04 July 2015

Independence Day...
  And this nation isn't looking that bad for being 239 years old.
  If there is one word that should stand alongside the usual one we think of (FREEDOM) when we celebrate our independence,( to me), it's the word APPRECIATION.
  We need to appreciate more as to WHAT was done by those desiring to be free...HOW we created a new nation...WHY it had to be done...and WHERE it all began.
  It's perfectly fine to remember this day in celebration, but if we are to give this day the meaning an understanding it truly deserves, then we MUST acknowledge those who paid the price FOR our freedom...and are still paying...
  History needs to be our guide, and we all need to learn the lessons that the past has taught, and can still teach us, so that we can CONTINUE to celebrate and appreciate our nation and those who made this day possible for "We, the people"...

  Let's not forget those who first fought for our freedom, but those who have done so ever since, such as our firefighters and law-enforcement officers.

  Let us come to a better knowledge of WHAT our flag represents.

  Our country's Founders took an IDEA...and made it REALITY.
And they called it THESE...UNITED... STATES...

  Now THAT seems to say it ALL.
  Have a great 4th and do stay safe out there, America!

03 July 2015

Friday follies - Pre-America's Birthday Edition...
We made it to the weekend - now, all we have to do is survive the the next 72 hours, and we can start all the "fun" over again, hmm?
Where we live, that's pretty much easier said than done, in spite of what others might say to the contrary.
I wish it wouldn't sound like the recreation of PICKETT'S CHARGE...for once. Just once.
I've seen the real thing take place at Gettysburg...much better.
Our Hooiserland weather will be cooperative (wow, that's a change), with a partly sunny day ahead of us and temps reaching to around the 80 degree mark. Not a bad day to be outside. And the weekend will be just as nice.
Expect similar conditions over the next two days.
With that now behind us, let's get that taste of Friday fortitude poured and parked alongside, as we see what's going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the discount fireworks store is our "What the hell happens today, Bob/" feature:
July 3 -
Boy, if that doesn't have an underlying meaning to it, I don't know what does.
As with everything in life, there is a PROPER manner and an IMPROPER manner to go about being disobedient.
I will confess that these days in this country, this seems to be EVERY...single...day.
Maybe if more people READ this...
(and especially on the SE side of Ft. Wayne)
Maybe they SHOULD call it "ass-backwards" Day?
(I always stay OUT of the sun...and also tend to remain a fair enough distance FROM it.)
*** And since, it's a FRIDAY, let's take a look at what is going on over the weekend:
July 4 -
---Saturday is INDEPENDENCE DAY (for the USofA)
(America doesn't look THAT bad at her age)
Now, if anyone thinks it's a day justfor SALES...stick around, I'll be talking about that in a little bit.
In the meantime, here's a "heads-up" for the REAL DEAL:
It IS worth a read if just to refresh one's recollection.
(something purely AMERICAN..yeah, .I can work with that)
(maybe in the Mojave Desert or Death Valley, but not this year in Indiana)
July 5 -
Someone's got a LOT of time to kill...
(no farm here, no scarecrow, no problem, right?)
---It's also WORK-A-HOLIC DAY
(Unless you're a minister, priest, fireman, hospital worker, or police officer, if you're working on a SUNDAY, you must be chained to the job)
And there you have it...
*** Next up, a story that proves (once again) the level that some people will stoop to because they go against societal conventionality.
Here's the story link:
This took place last Saturday at the Wal-Mart located at 10420 Maysville Rd.
A woman, one Andrea Curry, 31, was charged by police with neglect of a dependent, criminal conversion, driving while suspended, and two counts of resisting law-enforcement.
That's on top of the initial call for a shoplifter at the store, which started a pursuit of Curry by police.
The chase took them through several neighborhoods in the area.
Loss prevention at the store reported to police that diapers and baby wipes were stolen.
A FWPD officer spotted her as she drove away from the store, and tried to stop here, but she drove away.
Police said that Curry drove onto a sidewalk and into a yard at a house, , then exited the vehicle with her 1-year old ion before she wa arrested.
Wal-Mart needs to post THIS!
Well, that boy is learning REALLY young what it's like to be surrounded by police.
Think he'll learn anything in the next 18 years?
Moving on...
*** Today, I want to spend some time talking about the (unfortunate) down side to the 4th of July, and the opposition to all the good things, that'll I'l mention in passing.
To me, the 4th USED to mean something, and it was a lot MORE than what it has become over the decades.
Bicycles were decorated in red, white, and blue, flags could be seen at damn near EVERY house (we opted for smaller flags in holders which could hold FIVE of the flags), and that looked nice. In a row-home, there was no manner to display a LARGE flag.
We had parades, and fireworks...REAL fireworks done by people who KNEW what they were doing, and those shows were wonderful, held in specified areas. The only thing "we" had were sparklers...that's the way Philly used to do it...and that was fun...for everyone..
These days, everyone can do anything, and that often leads to injuries (or worse), like the 11-year old (from TN, I think) who was killed earlier this week when a "mortar" shell went off as he was holding it.
People do not treat such ordnance in the proper way...and it shows.
Such dumbassery tends to "leave a mark".
Here in Indiana (Fort Wayne) people HAVE to (by law) shoot off such devices ON THEIR OWN PROPERTY, or have permission by a neighbor to use their property.
I can tell you straight away - THAT NEVER HAPPENS around here...EVER...AT ALL.
The numb-nuts shoot mortars off IN THE DAMN STREET, and woe to those driving through the area.
And, since we have ALL these trees, you just know where the glowing embers will fall.
Over the years, I've picked up all sorts of refuse from these "home-grown" pyrotechnicians...moronic as they are.
We have plenty of PROPER fireworks displays all around the area, done by the pros, and yet, people are given the chance to injure themselves (or others), risk property damage, or just plain annoy the hell out of those who relish the TRUE meaning of this holiday.
Also, many of these devices do NOT come cheap, so where do people who DO NOT WORK for a living, manage to purchase hundreds of these mortars and major firecrackers to set off hour after hour?
Does the EBT card allow purchases of such nonsense?
Sure seems that way.
Either that,. or someone is GIVING shit like this away.
It amazes me the lengths these idiots go to in order to "have fun"...at the expense of everyone else who doesn't want to partake in detonating things from China in order to celebrate the birthday of AMERICA..
Look at the dumbass!
And then, there are those for whom such noise is bothersome, and we're not just talking about family pets and small infants.
Here's  a story that speaks to this issue:
It's called PTSD...or "flashbacks".
I can understand Jim Cotter's situation...not nice having a flashback to times best left forgotten.
It certainly isn't fair for others to deny Mr. Cotter the quality of life he has truly earned.
The FWFD suggest the people notify neighbors about setting off fireworks...and I have to laugh at that.
That would NEVER happen here...the detonations are your "heads-up"...just like the gunfire.
Those living near us have NO REGARD for others, and certainly NO RESPECT either.
There are also OTHER sales all over the place...as if to say this was our "independence from fewer choices of things to purchase", instead of independence from a tyrannical rule, and the creation of a free country.
I've never viewed the 4th as a "day of bargains"...maybe I'm the oddball here.
I kinda like the old-fashioned era.
The 4th always seemed to have a DEEPER meaning than saving a few bucks.
To most (real) Americans, it should, but that's just the way I feel.
We have 364 other days to snag a sale...why do it on the one day a year that we celebrate becoming a nation that others looked to as a model for democracy, as well as a nation where so many have chosen to come to, and start anew?
I think a lot of folks "miss the boat" on that reason alone.
We can celebrate without being blooming idiots, and we can appreciate what had to be done in order to secure a FREE COUNTRY.
And we can do this in a much netter manner than by rampant displays of stupidity.
We were good enough to break away from England and create THIS country, and by God, we can good enough to prove to everyone else that it was worth that struggle.
DO have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference o someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

02 July 2015

Thoughts For Thursday...
Okay, so we might not see a sunrise this morning here in the Heartland, but we're not supposed to get any rain, either.
Doesn't exactly seem like a loss, does it?
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with mostly sunny skies (a little later on) with temps reaching back into the mid-70s.
Sure is good sleeping weather, too with the lows dropping into the 50s.
If you're careful, you might be able to save some money on utilities bills...and wind up spending it on healthcare premiums...lol.
That's the way things work these days, unfortunately.
In any event, let's get a nice soothing cup or glass of that morning drink poured, as we see what else is going on...
*** First out of the library stacks is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of Earth."
This is attributed to the 16th President of these United States - Abraham Lincoln (12 February 1809 - 15 April 1865).
And here is his (lengthy) WIKI:
Many forget that Lincoln's MAIN objective was the preservation of "The Union" (our United States), and he stated it thus:
"My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union ... I have here stated my purpose according to my view of official duty; and I intend no modification of my oft-expressed personal wish that all men everywhere could be free."
Kinda says it all, hmm?
The real shame to all this is that after all this time, and the passing of the Civil Rights Act, there are still those who have chosen to remain in another form of "slavery", be it via illiteracy, illegal drugs, criminal activity, or outright ignorance.
Wonder how Lincoln would view that?
Moving on...
*** Next, we bring to you our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
July 2 -
---Today is I FORGOT DAY
Apparently , the BEST day of the year for what I call "Selective Amnesia".
This is something that is a CHRONIC condition in our nation's capital, if you haven't guessed by now.
---And, it's WORLD UFO DAY
Those Earthling crack me the frack up.
That's the ONLY reason those little green men stop by our planet - COMEDY RELIEF.
So, if you happen to SEE one of those buggers, thank him for not vaporizing the Earth...(the Democrats seem to be doing that already).
*** Yesterday was a decent day to mow the backyard (again), and the rest of the ground cover around our "Fortress" gets a haircut over the next couple days, as the weather will be nice enough (the onoy rain coming hit here around Monday).
Another job well-done.
And, since I'm not a spry 25 years old any longer, I choose to "pace myself". That means I get to clean out the gutters in front of the house (the only other one that really needs it)....oh, joy.
That shouldn't be that big a deal, so I'm not expecting any "surprises" along the way.
You'll love this one...yesterday, we had a STREET SWEEPER roil through.
Well, that's ONE guy with job-security.
But, it's not like we didn't NEED one. Hell, the THESE primates toss trash from their paws, we could have a sweeper come through several times a WEEK, and we'd barely break even with the accumulation of litter along our streets.
(must be a "cultural" thing with these people?)
Still, a clean street looks better...until the next mook starts tossing litter, and begins the cycle anew.
Wifey and I are wondering how SOON that will occur...LOL.
(My guess...LESS than 48 hours)
*** Next, there is only ONE thing I have to say about the recent White House "lighting" gig:
You said it, Buster.
And there you go...no other words are necessary.
*** Next, several new laws go into effect in Indiana as of 1 July. Here's the story link:
I read them...not a biggie to me, and nothing I have to fear.
1) If you're going too damn slow in the passing lane (I hate that, and you people know who you are), you HAVE to move over to allow faster traffic to pass.
Who needs "roads"?
Just remember, Indiana roads are NOT the frigging German Autobahn, got it?
2) If a teen has a probationary license (we used to call them LEARNER'S PERMITS) they cannot use a telecommunication device (smart phone) IN their vehicle until they are 21. (sounds good to me) Only exception - an EMERGENCY!
3) Drivers UNDER the age of 18 w/ a "learner's permit", cannot be on the roads UNSUPERVISED (accompanied by a REAL driver) between the hours of 11 PM - 5 AM - Sunday through Thursdays. Saturdays and Sundays no drive time is from 1 AM - 5 AM.
(and you guys out here are JUST getting around to this NOW???
We had such laws in Philly back in the 1970s...LOL)
---I also hear that you can now have a SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN...but there is a proviso:
It cannot be "modified" into a sawed off weapon.,..that is STILL a federal offense.
So, I guess they're gonna be SELLING them?
Isn't that a bit ridiculous?
Who wants to shell out (pun intended) good money for LESS firearm?
Most sawed-offs tend to be coach guns (double-barreled, side-by-side).
A pump would be dumb - maybe have 3-4 rounds TOPS in the tube (because that is also shorter)
*** Last back to the holding cell...is anyone else getting as pissed off as I have become over ALL this "control" being enacted against our FIRST AMENDMENT?
Some people really NEED to read this.
This is becoming a critical sticking point these days.
I used to think we were getting way in over our heads with frivolous lawsuits, but alas, such lawsuits are not longer the realm of the inconsequential.
In fact, they are becoming MORE common, rather than less.
The ACLU, which USED to stand for and promote CIVIL LIBERTIES for everyone, are now the cherry-pickers for the trivial and mundane.
They will fight like there's no tomorrow for the rights of ONE person (or a small group) instead of protecting the SAME rights of the vast MAJORITY.
Seems they made a "180" here, and that is becoming a HUGE problem in this country.
The thinner your skin, and the easier you become "offended" by something or someone, the faster these new-age "ambulance -chasers" come to the rescue, and damn our Constitution along the way.
Where we ONCE had majority rule, we now have control by the minority OVER the majority.
When did one person's right trump everyone else's because they FELT offended?
Hell, I'm offended every damn day, but you don't see me launching lawsuits hand-over-fist, so I can "feel better".
As Americans, we used to be much more able to "suck it up" and move on with LIFE, because it's short enough as it is.
Today...not so much.
Rather than allow such insignificant things roll off our backs like water off a dunk, we choose to take to task those not in agreement with a particular mindset, however wrong that notion might be.
We see the evidence daily, and this is setting a bad precedent for this nation.
We used to be a country full of people with a much STRONGER resolve, and a better belief system.
I would sure like to see THAT come back in vogue, because what we have in place now, serves too few for the wrong reasons and denies too many under similar circumstances.
We should remember that as we approach the anniversary of our INDEPENDENCE.
Just a thought.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

01 July 2015

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to a brand new month, folks.
And let's hope that the start of this month has a better forecast than the one I copied down for yesterday.
The forecasters got that one all botched up.
Our Hoosierland weather today will see us with temps reaching into the mid to upper 70s, mostly SUNNY skies, and no precipitation to speak of.
Hopefully, between yesterday and today, things will dry out a bit.
Even the weekend's looking good, and we know what Saturday will bring, right?
In the meantime, let's get that morning drink poured as we sneak a peek at what else is going on...
*** First out of the tanning bed is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of Earth."
In troubled times such as this, I'm sure this is the dream of MANY men and women in this country,
So, WHO said that, hmm?
The answer will be at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at Sinking Spring Farm...
*** Since this is the start of a new month, let's see what it's all about:
July is -
--National Blueberry Month
--National Anti-Boredom Month
I know how you feel some days.
(I'm already bored with that)
--Unlucky Month for weddings
--National Cell Phone Courtesy Month
(does that mean that, as a courtesy, we can shove them up peoples' asses?)
--National Hot Dog Month
(been there, had that for dinner last night)
--National Ice Cream Month
(that's every month for me and the Missus)
--Week 2 - Nude Recreation Week
(Good Lord..why is that those who should NOT be nude...usually ARE?)
*** And it's also time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
July 1 -
---Today is CANADA DAY.
Wonder if THEY celebrate USA Day?
Have some back bacon, eh?
Sorry, but BROCCOLI flavored ice cream doesn't quite work for me.
"Tell 'ya...we don't get no respect/"
Oh, the fun we could have with THIS one, as if some other countries are not doing so already, right?
*** Speaking of which, and probably many of you might not remember or even know about this..Comedian Jack Carter passed away at the age of 93.
And here is his WIKI:
I grew up watching him on TV...really funny guy, and his "style" was much like Milton Berle and Morey Amsterdam.
One might say he was a pioneer when it came to stand up monologues that featured current events...a staple for most every late night talk show host.
And he appeared on many game shows as well as TV comedies.
and a few feature films.
Moving on...
*** It seems the less-than-dynamic duo are at it again, robbing Dollar General Stores.
Here's the story:
And once again, it happened before the store opened, with two BLACK MALES (armed with handguns) taking cell phones and cash and escorting employees to the back of the store as they made their own getaway.
Getting to be a habit around town, isn't it?
This took place at the DG located  at 3121 E. State Blvd around 0855 hrs. on Saturday (yes, during those nasty storms)
Police think this is related to the other string of dollar store robberies.
Congratulations on figuring out the obvious.
Whatta buncha EInsteins...sheesh!
*** Next up, police investigate ANOTHER attempted armed robbery on the SOUTH side.
Here's the story:
This took place around 2330 hrs at the Marathon Station located at 2410 S. Calhoun St.
Two men entered, one with a handgun. Both were described as wearing WHITE. 
(but I'll bet underneath, they were BLACK).
A bullet-resistant window separated the robbers from store personnel, and the men left with nothing (for a change).
A K-9 unit was unable to track the suspects.
 (had a car waiting, no doubt).
*** Next, A DQ also gets robbed.
Here's this story:
Two men entered the Dairy Queen at 1818 Colisuem Blvd N. around 2220 hrs Monday night, jumped the counter and robbed the place.
One of the perps brandished a revolver, and an employee noticed "copper" bullets in the chambers.
Sounds like some FMJ rounds to me.
Both perps are still at-large.
Both men were BLACK MALES and wore gloves...(big surprise there, hmm?)
*** Next, stories like this prove that certain priorities in this city are woefully misplaced.
The lights aren't on...but someone's home.
It's been damn near a week, and some people (less than 500) in the city are STILL without power, following those nasty storms we had.
This is deplorable, and it's not a smack at the people brought in from other states to assist in the repairs. They're doing all THEY can to get things up and running.
THOSE people are doing their jobs.
Or...you could BURY the power lines.
It's the way the city (and AEP)  has IGNORED (there's that word again) the potential for such major outages in lieu of dumping so much into the downtown (and soon the riverfront) area.
 Got a feeling that those "in the dark" are just not feeling the love here.
Maybe some of the WOODEN utility poles could be replaced with steel-reinforced concrete ones - the type that don't break near as easily when a tree whacks them? Wooden poles are fine in rural areas with nothing around them, but here in the city? Not a good fit, if you ask me (and they should).
Not to mention, they wouldn't snap as easily even if a car struck them (would total the car, though).
*** When Wifey and I walked back from Yeoman's the other day, I took some photos of our block's alley.
Granted it's nowhere close to being as nice as all the fantastic pictures that Chris Martin takes, but then again, we've nothing close to what one would call SERENE going on down here...and that's a fact.
More "broken windows"...
A busted up table...sitting behind a house.
Overgrown foliage - could stash a damn BODY there.
Nicely smashed TV - been there for ???.
The neighbor's "back yard" - if you can find it
So there you are...kinda looks like some BLIGHT going on to me, And where are the city departments?
Well, they don't come unless SOMEONE calls this sort of thing in, and given the number of people left (here) who might give half a damn about this, it often goes unreported.
But still, the city should canvass the area ONCE in a damn while, JUST to see how things are going.
To me, that would be a bit on the PROACTIVE side.
Been looking for YEARS...
Excuse me, I often forget that the way THIS city works, is nothing close to proactive - it's REACTIVE in nature, and that applies to almost ALL departments as well as public safety - make that especially public safety..
Ignorance is bliss, and by the looks of things, the city has a lot of extremely blissful people working downtown.
*** Last back to the compost heap...it's very disheartening to see your neighborhood decline over the years.
Works for City Hall
Hell, it's sad to see ANY area fall into such dire straits, right?
And yet, all these politicians, city and community "leaders"  claim that they "have the answer" to the problems...whatta crock of bullshit!
They don't give a damn about certain parts of their city, otherwise, SOMETHING would get done, hmm?
In fact, it behooves them to keep part of city in squalor, or allow the areas to devolve into it, because as long as that FEDERAL money comes rolling in, they;re doing OKAY in someone's book.
Thing is, when you don't hold individuals accountable for their own actions, choose not to admonish them for not following laws and ordinances, look the other way when they choose to do wrong, and play the ignorance game whenever someone else calls them out for being ignorant, that's not going to win any awards for forward-thinking and problem-solving, is it?
And please don't cajole me with any BS about ethnic "culture" and behaviors...that dog isn't gonna hunt for me.
OUR country - OUR culture.
In this country, we are AMERICANS first, and the sooner everyone figures that out, the better off we all will be (once again).
Here we are, at the doorstep of this nation's MOST patriotic time of year - a time to celebrate WHO WE ARE...as a nation, and WHAT WE DID to deserve the liberties and freedoms many fought and died for.
We are still the best nation on the planet, and by God, it's time that EVERYONE got on that page, hitched up their drawers and got to work keeping it that way.
Time to stop molly-coddling those who don't deserve it, and start helping those who DO deserve the assistance they've been crying out for for so long.
Anything less in this regard is simply unpatriotic, and takes away from all of us.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.