22 July 2014

We're Back To Summer...
And we all know what that means. I've been starting to hear the cicadas outside during the day..a portent to hotter weather.
(or so they say)
The Hoosierland weather will be HOT, with temps reaching the 90 degree mark, and the accompanying humidity will make it feel a bit warmer than that.
Almost feels like two years ago, when we had that city-wide power outage around the 4th...absolutely no fun at all.
So, get yourselves ready for a bit of a mini swelter-fest, as the day progresses...and you know the drill - stay hydrated, stay indoors (if possible) and keep those cool drinks coming.
Let's get this show roiling before the sun gets too high in the sky...
*** First out of the box of Pandora today is the resolution to our central air conditioning problem.
These guys don't come cheap, either.
(sound the trumpets and loose the pigeons upon the parapets of our "Fortress" ramparts)
Yes, believe it or not, we had a nice COOL afternoon and evening yesterday after calling in Poorman's to service the unit.
A very nice tech named Dale stopped by before lunch, and set about diagnosing the problem.
Now, without getting too technical, let's say the issue was NOT in the condenser unit (that big thing outside the house with the fan that runs).
This tech sure LOOKS like Dale...
THAT was a HUGE relief...they ain't cheap to replace.
We had power going from the furnace wiring to the unit and the condenser was in the right electrical mode and asking for the power...but nothing was reaching it.
Well, how's that saying go?
"The best solution is often the easiest".
(yeah, that's the one)
A CLASSIC study of the OCCAM'S RAZOR principle, if ever I saw one.
Wifey teaches LATIN...she'll like this.
Dale started checking out the THERMOSTAT in the house, and lo, and behold, THERE was where the problem was.
The REALLY weird thing about this, I was pricing new t-stats at Menards a couple months ago, and was looking for a basic digital one that was priced well, because the one switch seemed a bit "off" (can;t explain it, but when you have something long enough, you get a feel for how it's SUPPOSED to function, as opposed to how it wants to function...like a car, or an appliance.
Well, let's say that we though Dale explained that I could swap it out myself, we chose to let HIM do it (my hands are AS adept as they used to be, plus, I didn't want to make ANY mistakes, and my work doesn't come with a warranty (that last one was the clincher...lol)
Welcome to the 21st century, Bob.
And after a swap-out for a Honeywell digital t-stat, we were good to go once again.
Pretty cool item - nice BIG display, and up/down control for the temp you choose, plus a heat/cool/off setting button as well as fan on/auto setting.
And, if the power goes out for a second (as it tends to do around this part of the city), the t-stat WAITS 5 minutes before restarting the A/C, so the compressor doesn't suffer a "short-cycle" (which can diminish the longevity of the compressor)...sweet.
And, it cost less than some "start-up" kit the other service people said we "needed".
Dale reminded me of myself when I was a tech...and he's only a year YOUNGER than me...(well, that explains the expertise).
I said to him that I'll bet the younger techs always come to HIM for advice...and he said he's coming to ME for that...LOL.
I love happy endings...
A good repair, a good person...a good ending for our situation...
We need MORE of that in life, don;t we?
Moving on...
*** It's not often that I find a letter to the editor so "on target" that I have to mention it here, but we had TWO yesterday that have me believing that humankind  has NOT gone off the deep end yet.
-- The first letter has to do with SOUTHGATE PLAZA and the KROGERS we have there...tells you a LOT about this area that the city never seems to want to reveal. Here's the link:
Ignorance is never bliss down here.
Now THIS person seems to "gets it", and Mr. John Hubertz is obviously a resident OF our area, and makes very cogent points.
Good to know I'm NOT the only one that notices such glaring problems...that never seem to get addressed.
-- The next letter pertains to the FWCS "free meal" program, an dhow person manages to work past it.
Here's the link:
Jeanette Jaquish is a person who seems to refrain from that outstretched hand from the "gub'ment", and rather be SELF-sufficient, as well as teaching her children personal responsibility. Good for her.
She appears to have a disdain for the "rubber-stamp" (by the school board) for all these freebie meals. I don't blame her.
I believe that FWCS lost tens of THOUSANDS of bucks with these meals when kids were dumping them in the trash. Also read about FWCS handing out some of the meals to food banks for redistribution. Now, it would seem to me (and Jeanette) that this is a terrible WASTE of resources and money.
They can do a LOT better...and should.
And this money could be better spent on school maintenance and supplies that teachers have to purchase for their own classrooms.
But what do I know? I only went to school for 12+ years and was held accountable for my OWN preparedness, thanks to teachers and parents that gave enough of a damn to make ME tow the line...the way it USED to be.
-- The final letter has to deal with the balance of diversity (for diversity's sake) and ability of those in the FWFD.
Here's the link:
Now, I have to say that Mr. Henry Hendrix has got HIS finger on the pulse of what SHOULD be going on in ANY public safety (or private sector) position.
My nephew (now a CAPTAIN in the ALEXANDRIA, VA FD) has told me as much when it comes to diversity versus ability.
And I have to agree...affirmative action is NOT the definitive answer when hiring a firefighter OR police officer.
So WHAT if the department doesn't EXACTLY "reflect the population"?
I don't give a damn about that.
Sometimes, AVERAGE doesn't cut it.
What I DO give a damn about is that the BEST QUALIFIED AND TRAINED personnel are on scene and working to put out a damn fire...or investigate a crime...don't much care what color the person is, either. I just want them to be THE BEST the department has sent out.
And THEY should feel the same way. Maybe that's why the recruits reflect THAT...instead of the population "demographics of race".
Screw THAT noise...hire the best and everyone benefits...period.
*** Last back to the outhouse today...all too often I always say that problems are not the result of THINGS, but rather PEOPLE.
Conversely, solutions TO those same problems are the result of (you guessed it) PEOPLE.
Wow, that's one simple concept, right?
But these days, some folks are causing more problems rather than finding solutions for the problems already in existence.
NO thank you...
They''re called the ACLU...LOL.
(I call them a LOT of other things...few of which are able to be printed here)
Leave it to that sort of mentality that will toss the proverbial monkey-wrench into the wheels of progress...for the sake of "progressivness".
And THAT is the sort of thing we need to remain on guard against.
Any person has the ability to achieve and succeed, but again, as is always the case, it HAS to begin with the willingness...the active CHOICE to do so..
When choices are made FOR people, the result is never in the best interest of that person...or anyone else, for that matter.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

21 July 2014

Monday Musings...
Welcome to another week, or as we've been calling it here at the "Fortress"...
"The Sauna"
I'll get into that and some other things in a moment, but first, the forecast.
Our Hooiserland weather will see us with a substantial warmup today (...joy...), with the temps reaching the UPPER 80s, and a fair amount of humidity coming along for the ride (...great...).
So that means you might want to keep the air conditioning on.
(OUR options along those lines area bit more "limited")
Now, grab yourselves a cup of you favorite morning beverage and let's get this show on the road...
*** First out of the Sahara today is one of those "Bob" things - the kind of thing that happens to me whenever I do a good turn for someone.
Think of it as the old saying: "No good deed ever goes UNPUNISHED."
She's a good girl, too.
Well, I've been feeding the neighbor's cat and checking on her house as she's away up north, and that's been going well.
She even had one of her garage security floodlights blow out, so I replaced it from one in OUR spares.
And, there were some guys that were doing some mowing and branch trimming across the street who left their lopping shears behind.
I took them in and when they came back to do more work a few days later, gave them BACK to them (coulda kept them, but that doesn't score you ANY points on the PLUS side of the INTEGRITY COLUMN, does it?).
You just do what's right.
Anyway, Wifey and I decided to crank on our central A/C Saturday to get the humidity our of the house, and guess what?
NO A/C...!!!
You've got to be kidding me, right?
Here we go again...
So, we call Korte (I think they're now on speed-dial...along with the FWPD), and they come out, "sess-up" the situation and have to ORDER a part of the unit. (a start-up kit).
Something in the electricals isn't working (obviously), so we're awaiting the return of the prodigal repairman.
The problem is in area #3
There was a bit of "good" news in all of this...we (meaning I) got to clean off the condenser COILS in the outside unit, and by the looks of it, it needed it.
Was damn near totally blocked with "schmutz", as we used to say.
(We saved over a HUNDRED dollars doing that ourselves, because that's what they charge to do it themselves...just sayin')
Old School Comfy...
Now, having to deal with NO A/C is something I haven't been privy to since I was a CHILD. Room fans blowing on you at night and a window or floor fan during the day. Over the years, when you DO get A/C, you get used to that...REAL FAST.
(yeah, I'm spoiled in that regard...AND getting too damn old to be sweating while sitting in the living room for no reason...LOL)
So, it's little wonder we're damn near sweltering at the "Fortress" over the last 2 days, and today will be a hum-dinger!
Let's not spontaneously combust over this...
We are hoping the unit gets FIXED, and that we're not out too much MORE money than we already laid out.
Let's put it this way...to REPLACE the whole unit will cost (you guessed it), a couple THOUSAND (rolls eyes)...never get a damn break around here.
It's not as though we can leave the windows open at night...downstairs is asking to be broken into, and upstairs only let's in the BOOMCAR (c)rap music that the police can never seem to get a handle on, so that's a wash for us.
It's up real EARLY, open a few windows and the patio door, and haul out the box fans to suck IN some cooler air. And that won't last long with temps going near 90 degrees.
No peace...no happy.
And you have to watch to make sure the computers don't get overheated as well...been there, done that out in the business world...not fun at all, and that was back in the late 70s when computers took up a whole room...talk about a hot, humid mess.
Let's hope all goes well today...hmm?
Moving on...
*** Famed actor JAMES GARNER passed away over the weekend at the age of 86, and it's always a bummer to see good actors leave us.
Thankfully, their work lives long after them.
Here's the WIKI for James:
I recall growing up watching him on MAVERICK.
Later,I got to see him in some REALLY good movies, like THE GREAT ESCAPE.
I watch this every time it comes on.
The "scrounger" at his best!
He was also in UP PERISCOPE (read the book in late elementary school)'
There was also the John Frankenheimer-directed GRAND PRIX (Garner drove the car himself too, as he was an accomplished racing driver).
Garner as F1 driver Pete Aron.
He costarred with Julie Andrews (not the first time, either) in VICTOR/VICTORIA (a real hoot), TANK (little known but a good movie), And of course, SPACE COWBOYS.
There were so many OTHER movies, both dramatic AND comedy...Garner was that versatile.
Then there was THE ROCKFORD FILES...loved that show...catchy theme (thanks, Mike Post) which was released on a 45 record (I still have that somewhere, too), and he (like myself) drove a Pontiac Firebird. 
This car STILL exists and runs.
The opening telephone answering machine calls were real funny, too.
What Hollywood has lost, heaven has reclaimed...at least I'd like to think so.
Thanks for ALL the wonderful memories through your acting...you will be missed.
*** Last back to "the cooler"  today, it's tough to grow up with so many REAL stars in movies and TV and then watch the drop of the radar one by one (many times in "threes").
I know I've seen my share of too many actors, actresses, and performers in general , who were at the top of the entertainment game, leave us. Some were in their twilight years.
You watch a John Wayne movie (like Rio Bravo) on TCM, and it takes you back to when you first watched it...when Wayne was alive and still making (damn good) movies.
You watch Mr Smith Goes to Washington, Spirit of St. Louis, or It's a Wonderful Life (for the umpteenth time) and you can't help but think of Jimmy Stewart as always being with us.
And in many ways, ALL of those stars that have passed ARE with us, thanks to the preservation of their various works.
Bogey STILL has staying power.
You have to admit that THOSE actors and actresses had something called "staying power", and it makes me wonder, if we would ever be able to assign a similar term to those who appear in movies today....the "up and comers", as it were?
Don't really think so, and not with the fondness we remember those from the heyday of Hollywood.
Rita Hayworth...timeless beauty.
Somehow, those golden and yes, even the silver years of Hollywood were a "one-shot deal".
There will NEVER be another Paulette Goddard...or a Burt Lancaster...or an Errol Flynn...or Bette Davis...or even another James Garner.
But, thankfully, there will be the marvelous work they left for us to enjoy.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

18 July 2014

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the weekend...ABOUT DAMN TIME, too!
This is shaping up to be one of those weeks just passed that will be notable in history for a LOT of reasons.
And we'll tackle some of that in a minute, but first...the weather.
Today will find the Hoosierland with mostly sunny skies, and another slight warm-up, with highs nearing 80 degrees (traditional summer is back...blech!)
Still, not a bad day to get out and "blow the stink off" as Dad used to say...LOL.
So, get yourselves a heaping cup of that favorite drink of the morning, and we'll set off and see what's been on my mind.
*** First out of the starting gate today...some thoughts on recent superhero comics and the "direction" the publishers are taking.
Yep, that sums it up...what ARE these mooks thinking anyway?
Here's a story link that spells out the STUPID real well:
And here's the *4-1-1* on the "new" Cap:
There is this "trend" to making comics (aka FANTASY) more like a reflection of what's going on today all around us...
THAT'S more like it...
Excuse, me, but comic book heroes (and heroines) are a major component of the whole FANTASY genre, are they not?
So, WHAT would anyone with half a functioning brain cell (left) even think of melding REALITY with FANTASY?
Fantasy is what people utilize as a pause... to ESCAPE REALITY...NOT to have it stuck back in their damn face.
That's like blurring the lines between rich and poor...don't see THAT happening, do you?
I see the solution to this whole comic book PCBS...get your OWN "special" superheroes... CREATE them, rather than muck about with the CLASSIC ones, and destroy whatever vestige we remember as youth.forever.
I mean, that's what the WATCHMEN was all about..broke "tradition" in many ways, or is that TOO HARD for Marvel to figure out?
They used to do the "alternative universe" thing a lot, too. Remember the black Spidey outfit that became VENOM?
Keep these "new" superheroes THERE...where they belong.
What about a black Captain America in a world where the BLACKS are the majority and WHITES are those who fought in the civil rights movement? Good idea, huh?
Already been done to some extent...check out the flick WHITE MAN'S BURDEN (John Travolta, Harry Belafonte - 1995).
You know, THIS is why I no longer collect comics...or what they even  call "graphic novels". It's too ridiculous..and all those MULTIPLE titles doesn't help.
I guess my Frank Miller Batman series was the last gasp for me...along with the "death of Superman" with all the others that came along to take his place for a year or so.
Best of the "bunch".
DC had a BLACK Green Lantern for a while...didn't work out.
They also tried a red-haired tough-ass...again, not as good as HAL JORDAN.
There can only be ONE.
Hell, they ever brought back Barry Allen (as THE FLASH) when Wally Wood (former Flash) got too cocky for readers..
Personally, I don't think DISNEY would want to take such chances with Marvel, who they purchased a few years back...doesn't fit THEIR business model.
And, according to mythology...THOR was always a MALE...just like his (all) Father, ODIN.
I say to Marvel....count the days before all this goes south on you...you earned it.
Of course, this could be a ruse to raise sales, but things can always backfire...even with the best of intentions.
As far as I'm concerned....MY CAPTAIN AMERICA will always be STEVE ROGERS, and MY THOR will always be MALE.
(and SUPERGIRL, WONDER WOMAN,  and BATGIRL will remain women...simple, huh?)
Moving on...
*** The recent murder of a Jersey City rookie officer by a street thug who also lost his life (some justice to the officer's family), and all the fallout that the local news station took because of them forcing out the reporter who covered the story bears scrutiny for a lot of reasons.
There are SO many links to this story, that I can't post them all...you can choose the one YOU like best online.
-- You have to realize the reporter was speaking the TRUTH about a major reason WHY blacks in bad neighborhoods have this tendency towards criminal and violent behavior. I've seen the SAME thing in Philly, Camden, Newark, Wilmington, Columbus, OH, and yes, even in our fair Summit City of Fort Wayne.
The "nature of the beast" rarely changes...only the names of the places and the perps are different.
-- You also have a premeditated MURDER of an officer in his cruiser...not unlike the Abu Jamal slaying of PPD officer Danny Faulkner (back in 1981)...or the ambush of officers in a stairwell of a southern California apartment house.
YES, we do have a problem with minorities committing a disproportionate amount of crime, especially in areas where they happen to congregate or live.
And there has been (for quite some time) this "attitude" displayed by blacks (young males in particular) to thumb their nose at ANY authority, and yes, that most certainly INCLUDES THE POLICE.
They are brought up to disdain "the man" and that is a HUGE reason why, whenever there is a shooting in a black neighborhood, the police can NEVER seem to get ANY information to help solve the crimes.
These people have prejudged the police as someone NOT there to help them, but rather to impede them in life.
This goes to show the lack of education in such matters, doesn't it?
What happens in many areas, is that the police become ineffective when solving crimes (they just get lucky).
And, what also happens, is the practice of the Broken Window Theory, because police will (be instructed) to ignore the small sh*t...like loud music, double parking, wrong way larking, and the like.
That sends a message that "they don't care" and the low-information citizens don't know better, so they take it as a free pass to do whatever the hell they want...whenever they want to do it.
And we ALL know where that leads...
It can easily culminate in the murder of a police officer.
By then, the (societal) genie has been let out of the bottle, and law enforcement will find it damn near impossible to get that genie back in.
It all become so much "damage-control"...just look at Chicago.
Police are all but overwhelmed by street thugs, and it's spreading to smaller cities.
And officers will be targeted...in Jersey City there has been a "vendetta" of sorts leveled against the LEOs there...revenge for them killing their compadre - a COP KILLER. How mis-f$cking-placed is THAT thinking?
Sure is not the world many of us grew up in...no matter what color our skin happens to be.
*** Last back to the barn...people have too many choices...there I said it.
All the choices we have for damn near everything we can imagine isn't helping us all that much.
People tend to carry things over from one aspect of life to another...another choice.
They falsely thing that they have the SAME myriad of choices when it comes to BEHAVIOR.
It's real simple...GOOD or BAD...choice of only TWO ways to go.
Easy sign post to spot along the road to life.
But, too many run the intersection, never looking where they're going...hence the problems they encounter AS WELL AS create for themselves.
When you see over 60% of a minority community being raised by a SINGLE parent, something;as wrong there. When it's TOUTED, rather than addressed, and the males are never held responsible for all the children they sire, THAT needs to be looked into.
When mistakes are made generationally, and no attempt to remedy the situation is forthcoming, you wind up with what we have in our cities.
And when people cannot police THEMSELVES, then we have to externally POLICE THEM instead.
Just because THEY were raised to hate police doesn't mean that the LEOs will shy away...they took the oath, pit on the shield, and do what others dare not DAILY...to protect and serve.
Such authority is placed in their hands because some people need it, and should have gotten it from little on up.
Such choices become easy, the more you do them.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

17 July 2014

Thoughts For Thursday...
We're winding down to the week's end and with it, the wonderful weather we've been enjoying here in Indiana.
Today's Hoosierland weather will see temps rising a tad higher into the mid-70s, but we also get more sunshine than yesterday.
This morning has us with a low in the upper 40s.
Comfy sleeping, that's for sure.
And a damn nice day ahead of us.
So, get yourself started with a cup of your favorite morning beverage and let's get things started...time waits for no one.
*** First out of the library stacks today is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"There are many men of principlein both parties in America, but there is no party of principle."
This was spoken by our good friend, Alexis DeTocqueville ( 29 July 1805 - 16 April 1859),  a French political thinker and historian.
Here is his WIKI:
He is best known for his work DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA (2 volumes - 1835 and 1840) and THE OLD REGIME AND REVOLUTION (1856).
Having come from an aristocratic life (his ancestors were at the Battle of Hastings), and his parents barely escaped the guillotine in 1794, after the fall of Robespierre, and they were exiled to England until the reign of Napoleon, when they returned to France, and under the Bourbon Restoration, his father became a noble peer an prefect. Alexis then attended the Lycee Fabert in Metz.
Alexis later traveled to America for two years (beginning in 1831), and was initially making observations of the prisons and penitentiaries, but instead, he wound up being more intrigued by his observations and reflections of all the people he encountered.
He became Minister of Foreign Affairs from June to October 1849..
And he voted AGAINST Louis Napoleon Bonaparte in the election of 1848, and was one of the deputies who resisted the coup of 1851 by Napoleon, citing "high treason", as he (Bonaparte) had violated the.constitutional terms for length of office.
Alexis was detained at Vincennes and then released, where after, having supported the Restoration of the Bourbons against Napoleon III's"second empire (1851 - 1871) he quit politics and retreated to his castle (Chateau De Tocqueville)
A longtime sufferer of bouts of TB, he succumbed to the disease in 1859.
Alexis was a Roman Catholic and saw religion as being compatable with both equality and individualism, and felt religion would be strongest when separated from politics.
The remainder of the WIKI goes into his thoughts on civil society and the individual, democracy and new forms of tyranny, the American social contract, and majority rule and mediocrity, as well as his views on slavery, blacks and Indians.
There is even a section on "policies on assimilation"...and this pertains to blacks and native Americans...interesting and a bit "prophetic" in some ways.
It's a pretty good read if you want some insight into how  people from "across the pond" viewed America in those days.
Moving on...
*** There were some security photos released of a burglary at a house in the 400 block of Congress Ave...from back on 5 MAY...!
That's what I said...THAT long ago, and now JUST being released? What is the FWPD thinking when they say they "need our help" after ALL this time, anyway?
Why weren't the pictures released EARLIER, so that MAY-BE citizens could help a lot SOONER.
I mean we do (now) have 2 SHOTGUNS on the damn streets...
WTG, Chief Garry...nice job screwing this one up.
God knows where the hell these perps might be after a couple MONTHS.
Here's the story link:
Here's the photos with my enlarging enhancements...
I will say the homeowner had some DAMN good video cams...excellent resolution, and much netter than can be found in most retail stores.
This goes to show what I often say about this part of town...SOMEONE is always around to WATCH YOUR HOUSE, and not in a good way, if you get my drift.
After all, these thugs do nothing all day, so what else COULD they do but take advantage of others who DO have to leave their homes once in a while, hmm?
*** Then, there's this Walgreens robbery, that consisted of a man on a bicycle...and a note to the pharmacist.
(that's sure to get you the "meds" you need...without a hassle)
Here's the story link:
I have to concede that this vid-cap isn't anywhere as good as the one on Congress.
Enlarging it does no good at all.
This took place at the Walgreens up at 2410 N. Coliseum (near State) on 11 July...no TOD listed (well, it IS sooner then we're used to seeing).
A bike as a getaway vehicle...and police never found him (to date).
But the perp is a black man.
(heh...that makes it SO much easier to catch him, doesn't it?)
*** And here's more proof that HEROIN is indeed...making a comeback (and has for the last several years in the Summit City).
(nice mug shot - bet HE looks damn nice in ORANGE)
The bust took place (yesterday) at 3201 Holton Ave.(on the city's....SOUTHEAST side) around 0800 hrs and got one Quenton Royal (not to be confused with CROWN ROYAL, the liquor) on THREE counts of dealing cocaine or a narcotic drug (heroin), and one count of possession of cocaine or narcotic (again, heroin).
This is the SIXTH arrest and THIRD raid in TWO days.
(gotta love numerology).
How's about you shut down some houses close to the "Fortress"...that have operated for years,?
*** Now, I wanted to get into this Jersey City rookie police officer who was recently ambushed and shot dead in his patrol cruiser by a black street thug, and how one reporter (there) had to quit his job, because of the fallout from the station he worked at, but I'm gonna save it for tomorrow.
The reporter spoke the truth, and got castigated for it.
I've also have a LOT to say on the issue, and much of it has been said before here in the last several years, referring to OUR city of Fort Wayne.
Yes, there are similarities to this, although (thankfully) we haven't had any LEO killings. And hopefully, we never will.
Hey, it's something for you readers to look forward to, right?
*** Last back to that garage today...overwhelming evidence that the minorities do the majority of crime in an area permeated BY those minorities (as well as elsewhere).
So...where's the "outrage" anyway?
Everyone must be fine and dandy with all this sh*t going down around them, hmm?
Well, I for one...am not.
Case in point...last evening, the Latinos across the street had some amigos over for an ad hoc "beerfest", and this stuff can crop up anytime of the week down here...because it can.
Loud talking and shouting to beat the band, all standing at the curb, brews in hand
(and they're the nice 24 ounce cans and bottles...not the usual fare).
Not one single FWPD car driving through (even with a double shooting a couple blocks away days before), an if there was, I'd wager not ONE word would be said to these people about "keeping it down" or stopping to check some IDs and maybe check for outstanding warrants....never seems to happen..
And then, all these staggering mooks get in their vehicles and drive the hell off...three sheets to the wind.
This is okay in our city HOW (again)?
Don't I always read about REPEAT offenders for DUI, with most of them being LATINO?
And doesn't our INJUSTICE SYSTEM turn these drunk drivers back OUT at a record pace (to do it all over again)?
I see FWPD cars drive by people who park the wrong way on streets (a violation in residential areas), so why bother to have laws you're not going to bother to enforce?
Ditto for noise laws and littering laws..how many ARRESTS do we see?
Not that many, and never enough citations
Blind eyes and deaf ears DO NOT make problems go the hell away, people....that's a cold, hard FACT.
And the sooner THIS city wakes up and realizes that, the better off we'll ALL be...and a helluva lot SAFER on our streets.
If the laws aren't enforced, and police do nothing...that is EXACTLY what WILL get done down here.
That is why ghettos seem to thrive when they should be shrinking.
Sure makes you shake your head in disbelief some days.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.