, forgive me for being a bit slow on the uptake here, but I'm NOT seeing any improvements...just wholesale de-construction and apathy. I should not have to call into city hall to have street lights operational when whoever is supposed to be working on them is M.I.A.
Oh, and that former Walgreens at Southgate is STILL vacant (close to two years now)...can't seem to get a business in there, can we?
*** Next, time to back off from all the crap and instead visit "Kitten Corner"...
"Lookithebird, lookithebird, lookithebird..."
Our kids are still nice and relatively well-behaved, which pleases me to no end.
Both of them took turns bird-watching, which is nice as long as Gallifrey doesn't jump 3 feet off the floor to try and scare them off (you're not gonna catch 'em...it's double-pane glass, doofus!).
"Iseeit, Iseeit, Iseeit."
Violet is quite content to sit and watch without any acrobatics tossed in.
I can't wait to get the Christmas tree up...(actually, yes I can). That should be "fun".
*** Next up, let's take some time to check in with "Midnight and Company"...
We are the Guardians of the Patio.
Our furry twosome were not the worse for wear considering the frigid conditions outside over the last 24 hours.
Neither of them missed a step when it came to eats. Have to stay well-fed to build up some "insulation" against teh cold. And, I also have to thaw the water dish several times a day so they have a decent drink.
Naturally, when the cat's were elsewhere (or napping in a shelter), the birds cam by, and we had a good crew.
The blue jays stop by for a bite. 
Bluejays and cardinals and sparrows and juncos (oh, my...heh).
Hello, your eminence.
The cats left the birds eat their fill, which was nice, but our indoor cats were very occupied at the patio door.
Let's say everyone concerned had a good time.
*** Last back to the ice cube tray...Christmas is coming like a runaway freight train down a mountain.
Funny, when I was a child, it never seemed to get here fast ENOUGH.
(has to be a "timey-wimey" thing)
And, not long after that, we'll be into another new year, and start the whole thing over again.
I have to wonder what progress will we be making as a society.
For example, with all the sexual harassment going on in most every venue known to man, I'm kinda feeling a bit left out, not that I've ever done that kinda stuff (because I haven't), but it seems to be the fad du jour.
I don't mean to minimize ACTUAL harassment by pervs...it's just that I believe much of what is being told by seemingly SO many is inherently erroneous (the law of averages would bear as much out), and meant to sensationalize, as most anything in the media seems to want to do today. This is something that bothers me about modern society.
The lack of boundaries that we've allowed comes with a price, as does most anything we do in life.
When you mix in tolerance with those lack of boundaries, it's no surprise we hear about people acting in a wrong manner, as compared to times past.
Ethical behavior and civil discourse seems to have taken an extended holiday, and we need to get those two back into our society, for the lofty precipice we face as a result of such immoral behaviors looms ever closer.
And the fall from such a height will not be without serious injury...to everyone and our nation.
Just something to think about.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

12 December 2017

Tuesday Tidbits...
It would appear that we, here in the Heartland are going to be "enjoying" (?) another snow event today.
That means road conditions will be nominal at best until the street crews get out and have the main arteries treated to become more amenable to driving. Snow totals will be anywhere from 2-4 inches in and around Ft. Wayne. Areas NW could see up to 6+ inches, while areas south might be looking at 1-2 inches tops.
The rest of our Hoosierland weather brings us mostly cloudy skies (naturally) temps reaching to around 25 degrees (and with the wind chill, we're barely into double digits), and of course, snow showers with windy conditions (at gusts of 35 MPH - beware of blowing snow)..
Do dress appropriately and drive accordingly (that means defensively)...we don't want to have anyone taking sick or "meeting by accident" on the streets.
Now, let's get things going with a nice hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa, as we see what else has been going on...
*** First off of the ice pack is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---It's Chanukah  or Hannukah (either way)
(Break out tha menorah an ddreidel at sunset)
---It's Gingerbread House Day
(gonna need more icing insulation on a day like this)
---It's National Ambrosia Day
(my screwup - put the wrong pic in yesterday's post...been fixed))
---It's National Ding-A Ling Day
(well, isn't THAT apropos for my brain-fart...lol)
---It's National Poinsettia Day
(don't let the pets near it)
*** Next, and since it's a Tuesday, let's see about all the shots fired calls (and other assorted FWPD runs) that took place last week that we never knew about, but should be made aware of, because we got us a mess of effed-up people out thre...
SHOTS FIRED ((113)) - ARMED ROBBERY((53)) CALLS - 12/04 - 12/10
((23,113 - vandalism by gunfire))
DEC 4 -
17F147324 12/04/2017 03:56pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 3000 FAIRFIELD AVE
17F147496 12/04/2017 11:00pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 1400 GREENE ST
17F147390 12/04/2017 06:03pm 53 ARMED ROB 2600 NORTHGATE BLVD
DEC 5 -
NO shots fired (WOW!)
17F147758 12/05/2017 03:23pm 23,113                  4800 SIMPLICITY CT
17F147767 12/05/2017 03:44pm 23,113                  7500 BEATY AVE
17F147847 12/05/2017 06:43pm 53 ARMED ROB 7600 SOUTHTOWN XING
17F147884 12/05/2017 08:00pm 53 ARMED ROB 2500 MCKINNIE AVE
17F147904 12/05/2017 08:52pm 53 ARMED ROB 9800 LIMA RD
DEC 6 -
17F148045 12/06/2017 10:00am 113 SHOTS FIRED 4700 HOLTON AVE & CAPITOL AVE
17F148262 12/06/2017 06:45pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 1700 MCKINNIE AVE
17F148345 12/06/2017 10:38pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 1300 ECKART ST & ROBINWOOD DR
17F148257 12/06/2017 06:34pm 53 ARMED ROB 1200 GLENWOOD AVE
17F148320 12/06/2017 09:22pm 58 SHOOTING       1900 HILLSIDE AVE
DEC 7 -
17F148395 12/07/2017 05:29am 113 SHOTS FIRED 2000 OTSEGO DR
17F148603 12/07/2017 04:31pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 00 MAIN ST E
17F148735 12/07/2017 10:09pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 3000 REED ST & ECKART ST
17F148757 12/07/2017 11:26pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 900 FOREST AVE
17F148758 12/07/2017 11:30pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 5600 ULLYOT DR
17F148660 12/07/2017 06:49pm 53 ARMED ROB 2900 GOSHEN RD
DEC 8 -
17F148797 12/08/2017 05:27am 113 SHOTS FIRED 1000 COLISEUM BLVD N
17F148843 12/08/2017 09:33am 53 ARMED ROB 1200 STATE BLVD W
17F148934 12/08/2017 02:41pm 53 ARMED ROB    6300 LIMA RD
DEC 9 -
17F149204 12/09/2017 03:31am 113 SHOTS FIRED 800 LAVINA ST
17F149354 12/09/2017 01:25pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 2500 TERRACE RD
17F149520 12/09/2017 07:28pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 2800 LARWILL CT
17F149543 12/09/2017 09:01pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 1500 CASS ST & FIFTH ST
((NO armed robbewries)
DEC 10 -
17F149851 12/10/2017 05:46pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 1700 REED RD
17F149896 12/10/2017 08:01pm 53 ARMED ROB 3100 PONTIAC ST E & BIRCHWOOD AVE
Also,  6 child neglect calls, 20+ vehicle vandalisms, 125+ traffic accidents (property and personal injury and including "hit-skips"), 4 DUIs (from over 200+ traffic stops), 40+ traffic hazards, 50+ parking violations, 26 "man down" calls, 120+ domestic calls (including battery and w/ a weapon), loads of robberies, burglaries, and thefts (tis the season?). 5 molesting calls, 2 stabbings, 3 rapes, 1 indecent exposure, 0 pursuits, and 24 narcotics calls.
NONE!!!       AMAZING!!
((sighs)) - Tis the season, right?
*** Next up, we got us another "player" for the downtown redevelopment.
It's another multi-use venue (apartments, shopping, parking, etc).
Looks nice and ugly, too. Here's the story link:
Now, will someone PUH-LEASE smack King Henry in the back of his head, because he once AGAIN used the damn hackneyed phrase - POINT-OF-DESTINATION.
I am getting SO damn sick and tired of hearing the SAME words (broken record syndrome) coming out of his piehole. No matter how many times you say it, it's STILL a falsehood, your highness.
Thank goodness there was one voice of reason on this. Here's that link:
City Councilman Jason Arp, R-4th, who also sits on the Redevelopment Commission, was the sole vote against the development agreement Monday. “The site will not generate any tax revenue, so basically more or less we're building the parking garage for the site", said Arp.
*** Next, two get busted for a pot-grow gig in their HOUSE. Here's the story:
They ain't blue spruce Christmas trees.
And you know what the worst part of this is?
These two...(wait for it)... WORKED FOR THE CITY...!!!
(they both have since been let go)
Michelle Graft                   Todd Graft
Todd A. Graft was an employee for the Allen County highway department
Michelle Graft worked as a dispatcher at the Fort Wayne-Allen County 911 dispatch center.
I do find their last name VERY ironic.
And here we thought the city paid well...perhaps (even) well enough to open up a grow operation inside a house (and all that gear don't come cheap).
*** Next up, residents speak out against the huge NIPSCO increase. Here's that story:
The folks were quite vocal in their opposition of the 20+% rate hike, and with good reason.
People on low or fixed incomes are being held hostage by another utility company who can only see dollar signs.
This is ONE camel whose nose should never be allowed into the tent, and you all know why.
*** Next, seems the French want to relocate our climate "scientists". Here's the story:
I say good...keep 'em....every last one of them.
(and btw, the polar bear population is on the RISE, so they're not drowning because ice is melting)
*** Next up, time to visit our "Kitten Corner"...
We iz behaving ourselves real well.
The children did nicely yesterday with Wifey away. They both slept with me, in fact.
And behavior-wise...excellent. They played about, napped, and spent most of the day staying out of trouble.
Would we be so fortunate to have the HUMANS around this part of town follow suit.
*** Next, let's check in with "Midnight and Company"...
Our furry twosome didn't miss a step with the snow we got...they made every meal, and never seemed to stray far from our property, which is a welcome relief.
I did have some time with them on the patio, and we all enjoyed what brief bouts of sunlight provided before it clouded back up again.
I noticed that BOTH of them had the smell of ALFALFA on their fur, which tells me they have to be using the shelters (with the hay I had placed inside them).
Every day I see them at the patio door for eats, I can't help but feel appreciated for the food, water and shelter we provide for these cute furballs.
*** Last back to the glacier...weather like this used to bring out a lot of good in people.
There would be times when perfect strangers would push a stuck vehicle clear of snow, or neighbors would band together to clear a common driveway or parking spaces for one another.
And, in years past, such things similarly occurred here on our street.
Can't say that today, and that's a sad commentary of humanity.
I'm sure in areas where more neighborly people reside, they still help one another.
But around here, people don't even bother to clear a damn sidewalk, and prefer to stroll in the middle of the street, which just so happens to be where all the cars drive up and down, sometimes at speeds in excess of safety limits.
All these government-sponsored lazy-asses just hang around, maybe drive to get some fast food, (or street pharms), and then return back to their crib, often parking so askew along the streets that if a plow had to come down, it would be a sincere challenge.
Thing is, like that meme said yesterday, the greatness of humanity is in being HUMANE.
That is a lot of what's lacking today, and yes, you can toss in civility and morality into that mix.
We can afford to lose a lot of stuff in life, but when we lose our values, we lose a helluva LOT.
Things can always be replaced, but the aspects of the human condition, once lost, can take a lifetime to get back.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.