29 January 2015

Thoughts For Thursday...
We are almost there...the end of the week, and with it, the end of the month (I like when that happens).
And, we're starting off in caution mode with a small line of freezing rain that came through earlier this morning, resulting in most all schools being on a 2-hour delay (and deservedly so).
Whoops, make that schools being CLOSED. Again, waiting until the LAST possible minute.
It's a little slick out there, but not impossible to travel...with the appropriate care taken.
It's already above freezing, and that WILL help to no small end.
The rest of our Hoosierland weather will see us with a high today around 38 degrees, and mostly cloudy skies, as we're expecting a possible snow shower later today...after the light rain we're supposed to get.
So...not much to write home about. Best to get ourselves a nice hot cup of our favorite morning beverage as we look to this day and all it has to offer.
*** First out of the vault is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"There is an inverse relationship between reliance on the state and self-reliance."
This was spoken by a person who, in my estimation had such a command of the English language - one William F. Buckley, Jr (24 Nov 1925 - 27 Feb 2008), and here is his nicely lengthy WIKI:
If you caught my "clue" yesterday, this should have been easy, as he as the FOUNDER of the magazine NATIONAL REVIEW.
Buckley was an American conservative author and commentator, and it as always fun to see him debate anyone on any topic, because he was a person that could tell someone to 'go to hell" in SUCH a marvelous and eloquent manner, that the other person would indeed "enjoy the ride."
He hosted 1,429 episodes of the television show FIRING LINE from 1966 until 1999, and it was here that he became known for his "transatlantic:" accent and wide vocabulary.
He wrote over 50 books on topics such as writing, speaking, history, politics and sailing. He also authored a series of novels featuring CIA agent Blackford Oakes. He was a practicing Catholic and often attended traditional LATIN mass in Connecticut (and I'll bet he could translate it verbatim...lol).
Buckley was an accomplished piano and harpsichord player (he learned that as a youth).
He had one son through marriage and nine siblings.
And his nephew has a name you might recognize...Bill O'Reilly.
(A hat tip to John D, who pointed out it is not THAT Bill O'Reilly on FOX - thanks.).
I didn't check out ALL the links - my bad.
Here's nephew's WIKI:
Buckley was HOME-SCHOOLED through the 8th grade through the Calvert School of Baltimore home school curriculum.
He graduated from OCS and as a 2nd Lt, became part of President Roosevelt's honor guard.
After the war, he attended Yale, was part of the "Skull and Bones" society, became a debater and an active member of the conservative party.
In 1951, he was recruited into the CIA, serving for 2 years in Mexico City, working as a political action specialist for E. Howard Hunt.
Buckley founded The National Review in 1955, and he sought out those intellectuals who were ex-communists, or who served on the far left as columnists.
He strove to define the boundaries of conservatism, and denounced Ayn Rand, anti-Semites, white supremacists, The John Birchers, and George Wallace.
The WIKI is a very good read and gives you a taste of how conservative America took off after WW2.
A damn shame we don't have someone of his intensity and drive around us these days...he'd have a field day with our current president.
(or maybe we wouldn't even have had this president,were Buckley around)
Moving on...
*** Next up is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
January 29 - 
Isn't that puzzling?
Guess ANY old puzzle will do then.
Wonder if the FRITO-BANDITO is another illegal alien?
He DOES have a CA driver's license.
Would not surprise me one bit.
*** Once in a while, there comes along a story that you just KNOW has absolutely NO place in NORMAL space and time.
Make that one hundred and TWO uses...
Such is this recent article about Rusty York.
He NOW wants to run for 4th district city council seat (the one that Mitch Harper is vacating to run for mayor - and hopefully wins that position).
Guess Rusty isn't done with mucking things up yet?
Short answer: NO!
Here's the lowdown on the man who won't retire and just go away:
The one thing I like about this, is that he CAN'T run for MY district...that's owned by Glynn (my people come first, screw the rest of you) Hines.
The bad news is that he's running at all...
He's a DEM, but you knew that - he was appointed and retained by DEMS, and the current DEM party chairman talks him up...
Why, I have no idea.
Steve Shine (REP party chairman) on the other hand, speaks to the TRUTH of this matter:
“Under (York’s) watch, the crime rate became such a concern, the mayor found it necessary to make a change in the administration of the police department,” Shine said.
“Whatever Rusty was doing wasn’t working, as evidenced by a complete change in the manner in which homicides are looked after, as well as gang activity in Fort Wayne.”
And, as a resident of a part of town that York did NOT properly address, those words speak VOLUMES.
York groomed Hamilton for HIS job...that's a fact. He made sure that Garry got a free ride down "Easy Street", to the position of FWPD chief.
And York took care of "his people" in the department, too.
If you didn't agree with him or his way, you got overlooked for promotion, got shoved down the list for promotion, or got reprimands for trivial things.
But, he's been known to have a good singing voice.
And every single reprimand put money in York's pocket..again, FACT.
You want a person like that on city council?
Hell, I didn't even want the people in City Hall who have been there for the last several terms...
I want someone who can address the REAL issues on the south side...the growing issues that have spread from the SE to the SW, and up along the NE side. I don't want anyone in office that is only concerned with a nice downtown, while the rest of the city goes to hell in a hand-basket.
Not JUST a board game down here.
But, it's not like I speak from any "experience".
I only "live the adventure" every damn day in this manufactured hellhole that city has allowed through democratic rule and their "lack of vision".
*** Last back to the lounge...I really miss the days when we, as citizens of the greatest nation on the planet, used to be ABLE to kick back and take care of our OWN lives and those of our families.
These days, it's the government, running slipshod OVER the citizens of this country, who seem hell-bent to remain on "cruise-control", as they do what THEY WANT, rather than what WE EXPECT (from them).
It's no longer a majority rule in America...or even a majority of people in any sort of control over their government.
It's more like a few crazy folks running the entire asylum.
And our nation HAS become an asylum of sorts...we've allowed those (voted in, mind you)  in power to take away from US, and give to those not willing to do anything to deserve what they receive.
We have permitted these civil SERVANTS to "run the manor", as it were, with liberal programs and ideas that simply do not work, and yet still cost more than doing something else, something better...or even nothing at all.
There is no fiscal conservatism or social conservatism these days...none at all, unless it's to be found in the homes of our people, when it should be found in the nation's capital.
It's like the old Meatloaf song "Everything is Permitted"...and it pretty much is.
Meatloaf's second album
Morality has taken it on the chin, and some days, is out for the count.
Civility has taken a holiday (somewhere in the FIJI Islands, I hear).
Exceptionalism in this country is over-regulated, overtaxed, overburdened with rules that STIFLE creativity.
And "WE" want OUR country back.
What small bastions of these basic tenets of humankind that remain can be found in the hearts of true Americans, but that's NOT who is running this dog and pony show these days.
Many have been silent for too long.
Sure would be a godsend to have more voices speak up and speak out against what ails this country.
Divine Providence figured much into the creation of our nation, and I don't think HE is done with us...not yet.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

28 January 2015

Humpday Happenings...
The middle of the week once again, boys and girls...so, it's all downhill from here...or is that uphill?
Depends on your POV, doesn't it?
And, it's nicely "brisk" outside this morning with temps in the single digits.
The rest of our Hooiserland weather will find us with mostly sunny skies to begin with, turning to mostly cloudy later on.
The high for today will top out around the upper twenties, so no REAL melting going on.
(nice to hear that)
And, the winds will be rather mild.
Not that bad, really for Indiana winter.
So, go get yourself that hot cup of midweek fortitude and I'll get mine, and together we'll take a look at all the other "stuff" that's been going on in "...all the old familiar places"...
*** First out of the salt mine is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"There is an inverse relationship between reliance on the state and self-reliance."
This follows a recurring theme in my recent posts.
So WHO said this? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the "National Review"...
*** Next up, is the "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
January 28 -
---Today is NATIONAL HAVE FUN AT WORK DAY...seriously?
If I were a RANGE-MASTER, I'd probably have me some fun...most anything else...probably not. Can't imagine a former job that was THAT much fun (albeit rewarding ).
---It's also NATIONAL KAZOO DAY, so break out in some song, folks.
Some SERIOUS "kazoo-age".
You haven't LIVED until you'd kazooed along with Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of the Moon...lol.
...For the THREE rookies out there...LOL.
Or, you could take a comb and a piece of paper and do it the "old-fashioned" way...lol.
I wonder if IHOP or DENNY'S or BOB EVANS have a breakfast sale on THOSE.
DAMN, that looks GOOD...!
Gotta be careful when making them, however.
I once made some by taking the batter and blueberries and mixing them in a blender...
Suffice to to say, they looked like rusty BRILLO PADS when done...
But, they DID TASTE GREAT, so never let looks deceive you...!
*** Next up, a jewel heist...otherwise known as "Yeah, he got it at JARED'S".
Here's the story link:
Three hammer-wielding BLACK males entered the Jared jeweler near Glenbrook around 2000 hrs Monday evening, smashed some display cases and made off with an undisclosed amount of diamonds and sundry jewelry..
One of the men had been looking at a display case (earlier) that was smashed later on.He was casing the case.
The getaway vehicle was an older white Dodge Intrepid, and police are viewing security videos.
After making off in the Dodge, the men proceeded to the nearby Target parking lot where they bailed into DIFFERENT vehicles and drove off.
And the store wasn't even OPEN that long.
The three perps left behind the hammers used in the robbery, and police recovered some blood from all the broken glass.
Obviously, this was "somewhat" thought out, and doesn't surprise me.
Since there's no store like that anywhere on the south side of town, where else to go but WHERE the stores are.
I would expect to see more of this in the future, unless potential target areas are patrolled more vigorously by the FWPD.
Hell, I'd like to see ANY patrols down here...(where the crims hide out).
Be nice to not have a drug deal along the street ONE month out of the damn year...for a change...like we USED to not have...when police DID patrol...and sponsored housing was non-existent in our area.
Moving on...
*** Next up, one person was taken into custody by police after a recent stabbing on S. Anthony Blvd...and guess what?
He's a BLACK guy...!
Here's the story link:
LOL...now THAT is one helluva mug shot.
THIS is your tax dollars hardly working - just like most all of the mooks cribbing down there on the SE side.
Alvis. T. Ramsey, 43, of the 2400 block of S. Anthony Blvd was busted in connection with a stabbing that left one man in critical condition.
Drinking and quarreling led to the stabbing...typical behavior for animals like this.
Ramsey was combative with police, banged his head against a wall and threatened police in the interview room.
Hope he likes wearing orange and flip flops....LOL. Whatta effin LOSER.
*** Well, that "Snowpocalypse" didn't turn out as expected for NYC, but the rest of New England got the hammer dropped on them.
Not enough snow in Times Square.
New York barely got 5 inches total, and yet mayor Komrade DiBlasio (known to honeymoon in CUBA) closed DOWN the city that never sleeps...
Talk about jerking one's knee (to the tune of a $200 MIL loss to the city)
Eastern Long Island got nailed as well, with some homes getting flooded from a storm surge.
And Massachusetts took the brunt of the storm.
Yeah, now THAT is a snowfall.
Here's a link for the details:
*** We, here at the "Fortress" were lucky enough to get a snow plow down the street yesterday...pretty much after the fact.
Wow...days after the event...here they come.
And, the FACT that this is a designated school bus corner (which it never should have been) speaks volumes as to HOW the city handles working in concert with FWCS to make sure the kids have as little trouble as possible when a snowfall hits and roads are crappy.
One block down...on a MAIN street would be a much better place for not only the kids, but having the snow cleared from the streets...
One might consider this a public safety issue...if one were intelligent enough to work in City Hall's public safety or street departments.
*** Next up, tonight on FX is the premier of the box office blockbuster of 2012 - Marvel's THE AVENGERS.
"Must-See" TV...finally. (or get the DVD)
Now THERE is as good a reason to stay home and watch some quality TV as I have ever seen.
Just wanted to pass that along to all you "true believers"...lol. Excelsior!
*** Last back to the rock quarry...America is a nation that used to do a lot better, both by it's people, and by it's government.
We used to have a lot more citizens willing to jump on and get their feet wet, and always for a good cause.
Our government used to be a lot less intrusive, and not prone to this desire to invade every aspect of one's life.
We used to be a people who were much more able to police themselves and thereby stay out of trouble.
Our government used to have the ability to rattle a saber now and then to keep others around the world better behaved
We were a people that used to be a lot more reliant upon ourselves and one another, were more charitable and were not afraid of hard work.
Our government used to not HAVE to pay for people who didn't WANT to work, and never used to spend BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to feed the starving, advance the poor, and aid the indigent...all of which have failed wonderfully.
Notice a "pattern" here?
I apply the term "used to"...as in a reference to  a time in our past.
There are those who hate such "nostalgia", and live for the moment in the moment.
That's all well and good IF you remember WHERE you came from as a society...what you WERE as a society and how well you DID as a society.
History is always the best teacher when we choose to look to the future and become forward-thinking.
And in that, I believe there are many who STILL have a lot to learn.
The rest of us can teach them...by example.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

27 January 2015

Tales From The SOUTH Side...
I am SO glad I'm not still living back in Philly, considering the weather conditions back there.
Many have said it "may" surpass the blizzard of '78, and they might not be that far off.
I hear they're getting around TWO INCHES PER HOUR of snowfall, and that means a LOT of shoveling, as well as power lines coming down, schools being closed, and the only traffic to be found being that of a PRIORITY status (emergency vehicles).
Hell, I saw NYC buses with CHAINS on the tires...only used to see those on fire engines and police cars.
(I still have my chains in the garage).
Also heard that the ENTIRE NYC SUBWAY system was shut down around 2300 hrs last night...never heard of that before, either. Kinda weird to hear that.
They did drop the travel ban in NJ, and parts of NY.
"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."
So, I suppose we can deal with a couple inches HERE in the Heartland, right?
Our Hoosierland weather today will have us with a high around 24 degrees, and partly cloudy skies and slight winds. Tonight's low...a frigid TEN degrees.
NYC - closed early due to weather?
Back east, over 6800 flights were cancelled and over 1900 delayed.
All in all, not bad here, considering how others are fairing this morning.
Still wish our streets were clearer, though.
So, let's give some thanks to "not AS bad" weather and grab our morning cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa, and see what else has been going on...
*** First out of the corral today is our "What the hell happens today, Bob? feature:
January 27 -
---Today, we only have ONE item, and it's a good one. It's NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CAKE DAY.
Now for me, ANY day is a good day for cake, and EVERY day is a good day for CHOCOLATE cake...lol.
*** Next up is our salute to all the morons out there who have nothing better to do than shoot off a firearm for no damn reason.
SHOTS FIRED (and armed robberies) - 01/18- 12/26
15F006993 02:43:43 113 SHOTS FIRED 4400 CHAMPLAIN DR
15F007001 03:20:16 113 SHOTS FIRED 1500 PRODUCTION RD
(1 armed robbery)
15F007302 03:06:44 113 SHOTS FIRED 3500 TIMBERHILL DR
15F007515 18:19:23 58 SHOOTING 1200 BETHANY LN
15F007949 19:49:15 113 SHOTS FIRED 3000 BARR ST S
(1 armed robbery)
15F008223 14:36:37 113 SHOTS FIRED 4600 PLAZA DR
15F008430 22:14:12 113 SHOTS FIRED 2900 WEISSER PARK AVE
0 calls - wow frigging amazing!
(1 armed robbery)
0 calls - WTH is up with this?
15F009375 01:16:18 113 SHOTS FIRED 3400 AMULET DR
15F009413 02:58:11 113 SHOTS FIRED 700 KENWOOD AVE & PARNELL AVE
15F009420 03:02:57 113 SHOTS FIRED 3600 CHEVIOT DR
15F009673 17:29:59 113 SHOTS FIRED 4600 CALHOUN ST S
15F009694 18:34:47 113 SHOTS FIRED 3000 BARR ST S
15F009718 19:43:16 113 SHOTS FIRED 2100 WELLS ST
15F009755 21:38:33 113 SHOTS FIRED 200 CROWN LN E
15F009792 23:14:28 113 SHOTS FIRED 4400 GAYWOOD DR
15F009424 03:19:50 58 SHOOTING 1500 WELLS ST
(1 armed robbery)
15F009898 03:33:03 113 SHOTS FIRED 1800 HANNA ST S & MASTERSON AVE E
Wow, hardly any calls during the start of last week...guess that EBT money is running out.
But, the idiots made up for it by the end of the week, as they always seem to do.
*** And speaking of shooting, there was that one call this past Saturday up on Wells St that the media seemed to "miss" for some odd reason.
Here's the link to the story:
Once again, the shooting takes place over a WOMAN...and the shooter was a BLACK male.
And yes, he's at-large (as usual).
Only photo I could find.
The Pantry Bar, located at 1501 N. Wells St was the scene of the double shooting.
An argument over a woman (at the bar) precipitated the bartender to kick the antagonist out, and that's when the male pulled a gun and shot two people.
A man and a woman were both struck in their thighs.
The shooter had told witnesses earlier that he was from CHICAGO (hood reason to NOT have high-speed rail here), and that he had crack and other drugs on him.
Police were advised that security cameras were inside the bar, so we can hope that some video of the perp is forthcoming.
*** Next, FWCS passes changes to school bus routes and schedules.
Here's the story link:
Park 'em if 'ya got 'em!
See, this is what happens when you get comfortable with all that tax revenue rolling in, and you "think" you have the keys to the candy store.
It's like grant money...never come to DEPEND on it, because it's an infinite source of revenue.
Lesson learned by FWCS, we hope.
But trimming DOWN bus routes is something that SHOULD have happened AGES ago, but has not, and the CITY is to partially blame, for they never installed sidewalks where they have been  needed.
Sure, NOW the city says they're spending $20MIL per year for such things, but that's kinda after the fact, isn't it?
As aerodynamic as a shoebox.
Not to mention the wear and tear on school buses and the need to replace them when required. That figures prominently into the transportation budget.
Perhaps a different STYLE of bus is needed in the future - one that is not one huge "rolling brick" of a vehicle, that looks like it might roll over on a tight turn? And diesel might not be the best way to go with fueling them, because the prices for that fuel have not dropped as markedly as gasoline.
Diesel buses tend to have the fuel "gel" when the weather gets TOO cold, and need pre-heaters to keep the diesel fuel flowing freely. Don't have that problem with conventional fuel.
Here's an idea...try LNG (liquid natural gas) or propane-powered hybrids...oh, wait, that costs even more money...not for the FUEL, but for the buses themselves. Seems like trying to choose the lesser of several evils, right?
A tight fit for a small street..on a GOOD day
And since FWCS is staggering the start times, perhaps using the SAME BUS STOPS for ALL students would be a much more efficient way to manage the routing...like get rid of the bus stop at OUR corner and move it down to PETTIT, where traffic is a lot more predictable and manageable.
We can hope that clearer heads prevail and reason wins out (but don't uncross your fingers).
*** Next, what you do when you move into a section 8 rental and forget your government-sponsored "crib" keys?
Well, you do what ANY ethnic would do...(and it's NOT to call the landlord or locksmith)...you find ANOTHER WAY INSIDE.
Well, dat winna won open...
Which is exactly what these "girlrillas" did yesterday down the block.
After trying the first two windows, one of them got in through the window to the right of the front door...I was laughing too hard to get a picture of that, sorry.
Dis one won open eitha
The sheer idiocy obviously knows NO bounds down here when it comes to the "locals"...lol.
It would have been hilarious to see a FWPD cruiser roll up as she was "breaking in"...I'd pay to see that - that's of course IF we had ANY patrols down here...which we do not.
*** Last back to the holding pen...I was watching O'Reilly last night, and in the WATTERS' WORLD segment, I found what is bothering our country these days.
Factor producer - Jesse Watters
Jesse went to Aspen (the X games) to ask young people basic questions like who our FIRST president was, who bombed Pearl Harbor. (easy stuff)..and the LACK of correct answers was astounding.
SHE was the smarter one interviewed, but not by much.
I cannot fathom how people can be SO dumb ...and ENJOY it, or worse yet, be totally OBLIVIOUS to it.
It amazes me that not even the most simple of questions, that we, and all other elementary school kids (of our era)  knew by heart, are not forthcoming from people THREE times the age of a 3rd grader...!
People simply aren't born this dumb...they have to (like damn near everything else in life) ACQUIRE it...work at it...and yes, perhaps crave it.
The fact that more people are so MUCH more concerned over this stupid-ass football "deflate-gate" BS instead of valid Islamic terrorist threats to our nation (with a rather porous border along the south) bears this much out.
Our society's PRIORITIES are grossly misplaced these days...
We should concern ourselves with issues that have a greater impact on each of us and our families, rather than ginned-up tripe, be it in the world of show business, music, or sports.
We're too "entertainment-driven", and sooner or later (probably sooner) we'll wind up getting caught with our societal pants down around our ankles.
It's called complacency for a reason, and we all need to focus on things that REALLY matter.
It's worked well enough since 1776...no reason to doubt it's efficacy today, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

26 January 2015

Monday Musings...
Welcome to the last and rather snowy week of the first month of 2015.
We sure seem to be sending it off in grand style too, but...it can ALWAYS be worse.
Like those on the east coast, who are getting a "double-whammy" from not only the storm that whacked us yesterday evening, but also another storm off the coast.
Talk about a meteorological "head-butt"...!
They predicted that Philly would get close to 18-24 inches...!
New England...perhaps more.
Schools HERE are all on a 2-hour delay, so at least the kids will be able to SEE the vehicles being driven by those who don't know how to drive in this weather. And speaking of that...
Our Hoosierland weather for today will see us with cold temps,  topping out around 23 degrees (well, that should help in NO way to clear the streets) , with no appreciable wind and partly cloudy skies. It's in single digits now, so dress accordingly.
A good day to get out and shovel the sidewalk (as I already did before 0600 hrs), if you're able enough to.
If not, then a good day to have someone do it FOR you, and reward them with a cup of hot chocolate.
And speaking of that, let's all get our OWN cup of hot coffee, tea or cocoa, and let's see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the toboggan run we have our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
January 26 - 
I suppose that everyone should have the best one they can find, too.
We seem to be on some peanut kick this month...perhaps the squirrels have something to do with this?
Well, this link clears it up...sorta:
And now we know more than we probably should...OY!
Moving on...
*** On the "up" side, at least no one was shot and killed in Fort Wayne over the weekend (that we KNOW of...lol).
But, there is plenty of other good "stuff" to rile the soul and make one rant and rave.
Take this story for example (please):
The LAST AMERICAN frontier.
It seems that Obummer is sticking his finger in another pie (does this socialist ever let up?) with this new act aimed squarely at the OIL producers in THIS country.
The FEDS will section off about 1.5 MILLION ACRES of Alaskan preserve to accommodate a refuge as wilderness.
"Yo...got any PEANUT BRITTLE?"
Now, where is the LEAST amount of crude coming from in AMERICA?
If you said "From government land, Bob", then give yourself a gold star.
So, the vast majority of crude comes from PRIVATE LANDS, and the government seeks to make those areas smaller, by "claiming" them.
Yeah, that will REALLY reduce our foreign dependency on oil...NOT.
"Drill away...I got beer"
I mean, it's not like the bears up there are bitching a fit over drilling for oil.
Hell, some of the drilling would have taken place offshore anyway.
"For my NEXT trick..."
But you know our whining hegemonic"leader" hates fossil fuels and their production, and since the economy here has rebounded a bit due to LOWER oil prices, he's taking credit for that, but still has to stick a finger in the eye of oil companies, because he was wrong.
This guy can't fail fast enough or often enough for me...
*** Next, we have another LIE perpetrated upon the driving public.
And here's the PROOF:
Did you know that the sound of YOUR vehicle's engine MAY be "acoustically-enhanced" just to make you FEEL good about the sound of it?
Yep, we're being bamboozled once again, and it has many car enthusiasts up-in-arms...(deservedly so, too).
The article is a great read and tells how "modified engine noise" is being pumped into the cabin via your speakers...
Sorry, I like OUR car speakers to pump out Ted Nugent..or Boston...or AC/DC...when they're not pumping out some classical favorite.
Absolutely NO deception here...!
I like MY engine sound to come ONLY from...(you guessed it)...THE ENGINE.
Actually, the muffler has something to do with it, and when you have a BAD muffler, they can hear you coming blocks away...like many of the idiots down here will testify via their vehicular antics.
Many trucks have straight pipes (no muffler or converter), so not only are theypolluting the air more than everyone else...BUT, their damn noisy for no good reason.
And no one EVER seems to ticket them or consider it a noise violation (which it really is).
Still, WE, the consumer get hosed with DECEPTION...AGAIN, and we weren't even aware of it.
We're being "told" the reasoning is because cars are so efficient and QUIET, that people "need" to hear the engine.
I like my car quiet enough, but when I stomp on the gas, THEN I hear the engine unwind and growl...that's the way it's SUPPOSED to be.
These morons tell us that ELECTRIC cars are SO quiet that they present a risk to people who can't hear them coming.
Well, if people would get their primate faces OUT of their smartphones for a few moments, they might see (and hear) the world around them and NOT walk into an electric car's path...or into a mall fountain, right?
So these car-makers produce fake noise for the benefit of all the stupid people...sounds about right for these days.
Yet blind people shouldn't have to fret - they have GUIDE DOGS to keep them from walking into the path of an electric (or any other) vehicle.
I don't want to even TRY to explain THIS one...
Sure makes me wonder HOW ELSE we're being DECEIVED these days, and not just with our preferred mode of transportation...
*** Last back to the garage...we, as Americans used to be a lot more AWARE of things...lots of things...things we summarily dismiss these days, little things, big things, things of all shapes, sizes and intent.
And, as a result of our paying attention, we were a lot more savvy people.
It would appear that there are fewer if us like that today...much easier to let someone (or something) else do the paying attention for us.
And that's a shame...that takes away from who we used to be as a people.
If it were not for those who DID pay attention before the founding of this nation, we'd still be under the thumb of a monarchy...just another colony to the crown, instead of a FREE people who fought for that freedom and the liberty it ensured.
Nowadays, we're SO "free", we feel the need to let others tell us everything...how to dress, what to drive, where to live, and so on...
It's more about what is marketed to US, and how often and how intensely it's marketed...JUST so we can be "in the know".
Well, the BEST way to be in the know is NOT to blindly follow everyone else, but rather LEARN FOR YOURSELF...DO for yourself, RELY on yourself, and to be as knowledgeable about what it is that you wish to know.That requires some WORK on our part, but the benefits we reap are immense.
And they are long-lasting for us and those who follow.
Again, THIS is what makes this nation great, and it's something for all of us to want to adhere to...as REAL citizens of this country.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.