27 February 2013

Humpday Happenings...
And what a humpday it IS in the Heartland.
If you want to talk weather...one word will suffice for today...CRAPPY!
Got some wet snow coming down this morning, then maybe some rain or sleet...falling temps throughout the day, dropping to below freezing, and then more snow later this evening...yeah, like I said...crappy!
Total accumulation expected to be 1-3 inches, but the way many drivers handle this weather (here), less than 1/2 inch presents problems for them, so drive carefully out there.
In the meantime, let's allow ourselves to be enlightened...for a brief time, anyway.
*** We begin today with our Motto Of The Week aka WHO SAID THAT?
"Every company's greatest assets are it's customers, because without customers there is no company."
So...who said that?
Now I use this motto to explain a few things, which will become all too apparent as we continue...
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
*** Next out of the stall today is a tale of technology, and a guy named Bob.
Yeah, the gremlins strike again.
Our Fios (land line) is out of service for some strange reason.
We get a dial-tone after 5 seconds, and the line is dirtier than a 6 olive martini...lots of static.
Try calling IN to the line, and you get a busy signal...
Yep...a real "WTF???" moment to be sure.
Anywho, Frontier is expected out here today, and I plan to ask if the land line be DISENGAGED from THEIR system and put back to a dedicated HARD line once again...(like we USED to have, and with no problems).
Frontier does tend to have better customer service than say Comcast.
See, you have to be careful when bundling all this technocrap together...
I'm surprised the cable and Internet are still working...that's really weird.
I miss those hard land line days...when copper wire ruled and problems were more tangible and physical in nature than electronic (and problematic).
We shall see what happens sometime today.
*** Next up, an update to the Southbridge stabbing.
Here's the story link:
Seems that Jesus was to blame for this crime...!?!
No, not THAT "Jesus"...
Jesus Garza, of the 1200 block of Roosevelt Drive was found a half mile from the crime scene, walking behind the PUBLIC SAFETY ACADEMY (where more than a few cops can be found...LOL) a short time later.
He is being held in lockup with a $60,750 bail staring him in his stupid face.
Initial charges are aggravated battery, burglary, interference of reporting a crime, 2 counts of criminal recklessness, and 2 counts of battery with a deadly weapon. That means he can plea out to trespassing and improper use of a kitchen utensil and be out in less than 3 months...right?
We need a bigger book to throw at these perps, because that pamphlet isn't doing much good.
*** In today's business section the headline read:
Right UNDER that was another headline:
And just last Friday the headline was:
So the question I just HAVE to ask is:
WHICH F$CKING headline is RIGHT?
Guess it depends on what DAY you pick up the paper?
Or is it how you FEEL when you get up?
I'm don't know WHICH way to go at this point.
I KNOW we're being LIED to, but I want to know why "they" can't keep their lies STRAIGHT?
Used to be a time when if you HAD to lie...you followed a "pattern" of deception.
You created other falsehoods to "back up" those lies, in case anyone got inquisitive.
Nowadays, anything goes, because we're too damn "stupid" to know what's going on?
Sorry, don't insult MY (or our) intelligence in such a manner.
Mom and Dad didn't raise no fool!
Take for example how President "That Guy" touted that HIS health-care plan. Wouldn't add ONE DIME to the cost of current health-care.
Well, in some perverse way, he WAS "right"...sorta, kinda...
It certainly won't add ONE dime to the cost...try about 8,266,667 DIMES...PER YEAR...for the NEXT SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS.
(yeah, at least it ain't ONE dime, hmm?)
That comes to $6.2 TRILLION bucks, as presented in THIS story link:
Helps to "do the math" sometimes.
So, when That Guy tells me about all the doom 'n gloom coming our way due to this sequester, I'm not buying into it ONE damn bit.
And the really WEIRD part of all this, is that HE himself pushed FOR a sequester a couple years back...NOW, he's (all of a sudden) AGAINST it?
Who the f$ck does this butt wipe think he's conning here?
The word EXASPERATING comes to mind whenever I hear him flap his mouth.
*** Lastly today, our government is here not to dictate to us, but rather to "serve" us...and not up on some platter with apples in our mouths.
And in any service industry or venue, there are "customers" that pay for services rendered...that would be WE, the PEOPLE.
Now any good customer service rep will tell you that the best way to keep that customer is not just to MEET their needs...but EXCEED them.
Well, when it comes to our government, hell, not even our NEEDS are being met, because if they were, WE would not be dictated to BY this government, hell-bent on trampling upon our Constitution with THEIR version of damn near everything from transportation (a deficit-laden AMTRAK) to health-care (Obummercare). The best way to solve such issues is by allowing the PRIVATE sector to run such things, provide healthy competition, create jobs, and regrow our economy into what it USED to be.
Our government, as established in our preamble to our Constitution spells it ALL out, and in quite PLAIN and simple terms.
THAT is what the government SHOULD be doing...
But, what SHOULD be done and what IS being done are two completely different animals these days.
We could view our government and society like a set of scales...with ANARCHY on one side, and TOTALITARIANISM on the other.
And these scales SHOULD be in balance...most ALL the time.
Yet, what I fear is that someone might place a"thumb" on one of those sides, and that would be catastrophic...either way.
It becomes a real conundrum...
If we wind up with ANARCHY, then a TOTALITARIAN government would be needed to QUASH the revolts and rioting.
What a fun time THAT would be, hmm?
On the other hand, if we ALLOWTOTALITARIAN government to come to power, there WILL be anarchy to destabilize and overturn THAT.
You can easily see that NEITHER scenario is one we want to occur...
So, we need to be ever vigilant, have courage and steadfastness to the principles and values that this nation was founded upon, and question everything that requires it, yet also being able to speak as we believe.
It's not easy, but it IS the right thing to pursue.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

As to Frontier- I wouldn't spend Tom Henrys money on that bunch.

As to the headlines- Liars, damn liars, and statisticians, etc. etc.

As to the weather- well, got there and back safe. Can't ask for better than that.

gadfly said...


It makes me sad to tell you that the chart showing a two cent savings as a result of the sequester is 100% false. We will spend more than last year.

Rush 'splains it here:


Bob G. said...

--Lesser of several evils, buddy.
--Yes, yes, and VERY yes!
--No argument here, either.

Thanks for commenting and DO stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

I think that sequester poster was trying to sarcastically point the finger at the whole "saving" issue.
Truth be told, we don't save ANYTHING...at all.

Any cuts we hear tell about are NOT cuts from ANY "baseline" spending.
It's nothing more than reduced levels of (further) spending.

And far be it from me to contradict the great MahaRushie!

Thanks for the (proper) input and for taking time to comment.
Much appreiated.

You stay safe out there.