30 July 2014

Humpday Happenings...
It's the middle of this last week of July, and we're waking up to very comfortable temps and some cloud covering.
I thought we were supposed to have sun...oh, wait, that's :LATER (got it).
The rest of the Hoosierland weather will see us with a slight warm-up into the mid-70s today (kinda like yesterday(), and an isolated shower perhaps sometime late this afternoon (kinda like yesterday), and a partly-cloudy rest of the day (kinda like yesterday).
Hmm...detecting a "pattern" here, albeit a pleasant one.
In any event, let's go grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever else you find comforting as we set about seeing what's been going on.
*** First out of the kitchen today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense."
Now THERE is something Washington D.C. could use...in ABUNDANCE these days, hmm?
So, WHO said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the oratory hall...
*** Okay, so what do you think would be the outcome of a motorcyclist excessively speeding along State Blvd and popping a wheelie would be?
That's NOT a grease fire at KFC...
If you said DEATH (by stupidity)...you are correct, and here's the story to prove it:
Amazing how the LACK of something like...I dunno...COMMON SENSE can lead to tragedy, isn't it?
Still, shouldn't be THAT much of a surprise, given the nature of mankind these days.
Can't be a dumbass any longer, right?
You want to be a dumbass and pull stunts like that...find a DESERTED ROAD to do it on, and NOT a busy city street around midday.
Moving on (and not doing wheelies)...
*** Next up, what happens at a manufacturing plant when you run out of parts to assemble?
Well, you CANCEL the shifts involved for one thing, JUST like they did at the Fort Wayne GM truck plant.
Here's the story link
Yep, so far FOUR shifts have been cancelled due to "lack of parts".
As if GM doesn't have ENOUGH problems, hmm?
Whatever happened to making SURE you have a surplus of items to keep workers WORKING, anyway?
Someone at that plant doesn't deserve their "managership", especially in the INVENTORY department.
But the good news, is that the workers WILL have to "make up" the lost productivity, thank the unions.
How much you want to bet that the parts suppliers are FOREIGN???
(hope they're not ignition switches...lol)
Another lapse of common sense here?
*** Next,  we can't end this post without SOME crime going on, as evidenced in THIS story:
Now, if the crime of shooting bar patrons isn't enough, how about the CRIME of (yet) another PLEA DEAL to get the charges diminished substantially enough  to halve whatever sentence this perp might have faced? Sounds like the injustice system at work,
Christopher Javon Sewell, 26, of the 5100 block of Lillie St (not too far from the "Fortress") is the perp-in-question, who OBVIOUSLY lacked any common sense by not only becoming a gang member of a local cadre (PAC), but also getting involved with some serious crap, along with two OTHER losers (Adonis Robinson, 24, and Demanuel Tompkins, 27), who will, in all likelihood get their charges "amended" thanks to plea deals.
If I didn't know better, I'd suspect the Allen County prosecutor's office was short a few fries in THEIR common-sense "Happy Meal".
(maybe I DO know better...heh)
*** Last back to the fire-pit today...looks like COMMON SENSE is becoming a lost art, much like cursive writing, or many other aspects of American society, and why IS that?
THAT is the God's honest TRUTH, too.
What has led many people to believe that any substitute for common sense works, when WE know it to be just plain nonsensical?
I've known people with engineering degrees that had trouble putting in a new light switch, and why was that?
They lacked common sense.
I will say that when everything else fails, a little common sense can (and will) get you through a multitude of problems. But there is always the "easy" way out, too...
Never settle for THIS...
Sadly, it's not something that can be structurally "taught" in a classroom...at least I've never seen evidence of that.
Maybe it SHOULD become a part of the educational system...some sort of "formal" learning experience regarding common sense.
But wait, doesn't LIFE experiences teach you about  that?
Well, if you're paying attention AS you go through life it does, unless you've hit the "cruise-control" button and are meandering from year to year.
Well, there's some common sense.
And although we might not be able to properly TEACH common sense, the building blocks TO that goal are all around us.
All we have to do is look, right?
And the way we're brought up will provide us with what we need to PERMIT common sense a part of our makeup.It's really not that :"painful".
Those that don't have that provided for them...well, they're the ones in court, in jail or already dead (through stupidity), if not up to their eyes in problems they can't seem to find a solution for, aren't they?
But, common sense already told YOU that much, didn't it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

29 July 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
It's another very nice day outside, and even if it DOES smack a bit of feeling autumn-like out there, it's a LOT better than waking up to sweltering heat and oppressive humidity, isn't it?
The Hoosierland weather to this day will find us with mild temps, which will each into the mid-70s...yeah, we're warming up a wee bit, but it'll still be a great day to air out the humble abode, so toss those windows open.
Always wonder why they "say" that - TOSS the window open, or THROW the window open...crazy stuff.
Anyway, fair and partly cloudy skies will follow us about today, and we even have a chance of rain later on.
So, let's get that morning cup of whatever poured so we can celebrate another day of living (sounds like some good song lyrics there, hmm?).
*** First out of the recycle bin today...the local trash-tossing morons were busy yesterday evening...I went out close to midnight and "retrieved" a Mountain Dew bottle, a Bud Light can (20 oz, naturally - the ghetto swill of choice), and a nice chunk of CONCRETE which had been moved from a pile we have at the end of our driveway to keep other idiots from cutting the corner and wearing away our property line.
We're not THIS bad, but some are working on it.
It's THIS type of crap that becomes bothersome, as there ARE those out there with NO sense at all in their bodies, as evidenced by their willingness to litter with abandon. Every single "distressed" neighborhood  has this, but it's mostly found in neighborhoods primarily filled with minorities. Those are the worst of the bunch, but those of the "white trash" persuasion live up to THAT moniker well enough, too.
We do...in out own way.
What possesses people to carelessly toss refuse from their primate paws baffles me...like no one will notice this crap.
We can have a street sweeper run through our street on a Monday, and by Wednesday, you'd never know they came through in the last 6 months.
Now, I have my OWN way of dealing with lawn trash - I "recycle" it onto a lawn across our alley, and the only reason I do THAT, is because those people are (ghetto) trash to begin with, so a few more pieces won't bother them.
Sometimes, I will toss a beer bottle into the intersection and watch it shatter. The "locals" will drive through enough to "take the shards away", as it were...lol. And if some boomcar gets a flat out of it...oh, well...them's the breaks (when you mess with me).
I'd prefer to not even do these things, but if there were no trash to speak of, the problem would be rendered elementary, would it not?
Thing is, I can pick up one MORE piece of trash than they can throw, so I will always get "the last word" there.
Moving on...
*** Bill O'Reilly had a good topic last evening - had to do with the legalization of pot (which I am also against).
The point was made for not wanting to introduce another intoxicant into poorer neighborhoods, and I have to agree.
There are plenty of "items" available to the POOR (mostly illegal) that it boggles the mind when you see people chase after this garbage, rather than feed and clothe themselves.
Never did understand this mystique over illegal drugs, and I admit to having tried pot a few times (LONG time ago) in another lifetime. sure I got buzzed, but it wasn't worth my time OR money to foster that lifestyle and pursue being a stoner.
And even though I've got some nice large veins, I have this aversion to hypodermics, so that's a lost cause, and I simply detest snorting anything up my nose...pollen is plenty, thank you, and I didn't even do THAT on purpose.
Not to mention, you ever try DRIVING and SNEEZING at the same time...without closing your eyes? Damn hard thing to do, isn't it?
Such a WASTE...
But O'reilly and his guests argued the point about intioxicants in these neighborhoods, and it was stated that the HIGHEST number of LIQUOR STORES can be found in such neighborhoods where income is low, assistance is high, and crime is even higher.
I can vouch for that...the SE side of Ft. Wayne has the highest number of liquor stores, convenience stores (which also sell beer), gas stations and dollar stores, but this (as something else I've said before) does NOT a retail hub make. If anything, it keeps those with existing financial problems, societal problems and mental problems "well-fed", and that's why we see the crime rates we do in such areas.
Sure seems a bit "biased", don'cha think?
Here's an example - When they used to have billboards for ciggies, you ALWAYS saw a ton of them in the "badlands" in Philly, and they were almost ALWAYS a billboard for (you guessed it)...NEWPORTS, so that immediately tells you WHO was smoking them (even to this day). And there were the LIQUOR billboards for  SEAGRAMS, as we had a distillery in Philly, and guess what brand sold the most in those bad neighborhoods? Give 'ya 3 guesses, and the first 2 don't count.
To this day, you rarely see that many billboards, but when you do, how many are reflecting POSITIVE values, rather than some "thing" to be chased after?
You never win ANY "war" by legalizing an aspect (or the reasoning) OF that war...it's THAT simple, people.
*** And now, for something quite a bit "different", and something I've a somewhat personal tie to.
We have a visitor in Ft. Wayne, and it's from an era of that greatest generation...aka WW2.
A Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" bomber has flown into the FWIA, and will be there through this weekend.
But, she's not just ANY B-17...this one was restored and was featured in the 1990 movie MEMPHIS BELLE (a very good flick, btw, based on a factual account of the crew from that aircraft).
Here's the Frank Gray column (with video) from today's J-G:
(nice photos there, too)
Now, WAAAYYY back in the year 1991, out at our local airport in NE Philly, we had a "fly-in" with more than a few warbirds there, including a Lockheed Hudson, Grumman TBF Avenger (navy torpedo plane), A B-25 Mitchell, a B-24 Liberator, AND, a B-17, named "Memphis Belle", fresh from the movie.
Hard to take "pictures of pictures" - 1991 Philly
Got to take a self-guided tour of the plane, too.
Sure glad I'm only 5'7" tall, as being much taller would prove a bit claustrophobic...and give me a sore noggin from whacking it on something hanging from overhead.
Yes, the planes are that confining INSIDE. On the OUTSIDE, they are impressive enough.
A LOT younger "me" at the radio ops position.
The J-G story talks about the 8 inch wide "catwalk" that allows access to the rear of the aircraft (through the BOMB-BAY), and I'd sure hate to have to walk that with all those 500 pounders strapped to the racks, ready to dropped onto whatever target you were trying to get to WITHOUT being shot the hell down along the way.
The movie chronicles the LAST mission of the "Belle"...the 25th mission, which, upon completion, a bomber crew would have finished their tour of duty. and be sent stateside.
Good movie AND soundtrack.
During such daylight bombing raids over Europe, there were few (complete) aircrews that made it TO that magic number.
The exploits of the 8th Air Force over Europe is a part of our history that needs to be read about...and remembered.
Here's the website of the organization behind this aircraft:
Tours of the B-17 are free, although you can DONATE whatever you want for the upkeep of this aircraft.
Rides can be had for $450 (they can take up to TEN people with the aircrew), and THAT money also goes to the preservation of this fine example of aviation history and technology.
Still flying...after all these years.
The story says the cost per hour to keep the "Belle" in the air comes to $4500...and that's mainly due to fuel consumption, the replacement parts when required...and THEY ain't cheap, if you can find them.
These engines demand a more frequent maintenance schedule due to the age of them, and they often run into thousands of dollars per unit.
Again, they don't make these anymore...talk about your "classics", hmm?
I might consider taking a run out there...just to see her again, and walk through where I once walked before.
Kinda like seeing an "old friend" in some ways...heh.
Chances like these don't come along all that often as the years fly by.
*** Last back to the hangar today...those societal contrasts I spoke about yesterday are never more apparent than in the items I highlight today.
One the one hand, you have a survivor from an era where everyone dripped with patriotism, and the brave young men that manned aircraft like the Memphis Belle and took to enemy-filled skies over Germany knew what the score was, and knew that they might not return from a mission...a mission that was to remove fascism and the axis threat from the world.
Back home, women and minorities worked side by side to BUILD the war machines that would aid in our victory.
Everyone pitched in, and although rationing was mandatory, we took it in stride, so that our TROOPS would have enough to get the job done.
Could we even think of having to do something similar today? I think it would be a stretch to think so, as we are not the people we USED to be.
That doesn't mean we cannot BECOME those people again...it takes time and commitment, and a willingness to do what is right.
Maybe those trash-tossers and drug-users would be wise to LEARN a thing or two about our HISTORY and who we used to be.
Anyone CAN be taught...even those I just mentioned.
After all, what was done throughout our history (by those brave men and women) made it possible for the litterbugs and druggies to be idiots...the least THEY could do is educate themselves as to why they're that way...how they can become decent individuals again.
And that might lead to a change for the better in our society...they'll never know unless they try, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

28 July 2014

Monday Musings...
It's the start of the last week in the month of July, and we, down in the crotch of Fort Wayne are still hearing "fireworks".
We'll be talking about that and a couple other things in a moment, but first, the weather.
The forecast for the Hoosierland will see us with clearing skies (after yesterday's nice rain event) and a even better temperature range with highs only getting into the lower to mid 70s.
Exactly the kind of weather that keep me from frowning (and sweating).
Might have to break out the paint and get cooking on those window sills around the "Fortress".
So, as we begin another day in the Heartland, let's get that morning cup of our favorite beverage poured and see what else has been going on since last we convened, shall we?
*** First out of the trenches...today is the 100th anniversary of the "official" start of... THE WAR TO END ALL WARS...also known as: World War 1.
AHC Channel's got a premiere tonight
But, if you've been following the postings over at Chris Martin's blog (Tilting At Windmills), you know the war began quite some time BEFORE this day in history.
It's a good series he's presented and gives you all the names, faces and places behind the reasoning FOR going to war.
And I will say that when it comes to politics, SOME things never change...
Moving on...
*** Yes, it was a BUSY weekend for the FWPD as they are (still) investigating FOUR shootings that occurred Friday night into Saturday morning.
And you can GUESS where all these took place, right?
If you said the SOUTHEAST SIDE, go to the head of the class.
Here's one of several story links about the goings on:
I chose this because a few details were included that were not found in the other coverage.
Wifey and I heard about TWELVE rounds in rapid succession go off around 2235 hrs Friday night, and it sounded close.
Turns out we were right, as the first"volley" was found to be in the 4700 block os S. Hanna St. Interesting to note that the previous night, there was a "disturbance" call in the 4800 block.
According to the story, this was another one of those "rolling gun battles" between two vehicles, heading northbound.
We did see ONE FWPD car come through our area...one. Thought we had all these resources down here? Wonder where they were at?
During the exchange of gunfire, a woman driving along was struck and made it to a gas station at Anthony and McKinnie where she called police. Her car had been struck four times, one shot taking out the rear window.The woman was struck in the arm and taken to hospital.
A man showed up at hospital who had been shot. This was around 0100 hrs Saturday.
And a man showed up at hospital with a gunshot wound to the hip. He stated he was walking through the Eden Green Apartment complex when he was struck by the bullet.
.223 caliber spent casings
Also around 0100 hrs at Lafayette and E. Wildwood, a witness told police they heard about TWENTY rounds go off, and police found multiple shell casings on a porch of a house on Wildwood. There were also shells in the street and several vehicles had been struck by gunfire.
Apparently, three people (total) were hit by bullets from a rifle with a .223 caliber (sounds like an M-16 type to me)
None of the injuries to the people were life-threatening.
Now, I thought our (new) FWPD chief had some sort of handle on this kinda thing...locked some gang members up, homicides were down, and life was fine and dandy...or so we were told.
Guess all is NOT what it seemed to be, hmm?
What HAS been with us are such shootings...it's just these thugs can't hit what they aim at, or worse yet, don't CARE what they aim at...it's all some sort of "fun and games" to them.
And this certainly isn't the FIRST time we've had rolling gun fights...the last one was earlier this year at Paulding and Lafayette. Then, there was he ambulance shooting along Lafayette, and a couple years back, some punk-ass black male(s) in a car with an AK-style rifle shooting up the 4800 block of S. Warsaw...nothing new here at all, is there?
Happens EVERY damn day down here.
Now, here are the police reports for signal 113 calls (shots fired) between 21 July and 26 July:
14F095256 04:35:54 113 SHOTS FIRED 1100 HAMILTON AVE
14F095686 00:14:59 113 SHOTS FIRED 4800 OLIVER ST
14F096718 23:55:10 113 SHOTS FIRED 4000 MONROE ST S
14F096739 01:19:19 113 SHOTS FIRED 5700 DECATUR RD
14F096749 01:47:10 113 SHOTS FIRED 4100 ROBINWOOD DR
14F096765 02:25:59 113 SHOTS FIRED 200 BUTLER ST W
14F097599 18:43:28 113 SHOTS FIRED 600 WALLACE ST E & HANNA ST S
14F097714 22:41:41 113 SHOTS FIRED 4800 WEISSER PARK AVE & PETTIT AVE
14F097728 23:06:18 113 SHOTS FIRED 4600 AVONDALE DR
14F097753 23:55:31 113 SHOTS FIRED 1600 OXFORD ST & LILLIE ST
14F097796 01:21:52 113 SHOTS FIRED 3600 TRACE WAY
14F097833 03:23:45 113 SHOTS FIRED 5600 ST JOE RD
14F097835 03:27:44 113 SHOTS FIRED 500 OXFORD ST & MONROE ST S
14F097850 05:12:23 113 SHOTS FIRED 4200 HANNA ST S & MCKINNIE AVE
14F097852 05:14:15 113 SHOTS FIRED 2800 FAIRFIELD AVE & HOME AVE
With (very) few exceptions, MOST ALL of these calls originated on the city's...(all together, boys and girls)...SOUTHEAST SIDE.
Doesn't appear as if MUCH is getting done to stop this sort of crime - got too many assholes with too many illegal guns out there, don't we?
And they've got plenty of time to raise several kinds of hell, right?
Interesting to note that NONE of the calls mention the 4700 block of HANNA ST on the night of the 25th.
STILL doesn't seem safe...wonder WHY that is?
In lieu of this, I emailed Adam Widener at WANE in the hope that he can do a story (or three) on the number of SHOOTINGS versus homicides from 1997-2013...our two record homicide rate years.
And I added that the police calls that are 23, 113 (shots fired, vandalism) could also be addressed with special attention to WHICH SECTOR has the most calls along those lines (in the SE)., so if this comes up on the news, you know WHERE the idea came from, kapeesh?
*** Next up, along the lines of police and the job they do, STOSSEL had a VERY good show on last night about "Policing America", and how SWAT teams conduct themselves, along with how our border patrol operates in the USA.
Did you know we have "border patrol checkpoints" WELL within our nation's borders?
Like about ONE HUNDRED MILES within them, in fact.
Leave it to the ACLU to spot this one, too.
That would cover most ALL of Michigan and Maine, for example.
And THESE agents are not adverse to stopping YOU, playing a game of "20 questions", and then, at THEIR discretion, ask you to step out of your vehicle and detain you up to an hour (or more). In some cases, they broke the window glass and tazed one man who asked them WHY they were asking so many questions of a U.S. citizen (who provided multiple proper IDs and has no criminal past at all).
Here's the link to his show's website:
Is it too late the RECHECK the address?
I've heard more than a few stories about SWAT teams making an entry into the WRONG house and rousting innocent law-abiding citizens.
They're not liable for the damage they inflict when making entry, either...(time to roll out the civil lawyer?).
THAT is why you have to make absolutely sure you (as a member of a SWAT team) get it right the FIRST time...no "do-overs" for an entry team, or the person(s) in charge of the OP.
*** And speaking of making one of those BIG-ASS mistakes...there's this story from Green Bay, Wisconsin:
An "OOPS" moment for sure
A Pizza Hut manager denied service to a U.S. MARINE, who was wearing four patches that denoted his service in the Corps,citing they were (in his erroneous opinion) "gang colors"...funny, the only "gang" involved HERE would be the USMC...!!!
(uh, oh...Gomer-alert)
Whisky - Tango - Foxtrot - ?
Trying to explain to the manager, the marine stated he "earned the right" to WEAR the patches and jacket....to no avail.
So much for that great lunch buffet, right?
The manager said "he couldn't be expected to KNOW the difference between patches"...
Note to manager...
You gotta be kidding me, right?
Are we producing a generation of IMBECILES that have NO knowledge of the branches of military service, even if THEY themselves do not serve in them?
Guess those "Call of Duty" video games are lacking something?
This is nothing new regarding the treatment of veterans...increasing incidents of DISRESPECT are surfacing (again...shades of 'Nam) across our nation.
I can see Pizza Hut making a nice frigging huge apology for this one, and maybe taking that manager to a nearby military base and SHOWING his ass why he's able to enjoy the freedom to be the idiot he was in this case.
*** Last back to the barracks today...it amazes me to see the widening contrasts we have in this country, and in many cases, not all for the good of it's people.
One the one hand, we have URBAN TERRORISTS, driving our streets, proving the theory that "the larger the weapon (and stereo), the smaller the penis".
Then, we have police departments that have allowed so much of the small sh*t to slip between the cracks in society, that they cannot even bother with the small things...that's why it takes up to FORTY minutes response time for a damn noise complaint (and the offender is long gone), or permit people to hang out on street corners with open containers, or worse yet, be permitted to DRIVE the hell home AFTER hanging out for HOURS on end (sounds like a DUI to me).
We have border patrol agents WELL within the confines of our nation's borders, when they SHOULD be ON the border keeping illegals and contraband the hell out.
And they are part of the FED police force, if you will, busting on law-abiding U.S. citizens...to what end?
All the while, were being told our borders ARE secure (as tens of thousands of children migrate here from Central America, along with scores of other illegals).What a load of BS!
Then, we have SWAT teams who CAN make mistakes, turning lives of innocent people into a nightmare, while the real criminals remain at-large.
And if all THAT isn't enough, we have people promoted into a manager position without the KNOWLEDGE of things they SHOULD already know about IF they're going to BE a manager...(or police chief, FWPD take note).
Used to be a time when WHAT YOU KNEW paved the path to being promoted...not any longer, it seems.
It's WHO you know, or what RACE you are that gets you up any ladder these days.
And placing those chosen by such methods does less of a service to the people than not hiring anyone at all.
Dean Worner in Animal House once said that:
"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."
But it DOES make a nation's people a lot more "malleable" so as to be controlled by others, doesn't it?
And...it's only Monday.
Be well, make a difference  to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

25 July 2014

Friday Follies...
It's the weekend once again, and we've another nice day to get this respite off and running.
The Hooiserland weather will see us with temps again hovering near the 80 degree mark, but we will have a bit MORE humidity, in anticipation of some rain later on this evening (time to be determined).
A nice day to shoot at some cars with BB guns (sorry, did I say that out loud? More like "wishful thinking" on my part...LOL).
But, it's not like I haven't done it in the past few years (and enjoyed it immensely).
Anyway, it's time to grab that cup of our favorite morning drink, get our show on the road and see what the hell has been going on...
*** First out of the garage, just got back from our weekly sojourn to the WAYNEDALE SCOTTS grocery.
And if you read my post from Tuesday, then you know WHY we don't shop at the (much closer) Southgate Plaza Kroger.
Let's just say the "scenery" in Waynedale is a lot easier on the eyes, and you don't have to keep you head on a constant swivel.
And again, with a minimum of meats purchased, the bill STILL came to around $70 (two people - one cat).
I rarely see anything drop appreciably in price, and if I DO, it's ONLY because the QUANTITY of the item has DECREASED.
Holy Frjoles...!
Case in point...boxed cereals
They make the boxes smaller, and THAT price is indeed LOWER.
(and you don't get as many bowls...how DEVIOUS)
Next, there are the meats, and thanks to ethanol production (total waste of crop yields) there's less feed to go around to make more cattle.
And if cattle DO breed more, they don't have the feed to go around
Domino effect for sure.
Then, we have produce...and that's affected by the weather. Get some bad storms in one part of the US...less citrus, or less wheat, or less corn...or less anything else. And don't give me crap about global warming...everything on this planet IS cyclical...period.
So expect to pay more at the grocery...for the same items that USED to cost twenty bucks less every week.
Thank the government for that.
Moving on...
*** Been getting some real deals on eBay of late (beta vcrs not in that mix).
For example...been wanting to get some Mark Levin books, but the prices even at B&N were a bit on the steep side. And the RETAIL prices were about $26 per book ...don't like to pay retail if I don't have to, right?
And they're BOTH hardcovers w/ dust-jackets!
So, I hooked up with two "goodwill" stores who had the two books I was looking for...and VOILE`...
I snagged BOTH of them for...(ready for this?)...UNDER EIGHT BUCKS...TOTAL!
And you'd never know they were "pre-owned"...those Goodwill stores have really decent finds.
I got AMERITOPIA (2012) and LIBERTY and TYRANNY (2009)...not  a bad haul.
Also had to get a new chain for my USAF dog-tag (under $2 - stainless) as the old one broke this morning...got it butched together for the time being.
I added to my action figure collection as well with a WW2-era Captain America figure.
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about.
Even comes with a pistol and helmet...goes perfectly with the 21st Century Toys WW2 101st airborne figure (can't even find THAT figure any longer...glad I got it when I did)
The "Cap" figure alone (packaged, and if you can find one) goes for $19 (and change). Got mine for UNDER $7.
Now, if only I can find a Black Widow figure for cheap...or a Nick Fury figure.
*** I thought this was interesting if a bit on the "costly" side...
A father-son duo are using a new laser technique for cleaning up the Anthony Wayne statue downtown.
It's gonna cost $100K, but there will be lighting added and landscaping near the statue.
Whatever happened to people grabbing a few dozen cans of BRASSO and some old towels and setting to work on something like this anyway?
(then, you could coat it with a clear resin to protect the finish)
There is a lot of green "corrosion" on the statue.
(thought that used to be called PATINA?).
I'm just saying...save a few bucks, get some fresh air, and clean the statue...all at the same time.
*** Last back to the barn this week...we've seen the result of INVOLVEMENT as well as the result from the LACK OF INVOLVEMENT, especially when it comes to certain part of this city (like mine).
Human nature will dictate how things pan out in both the short AND long term...every, single time.
And all the choices that comprise our human nature will be the tip of that spear.
If you even try to count ALL the decisions (choices) you make EVERY day, you'd fast lose count.
Many times, we're not even aware of such processes going on in our heads...we just do them, and usually there are no adverse consequences.
Then, there are those specific times, when we make all those CONSCIOUS decisions (do I pull out of the parking lot NOW...or wait until that car passes, and do I have enough time to make it with no problem?)
Do you choose one item over another at the store and why?
And most all of us go through each day, unaware of most of our choices, because the ones we make have been ingrained in our upbringing to be a lot more correct than other choices available to us.
Some people can't even grasp that concept...nor wish to.
To them, it's about the IMMEDIATE...they live in the moment, rather that view life as a journey that needs attention paid to where our footfalls wind up and which signpost we need to heed.
Doesn't take long to properly PLAN any journey, and life can follow suit there.
But, like anything else in life...thee is always a DECISION that needs to be made in order to make it happen.
DO have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

24 July 2014

Nearer Is The Weekend...
Yes, it won't be long now. Soon we'll all be faced with another couple of days to enjoy that which is sought after the other five days of the week.
And today's Hoosierland weather looks to be very accommodating.
No rain is forecast, and a lot more sun than we had yesterday.
(didn't even show up until the afternoon)
Temps will top out around the upper SEVENTIES...now THAT'S more like it (for me, anyway. I hate "sweating without a cause"...hey, that sounds like it could be a movie title...lol.
In the meanwhile, let's get that cup of whatever we decided to have filled up and get busy with the rest of the story...
*** First out of the garden today is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, faction, and division of society."
This was spoken by our good friend from history and one of our Founding Fathers, none other than JOHN ADAMS (30 October 1734 - 4 july 1826).
And here is his WIKI if you haven't read it yet:
I have to admit that Adams was one of those men who was a keen observer of human nature, and, in many ways, foresaw many of the issues and problems we suffer from today.
In fact, the WIKI states that one of his greatest roles regarding political thought was as a judge of CHARACTER.
Imagine that.
Since there is so much written about this great man, I will leave it to YOU to "do your homework" and bone up on someone who had his hand (up past his elbow) in the creation of our country.
Not bad for someone from a modest background who rose to become our SECOND President.
(and didn't spend time playing golf, taking vacations, or gallivanting all over creation fundraising for his political party...like others after him)
Moving on...
*** In today's J-G, Bob Aldridge has another great article regarding gun CONTROL.
Here's the column in it's entirety:
Anti-gun Agenda Won't Cut Crime
~Bob Aldridge
“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Those famous words are from Rahm Emmanuel, mayor of the murder capital of the United States, Chicago, and the city with the most restrictive and draconian gun-control laws in our country. Of course, gun laws only affect law-abiding people, because criminals, by definition, violate laws.
Twice, recently, the Journal Gazette exploited crises to promote its ongoing campaign against law-abiding gun owners, invoking the usual guise of public safety from armed criminals as the reason.
On July 8, in an editorial titled “Safety patrol/We all have role in encounters with the police,” the Journal Gazette exploited the murder of Indianapolis police officer Perry Renn by stating, “The tragic death of Officer Renn is yet another indication of the need for Indiana’s governor and legislators to shrug off the NRA’s spell and look seriously at adding some sensible gun restrictions.” Once again, the NRA is vilified as the cause of police officers being killed due to the lack of “sensible” gun-control laws.
No one really knows, at any given point in time, how many federal laws, state laws and local ordinances exist pertaining to firearm restrictions; a reasonable estimate is 20,000. It is ludicrous to promote the fantasy that, although 20,000 gun laws do not prevent criminals from committing crimes with guns, one, or a very few, additional laws restricting guns will get the job done.
On July 12, The Journal Gazette again parroted the anti-gun mantra that reduced magazine capacity is the way to keep the public safer from psychotic killers’ rampages. 
The Journal Gazette invoked the Sandy Hook school shooting to excoriate New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for refusing to reduce allowable magazine capacity to 10 from the current limit of 15 in New Jersey.
The federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 prohibited, among other things, manufacture of magazines with capacities greater than 10 rounds. The AWB expired in 2004 with no documented instances that banning large-capacity magazines stopped any shootings or reduced violent gun crime. An exhaustive study by PoliceOne surveyed more than 15,000 current and retired police professionals across all ranks and department sizes, found, among many other findings, a resounding 95.7 percent answered “No” to: “Do you think a federal ban on manufacture and sale of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds would reduce violent crime?”
To the question, “What effect do you think a federal ban on manufacture and sale of some semi-automatic firearms, termed by some as ‘assault weapons,’ would have on reducing violent crime?” 91.5 percent answered “None,” or “Negative.”
Regarding more stringent background checks advocated by the Journal Gazette, 79.7 percent of the officers surveyed answered “No” to the question, “Do you think that a federal law prohibiting private, non-dealer transfers of firearms between individuals would reduce violent crime?”
The alleged “sensible” solutions to deterring violent criminals using guns fly in the face of reality and facts, but such will never deter The Journal Gazette and other mouthpieces of anti-gun groups of not letting a serious crisis go to waste.
Facts and reality be damned; there is a political agenda to be promoted.
Bob Aldridge is a Fort Wayne resident and NRA-certified firearms instructor. He wrote this for The Journal Gazette.
I dunno...kinda all makes SENSE to me. But I'm not a liberal or statist, either.
*** Next up, WANE had a story about some "projects" the city is considering.
Here's the story link w/ video:
So, here we have THREE (possible) scenarios, all being designed to make the riverfront area (near downtown...where else) a "showplace".
We have one ENTIRE quadrant on the verge of anarchy and the city wants to dress up an already nice area?
And with 3 different projects?
Who the hell will PAY for all of this anyway?
Is the mayor (King Henry) gonna stroll through Headwaters Park and pluck a crapload of "Franklins" off of some white maples?
(they don't bear money...I already checked)
The three areas are Superior St., Lawton Park, and Bloomingdale and Guildin Parks.
(all within a stone's toss from where WE live...NOT!)
It's like the city is doing all this other stuff near downtown not in spite of the south side, but rather BECAUSE of the south side.
Ignorance in matters like this won't make ANY of the problems we have to deal with go the hell away any time soon.
City Hall "Badge".
But, that's always part of their agenda...get the minds of the citizens DISTRACTED enough from the real problem...DIVERT their attention and get them "interested" in something "new and shiny"...dangle those car keys in front of the societal "babies".
Cripes, we have so many issues down here that are never addressed, that it's become pathetic to try and count them ALL.
-- For example...we've got non-enforcement of laws all over the place...the simple sh*t, too. And those small things tend to grow into bigger things when not dealt with. Nobody actively enforces ordinances, and that only leads these low-information (and government-sponsored) "people" (to use the word very loosely) to believe that they can DO whatever the hell they want to...which they do (with abandon).
-- We lack amenities taken for granted in ALL other parts of Fort Wayne...like SHOPPING.
Sorry, but ONE Walmart, along with ONE Menards and Do-It-Best, and a myriad of convenience stores every other block, a plethora of fast food joints every block after that mixed among the mobile phone stores, liquor stores and dollar stores does NOT a RETAIL HUB make, people.
And these are the GOOD things...
There is not ONE SINGLE BOOK STORE around.
And speaking to eateries...when was the last time you felt SAFE eating in ANY restaurant down here?
Well, we don't really HAVE those types of places in any number...too few to mention, in fact. But we DO have every fast food joint imaginable around, and they're always good for an impromptu fight by the minority contingent.
-- We lack people who KNOW how to live and act in a CIVILIZED MANNER. That's why all these houses (and a few apartments) burn down...lack of knowledge, lack of caring, and an exceedingly huge lack of common sense.
Sure, let the toddler play with that lighter...he's not bothering anyone.
Now a "lost art" on the SOUTH side
-- This area is replete with those living in feigned poverty as well as DENIAL..but driving a new DENALI...how's that for irony (and alliteration)?
-- There is little if any accountability expected from those living down here (excluding us, naturally), and certainly NO responsibility expected.
That makes sense...after all, these people are too busy doing one of two distinct things:
1 - Nothing.
2 - Committing crime
The ONLY game to play down here.
When you allow people to act like assholes, with no consequences...guess what?
They will most assuredly OBLIGE!
(welcome to the south side of Fort Wayne)
I say screw these river projects (for the time being)...concentrate in improving the part of this city that's going to hell faster than anyone downtown can imagine. Take off the damn blinders, you morons in City Hall, and see what you're permitting to happen.
*** Last back to the manure pile today...I often wonder how many suspicious vehicles drive or park along our mayor's street?
STILL good to be "king".
I wonder how often he sees a drug deal on his block, or a police officer chasing down a perp on his lawn after 2AM?
I wonder how much trash our mayor has to remove from his lawn every week, or how many people around his neighborhood refuse to walk on the sidewalks, opting to rather walk down the middle of HIS street?
I wonder how many nights he can't get to sleep because of all the fireworks going off long AFTER the celebratory "cut-off" date?
And I wonder how many houses in his neighborhood are burglarized, broken into, or otherwise vandalized, when not burned to the ground because of arson or scrappers?
And yes, I also wonder why, when these things don't occur in HIS neighborhood, are we, in other neighborhoods forced to share HIS "vision" of the city's "quality-of-life", when we have not seen any evidence of such in over a decade?
Yeah...blinders always worked well for that horse pulling the milk cart, or for a mounted officer. It allowed that horse to FOCUS on what was directly ahead of it...created a tunnel-vision for that animal.
This city has some SERIOUS tunnel vision, and not JUST that huge sewer tunnel being planned (and soon to be dug).
And that's an aside from when they've got their heads every place else than where they need it to be.
Nothing to see here, that's for sure.
Those in that "ivory tower" we call City Hall need to get their collective heads out of their asses...or sand...or wherever it's been and get it screwed on straight and start taking care of the city's REAL problems...before it gets further out of hand than it already is.
Fort Wayne is ONLY as good as it's WORST area, and those in power might want to think on that one...long and hard.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America