29 July 2016

Friday Follies...
It's the end of a torturous week (politically-speaking).
And all this hot weather didn't help out one bit (well, maybe for one day).
But, we are heading into the home-stretch of summer (finally) with August right around the corner.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will have us once again with partly to mostly sunny skies, and temps reaching up to around 83 degrees.
Now, let's all get a nice cup or glass of Friday Fortitude poured and parked close-at-hand, as wee see what has been going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the rooftop is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JULY 29 -
(sorry, I don't do "dude" kinda Point-Break stuff like surfing or skydiving)
(Garfield the cat celebrates this EVERY day)
(pigs beware - the dems are looking for you))
(never got into them - too little meat, too much bone)
(remember, it's not the ups and downs that bother people, it's the JERKS)
(appreciate 'em? I dunno who they hell they even ARE)
*** And since we are at week's end, lets see what's happening over the next 48 hours, as we send the month of July off in some sort of style:
JULY 30 -
('nuff said there for me)
(still got me one of those. Hey there, Don)
(dancing has deviated a LOT since I was little)
JULY 31 -
(all you had to say was "cake")
(to all those canines of multiple breeds - we salute you)
There you have it then...plenty of stuff to keep one occupied and out of jail (hopefully).
*** Next up, let's thank God that this political freakshow of conventions and nominations (of both major parties) is OVER.
Now we see who can go the distance "in the ring", as it were.
I did NOT watch Her Bitchness speak last night (there were infomercials more enlightening), but I caught some of the "aftershocks" from the final night.
"I can't wait to start lying to ALL of you for the next four years."
And, like many others, I could make a checklist of what she would speak about.
But, again, we saw and heard PLENTY of words being spoken, and NOTHING about SUBSTANCE.
Sounds about right to me.
No REAL plans defined, no REAL solutions to current and growing problems, and certainly NO REAL basis for this woman to be elevated to the highest political office in America (that also applies to Trump).
Kinda makes me wish they covered the LIBERTARIAN convention. At least THAT would be prove a bit more insightful.
Dumb and Dumber Again?
Yet, all this PCBS aside, the ONE thing that REALLY sends my disdain-quotient through the damn ceiling were ALL the celebs that showed up at the DNC.
It was like one large cavalcade of pop icons (all firmly entrenched on the LEFT, mind you). And sadly, THAT is what most of the low-information folks in this country will REMEMBER.
Here's a story link with photos of those attending:
I can hear them all now...
"Look at all those stars...THIS person must be the one to vote for", they'll say.
"Heil Hillary"
Forget that you're wanting to touch the pantsuit "tails" of some Marxist following, socialist-embracing liar whose trail of corruption makes the Exxon Valdez oil spill look like an ink spot on a piece of parchment.
Pay no attention to someone who served government for "thirty years" and made it all look good, while not producing anything of (here's that word again)...SUBSTANCE. She served herself and her cronies first.
Make no mistake about that.
One might consider that a typical politician. I'm sure those of the old Tammany Hall are cheering from their place in hell over this woman.
Meryl's revival of "EVITA"? Ironic of prophetic?
I can say that Trump doesn't come with THAT sort of "baggage", as he's never been in politics, but in business (which has it's own set of rules to be broken and it's own values pertaining to corruption).
:If your IQ is THIS many - vote DEMOCRAT!
Do we choose a braggart with a marvelous sense of self, who does make some cogent comments now and then, or a corrupt politico who has lied to Congress, and done things that could be tantamount to treasonous activity over the span of her "career"?
This is clearly a case of "the lesser of two evils", but both evils are pretty BIG evils, any way you shake it.
Gonna be a new form of "crazy" for the next several months, that's for sure.
*** Next, a few local briefs (no boxers):
---I read where our fair city has rubber-stamped the latest chapter in the whole riverfront development (Costaplenty) project with a whopping $1.7 MIL payout to a firm to "design" how it will look...not a brick laid, or a shovel of dirt dug, mind you.
Here's the story link:
Here we go AGAIN.
I hope this money includes the "smoke and mirrors" that we citizens of Fort Wayne will have to endure as the local politicos RAMROD this down our throats.
The cost of the entire "first phase" of this will be around $20 MIL (expect THAT number to rise as usual).
---Kevin Leininger has another good column that speaks to the riverfront project being "just another park" (albeit an EXPENSIVE one). Here's the link:
Another "Field of Dreams" fantasy?
The comparison to Milwaukee with it's historic buildings lining IT'S riverbanks seems more apropos than what OUR city is proposing (and at substantial cost). All we're doing in buying LAND along the river to redevelop.
---A hearing is set for FOUR new housing "projects" (called "developments" for the politcally-correct) in our city. Here's the story link:
Two are in Aboite, with one each in Perry and Cedar Creek twnshps.
BTW, the apartment boom is over, folks.
Now, any bets as to HOW this will affect the quality-of-life in those areas?
The developers of CityScape Flats are doing the work (and how well are those downtown locations selling?)
For some strange reason, I'm smelling HUD all over these areas, considering they keep getting money for such ventures. All this "fair housing" bullshit (designed for the young and government-sponsored among us) that takes nice areas and turns them into ghettoesque slums just doesn't work for me. I've seen the results of such "noble" attempts.
*** Next up, more about our stray cat situation.
"You gonna come out and play with me?"
Yesterday, it came on by (got a schedule, no doubt) and I decided to put it in our "pet-taxi" and called Animal Care and Control. Well, it went in easy enough, and didn't try to scratch me. It took ACC almost THREE hours to show up, and when they did, the officer checked the cat over.
"I'm gonna meow until I come out."
Found out some interesting things.
The cat is MALE (might name him Hobo, for the obvious reason...lol), and is rather young (under a year old).
This cat is called a "community cat" by ACC, because it has it's left ear tip clipped, and has been neutered and received immunizations. It also has been "chipped".
So, basically, there was nothing the officer could do regarding taking it in to get a proper home.
They still have about 600 cats at their facility, and this little guy could easily wind up on the euthanasia list.
(not MY best option for such a cute cat).
I will say that, if conditions permitted, it would follow me into the house (Rassie would not take kindly to that).
"Thanks for trying to get me a forever home."
So this is what we do now in this city...allow cats to roam about with the chance they could be harmed or maimed (by violent children) or worse yet,  killed (by speeding drivers not paying attention).
Somehow, that doesn't give me a "warm and fuzzy" feeling and allow me to sleep any better at night.
But, the alternative ends up being the same, although a bit more "humane".
I blame the people who turn out pets for no reason other than boredom. THEY are the ones that should be euthanized for their lack of humanity towards domesticated animals who only want a place to live, some food and water...and someone to love.
*** Last back to the basement...why can't people be satisfied with what they have when it comes to our cities?
Why does everyone (in power) love to change things for no good reason?
Is there this urgent need to justify their own existence? Perhaps.
And, while this is most noticeable in the cities we live in, it's even worse at the federal level, for they often mandate what local municipalities will HAVE to do, rather than what the people living there wish to be done.
We've seen it with everything from wind farms to lightbulbs.  Governments at every level want to make (for us, they say) a BETTER world...got news for them...never gonna happen.
That's NOT being fatalistic, either. It's being REALISTIC.
We can no more create a perfect paradise any more than we can eradicate ALL crime from our streets.
(at least not without giving up all our rights and privileges for the sake of security, which will still not become an etched-in-stone guarantee).
But, we CAN have a good place to live in, if we ALL are willing to work at it.
That's like anything in life, really.
We don't need some suit (or potential pantsuit) in D.C. telling us WHAT to do in our lives as they continually invade every aspect OF our lives.
And we don't need government coercing us to become more reliant upon THEM, when we should be focusing on more reliance on OURSELVES, right?
We, as a people, should never be "bought off" so easily, for that cheapens the American Dream, as well as those of us chasing after it.
We used to be a people that knew how to take a stand, and for the RIGHT reasons. Now people dig in for the most ludicrous of things, with no regard as to outcome, consequences, or reason behind WHY they do it in the first place.
Life has become a "fad" for these people, and they go from one set of shiny keys to the next, following whoever is dangling them in front of their primate faces.
We need BOTH in abundance.
Thing is, when you become that easily distracted, the evils of the world have a much better time setting down roots in your society, and we know where that will lead.
And those who won't choose to pull their own weight along those lines (and reject evil), deserve whatever comes their way.
It's harsh to say, but it makes sense.
We have to re-learn to help ourselves first (and not to other peoples stuff) in order to help one another.
Like all things worth having, it requires WORK. Those unwilling to do so need not apply.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.
See 'ya next month!

28 July 2016

Thoughts For Thursday...
We're closing in on the end of the week as well as the end of the month.
Won't be long before school starts back up and it gets cooler outside.
(talk about a "two-fer" in the GODSEND department, hmm?)
Our Hoosierland weather today brings us some partly sunny skies, temps topping out around the 87-degree range and increasing humidity (there got the sinuses). is supposed to be moving in by the afternoon and into this evening. Not gonna need to water stuff.
So let's get that morning drink poured a we set about seeing what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the runway is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference".
This was spoken by someone you may or may not remember, Bess Myerson (July 14 1924 - December 14 2014), and she was an American politician, model and television actress who was crowned Miss America in 1945.
At the time of her death, she was the ONLY Jewish Miss America.
And here is her WIKI:
She was a regular on the game show "I've Got A Secret", and was a familiar face on TV during the 50s and 60s, appearing in several commericials.
Biographer Susan Dworkin called Myerson "in the Jewish community, the most famous pretty girl since queen Esther". Can't argue with that.
Not bad for a girl born in the Bronx.
She was rather statuesque, as she stood 5'10" tall with "luxurious brown hair". She was persuaded to enter the Miss New York pageant and won, even though she thought it embarrassing. She moved on to the Miss America pageant that year, partly motivated by the scholarship money, which she would use to fund her college education (she also wanted to buy a Steinway piano).
She played music composed by Gershwin in the talent competition.
Several sponsors left the pageant due to antisemitism, but Bess stayed the course and won, in spite of being "urged" to use a pseudonym that sounded less Jewish.
She was a prominent figure in the Koch administration in NYC, but it was not without controversy. She was tried on bribery charges by (then U.S. attorney) Rudy Giuliani, but was acquitted of all charges. It was called the "Bess Mess".
Myerson was married twice and divorced twice, with one daughter from each marriage (both named Barbara).
She was also arrested for shoplifting in S. Williamsport, PA back in 1988, pled guilty and paid a fine (upstate PA used to be that way - fines rather than jail time).
Bess survived ovarian cancer in the 70s, and a mild stroke in 1981, from which she made a full recovery.
She moved to Florida in 2002 and later to California, where she passed away at the age of 90.
Not a perfect life to be sure, but compared to others these days, it was still pretty tame.
*** Next, we bring you our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JULY 28 -
(hats off to a brave bunch of Americans of color who helped tame the west)
(hopefully, you've take care of that already)
(have one on me...or several, but hold the onions)
*** Next up, I finally got pictures of the "stray" cat that's been frequenting the "Fortress".
"Can I come live with you? You seem nice."
It's a cutie, and I wish there was a practical way to keep it, as it wants to come in the house.
That leads me to believe that it was (at one time) a house cat.
"I'm gonna adopt this backdoor step".
It sure doesn't act feral in any manner. It's really quite friendly, and loves to cozy up to you.
Hard to get pictures that way.
Might have to resort to a humane "capture" and call Animal Care and Control for pickup.
I'm sure it will be adoptable.
"How did you know I was hungry?"
My heart saddens to see such a nice animal have to fend outside because someone didn't have the desire to take care of it any longer. Makes you wonder how those people treat their children...or their fellow man.
*** Next, I thankfully did not watch the propagandist programming (aka the DNC) last evening. I will confess that I (unfortunately) caught the last of our whiner-in-chief's lip-flapping, as he ran LONG (typical democrat: speak a lot - say little), and I damn near upchucked in my underwear!
A "match" made in HADES.
He was in full-on "campaign mode"...reminded me of all those other Marxists and fascists in the history newsreels.
I will give him credit for being able to take a load of bullshit, and make it APPEAR to be a bed of roses.
(it still stinks the same, however).
And much of the American people buy INTO this garbage. That astounds me to no end.
But let Trump make a totally SARCASTIC statement (regarding Russia  hacking to find Clinton's deleted emails), and you'd think the world was ending, thanks to the drive-by media.
Such a double standard when it comes to FAIR coverage.
What a bunch of sideshow freaks. Where's my cotton candy?
*** Next up, and in keeping with garnering the "sympathy vote", there's this story:
The "play on the heart-strings" tactic.
Sure, parade a victim (of some notoriety) of a shooting on national TV...make every gun owner appear to be some heinous, homicidal maniac. Not gonna work on me, sorry.
Go after the PERPS, and NOT the guns. That's how you deal with this societal bane.
Not any mention of the THOUSANDS shot in Chicago by violent minority GANG members , was there?
And, by all means, take on the cops, too. After all, all of them wake up every morning, strap on the service pistol and say in the mirror "today, I'm gonna kill me some unarmed citizens".
What the hell are you libtards smoking, anyway?
Put down the damn mood-altering pharmaceuticals and get with some reality for a change. YOU people really piss me the hell off with your chronic lies and PCBS.
Guns are not the CAUSE of the violence any more than cars are responsible for highway deaths, or flies responsible for garbage.
It's the P-E-O-P-L-E using them that is the cause...THEIR violent tendencies, brought about by not being given more free stuff, and not wanting to be a productive member of our society.
Wake the f*ck up, you morons.
(whew...talk about raising one's BP early on)
*** Last back to the hangar...I get weary of trying to figure out some people.
Wifey hears me use the term "my brain hurts", and it's true.
It's my homage to Monty Python.
We used to be a society of truth-seekers, and that was ingrained in us from little on up.
We were taught at home, and in our schools to  question something if we didn't know or wanted an answer.
Seemed to work okay for us, and those who came before us.
After that, the bottom fell out of the common sense bucket.
People started to grow comfortable with whatever they were told, and as a result, questioned less and less, believing more falsehood than truth, until lies became the standard by which most anything was measured.
THEY'RE used to the smell.
The better the lie, the more likely it was to be accepted, and more readily, too.
Make it SOUND good, and folks will believe anything you tell them. Sounds JUST like the Nazis back in the 1930s.
But, since I've paid attention in history class, I KNOW about such things from the past, and have come to know what to listen and look for should it come around again (as many things do over time).
When we don't learn FROM history, we are bound to repeat I...,it just comes packaged a bit differently, as times change. And that's the big thing here.
Time does change things, while people inherently never change.
Technology changes things most assuredly, and not always in the manner to which it should be applied.
The people using it don't change.
We're told to want change...that it's good. Well, if you have soiled undies then change IS good.
Just say "NO".
But change for change sake, without reason or purpose plays into the hands of evil.
And God knows we've got that in abundance already, so why seek more?
I say take some time to LEARN what's being said - what we're being told.
Learn the meaning of the WORDS spoken, and not the "tone" of the speaker.
And above all, dissect the CONTEXT of what you hear or read. See if what you think is what you know.
See if it's right and true...and helps rather than hurts all of us.
Such things build what we call character, and that's something a lot more of our country's people should be chasing after, instead of the latest fad...or rhetoric.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.