18 August 2017

Friday Follies...
You could tell the difference outside after the rain passed through.
And we'll be having this bit of a cool down for the next couple days, before it gets hot again next week.
The biggest change was in the humidity...didn't feel like I was breathing water when I went outdoors.
Sorry, I just can't take the heat and humidity a well as I used to...gotta be the age thing.
Our Hoosierland weather for today bring us mostly sunny skies, temps reaching to around the 80 degree mark, and breezy conditions (in the 20 MPH range). Not bad...and getting a might better.
Now, before we get started on our journey into the weekend, let's all get that morning drink poured and parked close by, as we see what this crazy world has to offer us...
*** First off of the hard drive is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---It's National Fajita Day
(didn't know this was an AMERICAN delicacy? Save it for Mexico, compadre)
---It's National Ice Cream Pie Day
(now THAT'S more like it)
---It's National Mail Order Catalog Day
(makes me long for the old Sears days and their catalogs)
*** Next, and since we are at the end of the week, let's see what the following 48 hours has to offer in the way of observances...
---Saturday is National Aviation Day
(funny, don't see a single air show in the vicinity)
---It's National Soft Ice Cream Day
(that's TWO days of ice cream in a row...nice trend)
Sunday is National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day
(pecan pie...AND chocolate? Be still my beating heart!)
---It's National Radio Day
(at least THOSE airwaves are STILL FREE, right?)
And there you have it...not that much going on, but some very good desserts in the offing.
Remember to observe responsibly,
*** Next up, seems Spain is now reaping the "benefits" of allowing the wrong people into THEIR country.
The terror attack in Barcelona proves as much. Now, all you have to do is rent a truck and drive it into a crowd of people, and then die in a shootout with police. Doesn't sound that complicated a task for even the 10th century camel-jockeys, does it?
Here's a link to one of the many stories:
Hey Europe...READ this!
You know, this "light-handed" method of disallowing the assimilation of foreigners from the Middle East (and associated nations) so that these people can open up ancillary Islamic cadres in Europe (and in the USA) doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling...why do you suppose that is?
France has found out the hard way, as has Germany, the UK, Sweden...the list is getting longer, isn't it?
Hell, we even had our share of radical Islamists among us.
And yet, it all comes down to becoming permissive societies, doesn't it?
You let the camel get his nose in the damn tent, and now he's sleeping, pissing, and crapping all
over your satin pillows and expensive carpets.
Sooner or later, everyone will find out this isn't working out and that many nations stand to lose much of their OWN, unique cultures...for the sake of WHAT, exactly?
*** Next, a little something that caught my ear when hearing another story about the confederate monuments.
I think it was one of the major network's news programs (that I forgot to turn the hell off), and whoever was the talking head at the moment spoke about how the confederacy broke away from America during our Civil War. THAT is what made me stop and think (uh oh...there he goes again).
Those states that seceded from the union (then) went by a SPECIFIC NAME, didn't they?
They called themselves...(get ready, this will be a shocker for some):
Even had their OWN flag.
THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF (here's the kicker folks) A M E R I C A ...!
They still recognized themselves AS AMERICANS, and not some other (new) country. Amazing stuff, huh? Even got a WIKI, found HERE
They didn't break away FROM America, just the "union", the northern states, the yankees (not the Mets...never the Mets).
And that was my point of contention...these newscasters spoke without knowing the history behind what they were saying. Also, there were abolitionists in the south, just as much as there were those who were slaveholders in the north.
Learn it, live it, love it.
Now, this nation of ours has been reduced to performing clandestine actions of monument-removal for the sake of the (extreme left) minority of the population (60% don't want them removed).
We're treading on very dangerous ground here.
*** Next up, more proof that local government has NO idea what a CIVIL SERVANT really is. Here's the link:
A drug treatment facility slated to open at the long-vacant Verizon building on Rupp Drive east of Coliseum Boulevard, had a good amount of opposition by residents in the area, but the zoning board didn't seem to give a damn, and are planning to rezone the area to accept the facility.
((Security for the building is the major issue here. Residents say their main concern is safety. However, police and Park Center officials said the community will be more safe with more drug addicts receiving help.))
What the hell kind of LOGIC are these officials operating under? Maybe these "officials" need to check THEMSELVES into a drug facility, because they seem to need a LOT of help getting off of whatever they're smoking, snorting, or shooting.
You're going to have 100 addicts at this facility, with schools and residents very close by, and THIS type of venue is somehow safer?
The plan is to have two security guards there around the clock, and possibly a police outpost nearby. Hell, we could use that (plan) on OUR DAMN STREET!
Yeah, somehow, having all those addicted felons near MY house would make me nervous, too.
They manage to burglarize, rob and steal at their leisure these days...why would that miraculously STOP if and when this center gets approval and houses these people?
*** Next, a nice little drug raid uptown nets one (and more).
Here's the story link:
This took place yesterday just after 0900 hrs at a house located at 1230 Swinney Ave.
((Inside the home, officers found a digital scale with cocaine residue, more than 100 grams of cocaine and several used baggies, according to a report.))
Quyon (which must be Swahili for DUMBASS LOSER) Dsean Rogers, 21, faces charges of Dealing Cocaine, Maintaining a Common Nuisance and two counts of Neglect of a Dependent.
Excuse me, but THAT is a woman? Getting harder to tell these days.
((Police also found a 10-month-old child and 3-year-old child. They were removed from the home and taken into custody by the Department of Child Services.
Neighborhood Code condemned the home after the raid.))
I condemn people like this for breeding and wreaking havoc on society.
*** Next up, let's tag out of the garbage heap, and instead spend some time at "Kitten Corner"...
"I'm not cute...I'm ADORABLE."
What can you say about cats that act so damn cute most of the time?
Well, you COULD say they get those crazies on, and they don't seem AS cute.
"She's right. I'M the cute one."
All it takes to get you back on their side (after some raucous behavior) is to stare at you with some big eyes (while you're eating), and all is pretty much forgiven (until the next time...lol).
*** Next, time to look in on "Midnight and Company"...
"Hahaha...humans are a hoot."
These two are fairly easy to get pictures of...
For one thing, they're not tearing through the house.
"Did I miss something funny?"
And the lighting is better outside than inside...heh.
As usual, Whiskers was around ALL day (into night), while our ebony feline had his morning meal, and then did his "patrol" gig until early afternoon. He stayed until dusk, then set off for another "adventure".
*** Last back to the CD-ROM...crazy doesn't begin to describe the world today.
And, to be clear, it's not the "funny" kind of crazy, but the OTHER kind - the dangerous kind of
Take the way we seem to excel at BANNING things today.
"Whiskey -Tango-Foxtrot!?!"
We tried banning certain books (when I was in school)...that went over like a pregnant pole-vaulter.
Then we started banning WORDS, and not enough people pushed back as they did with the books.
Then, we banned flags (of the Confederacy, mainly), and that got past us.
We also banned religious items in government places (and some private ones, too), and as long as every other religion was INCLUDED, the Ten Commandments could stay (how nice of the leftards).
Now, we're banning monuments and statues, because "some" feel they're there to put blacks down (that's what I read...honest). Makes me wonder why Japanese-Americans aren't trying to take down the USMC monument in Arlington?
I mean, we ARE hearing murmurs about the Washington monument and Jefferson Memorial (because both had slaves, who were WELL-treated and educated, btw). The Lincoln Memorial was recently vandalized, and he was AGAINST slavery (anyone remember that Emancipation Proclamation thing?).
We only had slavery because it was PERMITTED in the colonies (thanks, England), and later in the fledgling United States.
We have a great many things in the USA because they are permitted, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are correct or what we need.
Many times, we allow things we're not even aware of, but are there as an unintended consequence to previous actions (or inactions).
And that unfortunately brings us back to this crazy-ass world.
Not that hard to figure out how we got to this point in time.
The challenge is for us to decide how we're going to extricate ourselves from this Gordian knot.
Time can work for us, or against us in this matter.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

17 August 2017

Thoughts For Thursday...
Bit of a wet day staring at us out there this morning.
We actually needed some rain, in spite of the very moist spring and early summer we had.
I will say the air is humid enough to wring the hell out, however.
Our Hoosierland weather for today has for us  mostly cloudy skies, bit of sun, a few bouts of showers throughout the day, temps reaching to around 86 degrees, and of course, PLENTY of humidity. Take an umbrella along anyway, and modify your driving accordingly.
Now, with that dispensed with, let's get ourselves something to wet our insides, as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the cookie jar is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Get correct views of life, and learn to see the world in its true light. It will enable you to live pleasantly, to do good, and, when summoned away, to leave without regret."
This was spoken by none other than Robert Edward Lee (January 19, 1807 – October 12, 1870) was an American general known for commanding the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in the American Civil War from 1862 until his surrender in 1865.
(I thought this so apropos in lieu of recent events in his home state of Virginia)
And here is his WIKI:
((A son of Revolutionary War officer Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee III, Lee was a top graduate of the United States Military Academy and an exceptional officer and military engineer in the United States Army for 32 years. During this time, he served throughout the United States, distinguished himself during the Mexican–American War, and served as Superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point))
Lee was someone who proved himself time and again, both as a student at West Point as well as an engineer for the U.S. Army and later on,  battlefield tactician,
As could be expected, the WIKI is a long read, and deservedly so, especially when you get down to Lee's legacy, the monuments and statues erected to commemorate the man, as well as his influence in pop culture.
It was not mentioned that the ONLY confederate statue of an individual at Gettysburg is Gen. Robert E. Lee (been there several times - impressive and humbling).
Here's a link to a story that mentions this:
Have we come to THIS in America?
Nice to know THOSE statues will be guarded and protected from vandalism.
Both links are good reads, and I hope you take the time to understand the truth.
*** Next up, time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---it's National I Love My Feet Day
(who the hell thinks stuff up like THIS anyway?)
---It's National Non-Profit Day
(I guess the average American family can claim THIS status by now?)
---It's National Thrift Shop Day
(good place to go when you're a "non-profit"...right?)
---It's National Massachusetts Day
(which means little to nothing in Indiana)
*** Next up, let's shift gears and stop over to "Kitten Corner"...
Our kids were not AS well-behaved as they could have been, but they were better than they HAVE been of late.
We get the ups and downs of feline frivolity, nestled in between bouts of napping and eating.
They do spend time with some toys (Lord knows they have enough for several cats), and Violet likes to carry one around with her and "talk to it" in the hallway.
Gallifrey just likes to toss a toy in the air and ":juggle" it around.
A video might be in store there, because all you get with a still picture is a very blurry cat.
*** Next, time to look in on "Midnight and Company"...
The twosome were right on time outside, waiting for food, and it was Midnight's turn to be M.I.A. for some of the day.
The afternoons have both of them back and staying until dusk.
I think I look forward to the "last feeding" of the evening as much as they do...nice way to end the day for all of us.
*** Last back to the bakery, this story got me to thinking..
(and that can be dangerous at times).
Here's the link:
Okay, so local people united against hate downtown...I get that.
But the sub-headline tells me much about the "real" meaning of this rally.
(Downtown vigil held in response to unrest, Trump)
Aha...so there IS another underlying "theme" to this get-together...
These people are playing the (pardon the pun) "Trump-Card", as in rail against the president (again).
You know, there IS a double-standard at work here.
No one seemed to decry Obummer when he was proven incorrect in his assessment of various actions taken by police when HE was in office...and those should have been called out, because he was dead wrong. He got a free pass (as usual).
Now, we have a president who denounced hate groups of ANY kind (and there are black ones as well as white ones...look them up), but that's not ENOUGH for these people...or he didn't "word it correctly", or some other bullshit excuse.
Thing is, I haven't heard ONE damn REASON as to why these (leftist) folks should be saying what they say about our commander-in-chief. I've only heard excuses, and we know that, like assholes, everyone's got one.
There is also a hypocrisy at work here, and one in which we ALL may be guilty.
Think on this...if there is a hate group, and people speak out AGAINST that group, and actually say they HATE that group, does that not make the ones against the group a "hate group" in their own right?
It would appear so.
I despise any divisive person, group, organization, cadre, cabal...you name it, that does nothing but pull our country apart, rather than bring it together.
Oh, I also hate the terminally and chronically STUPID among us.
I'm far from being alone on this, so that must (by default) make us our own hate group.
Well, there is hate and there is HATE, right?
I know I hate hating things (and people)....I can find much better use of my time.
There is also "righteous indignation". I could do a week of posts JUST on that.
But since many of the protesting people seem to have forgotten what morality is, as well as civility, there can be no discourse or debate as to why they do what they do...and to what end they wish to achieve, is there?
For some reason, people have become addicted to sensationalism, especially where it pertains to the media, and since many of these younger upstarts have never known a society without all these devices meant to divert their attention from what really goes on, they have no point of reference when it comes to how things used to be before all this.
Perhaps we need to open some addition centers for THIS kind or rhetoric?
This is indeed a culture war, and as in any war, the first casualty is usually the TRUTH.
In some ways, it's like having a planet full of spoiled little brats...in ADULT form.
And woe to us all if and when they "take over"; history will change according to their whims, and everything will be settled with violence, rather than discussion and reason.
And, like the saying goes..."If we don't learn from history, then we are destined to repeat it."
Maybe the change we sorely need will come before that happens (again). We can only hope.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.