15 January 2018

Monday Musings...
Why yes, we are once again back into the deep freeze, replete with all the "trimmings".
And that means SNOW - enough to make driving less than pleasurable, so take the proper precautions.
(damn global warming)
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us (you guessed it) snow, which will continue lightly until the afternoon (expected accumulation between 1-3 inches).
Could be a bit more. Not feeling much of a wind out there, though.
Are you cold enough NOW?
Temps will be reaching up to about 26 degrees, and don't expect to see much (of any) sunshine out there.
Now, let's get that steaming morning mug of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate made to warm us on the inside, while we see what's been going on outside since last we convened, shall we?
*** First off of the igloo is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
January 15 -
---It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day
(more about his dream later on)
---It's National Hat Day
(It's recommend something with ear coverings on it)
---It's National Strawberry Ice Cream Day
(won't be hard to keep THAT cold today)
*** Next, FWPD SE quadrant chief Derrick Westfield will not be facing ANY charges for his "road rage" incident.  Here's the travesty...I mean story:
This link shows the reaction of the family of the teen set upon by Westfield.
The Allen Cty Prosecutor (aka the Blond Phantom) is not bringing charges against Westfield (par for the course in this city - that office often lets guilty people "slide"...remember Rico Parrish (before someone offed his criminal ass)? I rest my case.
*** Next up, and speaking of travesties, we have our SECOND homicide for Allen County (and the FIRST homicide for Ft. Wayne this year.
Here's the story:
This took place at the (new) My Market Sunoco station located at Hanna and McKinnie Sts on the (where else?) SE side of the city (about 6 blocks from our "Fortress" in fact), around 0130 hrs Sunday morning.
Three people were shot (hope one of them wasn't our paper carrier) in a vehicle at the station. One woman is dead, a juvenile was wounded as was a man who ran from the scene, and was found by police at a house in the 4500 block of Monroe a short time later.
This station hasn't been up and running all that long, and now we can agree that it has been officially "christened", as it were.
Funny how we just happen to have more gas stations/convenient stores per square mile than ANY other quadrant of the city. And we obviously have the crime that accompanies such venues down here.
Keep your deadpool tally handy...you're gonna need it with these mooks.
*** Next, we had another problem with our Sunday paper delivery yesterday.
Had to call in TWICE to get a paper (which finally arrived around 1030 hrs (it should be hear by 0600 hrs. and at the latest by 0800 hrs. No reason given for the carrier not showing up either. The J-G got another "nastygram" from me as well...hell, they EARNED it.
He's a GOOD (and never late) boy!
Wifey took to FB to air her displeasure, to which others chimed in on her side.
Anyone think of trying to use DRONES to deliver the paper?
Now THERE is a great idea, except in OUR part of town, someone would most likely take to shooting the damn thing down!
*** Next up, time to drop on by "Kitten Corner"...
Adorable...and impish!
Our kids got in their "ranny-ass" mode over the weekend. They get to chasing one another and they literally FLY over furniture. I wish there was a way to get that captured on video (I'm thinking "cat-cam") because it happens SO fast, there's no way to get a standard camera (or smart phone) out to secure the moment.
All tuckered out now
Luckily, for ALL concerned, they did calm down and burn off all that excess energy (that they STILL won't share with me), and take to napping..or just being cute (as if that is the all-forgiving methodology)...it IS with me...lol. I can't win there.
*** Next, let's take a minute to check in with "Midnight and Company"...
Our furry twosome were nearby ALL weekend, and with good reason: we FEED them both very well. (if that's not impetus enough, I dunno what is)
And since yesterday was "soggy food Sunday", you KNOW they were ready for a "hot" meal.
As cold as it is today, we might break with tradition and give them both warm food AGAIN (with liquid rather than frozen water in the dish). Lord knows they do seem to appreciate it, and that works for us (and them).
*** Last back to the glacial plain...today is MLK day, and there is this interesting article in today's paper:
I have NO problem at all with anyone who IS indeed TRYING to "live the dream".
I know I've been trying since before 1968...with mixed success.
Hey, everyone has an off day now and then, right?
((In his welcome, the Rev. John Gardner, Plymouth Congregational Church's senior pastor, said the program is particularly compelling because its beauty and eloquence are lacking today.
“I hope you find yourself inspired,” Gardner said.
Although this year marks the 50th anniversary of King's assassination, Furtner said his message is no less relevant today.
“His words are such an incredible wealth,” she said.
They're also universal, she said as an explanation why multiple people, not one person, read King's words throughout the program. The messages addressed such topics as love, hate, injustice and prejudice.
“There's something about love that builds up and is creative,” one reader said. “There's something about hate that tears down and is destructive.”))
There is a treasure trove of TRUTH in those words...AND in Dr. King's
But, when you read or hear about something like the shooting at the SE side gas station, you just HAVE to wonder about a lot fo things, not the least of which is why Dr. King's relevance seemed to be missing from the life of the shooter.
We have a serious problem in this country (in general) and on the SE side of Ft. Wayne (in particular), and the solution is as readily available as reading a speech from Dr. king, and not just perusing the words, but actively HEARING them; taking them to heart and knowing that what was spoken all those years ago applies to ALL people of ALL ages...for all time.
I keep thinking of that Boondocks episode where Dr. King wasn't killed and came back decades later to find his people in such disarray and inhuman behavior toward themselves and everyone else, that he couldn't stand it and called them what they had become (hint: it was the forbidden "N" word).
I would say that MANY of his people have chosen to lose their way, and the result is all the societal issues that face us all daily.
Dr. King had a dream which could have easily have become reality had everyone just decided to not keep doing the crap they had been doing. Human nature won out there, sadly.
All that was required of us (back then) was to try to be a better person than we ere the day before.
And today, the same rings true, but it all starts with a CHOICE, and some people can't seem to do that.
Every choice has it's consequence, and I'd rather take those that come with good choices instead of bad ones.
I think Dr. King would have to agree on that.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

12 January 2018

Friday Follies...
And we begin the weekend with a wonderful winter weather advisory. Plenty of craptastic conditions out there this morning, not the least of which is freezing rain, sleet and eventually some snow.
Those of you venturing out would be wise to take your time, and dress for the cold.
Don't be fooled into thinking it's not going to be that bad.
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us the aforementioned stuff (total accumulation of snow will be in the 1-3 inch area), windy conditions, cloudy skies and a high of about 30 degrees (which will drop as the day progresses).
Schools are closing left and right (for a change), so you know this isn't anything to laugh at.
If you don't HAVE to go out and about.. stay in and take it easy.
Now, with all that dispensed with, let's get that cup or glass of Friday Fortitude poured and parked close by, as we see what else has been going on...
*** First off of the slip n slide is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---It's Kiss a Ginger Day
(For some reason, Karen Gillan and Christina Hendricks come to mind for me)
---It's National Curried Chicken Day
(Sorry, I don't eat foods from sh*thole countries...lol)
---It's National Pharmacist Day
(handing out meds for a price for ages)
*** Next up, and since we are at the end of another week, let's see what we can observe over the following 48 hours:
---Saturday is Korean American Day
(hope that's SOUTH Korean, because the north is a sh*thole country)
---It's National Peach Melba Day
(still not to be confused with Melba Moore, who is a peach of a singer)
---It's National Rubber Ducky Day
(don't leave it out in winter weather)
---It's National Sticker Day
( kinda like an "old school" app in some ways)
---It's National Vision Board Day
(a lot more boring than a vision quest)
---It's Stephen Foster Memorial Day
(feel free to sing along)
---Sunday is National Dress Up Your Pet Day
(don't people humiliate one another enough? WHY add our pets?)
---It's National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day
(which could well be ANY day for me...yummy!)
---It's National Sunday Supper Day
(that used to be EVERY Sunday at our house when my folks were alive)
---It's Ratification Day
(how revolutionary was THAT?
And there we are...plenty to do while you stay indoors and watch the city TRY and clear streets and such. DO remember to observe responsibly.
*** Next up, could Walmart find itself at a "tipping point"? Maybe so. Here's the story:
Yes, 60 Sam's Clubs are closing. I wonder if it has ANYTHING to do with Walmart RAISING it's starting salaries?
Of course, WM is one of those mega-corps that can afford to displace people while it ups the ante with other people it employs. There is no real win-win here, when you go and raise the paychecks. Something HAS to give.
Now, while I'm happy to see people making a wage which is more in tune with the economy (and rising costs for damn near everything), it always comes with a price...somewhere.
We see the same thing happening with Sears and K-Mart ever since they merged...not looking all that good for them these days, is it?
Such tactics also start a vicious cycle of raises, cuts, and higher costs to consumers, all the while, remaining competitive enough to stay at the top of their game.
Where does all this end? Many times, in bankruptcy court. Let's hope such is not the case this time around.
*** Next, we're also finding out that certain Internet sites (Twitter, Google) have been practicing something called "shadow-banning". Here's the story:
Project Veritas is behind the undercover video that exposes what seems to be an Orwellian ploy to ban free speech.
Naturally, such things don't have to be overt in concept or execution. I do agree that it's something people need to be aware of, because it stifles the ability to properly have a discussion or debate (usually over politics).
On the flip side, I find it annoying that politics has become such a driving force in almost EVERY aspect of living today.
I wonder what such social media sites are planning for the future?
*** Next up, we also had another shooting - this time on the SW side. Here's the story:
This took place at 6530 Covington Road, around 2130 hrs. Thursday night.
A male juvenile was shot in the leg (seems to be the body part of choice this year). He was taken to hospital in serious condition. Shots were fired THROUGH an apartment door. A bit later THIS took place:
Looks like the Colony Bay Apartments is next in line to TRY and become another Eden Green (a sh*thole)...let's sure hope not.
*** Next, a letter to the editor in today's J-G becomes the first recipient of the "YOU GET IT" Award for the year. Here is the letter verbatim:
Vision lacking when it comes to safety
Mr. Mayor, where are you?
Oh, I know, you have your eyes set on the future. The projects – like the Landing and the Riverfront – are worthy projects, certainly. No doubt, revitalizing and improving downtown conditions is important to future business growth. 
Missing in all these efforts is discussion on what plans are ahead to stop all the murders, gang violence, and other crimes taking place and making daily headlines. 
Fort Wayne is not a small city anymore, and it is time, I believe, for a new plan which not only makes our city a nice place to visit, but also a safer place to live. Managing crime certainly has to be a top priority for Fort Wayne's future.
I just do not feel safe as I once did, and that is quite discomforting. 
Mr. Mayor, where are you?
What is the city's next step? How can we be more safe in the years that lie ahead? Please, make reduction of crime a top priority because regardless of how many nice places downtown has to offer, if the public cannot be safe going there, then that is a real problem. It's time to not only beautify Fort Wayne, but protect it as well.
   Linwood Shull
Thank you, Linwood...YOU get it.
*** Next up, time to drop by our "Kitten Corner"...
The kids were not bad yesterday, but not as good as they can be...it was a mixed bag, but one which was still manageable.
Someone has to guard all this stuff.
They did the running about thing, the napping thing, and the eating thing.
(Thankfully, not all at once...lol)
What purpose is behind their chasing one another about eludes me.
A brief nap in daddy's lap seems good.
I mean, with ALL the toys they have, you'd think they find something OTHER than each other to busy themselves.
*** Next, let's check in with "Midnight and Company"...
I missed eating up here.
Our furry twosome didn't get too wet when the light rain came late in the day.
Other than that, both of them were by the patio door, awaiting their grub.
It's been three days that Whiskers has missed her midday snack, and where she goes is anyone's guess.
Midnight likes it...he gets part of her share of treats.
They both ate under the table.
Late afternoon when it a raining, she stayed in the shelter and wouldn't come out (can't say I blame her...I was getting wet). So I gave her hand-held treats inside the opening of the shelter.
*** Last back to the "Fortress"...if you noticed I took a cue from our president with a certain word, and with good reason.
I think he made a good call using that word, although providing the media with more fodder to use against him isn't the best course of action.
Personally, there are a LOT of sh*thole countries all over the globe, and they know who they are.
Hell, we have certain places right here in the USA that can easily be called sh*tholes...like parts of Chicago, Detroit, Philly, and yes even the SE side of Fort Wayne.
I admit that OUR neighborhood is trying to become a sh*thole...something it wasn't even close to being 20 years ago.
But, change is another thing that often comes with a price...a HEFTY one at that.
All the money that went to Haiti, and they STILL can't seem to extricate themselves from the devastation they suffered YEARS ago? What the hell?
El Salvador? Yes, it's a sh*thole...along with some other South American nations, mainly because of poor economies. Africa does have it's areas of stability, but for the most part, it IS a sh*thole (sad to say, because it has a special beauty in some parts). Centuries of slave trades, civil war among tribes, and a lack of desire to rise above the political and social upheaval make a prime candidate for being a sh*thole.
Was the prez wrong for stating the obvious? Not really, but the venue he chose wasn't the best one to voice his view.
I will say he practiced his RIGHT to free speech...just as all who oppose him have voiced THEIRS...only with the opposition, there's never any fallout...we know how that works and how they roll.
While some might misconstrue president Trump's statement as being racist (which it really isn;t when taken in context...something the left conveniently leaves out), it was, if nothing else...truthful.
And like Nicholson said in the movie A Few Good Men: "You can't handle the truth".
Better to be hurt with the truth than comforted with a lie...right?
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.