05 September 2006

More famous people Dying.

Last week we heard about that great (IMHO) actor,Glenn Ford passing away, and on Labor Day, we hear about the sudden and tragic death of Steve Irwn, the Crocodile Hunter himself...Crikey!
Glenn Ford was near 90, while Steve Irwin wasn't even 40.
Mr. Ford was one of those "steady" actors...the kind that never seemd to have a bad performance, regardless of the picture he appeared in. Whether it was TORPEDO ALLEY (with Ernie Borgnine), 3:10 TO YUMA, A POCKETFUL OF MIRACLES (with Bette davis), or even THE BLACKBOARD JUNGLE (with a really young Sidney Pottier and Jeff Morrow from COMBAT), he gave his all! One of my personal favorites was the movie based on the Ernest K Ghan book, "FATE IS THE HUNTER". If you can FIND it...give it a watch...it is really good.
Mr Irwin was another great performer, who taught all of us a little more about reptiles, the environment and preserving wildlife. His approach to any animal was captivating, and his knowledge alone was staggering. His boldness, without being foolhardy was something to watch. I for one will miss his style of showmanship and teaching.
Never since Marlin Perkins and WILD KINGDOM have I wanted to watch animals shows, as I did with Mr. Irwin. HIs contribution to wildlife and their preservation will be sorely missed. Now I suppose that since celebrities seem to "die in threes"...we can expect someone else to leave us very soon.

It just happens that way, and I have no explanation as to why.


Jana said...

not even 40? from what I've read on several articles on-line, he was 44 years old...

B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

Gee...was he 44? He sure didn't LOOK it...!
Wished I looked that good when I was that age...LOL!