17 September 2014

Humpday Happenings...
Here we are...middle of the week, so it's either all UPhill  or all DOWNhill from here, depending on you particular mood.
The Hoosierland weather will see us with no rain today (that I heard about), and a nice sunrise coming over the hoveltops, with temps again reaching into the mid to upper 60s...very fall-like and I'm sure that will confuse the leaves on the trees sufficiently to start them falling...oh, well.
So, while the rest of the world decides how best to extricate it's head from it's collective anus, let's grab ourselves a nice warm cup of whatever is today's morning beverage of choice and get this bad boy up and running...
*** First off of the bookshelves this morning is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week.
"It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things."
Now, I'm sure we can all benefit from such words of wisdom, so WHO said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in the nation's capital...
*** Just when you "think" you have the newspaper delivery problem resolved....it's NOT.
As I type this, it's 0735 hrs, and we're still awaiting the delivery of the MORNING paper (J-G).
It's "supposed" to arrive by 0600, but, since we're in a state of flux when it comes to carriers in OUR part of the ghettohood, it becomes more like a crapshoot - WHEN will it arrive?
I already called to register a complaint, and instead of the automated button pushing crap, I get handed off to a warm body, and she tells me that the paper is not late if delivered by 0900...
All right, this has just become a "WTF???" moment in my book.
The paper was coming around 4AM (remember the jerk that woke us up the other week who did get canned?), so I KNOW the paper can arrive in a TIMELY fashion...it just isn't, and why remains the big issue.
Granted, we are probably one of a DOZEN people that can functionally READ a newspaper down here, so the route is simple enough, but SERIOUSLY, how can delivering a simple-ass thing like a newspaper become SUCH a problem?
(Wifey likes to gloss over the paper before heading out.)
There was a time when the paper came EVERY day (even with  6 inches of snow on the ground) by a carrier we had for years, until he retired, and he was a go-getter...you could damn near set your clock by his delivery time (between 0500 and 0530)
 If he was ever late, I can't recall such a day.
But that was when people still had some sort of work-ethic, I suppose.
And the times are changing...just not for the better, right?
Well, we shall see when the hell the damn paper decides to show up (maybe time to change to the News-Sentinel,...at last THAT paper isn't a morning edition...lol)
((BTW - It finally arrived at 0754 hrs))
Moving on...
*** We have had a VACANT Target store along S. Anthony Blvd. for what seems like AGES (since 2005, anyway - a good NINE YEARS), and FINALLY, someone has decided to buy the building and do something with it.
We USED to shop there, before crime closed it down.
Here's the story link:
Now, before any of you tout this as a "revival" down here...hold the phone...
It's NOT going to be any sort of RETAIL venue...it's going to be a DATA_STORAGE facility, employing a whopping TEN people!
(they better install a ten-foot high fence with concertina wire on it...for security - they're gonna need it.)
Lifeline Data Center is the buyer, and will invest $15 MILLION into the former store's conversion.
They're based in Indianapolis and provide a location of companies' computer servers to various entities like health care, utilities, government and life sciences...sounds like a decent gig so far.
The company was founded in 2001, and says that the services it provides to businesses will generate even more jobs.
We shall see.
Construction will start by the middle of NEXT year.
*** And now a couple news briefs (no boxers)...
-- Shooter from last year gets 20 years in the hoosegow - here's the link:
(all starting from a Facebook taunt...seriously?)
-- Eby Ave. thugs get day in court and are formally charged - here's the link:
( I smell some plea-dealing here...smells like BS, too)
--  Spouse wanted in stabbing n Kosciusko County - here's the link:
(cripes, if you wanted Beefaroni instead of Ravioli, you should have just SAID so)
-- Five people charged in thefts from Lowe's - here's the link:
(yeah, I'd call the police after seeing a cart full of items not paid for rolling out the door, too)
What the hell kind of world have we created, and why did we even allow it in the FIRST place?
*** Last back to the garage today...there is simply no other way to put it...this old world is royally F$CKED THE HELL UP!
And I know that I had nothing to do with it....and neither did any of YOU.
So, what the hell has gone so wrong in our lifetimes?
The list of issues and problems we face daily seems to grow exponentially, and we're not sitting about making the list longer, are we?
Remember a time when you might have only a few things to fret about...every other week?
I miss THOSE days...!
Usually, it's something EXTERNAL in nature that causes concern, that meaning outside our four walls (sometimes it's inside...like a basement flooding, but that's a rarity, hopefully...lol).
And what we try to do is keep the outside crap where it belongs, and it's not to invite in into our homes for a meal and place to crash for the night.
But my God, look at ALL the crap that IS external and problematic these days
You have to wonder if your credit card info will be hacked at the store where you just purchased something, because carrying cash makes you an easy mark for pickpockets, or if your car will be in the damn lot where you parked it, or whether someone will run some light and mess up your afternoon or evening.
You also have to consider rising prices for damn near everything...all the time, be it groceries (which we're being told that prices have dropped 11% - sorry, NOT seeing that), or utilities like water, gas, and electric.
And then there is always insurance costs, medical costs (when they arise, hopefully infrequently), and perhaps a car payment or mortgage payment or rent payment.
Every consumable item has also risen in cost (to us), and naturally, we can add fast food into that mix (thanks to raising minimum wages for no reason, except to promote liberalism).
Life USED to be a helluva lot simpler, and we survived damn well (actually thrived). It's just a shame we didn't appreciate it as MUCH as we should have.
I know I could use a good, healthy dose of "good old days"...how about you?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

16 September 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
Looks like some parts of our area might need a fog horn today.
We're told visibility is down to 1/4 mile (not where we live, sadly).
Welcome to another adventure into quasi-oblivion, as we start the day with cloudy skies.
It's supposed to brighten up soon enough, with temps in the Hoosierland reaching (again) into the mid-60s.
Just not seeing the fog,however...must be happening in more rural locales.
Anyway, I have my morning cup of coffee at the ready, so you and get whatever you're having and together, let's see what else is going on, shall we?
*** First out of the hornet's nest is the "What are we celebrating today, Bob?" segment
Well, today is the Trail of Tears Commemoration Day, and for a slice of what that's all about, hee is a WIKI:
Basically, this was the forced "relocation" of the Native-American nations of the southeastern areas of the United States, as per the Indian Removal Act of 1830 (gotta thank president Andrew Jackson for this one, folks).
It's a really good read, and demonstrates how government can easily subjugate those already living here.
Why they were not all just made U.S. citizens and left on their reservations beats the hell outta me. The Indians who DID choose to stay put were in fact made citizens on this country, so why not all of them?
One of our history's less "nice" aspects, (imho).
Moving on...
*** And, it's also time for a feature I like to call "Where did all the local shootings take place last week, Bob?"
And here you go:
SHOTS FIRED CALLS - 9/7/14 - 9-14-14
September 7
14F118541 01:23:00 113 SHOTS FIRED 2600 TRENTMAN AVE
14F118542 01:24:34 113 SHOTS FIRED 3800 WEISSER PARK AVE
14F118575 03:17:31 113 SHOTS FIRED 2000 DREXEL AVE
14F118623 08:34:13 113 SHOTS FIRED 2600 CENTRAL DR
14F118659 10:52:41 113 SHOTS FIRED 600 TILL RD E
14F118791 17:21:07 113 SHOTS FIRED 600 ST MARTINS ST & HANNA ST S
14F118809 18:23:59 113 SHOTS FIRED 6100 KENT RD
14F118873 21:49:55 113 SHOTS FIRED 600 RUDISILL BLVD E
14F118874 21:59:07 58 SHOOTING 700 BROADWAY
September 8
14F119133 14:19:37 113 SHOTS FIRED 6900 ROTHMAN RD
14F119345 22:22:43 58 SHOOTING 2100 EBY AVE
September 9
14F119399 02:04:17 113 SHOTS FIRED 900 TAMERA GARDEN AVE
14F119542 12:54:13 113 SHOTS FIRED 3500 COLISEUM BLVD W
14F119550 13:19:02 113 SHOTS FIRED 600 OXFORD ST & HANNA ST S
September 10
September 11
14F120302 01:25:42 113 SHOTS FIRED 2700 WASHINGTON CENTER RD W
14F120684 20:55:20 113 SHOTS FIRED 2800 MAIN ST W & JEFFERSON BLVD W
14F120596 17:15:51 58 SHOOTING 1900 GREENTREE CT
September 12
September 13
14F121291 02:30:26 113 SHOTS FIRED 2500 BROADWAY
14F121306 03:25:16 113 SHOTS FIRED 2800 NORTHGATE BLVD
14F121336 07:10:50 113 SHOTS FIRED 600 SECOND ST
14F121634 20:54:11 113 SHOTS FIRED 1000 DEGROFF ST & BURGESS ST
14F121636 20:55:21 113 SHOTS FIRED 3100 COVINGTON RD & FREEMAN ST
September 14
14F121818 03:00:10 113 SHOTS FIRED 300 RADIAL LN
14F121828 03:22:42 113 SHOTS FIRED 1100 RUDISILL BLVD E
14F122032 17:22:55 113 SHOTS FIRED 200 LIGHTNING WOOD CT
14F122098 20:08:02 113 SHOTS FIRED 600 PONTIAC ST E & HANNA ST S
14F122105 20:37:52 113 SHOTS FIRED 3000 BARR ST S
14F122157 23:28:51 113 SHOTS FIRED 4900 TRACE DR
Yeah, with very few exceptions, all these calls are in the south part of Fort Wayne, and demonstrate clearly that those doing the shootings, were they a bit more proficient, would have our homicide rate right back up in the running to easily hit 30 or more.
I say as long as the REST of us practice to some degree, we stand a better chance of hitting whatever the hell we're aiming at...and with fewer rounds expended. In some circles, that's still know as "Urban Renewal"...lol.
*** Next up, proof positive that some people don;t have the brain power when it comes to making good decisions where they live:
Here's the story:
Not the brightest bulb in the socket, is he?
Okay, who fell the hell ASLEEP again?
And he managed to temporarily displace others because of HIS stupidity.
This is typical down here, and that's why we have so many fires that begin in the kitchen...many people have absolutely NO common sense when it comes to cooking and major appliances.
*** And here we have a story about the shooter on Eby Ave last week:
Charles Benson has a "history" with the judicial system, as I posted last week...as did his victim, John Holman, but regardless of whatever problems Benson had growing up, it was the CHOICE he made that caused ever single problem he encountered.
Now, you'd think that the "once bitten, twice shy" factor would kick in somewhere, but apparently not in this instance.
What I can't understand is that there ARE people out there who have similar upbringings, and yet, because of a GOOD choice here and there, managed to extricate themselves from this vicious cycle of crime. So, it CAN be done...but it does requite some work on the part of the individual, and that's where this often falls apart. They feel that EASIER IS BETTER when it comes to life, and the results of such incorrect "problem-solving" are too apparent.
The lack of motivation for such POSITIVE facets in life are perhaps the most disturbing aspect to such people.
*** And now, a little something for a fellow blogger...
Back on 13 September, John D. (Nobody Move! blog - link at left) had a post about a TV show from the 1970s - SPACE: 1999.
Had a very good cast, a plausible story-line and some really cool effects and model work.
I commented that I still had my EAGLE-1 transport ship I bought all those years ago, and so, here are the pictures of the (still in restoration mode) item.
Eagle-One project - all parts there.
Landing pads and thruster assemblies
Main body - yellowing with age
Accessory bag and all 3 figures
Command Module
This was made by Mattel Toys that cost less than $20 (new), and will NOW cost you several HUNDRED BUCKS on eBay.
That's IF you can find a COMPLETE one!
Yeah, sometimes, it PAYS to keep that stuff from your youth, and in my case, I was in my early 20s and still enjoying that youth...LOL.
*** Last back to the Final Frontier today...now many times have we wondering "if I only kept this...or that..."
I do every day, just not as much because that stuff is LONG gone, and hopefully, made someone happy as it did me.
And the quality of things from those days has no comparison to what's made for kids today.
We had METAL toys that, if we weren't careful, could hurt is...so we LEARNED to be careful.
Many toys also played on our creativity...our IMAGINATION...much like books can do.
It opens the windows to our minds (and often lets the STALE AIR OUT...lol).
Nothing wrong with that.
Today, toys just seem to "take kids along for the ride", rather than foster imaginative play...it's like "something" is playing FOR them.
We don't stand a chance against them, men...
I mean, how can tangible, 3 inch tall green army men compete with any version of HALO, right?
Maybe that's got something to do with the way kids are today...maybe it's got a LOT to do with it.
And we got PLASMA rifles.
In an age where we dumb kids down (an insult to them), make everyone a winner (stifle competitiveness), and stroke their self esteem (when they should be learning that self esteem comes from WITHIN and not from outside sources), it makes sense to allow children the chance to be, well...children, and by that it should mean teach them how to get up after a fall by themselves, and that working through a problem if better than giving up (or letting someone else solve it).
That's the way we were taught, and we turned out pretty damn good (hippes not withstanding).
Back to the BASICS whether it raising a child, educating a child or allowing them to play...works every time.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

15 September 2014

Monday Musings...
Welcome to the start of another week, smack dab in the middle of the month.
Have to say I am liking this weather, however cool it might be, but I will draw the line at having snow, like they did out in Wyoming last week...about TWENTY INCHES of it, too!
Today in the Hoosierland will find us partly to mostly cloudy today, as some rain is moving in sometime this afternoon.
Temps will rise to around the 65 degree mark and drop back into the upper 40s overnight.
All in all, not that bad...thanks, global warming!
Sheesh - there is NO global warming!
In the meantime, let's go get our morning cup of fortitude as we see what's been going on since wwe last convened...
*** First out of the firepit today are those celebratory days I missed over the weekend, so here goes:
-- September 12 was National Video Game Day, National Chocolate Milkshake Day, and Stand Up To Cancer Day.
-- September 13 was National Peanut Day, National Defy Superstition Day, Yom Kippur, and Uncle Sam Day.
Yom Kippur
(hope everyone fed a squirrel, walked under a ladder and waved a flag).
It was also my late Mother's birthday (woulda been 93)
-- September 14 was National Creme-filled Donut Day (that explains why I didn't see any POLICE in our area...lol), and National Pet Memorial Day.
I want one of these...
That brings us to TODAY.
And that means it must be...(...drum roll, please...)...NATIONAL FELT HAT DAY
Now how many people do YOU see today that wear a felt hat, let along OWN one, hmm?
I kinda miss seeing fedoras of all shapes and sizes being worn, and even before my time, it was considered NORMAL to wear a hat, and always facing the RIGHT WAY (unless you were a catcher for a ball club...or a U-boat captain...lol)
And yes, I do have a felt hat (from the old Doctor Who days in the 1970s)...dusty but quite wearable, so there.
Now, we're all caught up on what day it is, or should be, or was...got it?
Moving on...
*** Remember those barricades I was wondering about last week?
Well, I didn't have to wonder too long.
Saturday (late afternoon) someone erected them, blocking off OUR block only, so I figured it was some sort of "block party"...
It was a small party of sorts...the "AfriCANT-American" mooks across the street and up the block had a few people in from Wisconsin, and the kids were playing "volleyball" along the street...without a net, and not watching WHERE they were playing.
That meant the ball was coming onto our property regularly.
So, I went out and asked them to "not be on the lawn so much", to which they retreated to their crib and played there, but the barricades remained in place.
The OTHER Latino mooks (boozers across the street) had to use the ALLEY to vacate the neighborhood, as did Wifey when she came back from the football game she attended.
Talk about inconvenience!
I didn't know people could do something this impulsive WITHOUT notifying people affected in the area...like to ASK for permission or to join in...as WE used to do back in Philly.
Someone must know someone in the city street department to get this done, and that kinda pisses me off.
Where do these people come off being SO damn PRESUMPTUOUS in thinking it's perfectly okay to block off a street, not ask anyone about it, or notify them, JUST so kids can play in a street, rather than in a yard...or better yet...how about a PARK?
This whole "doing anything you please whenever you want to" has to be addressed...this would never be done in such a manner where NORMAL people live, right? I personally find it all a bit abhorrent.
When did OUR property become THEIR property, anyway?
Goes to show that there are NO rules in place down here, and no one knows what BOUNDARIES are...and then people wonder WHY we have problems out the ass?
Not me.
Now, let's back up a bit in the day and talk about something on the lighter and better side of life...
*** Wifey and I took the liberty of driving out (west) to a place called Eagle Marsh, where the 4th annual "Monarch Festival" took place.
The recent rain didn't help with being able to navigate any of the many TRAILS they have there (some as long as TEN MILES), but, it was a wonderful day trip that was educational and informative, as well as just plain enjoyable.
No, not THAT type of "monarch"...
And definitely NOT this type of "monarch"...
Hot, but not THIS monarch, either (sighs)
There were not many people there...perhaps a couple HUNDRED, which was nice.
Lots of kids there, and all WELL-BEHAVED, too.
People around where we live could take a few pages from the parenting book of those attending Eagle Marsh.
There was a video presentation airing every 1/2 hour, displays of LIVE monarch butterflies in all stages of life (that was very cool), and some arts and crafts for the children (face-painting, make yourself look like a butterfly thing), and so on.
Wifey's actually normal, too...no, really.
Snider colored caterpillar (and spouse)
It was SO refreshing to see NORMAL PEOPLE for a change, because where we live, all the normal folk (save for us) have been replaced by the ABNORMALS, and THOSE we have to deal with daily, so you can see my joy at being AWAY from that mess for a couple hours.
There are TWO geese dead center...trust me.
The area itself is wonderful to look at, and it's a damn shame the trails were under several inches of water.
Eagle Marsh (Little River Wetlands Project) has a website with a great map of the place and listings for plants and critters found there, and here's the link:
What I find remarkable is ALL the varieties of BIRDS and MAMMALS, as well as reptiles and amphibians...and plants!
Near the Eagle Marsh barn...nice day.
Naturally, you're not going to see ALL of them at once...that would be a miracle (or the coming of an apocalypse...lol), but just to see one or perhaps two is something you're NOT going to find in your backyard (unless it's one huge, honking one).
Trail 8 was washed out...
The people who volunteer there are fantastic...extremely helpful (for a rookie naturalist like me), and love to explain things so that even I can understand it...like the migratory habits of the monarch butterfly (remarkable in it's own right, believe you me).
The butterfly tree  - we put one there with our names on it.
And, to top it all off, there was FOOD served...HOT food...and it was...FREE...!!!
They served pulled pork sandwiches (something I've come to love here in the Hooiserland) with a choice of sweet or hot sauces. Free bottled water, too.
They had a donation jar, so I dumped a few bucks into it...(it's what I do).
Hopefully, THIS will occur next year in our yard.
And to top things off, they gave away FREE MILKWEED PLANTS (so you can attract the butterflies - the only plant monarchs will lay their eggs). Next year, we'll be ready!
So, YES, it was worth the drive to get to commune with nature for a spell...and meet some wonderfully normal people along the way.
That doesn't happen in our part of the ghettohood these days.
*** Last back to the wildlife refuge today, whenever I get a chance to get away from a city-like environment, I usually jump at the chance.
When you grow up only reading about farms and animals, and woodland areas, and only see many animals at the zoo, you get an inkling as to what it's all about, but until you actually IMMERSE yourself in such environments, you never come to as full a realization of how great God really is.
A "hug from God".
I liken it to being "embraced by God", when you are removed from the familiarity of the home, and the comfort of the mundane.
You have a chance to understand how VAST and beautiful nature can be, and hell, we were only at a place that was a mere 716 ACRES...nothing close to the "GREAT" outdoors, but I've spent some time in other places that prove likewise.
Former city boy "in the field" (and loving it)
And you know what? It NEVER gets old (to me).
You can hike along a wooded path you've known ALL your life, and there will always be something "new" there...it changes with the seasons, constantly, inevitably, and with purpose.
In some very minuscule manner, we try to make our patio, garden and backyard such an oasis from the banal.
Would it be that more people can come to appreciate all that our creator provides us...for free.
The world might just become a better place...and wouldn't THAT be a miracle in it's own right?
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

12 September 2014

Friday Follies...
Made it to the weekend, and how we manage to do it some weeks amazes even me.
If you prefer Autumn weather to Summer heat, then today will be right up your alley.
The Hoosierland will see temps reaching only into the upper sixties (again), and since we're starting out today mostly CLOUDY, I'm not banking on seeing the sun early on...maybe later today...if we're good and behave ourselves.
In the meanwhile, let's get a soothing warm cup of our favorite beverage at our side as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the emergency room today...yep, ANOTHER shooting on the city's (where else?) SOUTHEAST SIDE.
Here's the story link:
This took place in the parking lot of the Chapel Oaks Apartments (AGAIN???), located at Hanna and Buchanan Sts around 1715 hrs yesterday.
You count the shells, I'll get the donuts.
There, police found a man suffering multiple gunshot wounds next to a Jeep Cherokee.
He was transported to hospital where he remains in critical condition.
Naturally, DOZENS of "lookie-loos" were out and about, because it's like shiny keys dangled in front of an infant - something to marvel at.
No doubt this impeded officers and their investigation to some degree (as it usually does).
At least 11 shell casings were marked in the lot, and this makes Six people shot in the last week (2 dead and 4 injured), if you're keeping count.
Need a FWPD sub-station HERE now.
Nice to know the FWPD "capo", Garry Hamilton has sought out the help from the U.S. Marshal's office to form (yet another) "Task Force" to look into all the shootings...whatsa matter, Garry...in over your head? Thought so, and SAID so...for years, but if you had sought out and listened to those who have to DEAL with this daily (and there are more than a few of us law-abiding people around), you would have known as much. No suspect and no motive (naturally)...probably another "retribution" shooting.
((Editor's Update - 1205 hrs. - Here's the latest on the shooting with the victim's name:
 Yes, he is black...big surprise, but has been upgraded to serious condition.))
Moving on...
*** Now, I WILL talk about Da Prez and his "tough talk" speech Wednesday evening...
Let's say I graded him on TWO, distinct aspects of said speech - presentation and substance (content).
As far as PRESENTATION goes...this guy is a "pro" at talking...that's what community activists DO, and they do it with panache`.
Think of Goebbels and his propaganda machine back in the 1930s and 1940s. If you can wrap up a pile of BS in such a nice enough package and sell it to the people, they WILL buy into it.
History proves as much.
So, on this aspect, I give Obummer a solid "B", and that's because it wasn't a self-written speech, but a teleprompter read.
Now, as to the SUBSTANCE of the speech?
Well, to me, there wasn't really any...it was a rambling of sorts...with some strictness tossed in around the edges, so he gets an "E", and not for effort.
Sure, he HAD to say he wasn't going to take any crap from these terrorists...to do anything less would' have got "we, the people" really PO'ed.
He's even cheesed off many in his OWN political party, and any type of warfare has to be as devoid of politics as possible, in order to achieve the victory you're seeking. Again, history shows us as much...many times over.
Yet, I didn't really HEAR anything saying he was waging a WAR against ANY form of terrorism...he seemed to stop short on that.
But, he DOES want more MONEY from Congress, and many there seem to want to cave on that, without knowing WHERE such funding will go...didn't we go through this often enough in the last 6+ years with this guy?
Gonna be fun to see how all this pans out...without the coalition hoped for.
*** A little closer to home (make that a lot closer)...the city came out yesterday and dumped the parts for some BARRICADES along our property as well as the mooks down the next corner...wonder WTF this is all about?
Could I cite the CITY for "dumping"?
Could it be SEWER work? It would be nice to get a letter in the post saying they were going to do it, so people could "amend" their parking and directions of travel, but THAT would make TOO damn much sense, would it not? And the idiots around here don't know what laws are anyway, so...
Maybe there's a "block-party" we not being told about? THAT would piss me off, and not because I don't like them. It would be because of all the trash that will follow like the wake from a Nimitz-Class aircraft carrier...(which IS considerable).
"Whiskey -Tango-Foxtrot"
We sure don't need a lot of pothole repair, and there aren't any trees that need serious pruning, so I'm at a loss to know WHY the city's doing this.
I'll keep you informed as to what, when, and why when I see what's happening.
*** Next up, yes, I DID manage to purchase a brand new DVD of Captain America - The Winter Soldier on eBay...
And got it for LESS ( a dollar less) than the lowest price I saw at Wal-Mart...so there, bargain-hunters...take that.
Now, when it arrives (supposed to be Monday), there will be a movie night with popcorn at the "Fortress", and no kids kicking my seat-back, or large-headed primates in FRONT of me to block my view...LOL.
Also, the new MOWER BLADE has arrived already...good and SHARP, too, and UNDAMAGED by anything encountered along our lawns (that the city has yet to repair).
Also got an email from eBay yesterday too...thanking me for FOURTEEN YEARS of shopping with them...(wow, how time flies)
I did not know I signed on one year BEFORE 9/11, 2001...that was eerie as hell to find out.
Still, you;d think they'd offer me something for all those years (and money) spent online, looking for items we need, trinkets I wanted, and yes, lots of presents for Wifey and others living far from us.
Like WE have a CHOICE down here?
Well, you have to do that when you have NO real retail shopping where you live
(thanks, City of Fort Wayne...again).
*** Last back to the ICU today...mostly anyone who knows me or has met me, usually sees me in "camos", and they might not ask me directly, but wonder WHY I wear them damn near everywhere we go...Simple enough...it's mainly because I consider where we live a damn WAR ZONE (and the clothing wears like iron...ask anyone in the military).
I didn't always wear camo...started doing it about 10 years ago, because I knew how the neighborhood was becoming a ghettohood, and also knew what we could expect as good neighbors left or passed away, only to be replaced by some of society's worse vermin one could imagine.
I also didn't own a firearm until after 2000...didn't feel the NEED for one, actually.
Now, having one (or more) is S.O.P.!
My only regret at this point is NOT getting a CCP (yet).
That doesn't stop me from carrying on or around my property...and it never will. I know MY rights there.
I thought that moving to a city 1/10th the size of Philly would have less crime and therefore less problems...and I admit to being incorrect in that assessment ( a rarity)...you have a LOT more problems here, and they're growing every year.
Now, I'm from the era that doesn't ignore a problem in the hope it will "go away"...I try to figure out a VIABLE method to erase the problem, as should any CITY LEADER.
You see a problem...you speak out about it - let those in authority KNOW what's going on, but when what you say falls on deaf ears, that leaves little alternatives to work with, save for what YOU can still do on your own. It's the best (and often only) way to protect those you love and your property.
It's also often a lonely proposition, as whatever people you could call "allies" are no longer around to work with you (or you with them).
We can see the evidence of the city's lack of desire to BETTER this part of town every day...and we can read about it in the police reports.
All the FWPD can seem to do is investigate (after chasing the radio), rather than police...when they are not allowed to take care of noise issues, or speeding or parking issues, that just opens the door of the Broken Window Theory, allowing more shattered glass along out streets.
You cannot enforce the law as effectively when you permit so much small stuff to go unnoticed and hold no one accountable for doing it.
All that does do is allow the big stuff to occur (like shootings and homicides), and if anyone thinks we're "fortunate" this year with so FEW deaths, think again...
It all comes down to be a bad shot, which so many of these thug-ass perps happen to be.
A little practice on their part, and the homicide numbers would be right back up there.
Not the best way to live on the south side of Fort Wayne...just, in many cases...the ONLY way.
You get the idea, right?
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.