01 September 2006

Believe It....Or Not.

Just as Robert Leroy Ripley used to say....yes, folks, there ARE things that DO make me happy, in spite of my rants, raves, tirades, gripes, pisses and moans!

And those things that provide happiness for ME are diverse and many.

For Example:

Tastykakes, Pork Roll, and Scrapple (it's a Philly thing)
Montessini's Pizza (Sicilian...OH yeah) another Philly-ism
REAL hoagies (south philly sytle)
Pennypack Park (Philly) in it's hey-day
Military Ops that go exactly as planned!
GOOD police work
Sunsets...in ANY country
Seeing the ACLU get sued for a change
A drive to nowhere on a Sunday afternoon
Going to the pistol range and hitting the 10 ring
Having a COMMANDO CODY DVD set in 3D
Watching democrats talk out of both side of their mouth
Watching republicans trying to imitate the democrats
Watching Bill O'Reilly
Reading a good book...again.
My car (even after 23 years)
Wearing a nice suit and tie with polished shoes
Certain colognes
Warm Danish pastry
Being called "sir" when I'm not in the military
MY wife (as long as she doesn't cook OR sing)
Puppies and kittens ( c'mon now...who DOESN'T like 'em?)
A GOOD Scotch (Chivas anyone?)
A GOOD Bourbon (Old Grand Dad/Jim Beam)
Watching ANY episode of COPS
Hot soft pretzels from a Phlly vendor
Owning a 12 gauge pump shotgun with a flat black finish
The ability to size up a majority of people in 5 seconds
Seeing a perp get busted on my lawn at 2AM
Having a Vodka martini (shaken not stirred)
Owning a DVD player (next best thing to BETA video)
Besting most officers' scores at the shooting range
Hiking through the woods for the hell of it
Black Forest cake
Having people wonder what I "used" to do for a living
Gardening (great tomatoes, basil and dill)
Cooking (big meals on Sunday)
Doctor Who (1970-1980 era)
GOOD Japanese anime
Watching a classic B&W movie
German Buttercake (from Philly naturally)
Listening to classical music
Photography (with REAL film too)
The LONE RANGER (Clayton Moore)
That one squirrel that comes by daily for his "treats"
The feel of a nice, comfy chair
Viewing the full moon
Seeing people go out of their way to be stupid
Having butterflies & hummingbirds in the garden
Riding a horse
Playing with your dog outside
Buying something nice for your sweetheart
Buying something nice for yourself

And there's a bunch of other things I can't recall immediately...a lot of them are impulsive, like a good show on the History channel or a particular episode of Stargate SG-1 or Star Trek... a James Bond movie (Connery or Brosnan), or even some old episodes of I SPY with Bill Cosby & Bob Culp. Hell, I even like classic rock from time to time (music to wash a car by).
And conversely, there are AS MANY (if not MORE) things that cheese me off. Most of them are PEOPLE, or to put it more precisely...their ACTIONS...or even their INACTIONS.

But hey...I'm still a "work in progress"...just like everyone else. The difference is I just try to be a little bit more TODAY than what I was yesterday.

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