23 April 2014

Humpday Happenings...
And, it's a rather UN-Springlike day greeting us here in the Midwest.
Temps are starting out in the lower 30s, but it WILL warm up to around 60 degrees by late afternoon.
Plenty of sunshine to go around as well. And maybe a slight breeze
All-in-all, not a bad day for the middle of the week (until someone comes along and screws it up).
And in the best manner of enjoyment of Wednesday, let us proceed into this good day, so top off that morning beverage as we get this ball rolling.
*** First out of the frying pan is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"It is not part of a true culture to tame tigers, any more than it is to make sheep ferocious."
And in following our path about culture, this quote, although brief in content, is lengthy is wisdom (and you can quote ME on that one...lol)
So, who said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in the classical literature stacks...
*** Had an "oops" moment yesterday while cleaning up the patio area. We have this millet that grows over 6 ft. tall, and after Winter, it's dried out stalks that need removal.
I was pulling up some of them when I felt my hand a bit "sticky"...turns out it was blood.
...To the rescue!!!
Cut my hand (fingers) not once, but TWICE...that'll learn me to wear the gloves that I have.
So, after two well-placed band-aids on the fingers I cut, and some ointment, we're good to go once again.
A little "sacrifice" (via blood) can be a good thing.
*** Next, a recent drug bust on Ft. Wayne's...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE nets a nice amount of contraband.
Here's the story link:
If you get the J-G, you'd have to look DEEP in the METRO section to find this story, that, unlike the WANE account, provides the perp's address.
They don't like to make THIS kind of crap PAGE-ONE material (for some odd reason).
Richard E. Jordan, 47 (never to be confused with the late ACTOR, Richard Jordan), of the 3000 block of S. Monroe St (about a half mile from our "Fortress") was charged with multiple felony counts pertaining to drug possession and distribution.
Officers conduced a warrant search at a house located at 1937 Andreas Way (off of Getz Rd.), and found two guns, cocaine, and paraphernalia.
The charges are as follows:
-- Dealing cocaine (5 counts)
-- Possession of cocaine
-- Possession of heroin
-- Possession of paraphernalia
Bond has been set at (a nice) $265,000...!
The investigation that led to the arrest had been ongoing for several months.
As can be expected, Jordan has a LENGTHY rap sheet that begins WAY back in 1987 for forging an I.D. card.
Welcome baa-aack. (sing along)
And, it gets better from there with such things as multiple traffic violations, carrying a handgun w/o a license (1991), invasion of privacy (1998), and, believe it or not, the FWPD apparently USED to cite for WINDOW TINT, and this buck got written up for violating that ordinance (1995), and MULTIPLE violations of the NOISE ordinance (when the FWPD used to enforce THAT, too).
And yes, he's a male BLACK, 6'0", 220 lbs
(predictable, yes?)
His addresses are:
3003 S. Monroe - 46806
4410 Oliver St. - 46806
(at least he stays close to "home")
His accumulation of SO many traffic violations SHOULD have gotten his ass taken off the streets...guess not.
Nice to know some things in this city never change over the years.
Moving on...
*** I always find stories like this SO damn satisfying, because I was right on about it.
Here's the link:
Now who DIDN'T see this one coming?
Fuels made from corn waste are NO BETTER than gasoline.
In fact, they're actually WORSE for the environment, releasing 7% MORE greenhouse gases.
And the best part, the FEDS paid for the study to the tune of $500K (nice song).
We ALREADY know that ETHANOL isn't any damn good (corrodes rubber components and is about 75% as effective as regular gasoline)
It TASTES better than it "runs".
So, we've been wasting ALL those acres that could have been used to feed CATTLE, which would help in making herds LARGER, and drop the price of beef, but NOOOoooooo, that would be too frigging easy (and too damn correct).
Facts don't lie...
Instead, we EXPORT CORN overseas (less feed for cattle and food for US), we EXPORT CATTLE (when we should send breeding stock overseas to let other nations :grow their own to feed themselves), causing OUR meat prices to sky-rocket, and finally, we EXPORT OIL when we should be keeping it here to allow OUR prices to drop to reasonable levels (again, as they should).
All the while, this administration pushes for more "green technology"...like ELECTRIC CARS.
And while the COAL PLANTS in America continue to dwindle in number (thanks to the EPA, that should be disbanded), what EXACTLY will be fueling those electro-mobiles, anyway?
Magic? Rainbows and unicorns? Alchemy? Prayer? (gonna need a LOT of that LAST one)
WE pump OUR oil, and ship OUR oil overseas?
NO new nuclear plants are being built, certainly NO new (cleaner) coal plants being built, no Keystone XL pipeline (at this time), NO new refineries to help the flow of fuel across the nation, AND a power grid that is about several sub-stations from a major failure that is NOT being upgraded...and this is making our lives BETTER...HOW, really?
I'm just not seeing it, folks.
*** Fort Wayne (Sh)City Council has FIVE street projects over the next FIVE years.
Here's http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20140423/LOCAL/304239973the story link:
How about that...and not ONE mention of the SE side, where the streets have more cracks in them than fine porcelain. After every rain event, our streets "weep" water for days following the cessation of tha rain. Street department says that's okay (until a sinkhole develops, or a main breaks underneath).
--And in a somewhat "related" story, some SE residents are pushing (not drugs for a change) to get TRAILS down here.
(like those trails we have in ALL the other parts of the city. THOSE get used by LOTS of people from walking to jogging and biking.)
We have a little bit of "trails" in the SE...mainly near that new YMCA (Renaissance Pointe area), and that's it, unless you trek down by the PSA and Southtown...or go over by Foster Park (but that's SW).
The website shows the details.
There ARE bike LANES painted along Hanna St. (farther north),but that does NOT guarantee ANY form of safety...and that's because of ALL the uninsured drivers down here who are distracted by their loud car stereos, are high...drunk, or otherwise have their head elsewhere.
This solution is a simple as the day is long - you want REAL TRAILS down here?
Gotta fix all THIS sh*t FIRST...
Doing THAT will also cause businesses to return, good people to move back into SE, and cause a domino effect in a positive light...something we haven't seen down here in ages (or since Glynn Hines was on City Council).
You don't remove the bad element, none of this will happen, and wasting money by putting lipstick on pigs won't make it better one damn bit.
*** Last back into the fire...we see what can happen when people make those crap choices in life - they become crap themselves.
We can also see what occurs when people chose to give a damn and WANT better, but to stick out your hand and just demand it does no good, either.
It takes a self-motivated and concerned effort, and it can begin with ONE person (although that's a harder climb on the mountain).
It takes effort on the part of those in authority...doing what is needed to ensure that a community can move FORWARD, instead of regressing.
Such opportunities do abound, if we're willing to look for them, and not wait until they knock on our doors.
We ALL are affected by whatever good OR bad this city allows to happen, and those downtown have to answer for what goes wrong, as well as laud that which goes right.
It's  TWO-WAY street here with cross-streets that demand our attention, lest we get broadsided.
And sometimes, you might need a traffic cop to straighten out the gridlock that can occur when people don't read the signage.
That...is something to think about.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

22 April 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
A cloudy day greets us this morning, and it will eventually turn into a SUNNY day...so it's like YESTERDAY...IN REVERSE.
Temps in the Hoosierland will begin in the upper 40s and rise into the upper 50s. And that's all she wrote, folks.
There is where any resemblance to Monday ends.
It will remain mild and NOT like yesterday's high of 78 degrees.
In fact, there is a FROST warning tonight for fragile vegetation, so cover up what you want to hang onto.
So feel free to top off that morning beverage as we gather up our sense and get busy with the rest of the day.
*** First out of the chute today is the fact that the websites for BOTH Fort Wayne newspapers are DOWN (as of 0830 hrs), so any links to any stories won't be provided here until THEY rectify THEIR issue.
(well, that certainly screws things up nicely...as usual around here)
I suppose it's on to PLAN B, which consists of my descriptions of the "hard copy" stories and the websites for the TV stations in town, as well as digging for source links.
(thank you, technology)
Anywho, there were a couple stories that caught my attention, so we'll be cracking open the recently DE-classified departmental files which have been stored safely in old Guinness beer bottles in our nicely DRY (again) basement.
It figures..today is EARTH DAY ((yawns)), so feel free to go smack a hippie.
((Update - 1000 hrs - both sites are now back up. Thanks for nothing, fellas))
*** From the "Department of Proper Definitions" comes a story that the DoJ (Eric "Son of the Teflon Don" Holder, still under contempt of court) is rolling out about turning our NON-violent felons from prisons all over the nation.
Break out the Websters, folks!
For starters, we need to be CRYSTAL CLEAR as to how we correctly define the term "Non-violent", don't we?
This doesn't apply to embezzlers, or people committing fraud (oh, no)...it's about drugs and those connected with them.
We'll have to go to the source story, found at the Washington (com) Post:
WORST A/G ever!
Naturally, Obummer (Mr Executive Order) is behind this one...clemency for "non-violent" offenders (and not called criminals?).
This administration wants to "foster equity" in criminal sentencing (sounds like more of the redistribution of CRIME now).
Naturally, this pertains to those (incarcerated) who "don't pose a threat to public safety".
Gee, is that like all the ILLEGAL ALIENS that come across our borders? Or what about all the MUSLIMS  we stopped pitting under surveillance?
To be brutally honest here (as usual) ANYONE can be a threat to public safety, under the proper "motivation".
We don't need a crapload of "at risk" criminals mainstreamed into society, until they have paid their debt(s) TO that society...in full.
Maybe we should build MORE jails?
Guess this is ONE way the Dems (who seem to be running scared these days) are trying to shore up their voter base...reduce felonies to misdemeanors, that way those perps CAN vote.
Reclassifying crimes can be a very slippery slope, if this "effort" to turn the crims back into society, telling them whatever they did only gets them a slap on the wrist comes back to bite us all in the ass.
And why isn't Holder being impeached???
Moving on...
*** From the "Department of the Borders, What Borders?" we have yet another power play by our fearless leader.
Sing along - you know the words!
Again, the Obummer regime is hard at work attempting to shore up that voter base, and we already know that clemency for law-breakers seems to be a hallmark of this administration, so why stop now?
Here's the AP story from yahoo! news:
This affects TENS of thousands of ILLEGALS here, but do not have criminal records. The DHS is looking at shielding them FROM deportation.
I don't know about YOU, but the mere FACT that they came here ILLEGALLY seems to be a "law-breaker" (and a deal-breaker) in MY book.
And then to have kids HERE (who are legally Americans) is just a ploy for the parents to remain...we know this much.
Fast tracking illegals to become legals - BAD.
If you track back to the year I was born (1952) we had about 300K illegals coming across the border THEN...add those numbers forward to NOW, and the number is staggering (and a far cry from these 11 million we always hear about). It's a HELLUVA lot MORE.
But, those wacky Dems need VOTERS (and badly, too), don't they, and this would assure that much, because they are the "party of freebies" (and taxpayers' expense).
*** From the "Department of Job Statistical Book-Cooking" comes a story about how the local (Fort Wayne) jobless rate took a DIP.
Looks yummy!
(and we have LOTS of those in City Hall these days).
Our city stands at (only) 5.7% now.
Okay, so IF the jobless rate is that low, and we seemingly have PLENTY of jobs in and around the city, then WHY are the "Want-Ads" the SMALLEST part of the daily AND Sunday papers here?
I mean cripes, there was a time when we had higher unemployment, and the "jobs" section of the newspaper ( by itself) was AS THICK as the rest of the paper combined (excluding adverts, of course).
You could line several bird cages with that section for a bloody MONTH, and that was only ONE Sunday edition of classified job ads.
I suppose one could argue that much of the want-ads are ONLINE now, so people seek jobs online, rather than pound the damn pavement?
There are times that I wonder why we make things too easy, when looking for work is just as important as HAVING work.
Used to be PAGES of this stuff.
To get a job, there had to be a lot of walking, door knocking, resume sending, interview going, and so on.
Takes some of the challenge out of job-hunting when it's through social media crap, doesn't it?
(too impersonal)
*** From the "Department of That's Not What I Thought It Was" comes this little gem from The Blaze about the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and how this group is coming apart like a cheap sweater:
Imagine that...the group as NOT founded to JUST get ILLEGAL guns off our streets...it was also to affect law-abiding gun owners. Take THAT King Henry (our mayor of Ft. Wayne).
Betcha didn't see that coming, huh? (typical Dumbocrat)
The story has some very good videos in it.
Ir's called BEING A DAMN LIAR!
Former NYC Mayor "Nanny Doomberg" is tossing $50 MIL of his money to fight the NRA. personally, I can think of several MUCH better ways to "waste" that amount of money, but to each his own, hmm?
*** Last back to the dock today, is the FACT that we are rarely being told all that we, the people need to make those informed decisions.
Granted the "low-information" crowd can't find their asses with both hands most days, but they don't give a rip, as long as they get "taken care of".
YOUR tax dollars at work by NOT working.
So, it behooves the rest of us to keep digging FOR those facts, and setting about acting upon the truth we glean FROM those facts.
That's the way our culture USED to operate. Today, not nearly as well or as much.
And we can see the results, nasty as they are.
Like I always say...we can DO better...we can regain our society again, but it needs people on the parapets...on the watchtowers of this nation, being vigilant and sounding the call when need be.
We are beginning to wake up from a slumber that has been injurious to our nation, and woe to those that seek to undermine and subjugate our freedoms and liberties in this country.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

21 April 2014

Monday Musings...
Welcome back to the post-Easter week, chock full of so much assorted stuff out there.
The Hoosierland weather today will be almost a carbon copy (remember THOSE?) of yesterday, but with increasing clouds in a prologue to tomorrow's rain event
. Temps will again reach into the upper 60s to lower 70s, so feel free to open a window or two (just not on the GROUND floor in the ghettoland - people like to "visit" you that way).
Grab that morning cup of whatever suits your fancy, and follow along as we get this show rolling...
*** First out of the driveway today...we had a pretty decent Easter around the old "Fortress"
I made us a ham (brown sugar and pineapple of course) with homemade macaroni & cheese and baked beans (for me).
Okay, so he ain't the EASTER bunny...
We don't stand on that much formality..we just like things nice and basic...things that WORK.
Much of the neighborhood was M.I.A. (thankfully)...must have all headed up to the Rescue Mission for another freebie meal.
I'm not busting on the mission itself - they do a great charitable service, but when you have "regulars" who come by every time a freebie is handed out...and many times they "get it to go", it gets me wondering who is REALLY needy, and who is just plain lazy.
I've never been shy of ANY major appliances (used to repair them), and that's why I LIKE to cook.
But WE get a visit from the Easter SQUIRREL!
Never had a complaint yet, either.
Nice thing about Easter, enough shows and movies about Jesus on TV to keep one mindful of WHAT Easter is all about (must really piss off those atheists again...GOOD!)
Like I say...we're traditional around here. Blame that on good upbringing, hmm?
Moving on...
*** Speaking of EASTER, the date happened to be 4/20, and those of you out there that are familiar of the "counter-culture" movement and subsequent stoner generations will know it was the National Day of Pot-Smoking...
That isn't a weather-related HAZE in the air, folks!
((...rolls eyes...))
Talk about a total WASTE (of everything).
This took place mainly in COLORADO, where they recently legalized marijuana...for all the good that has done, and will do.
Tourists will be stepping over passed out stoners soon enough, just like in Amsterdam.
I saw the segment about Colorado on TV, and there was SO much smoke at the event, I thought several things:
a) There was a forest fire close by.
b) Someone was trying to elect another Pope.
c) An Indian tribe was holding a lengthy conversation with another.
d) Why wasn't ONE green-earther out demonstrating over ALL that air pollution.
The future of America is in good hands???
You just have to shake your head at the way people SO readily embrace such nonsense.
Do all these people think that by getting (and staying) high, it will somehow make life and the world itself miraculously be able to run ITSELF?
Sorry, rude-awakening time...doesn't work that way, folks.
But, until these "people" find it out for themselves, I guess it's up to everyone else to take their hands and walk them through life.
Pretty sad state of affairs.
*** Next up, FWPD have caught a THIRD person in connection with the shooting the other week at Peanuts (bar and grill).
Here's the story link:
Demanual (and not Deautomatic) Tompkins, 27, was arrested in an apartment on Stardale Drive around 1646 hrs Saturday.
He's being charged with felony battery and criminal gang activity, so naturally bail has been set nice and low - only $13, 250.
Tompkins is originally from the 3600 block of Lindbergh Blvd.
His accomplices, Adonis Robinson, 24, of the 5100 block of Lillie St. is being held in lieu of $285K bail (still kind of LOW) and Christopher Javon Sewell, 26, of the 6400 block of Hessen Cassel Rd. is being held in lieu of $13,250 bail.
Doesn't say if any of them bonded out (yet), but we can conclude that all three are indeed...black.
(nice to know)
*** I saw this story about a boy scout that I thought reminded me of another time.
Here's the story link:
This young man's got the RIGHT idea, instead of the previous three in the above story.
Logan Berlew, an Eagle Scout has created a prayer garden in his community in Angola.
He wanted to give back to God for giving us life (and life is what it's all about), and he always wanted to do something for his church.
Imagine that...church having an impact on a young man's life...sure beats shooting people at bars, doesn't it?
This boy's got the right idea...AND the right message. I think he's destined for greater things.
Good for him.
*** Last back to the garage today...again, we see evidence of how culture can be good AND bad, depending on how it is promoted.
One the one hand, we see what permissiveness can do, and it's usually not that nice a picture.
On the other hand, we see what can be done when a person is CHALLENGED by life - grabbing life and all it offers with both hands, getting those hands dirty and DOING something positive, rather than living off the taxpayers, or taking from others because you can.
Are such opportunities ONLY available to those in nice neighborhoods?
Hell, NO.
Such opportunities now exist for ANYONE who wishes to take up the challenge and apply themselves to MAKE something OF themselves.
And they exist in cities as well as in rural areas.
But, some just refuse to do so...no motivation (thanks to free stuff), and this growing disincentivism rampant in this country is what needs to be turned around.
In some ways, it has become part of this "new" culture - a culture of SELF, and with it, a culture of GRIEVANCE.
If we don't like something, we file a grievance, rather than set off and decide to change things ourselves.
Wonder how far we would have progressed in times past if we did things THAT way?
People chose to take the initiative...to make things better for themselves,...and for others.
That used to exemplify the spirit of this nation.
We need that back...and soon.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

20 April 2014

From Our House To Yours...

May you all have a very BLESSED Easter.

18 April 2014

"Good" Friday Follies...
Welcome to one of the high holy days of the Judeo-Christian calendar...I'm sure the atheists are pissed off to no end over THIS one, hmm?
(too darn bad)
And I promise to do MY best at not using cuss words today in this post.
The Hoosierland weather will see us with another nice day with temps reaching back into the low 60s and a good amount of sunshine, after we get rid of the clouds and light showers the area is suffering this morning into the early afternoon.
So, go pour yourself another cup of whatever you're having as we get this show on the road.
*** First out of the chapel today...yes friends, it IS Good Friday, and here is the WIKI on this day:
Today commemorates the crucifixion of Christ and his death on Calvary's cross.
This is based on the details in the Canonical gospels and believed to have happened in the year 33 A.D., although Isaac Newton believed the difference between the Biblical and Julian calendars would have this event in the year 34 A.D.
Catholics treat this day as one of fasting (which by Latin rite means only ONE meal, smaller than a regular meal) usually with an abstention from eating ANY type of MEAT (Bet that Filet-o-Fish is looking real good now, isn't it?).
The celebration of the Passion of the Lord takes place in the afternoon, usually around 3PM.
At this time, the altar is completely bare and void of candles, crosses and cloth, and it's also customary to empty the holy water fonts in preparation for the blessing of the water during the Easter vigil.
( I dated a couple Catholic girls in my high school days...you learn stuff)
The Stations of the Cross are part of the liturgy, and a prayer service may be held from midday to 3PM.
Around our (Methodist) house, Mom would make sure that there was no "carrying-on" during that time.
It was "quiet time" for those 3 hours (read a book, son) in reverence to what Christ suffered while on the cross.
(Naturally around my CURRENT "neighborhood", there will be NO such observance by ANY of the local aborigines...you can make book on that.)
The WIKI goes on in greater detail about various countries and their own tweaks to observances, as well as Protestant traditions.
Indiana is one of only TWELVE states that still hold this day in regard to it being a STATE holiday.
The financial and stock markets are also closed today.
Yes, I'm sure those atheists are wondering what the HECK is going on...
Well, THIS is what goes on when your nation was founded by God-fearing men, and all our LAWS are rooted in Judeo-Christian principles.
To the nay-sayers, I would simply tell them: "Deal with it".
Moving on...
*** Yes, we've had some "action" overnight into this morning, on the criminal side of things.
-- Rod HIssong from WANE reported that a person arrived at Parkview Randalia last night around 2300 hrs suffering from a gunshot wound.
The man was listed in serious condition and no other details are available (thanks to the tight-lipped spokespeople).
It's not Rod's fault - he wasn't told anything further, but I would bet the victim was black as well as the shooter, and that it involves the SE side of town. Just a hunch.
Be surprised if any of that was incorrect.
--  Over in New Haven, the police seem to be right on top of things, as told in this story:
FOUR people (think WHITE TRASH) were arrested after an armed robbery of a Speedway gas station located at the corner of Hartzell Rd and Lincoln Hwy E.
(seems someone picked the wrong time to rob that place with all the LEOs that converged on the location)
Two women were apprehended within minutes of the 911 call going on-air (in a vehicle near the railroad tracks along Hartzell), but two men wearing bandannas across their faces and brandishing a handgun) eluded police for a half hour before witness descriptions led police to the Meadowbrook addition at Hartzell and Moeller Rds.
A New haven officer and K-9 unit found a handgun behind the gas station.
The investigation is ongoing, and police have not said whether the money that was taken was recovered or if a second handgun had been found.
(both men were said to have had handguns)
It is also unclear as to what charges the four face.
(I think it's less of WHAT charges they face, and more about HOW MANY charges this group faces...or it should be)
*** Next up, A new segment I guess I'll call...
 "Bobby G's Ebay Haul of the Week".
Got two cool items (for cheap, naturally) at my favorite virtual shopping center.
-- First, is what looks to be a very good book.
It's a philosophy book, and before you start rolling your eyes, I like to read up on this from time to time. I won't get into all the "heavy" stuff from every philosopher since antiquity, for I couldn't possibly live THAT long.
This book is a tie-in with pop culture aka superheroes.
It's entitled Green Lantern and Philosophy: No Evil Shall Escape This Book.
Got it for less than $5 bucks (free shipping of course) and the retail label from the university is still on the back...originally cost $17.95 (plus tax), so that was a deal worth getting. The pop-culture series has such other titles referring to Iron Man (The Stark Reality), The Walking Dead, Superman, Family Guy...and they all are related to philosophy is some manner.
And yes, Chris, they DO have an AVENGERS philosophy book that came out last year entitled "Earth's Mightiest Thinkers"...lol.
I knew you wanted to know.,
The next book I have to get is called The Virtues of Captain America (published Feb 2014).
-- And speaking of our favorite shield-slinger, I also snagged me a Cap Winter Soldier figure for $6 (new, but loose).
They seem to be going for anywhere from $9.99 and up (mostly UP), so, anything that comes UNDER retail works for me.
It's well articulated for a 3.75 inch figure, and has a pretty good rendering of Chris Evans' face.
Trying to find these figures at the local big boxes isn't easy (online), because their selection is lacking (a lot).
Then again, I've never looked at Fort Wayne as a haven for toy COLLECTING, considering they ONLY have ONE T-R-U here and no longer have a Kaybee Toys in Glenbrook Mall.
Spencer's doesn't carry things such as that, and we don't even have a DISNEY store there either now (Marvel was sold to Disney a couple years back, and those stores carry a full line of stuff from the Marvel movie universe now)
You "might" luck into something at K Mart, Walmart, Target and the like...but that's a "crapshoot" (and not a cuss word...lol)
And that's it (for now) from the world of "never having to really grow up, no matter how old you get"..kapeesh?
*** Last back to the rectory today...we're entering the most holy time of the rolling year, and I don't mind having to step back and be a bit reflective on how I got from "there to here".
It is a time to ponder sacrifices that we ALL have made in order to get to this specific point in time in the infinite realm of the universe.
Seems like a tall order, but I believe it helps each of us to no small end.
We've all made choices in our lives, and will make a LOT more before we're called home, and while some choices might not seem like the right ones NOW, they often prove us to be correct at a later time.
Conversely, a choice we believed was good (then) turns out to hit a sour note later on...lesson learned, right?
Life is like that - a LEARNING experience, and all the experience that we accumulate becomes tempered with WISDOM as to how best to apply what we learn.
That requires courage...or something we can also call faith.
I think in many ways, COURAGE and FAITH become enmeshed, depending on the situation and how right our mind is at that time.
I'm SURE he ALSO meant WOMEN as well...
The older we get, hopefully the more experience we acquire, and the wisdom we can apply to it's application.
That means there HAS to be a level of FAITH to know things will work out if we believe them to do so.
It also means we need COURAGE to see it through, so in that, those two things must have a deeper connection.
At this time of year, perhaps we can (and should) take time to reacquaint ourselves with sacrifice...and faith...and courage.
If it was good enough for our Lord and Savior as he hung on the cross (for OUR sins), it HAS to be good enough for us, right?
I'll step away from the pulpit now...didn't mean to preach.
Do have yourselves a Blessed weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America

17 April 2014

Just Another Maundy Thursday...
(not to be confused with just another manic Monday)
Those of you of the Catholic faith will know what that's all about and we'll be talking in that among other fun things in just a wee bit.
But, before we do that,  let's see what's going on with the weather.
Today will find us with morning temps around the freezing mark, but giving way to a rather pleasant day with a high around SIXTY degrees (hold the separations...lol)
Going to have partly cloudy skies as well, before that changes over to mostly cloudy and a good chance of rain late tonight into tomorrow.
So, let's fill that cup to the brim of your favorite morning beverage and let's get ourselves busy.
*** First off the couintertop today is the answer to yesterdays's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
" A nation's culture resides in the hearts and souls of it's people."
Not exactly a snappy dresser.
This attributed to none other than Mahatma Gandhi (2 October 1869 - 30 January 1948) the preeminent leader of Indian nationalism in (then) British-ruled India.
His chief "weapon" was nonviolent civil disobedience.
And here is his WIKI:
Suffice it to say that for such a great man, much can be said, so that WIKI is a bit on the lengthy side, and I'll leave it up to all of you to read into an interesting life of a fascinating individual, and quite possibly one of the most notable advocates for peaceful change in the 20th century.
One must be careful, though...for there are those that toss Gandhi's name into their rhetoric, when in fact, they are polar opposites when it comes to his beliefs. Still is a pretty good read.
Moving on...
*** Today is MAUNDY THURSDAY, or Holy Thursday (before Good Friday), and here's the WIKI on this:
Nice Painting, even if Michelangelo got it "wrong".
This day celebrates the last supper of Jesus Christ with his disciples.
Lots to read here about it, so have at it (I promise no quiz later)
*** Law-enforcement caught up to and arrested the man they believe was the shooter in that tobacco shop robbery and murder a little over a week ago.
Here's the story link:
The perp, one Jemal Coleman, 22 of the 2100 block of EDEN St (originally from Gary, Indiana - nice MUG shot - another Eden Green thug?) was caught as he exited a Greyhound bus in Indy that had departed from Muncie. (man, that boy got around...but you cannot outrun a radio...or social media)
And he CONFESSED...that's a first.
He didn't dummy the hell up like all the others of his kind prefer to do.
Tips from Coleman's friends and family were instrumental in helping nab the fugitive (yep, they turn on their OWN when it suits them - wonder if a silent "reward" was in the offing?)
What we know NOW, is that the Smoke House tobacco shop owner, Antonio Nino was killed by HIS OWN GUN, which Coleman managed to take from Nino when his own gun "was broken"...
I'd be willing to bet it wasn't even a real gun.
Coleman told police that he made off with Nino's gun and wallet after the shooting, and that both guns were tossed in the river by the Old Fort, with the clothes worn in the robbery being tossed in a dumpster at the Eden Green Apts (still government-sponsored by YOUR dollars).
Sure hope the police went THROUGH that dumpster and a dive team is searching the river.
Gonna need all the evidence you can get to keep THIS worm from getting "off the hook".
Damn savage beast.
And he was smoking pot before going into the store to rob the owner.
(guess that new study about pot affecting the brain might have some "teeth" to it, hmm?)
Having a JOB and being a productive individual would have never allowed this event to take place, right?
Coleman has priors for misdemeanor criminal mischief, and criminal trespass. Well, now, he's finally in the "majors"
Let's see the prosecutor plea deal THIS thug back on the damn streets anytime soon. I think NOT.
Lock him away and lose the damn key...period.
*** And speaking of POT, a major haul of damn near SIX-HUNDRED POUNDS of the leafy mellowing substance was confiscated when Allen County Sheriff Department officers, along with the U.S Dept. of Immigration, Customs, and Enforcement's homeland security agents got wind of a haul coming to the Summit City.
Making a dent in local usage..hopefully.
A parking lot near the corner of Coldwater and Washington Center Rds was the place of choice when it came to the "handoff" of the drugs.
Perez -an "illegal"?
Surveillance units noted the exchange and followed the recipient of the drugs to a (stash) house in the 8800 block of Auburn Rd, where they swooped in after seeing several bales of pot being taken inside.
As police searched the house, they found the 220 lbs of MJ, along with 32 1-pound bags ready for distribution.
Street value of the weed was estimated at around $580K.
Police also found large scales, smaller scales, and some yet to be ID'ed pills (probably oxy or "E").
Taken into custody were Luis E. Perez, 49, and Alvaro. A. Rivera, 23, both of the 9500 block of West Cove Rd refused to talk to authorities after their arrests.
Alvaro-yo quero dumbass
Perez is being held WITHOUT bail, and will be turned over to I.C.E. when his local case is over, and Rivera was being held with (only) a $10K bail, which will most certainly place him back on the streets when he bonds out.
I'd be surprised if he doesn't.
So, we got all this weed getting into our city, and Sheriff Fries said that is indicative of what probably comes into Ft. Wayne on any given day.
I'd say they got LUCKY here, and stopped ONE shipment.
There was a case years ago about how some MJ was coming into our city in large POTTERY. The perps got busted for that one.
And there was the McChesney case in Allen County that was the SIX MILLION dollar bust for pot.
Sure glad we don't have a drug PROBLEM in this city.
*** Next up...on the lighter side - TODAY is the 50TH ANNIVERSARY of the FORD MUSTANG...!
The original 2 door hardtop
(yes, Virginia, it's true)
WAY back in 1964, the Ford Mustang first went on sale.
The 2+2 Fastback
And here's the WIKI about this automobile that changed driving in America:
This has become an icon of American motoring over the five decades it's been on the roads.
Steve McQueen drove one (hard) in the movie BULLITT.
Best car chase in the movies...!
Charle's Angels drove them when they were on TV.
Well, TWO of them drove Mustangs...
The new (and soon cancelled) Knight Rider was a Mustang.
(can't beat the Pontiac for that one,...sorry)
When the Mustang first entered showrooms, you could have one for UNDER a mere $2500, and get it damn near any way you wanted it.
It was originally based on a modified Ford Falcon platform, and was one of Lee Iacocca's babies.
The design team consisted of Joe Oros (chief), L. David Ash, Gale Haldeman, and John Foster.
Since 1964, the car has gone through five "generations" of changes, but has still managed to capture the hearts of drivers everywhere.
Not bad for an "old horse".
An oldie, but a damn nice GOODIE!
The Mach-1 was always my favorite model with that really well-designed 302 C.I.D. V8 under that shaker hood.
Thing is, even the smaller block 289 C.I.D. V8 would move that pony along REAL easy - good power-to-weight ratios there.
The newest version (gen 6) will roll out NEXT year (2015), and has been displayed already.
The 2015 model...still looks mean.
I will say that of today's so-called muscle cars (Corvette, Camaro, Challenger, and Mustang), I would prefer the Mustang to the rest, and that;'s only because GM dropped the guillotine on their PONTIAC motor division (assholes)., so no more FIREBIRDS or TRANS AMS.
What bothers me about the Mustang, is that, thanks to union pay-scales, shipping jobs out of country, and purposed inflation, that ORIGINAL selling price of he Mustang has gone from $2368 to TEN TIMES that amount, and comes with loads of crap you don't need.
Then again, that seems to be the story for most ANY vehicle we purchase, doesn't it?
*** Last back to garage today...I miss the cars we USED to have...honestly I do.
We all got along fine with manual door locks and window cranks.
And it was always a nice challenge to upgrade your OWN radio or perhaps add a cassette player and extra speakers on board. And never was there a cause to disturb the neighbors along the way.
Now, they're called "vintage"?
We didn't need a damn GPS to get from "A" to "B"...we could READ MAPS...and damn well, too.
(folding them back up was a something else - needed a damn PhD in engineering to do that...LOL)
Check your oil and AIR, sir?
We had SERVICE STATIONS that really had SERVICE...and gas that was SO much cheaper compared to today's prices, it's laughable.
They sold GAS, oil and service for your car...none of this pizza sh*t, or coffee, or candy crap, or anything else we could get at a "five and dime" down the block.
So, what is it now...a urinal?
We didn't have the need to EAT or drink as we drove about...we DROVE first...ate and drank later.
And we certainly did NOT have the desire to PHONE anyone, and even if we did, there were plenty of PHONE BOOTHS about (at those gas stations).
Yeah, what used to be fun is hardly that today...too many distractions, and that's only from INSIDE the passenger cabin.
Cripes, people can't even back their cars the hell UP without some camera and radar guiding them...like some bomber crew looking to drop some 500 pounders over Berlin or dumping some NAPALM over North Vietnam.
We used to do more for OURSELVES...and we didn't mind it one damn bit.
Now, we get things done FOR us,. and we bitch about wanting even MORE.
That is surely a cultural disconnect, from what we used to be.
I miss those days...honestly.
Learn it, Live it, Love it!
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there.