21 June 2017

Humpday Happenings...
Well how about that - the middle of the week AGAIN.
Amazing how that works out.
And yes, another evening of rain came through...saves from having me water the plants and flowers.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will consist of sunny skies, temps reaching to around 83 degrees, and believe it or not...NO rain today (the rain comes back late tomorrow). I think we can manage to like this.
Now, lets all get a cool, refreshing drink as we take a look at what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the washer is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"In marriage do thou be wise: prefer the person before money, virtue before beauty, the mind before the body; then thou hast a wife, a friend, a companion, a second self."
After reading numerous quotes (and there ARE a lot), both serious and humorous, I think this particular one sums things up quite well. So, who said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in the Tower of London...
*** Next up, it's time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JUNE 21 -
---it's Go Skateboarding Day
(sorry that train left the station for me DECADES ago)
---It's National Daylight Appreciation Day
(well, it does save on electric usage)
---It's National Day of the Gong
(okay, name FIVE songs that use a gong)
---It's National Peaches 'n' Cream Day
(still not to be confused with Peaches and Herb)
---It's National Seashell Day
(no SEA...no shells. Simple, huh?)
---It's National Selfie Day
(yes, Chris, I'm gonna count the pic in your post from yesterday)
---Summer Begins - aka the Summer Solstice
(betcha couldn't see that coming)
*** Next up, it was twenty years ago today, but Sgt. Pepper wasn't teaching the band to play...
It's the day Wifey and I got hitched, and that "bridle" thing still hurts my head...LOL.
TWENTY years (so far).
Funny, seems more like forty...(OW!, now that hurt!)
And because we are at this millstone...I mean MILESTONE, I looked up some stuff regarding this particualr anniversary.
From the http://www.anniversary.us.com/20thanniversary.html website:
20 years.  Where has the time gone?
(you tell me - I got nothing.)
Still can't find my TARDIS.
Congratulations to you and yours for being together 20 years.  It is a testament (old or new?) of your love and devotion to each other. (and I thought that itch was psoriasis)  If you are looking for a special gift to commemorate your lives together (maybe) or to give as a gift to another couple, you might want to consider these interesting facts about the 20th anniversary.
Lenox (china)...what else?
20th Traditional Anniversary Gift: CHINA
Modern Gift: PLATINUM
Gemstone: EMERALD
Flower: DAY LILY
Most Popular Song 20 Years Ago: "CANDLE IN THE WIND" - Elton John
Average Price of Gasoline when you were married: $1.23 / gallon
(God, I miss THOSE days!)
TRADITIONAL GIFT: China is the traditional gift for the 20th wedding anniversary.  There are several different gifts that can be given.  Here are just a few suggestions:  a china vase, dinner set, tea set, photo frame, personalized china plate.  If you want to pull out all the stops, consider arranging a trip to China.  (yeah, like that'll happen)
MODERN GIFT: The modern gift for the 20th anniversary is platinum.  Platinum usually comes in the form of jewelry such as a ring, broach, tie clip, etc.  
Two non-jewelry suggestions are a platinum rose or collectible coins. (or an album that WENT platinum?)
GEMSTONE: The emerald is known for its brilliant green shine.  This shine comes from a high content of chromium.  Genuine emeralds contain trace amounts of iron, which actually increases the value of the stone.  Some of the best emeralds in the world are found in South America, particularly Colombia and Brazil.  Ancient Egyptians buried emeralds with mummies. (they telling me something?)  Some of the oldest emeralds in the world were harvested from the infamous “Cleopatra mines”.   Emeralds are known to be very tough gems, but they are prone to cracks on the surface, which could devalue the gem.  For this reason, before the gems are sold to the public, they are treated with epoxy or oils to fix or prevent any cracks and improve the transparency.
FLOWER: The day lily is the flower associated with the 20th wedding anniversary.  Lilies come in a variety of colors, so you can pick a favorite color.  A bouquet of 20 is a very thoughtful and traditional gift. (but they have no smell!) 
We invite you to visit us before your 25th anniversary and we will give you suggestions for celebrating your silver anniversary.))
My, my..."silver anniversary?" - the people who wrote this seem to be optimistic...lol.
---Okay, so if CHINA is the traditional gift that's given, then damn near ANYTHING I get for Wifey should work, because most everything any of us purchase these days is...(wait for it)...
(gotta love a good loophole, right?)
We already have PLENTY of dishes, so ANY china would be redundant as the day is long.
Platinum is the modern gift...anything electronic already HAS platinum in the circuitry somewhere (not gonna go look for it). Already have lilies, and gotta ask the Munchkins for anything "emerald"...lol.
We plan our usual fare (can't be called a soiree` because it doesn't take place in the evening)...a nice lunch up to Red Lobster (pics to follow tomorrow, Lord willing).
It'll be the first time we take the Wifeymobile 2.0 up there.
Hope that Bruce still works there, as he's a top notch server.
After that, we return to "homestead heights"...for a nice NAP...lol.
Not even thinking about dinner. We'll figure something out for that.
This is what I refer to as Wifey-Week, because she gets a double-shot - anniversary (today) and birthday (this Sunday).
I gotta wait until August (as usual) for my b'day. But, we are planning something for the "kids", as we figured they were both born around this time last year (we brought them home in November and they were about 5 months old then).
Wonder how you make a cake out of Kitten Chow and Iams anyway?
*** Next up, and speaking of felines, let's stop by "Kitten Corner"...
Taking a break from the cat-toy "mambo".
Our kids had a pretty good day. Their "chasing" spells were shorter than usual (a good thing), and the play time was something I had to show Wifey. We watched as Gallifrey had this one shaggy-ball-thing and was "dancing" with it. Violet just watched the whole thing.
She has her moments with her fuzzy toy (and the laser). I wonder if they realize how much fun they bring to us (when they're not dashing about the house like a herd of wildebeest)...
*** Next, time to take a look at our 'Tales of Midnight"...
Guardian of the garden
He spent a lot of the day on or near our patio (until it decided to rain. He was soundly sleeping, in fact when ti started to drizzle. Then, he left to wherever he goes when the weather gets nasty.
Totally "zonked" before it began to rain.
You know when he leaves the immediate area NOT by his absence, but by the number of birds that come to feed...lol. That's a real giveaway, and when the birds disappear, you can bet Midnight comes back to get another handful of food.
*** Last back to the dryer...twenty years is a decent amount of time.
We had a cat (Rassie) who spent twenty years with us (we got him before we got married).
But, spending the same time with a PERSON you care for is quite another thing. It's a whole new level of dynamics, and rightly so.
Time has this strange way of comforting us with the familiar, and providing an often profound sense of belonging.
I had my father for 25 years, and my mother for 45 years. I've lived in one house (Philly) for almost 30 years, and this house for 20 years. In that amount of time, you do create memories...you build a life, and you manage to live it, despite the outside influences which may prove detrimental.
Now, if you're like me, you see each day as a gift from the Almighty, so imagine how you view the years as they pass by.
Sure, there are always things you wanted to do, and some things you wish you hadn't, but you tend to look at life as a journey...travels in which you learn and grow, and help, and love.
If twenty years pass and you are at a loss when it comes to such things, those years have been wasted.
And one should never allow that to happen, if life is to be valued in the manner it should be.
So, here's to a very good 20 years...not perfect, not terrible, and certainly not without it's unique challenges.
I think Wifey and I did okay so far, as relationships go.
Any relationship you want to work succeeds in the most basic manner; you take it one day at a time.
You never let the sun go down on any anger, never fail to listen. never be afraid to speak.
And always try to allow each day to mean something.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

20 June 2017

Tuesday Tidbits...
Can't say we didn't get a good soaking yesterday evening, can we?
That rain was more than just "some scattered showers"...
But, we plan to dry out a bit today (so they say).
Our Hoosierland weather brings us a cooler day with a high of around 80 degrees. We'll have some sunshine early on, and then clouds move back in with showers coming our way (again) by evening into the night. Seems we're in a weather "rut" with that stuff.
Now, I've got my coffee nearby (as usual), so you get yourselves something to drink, and together, we'll all see what else has been going on...fair enough?
*** First out of the rain gutter is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JUNE 20 -
---It's National American Eagle Day
(that's every day on this blog, and sure beats the wild turkey)
---it's National Hike With a Geek Day
(you're sure to learn SOMETHING)
---It's National Ice Cream Soda Day
(leave it to some guy named Robert Green back in Philly during the 1840s...so the legend goes)
---It's National Kouign Amman Day
(a butter lover's pastry dream come true)
---It's National Vanilla Milkshake Day
(wow, TWO drinkable treats in ONE day...very cool)
*** Next up, and since this IS a Tuesday, time to show you ALL the FWPD calls that we should have heard about, but didn't, because the media was busy trying to push their lame-stream agenda:
SHOTS FIRED ((113)) / ARMED ROBBERY ((53)) CALLS - 06/12 - 06/18
((23,113 - vandalism by gunfire))
JUN 12 - 
17F071498 06/12/2017 10:58am 113 SHOTS FIRED 1600 SPY RUN AVE & TENNESSEE AVE
17F071538 06/12/2017 12:46pm 23,113 600 RIVERSIDE AVE
17F071387 06/12/2017 12:00am 53 ARMED ROB 10300 CHESTNUT PLAZA DR
JUN 13 -
17F072314 06/13/2017 10:35pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 600 KINNAIRD AVE
17F072102 06/13/2017 01:44pm 23,113 200 MASTERSON AVE E
17F071854 06/13/2017 12:51am 53 ARMED ROB 2300 SHERMAN BLVD
17F071880 06/13/2017 02:14am 53 ARMED ROB 800 THIRD ST
17F071980 06/13/2017 09:10am 53 ARMED ROB 900 LINCOLN HWY E
17F071866 06/13/2017 01:20am 58 SHOOTING 400 SPRING ST
JUN 14 -
17F072353 06/14/2017 01:30am 113 SHOTS FIRED 4500 COLONIAL AVE S
17F072384 06/14/2017 04:32am 113 SHOTS FIRED 3900 OLIVER ST
17F072716 06/14/2017 09:11pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 300 KINSMOOR AVE
17F072723 06/14/2017 09:42pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 2400 PAULDING RD E
17F072727 06/14/2017 10:00pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 10100 LIMA RD
17F072747 06/14/2017 10:53pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 3300 CONGRESS AVE
17F072749 06/14/2017 11:06pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 300 PAULDING RD W
17F072603 06/14/2017 04:39pm 23,113 400 WILDWOOD AVE E
((NO armed robberies))
JUN 15 -
17F073150 06/15/2017 09:37pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 5400 PICKAWILLANY CT
17F073163 06/15/2017 10:00pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 5600 ST JOE RD
17F072767 06/15/2017 12:19am 113 SHOTS FIRED 2800 OLIVER ST & MCKEE ST
17F072901 06/15/2017 11:02am 23,113 5300 BROOKVIEW DR
17F073144 06/15/2017 09:20pm 23,113 4900 WOODFORD DR
((NO armed robberies))
JUN 16 -
17F073537 06/16/2017 04:32pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 3100 WELLS ST
17F073589 06/16/2017 06:07pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 2200 PACKARD AVE W
17F073678 06/16/2017 09:28pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 4000 WEBSTER ST
17F073721 06/16/2017 10:52pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 2800 KINGSLAND CT
17F073610 06/16/2017 06:55pm 53 ARMED ROB 2300 FAIRFIELD AVE
JUN 17 -
17F073765 06/17/2017 12:37am 113 SHOTS FIRED 900 WASHINGTON BLVD E EAST 
17F073800 06/17/2017 02:21am 113 SHOTS FIRED 2500 ALLEGANY AVE & SANDPOINT RD
17F074102 06/17/2017 07:10pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 1400 SWINNEY PARK PL N
17F074136 06/17/2017 09:13pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 12200 COLDWATER RD & WILLOWIND TRL
17F074152 06/17/2017 09:51pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 2000 DREXEL AVE
17F074186 06/17/2017 10:52pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 700 FLORENCE AVE
17F074188 06/17/2017 11:09pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 300 PONTIAC ST W
17F074197 06/17/2017 11:17pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 1000 PONTIAC ST E & SMITH ST
17F074198 06/17/2017 11:24pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 1700 REED RD
17F074212 06/17/2017 11:47pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 400 TAYLOR ST & FAIRFIELD AVE
17F074208 06/17/2017 11:21pm 23,113 600 ANDERSON AVE
17F074143 06/17/2017 09:30pm 53 ARMED ROB 3500 DUPONT RD E
17F074171 06/17/2017 10:17pm 53 ARMED ROB 5900 CROSS CREEK BLVD
JUN 18 -
17F074268 06/18/2017 03:19am 113 SHOTS FIRED 4100 PAUL SHAFFER DR
17F074271 06/18/2017 03:23am 113 SHOTS FIRED 800 MAPLE GROVE AVE E & SOUTHPARK
17F074280 06/18/2017 03:46am 113 SHOTS FIRED 9300 JEFFERSON BLVD W & MANOR WOOD
17F074382 06/18/2017 12:11pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 1200 OAKLAND ST & HIGH ST
17F074494 06/18/2017 06:56pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 2800 TRENTMAN AVE
17F074500 06/18/2017 07:15pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 2200 DUNKELBERG RD  
17F074525 06/18/2017 08:17pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 2200 WINDSONG CT
17F074565 06/18/2017 10:09pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 10600 UNCAS TRL
((NO armed robberies))
17F074275 06/18/2017 03:31am 58 SHOOTING 2200 RANDALLIA DR
Over 50+  theft runs, over 60+ disturbance calls, and 33 narcotics runs. Plenty of burglaries, too.
Looks like some criminals are warming up for summertime.
FIREWORKS CALLS 06/12 - 06/18
17F072260 06/13/2017 08:29pm 44FW 1600 REED RD
17F072756 06/14/2017 11:32pm 44FW 4200 REED ST
17F072813 06/15/2017 04:06am 44FW 8800 VOYAGER DR
17F073248 06/16/2017 01:31am 44FW 5400 MEIJER DR
17F073295 06/16/2017 05:54am 44FW 4400 CALHOUN ST S
17F073629 06/16/2017 07:56pm 44FW 900 HAMILTON AVE
17F073692 06/16/2017 09:59pm 44FW 2000 ONTARIO CIR
17F074168 06/17/2017 09:57pm 44FW 2600 SPRINGFIELD AVE
17F074164 06/17/2017 09:58pm 44FW 2200 GLENWOOD AVE
17F074159 06/17/2017 09:58pm 44FW 4900 FAIRINGTON DR
17F074174 06/17/2017 10:15pm 44FW 3900 OLD MILL RD
17F074175 06/17/2017 10:18pm 44FW 2400 OPECHEE WAY & WAWONAISSA TRL
17F074172 06/17/2017 10:18pm 44FW 3700 THREE OAKS DR & ARDMORE AVE
17F074179 06/17/2017 10:29pm 44FW 2800 STARDALE DR & WAYCROSS DR
17F074183 06/17/2017 10:48pm 44FW 1900 ANTHONY BLVD N
17F074207 06/17/2017 10:58pm 44FW 3500 COLISEUM BLVD W
17F074187 06/17/2017 11:03pm 44FW 4500 SOUTHWAYNE AVE
17F074235 06/18/2017 12:51am 44FW 3800 NEWPORT AVE
17F074535 06/18/2017 08:16pm 44FW 9900 WINDING CREEK LN & GREEN OAK
17F074546 06/18/2017 09:22pm 44FW 4500 FAIRFIELD AVE & SHERWOOD TERR
17F074549 06/18/2017 09:30pm 44FW 1000 CHERRY BLOSSOM LN
17F074556 06/18/2017 09:40pm 44FW 3500 COLISEUM BLVD W
17F074566 06/18/2017 10:09pm 44FW 5300 KYLE RD & SANDPOINT RD
17F074571 06/18/2017 10:27pm 44FW 2200 DODGE AVE
17F074576 06/18/2017 10:38pm 44FW 2400 CAREW S
Sure have a lot of idiots playing with fireworks WAY too early (which should NOT be allowed)
*** Next, a letter to the editor caught my eye today. Here's it is verbatim from the J-G:
((City getting too pricey
Is Mayor Tom Henry not hearing our Fort Wayne citizens when they say no riverfront, no tax increase, no arena? There are enough projects going downtown, most of which no one cares about and will never go to. Is it ever going to stop? If we wanted to live in Indianapolis or Chicago we would. Let's keep our city reasonable and cost manageable. That is the reason people live here.
Heidi Rae - Fort Wayne))
Thank you, Heidi...you "get it".
*** Next up, a toddler dies in a pool on the SE side. Here's the story
There was a "gathering" at a house (could well be another loud party) located at 4626 Spatz Ave around 2130 hrs Sunday.
A toddler went missing and was found unresponsive in an above ground pool. He latter died at hospital. Delonte Nelson was the name of the young victim.
Now, if you have a pool, and a toddler, you also need something called ADULT SUPERVISION, right?
Not to mention that WHY is a 2-year old not in bed that late at night (like we used to be)?
During a damn downpour...mooks!
Maybe it's the type of parent(s) who also are not at home to see that their pre-teen boys are out playing basketball during the thunder and lightning storms we had yesterday. These young idiots-in-training got good and soaked, before they headed to the next street over (to dry out?).
I think CPS needs to do a comprehensive assessment of those who are passing themselves off AS parents, before more lives are lost due to negligence.
If you're going to have children, then you need to up your game when it comes to being RESPONSIBLE.
*** Next up, did you know that Elon Musk (now) wants to pursue the possibilities of merging the human brain with A.I.
Here's the story:
Now, this COULD be a good thing, but such a notion has been portrayed in literature and in both the large and small screens as something we should approach VERY carefully.
Micheal Crichton's book The Terminal Man (later made into a movie starring George Segal) is a perfect example.
Here's the WIKI on that:
Just watch where the OTHER hand is at.
Now, if we are to take what Musk proposes to a higher level, we could well become a "hive mind", and we know how that works out. And, who's to say we still won't be hacked by the underwear-clad uber-geeks living in mommy's basement (or a foreign power)?
What happens when the A.I. up and fails, or if we become exposed to an EMP?
Does humanity (or those with such implants in their brains) simply "cease to function"?
There are just too many variables that we, as a species cannot hope to address, let along solve the problems that will arise from such technological advances.
Perhaps the A.I. might deem humanity unworthy of continuance (shades of Avengers- Age of Ultron), and then what? The liabilities far outweigh any and all assets at this point.
*** Next, I think it's time to stop by "Kitten Corner"...
The kids were not having a bad day. Wifey was doing the laser pointer thing to tire them out when they got "antsy". When the storms came, both of them tamed down a lot.
They don't like the thunder much, but at least they're not trying to claw their way into closets and the like. They just stop acting "spazmo" and settle down.
*** Next up, let's see what's shaking in our "Tales Of Midnight"...
Our fuzzy buddy came by for morning food, and then we hardly saw him all day.
He did come by in between storm systems that came through the area, and he got fed then also. Some of the food had gotten wet, so he had both soft AND crunchy morsels.
And then, when it got dark, he headed off to his dry place to spend the night.
*** Last back to the rain barrel...humans and technology...how much symbiosis is enough?
Whenever mankind seeks to "play God", it can never end well. Anyone recall the Tower of Babel incident?
Technology at it's best is (and should be) meant to serve us, much like another tool in the box. We should never have to come to be SO dependent upon it. That only makes us weaker as a species.
Personally, I'm not a big fan of living in a "Terminator" kind of world, or even one akin to the old TV series "Max Headroom", where corporations were basically the governing bodies around the world.
In every cinematic or literary case, the future is cast in a dystopian mold, and that should be a cautionary sign that what we're chasing after may not in out best interest, if we are to continue on this planet.
Doesn't sound THAT inviting, does it?
If we can devote technology to curing disease, that's a very good thing, but if it's carried further into life-extension, we're gonna run out of places to live, because people aren't dying. Limits to births will come into play, and we start down another road where we might not want to go.
Sad to say, to every good aspect of technology, there are always bad ones, and trying to avoid those and concentrate JUST on the good ones would be a task that humanity will find increasingly difficult. One need look only to the current tech to figure that much out...right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

19 June 2017

Monday Musings...
And we're off once again at the start of another week, sure to excite both young and old (he said sarcastically). Here's (also) hoping I manage to get a comment or two today (everyone took Friday off, it seemed)...lol.
At least we didn't have hoards of aimlessly wandering children asking where's my daddy on Father's Day.
We also survived that rain event over the weekend, small as it was. Sure jacked up the humidity.
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us partly to mostly cloudy skies, temps only (?) reaching up top around 77 degrees, and that chance of rain in the afternoon. It's not as hot (and humid). That's a good thing.
So, what say we kick off the week with a nice refreshing beverage to wet our whistle, as we see what's been going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First off the rails is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JUNE 19 -
---it's National FreeBSD Day
(look it up - it's not as free as you might think)
---It's National Martini Day
(It's an acquired taste, and not a favorite of mine, but it's not bad with the right ingredients)
---It's National Watch Day
(yes, it's a timey-wimey thing)
---It's Juneteenth
(I'll make this one easy for 'ya...here's the link:
---Cripes, I almost forgot...today is a special day for America's favorite feline.
It's Garfield's Birthday.
Have to admit he still looks good for his age.
And may he enjoy MANY more (save me a slice of cake).
*** Next up, what's up with our destroyer being rammed by a container ship (killing 7 sailors) in the middle of the night, anyway?
Here's the story link:
What I find totally weird, is that the Arleigh-Burke-class destroyer (of which the USS Fitzgerald is one) has a fantastic radar system that allows objects to be spotted up to hundreds of miles away, and that included in the air, below the sea, and (in this case) ON the damn sea. So WTH went wrong?
A ship the size of several football fields was certainly not a stealthy craft by ANY means.
So, why didn't the destroyer notice it, and ran it off, take evasive action, or just sail the hell out of the way?
I mean our ship could (literally) sail circles around a cargo ship (and do it at 30+ knots).
Something just does not add up here.
*** Next up, we lost actor Stephen Furst over the weekend, from complications from years of diabetes. He was 63 years old.
Here's his WIKI:
Wifey and I got to meet him once at a sci-fi con, and he signed a photo from Babylon 5 for her.
A very jovial person, and someone who did a very good job as an actor.
Sure, everyone remembers him as "Flounder" in Animal House, but he did more than that.
His B5 character, Vir Cotto was one who evolved through the 5-year story-line, and yes, they made an action figure of that character (2 variants, in fact). We have both of those.
For a series that aired in the 1990s, many cast members have left us too soon.
And, it was one of the best told stories in small screen science fiction, thanks to J. Michael Straczynski.
*** Next up, I read that Whole Food (markets) was bought by Amazon, and that's got grocery chains (and others) a bit nervous.
Here's just one story:
Now, I guess Kroger wants to get a jump on all this by saying they're lowerinbg prices in their stores for basic items.
Well, I can tell you, that I noticed NONE of that going on (this weekend). Milk was still $2.69 a gallon, and eggs were still $1.59 doz. Margarine is still 99 cents (Imperial and Blue Bonnet).
Kroger's going to have to up the ante is they want to stay ahead of Amazon...ditto for places like Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Menards, Aldi, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Save-a-lot and damn near every convenience store, because THEY also seel basics like MILK and eggs, and such.
*** Next up, let's take a stroll over to "Kitten Corner"...
The kids really got into bird-watching over the weekend, and that seemed to wind them up more than usual. The word "frenetic" comes to mind.
Still, they always calm back down, and get to being cute and adorable (he's cute, she's adorable).
There are times when they become a handful, and that's when Wifey pulls out a laser and runs them around tiring them out.
Why not, right?
*** Next, time for our "Tales of Midnight"...
Our furry buddy spends a bit more time away from our house of late. Have no idea where he goes, but he DOES come back for food, and sometimes just to hang out until it starts getting dark.
Maybe he's got a girlfriend, who can say.
I do know he's always out by the patio door each morning for eats, and that's good.
*** Last back to the station house...again, we see more changes that we're told we WANT. It might not be what we NEED, but that never seems to matter these days.
Everyone wants to do less, and that means making such mundane things as grocery shopping EASIER. Like people don't ant to bother making a list, and then driving to a store, picking items by hand from shelves and then paying for it...
Nah, that's too much or an encumbrance to manage. Nation of wusses, that's what we're heading toward.
Maybe that's why the judicial system is as effed up as it is...plea deals are easier than working for a honest conviction?
We are being led in a particular direction.
That's why we have rolling computers instead of vehicles these days...all the frills and bells and whistles of living at home INSIDE your car or SUV...how quaint. Just stay the hell home, then.
We talk about autonomous cars, drones delivering items we purchase (online), and then have the audacity to bitch a fit when the tech fails or gets hacked. You can't have all this stuff and not expect it ALL to be totally foolproof, can you?
This isn't the 24th century...yet.
And the scary part, is that all this tech is far outpacing OUR ability to both keep up with it, and educate ourselves on how to properly USE it for the purpose it was intended.
Where it will all end, I have no frigging idea, but I sure hope WE are prepared to work with it, and not wind up with it running our lives. We might not enjoy how THAT would turn out.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.