13 September 2006

News "Tidbits"...and *My* Two Cents...

Item: Housing market drops 43% on new builds - ((OK, so we're either running outta places TO build, or people can't afford WHAT is BEING built...howsabout fixing up ALL the ones still standing VACANT and put good working class folks into THOSE houses...be a lot cheaper in the long run...doncha think? THAT is REAL revitalization!))

Item: Police take home cars "plan" hits snag from PBA - ((The rank and file want the status quo..Rusty wants to charge the officers...I just say it you don't want to PAY the relatively miniscule sum....just PARK the damn car at the H.Q., and be done with it. Considering I don't see ONE damn car in MY area ANYWAY, which to me says there are NO officers LIVING around HERE, it becomes a no-brainer. In Philly, the officers park the cars at end of shift AT the disrict houses...maybe Fort Wayne should do something similar...have SUBSTATIONS throughout the city...oh wait...they USED TO HAVE THOSE....DUH!))

Item: Two people electrocuted by downed power line - ((rule of thumb..."if" a power line is DOWN, and you determine that YOU are OK after a crash, then for Christ's sake...stay IN THE DAMN VEHICLE! It's GROUNDED with FOUR TIRES. Unless the vehicle is in imminent danger of catching fire...just put DOWN the iPod, use your cellphone and call for assistance. This tragedy COULD have been avoided, but wasn't due to people with a lack of common sense.))

Item: Plea bargain in molestation of 13 year old - ((Is it just ME, or does anyone else see something WRONG with child molesters being able to "wheel and deal" their way out of a stiffer sentencing? We're starting to see a nasty pattern here. It's bad ENOUGH when MURDERERS get away with well...MURDER, but when it comes to THIS level of side-stepping the law....something is a tad "rotten in Denmark".))

Item: Seven people injured in SUV rollover in Steuben County - ((OK people...time for PHYSICS 101- an SUV has a HIGHER CENTER OF GRAVITY, therefore it WILL go in the direction that gravity affects it MOST...so if the weight transfer is to the TOP of the vehicle, guess which part OF that SUV will want to make contact with the road, dipshit? Gravity...not the BEST way to stay attached to Earth...just the ONLY way!))

Item: Student struck by motorist while going to school - ((Here is another case of doing what you're NOT supposed to do...namely JAYWALK into a busy street while it's RAINING. The student slipped on the WET STREET and the motorist could not avoid him. Granted the driver "might" have been going a tad fast, and when it's RAINING, your stopping distance is DOUBLED...again, PHYSICS 101 people...and a little "common sense". Another accident that COULD have been prevented had the motorist been going SLOWER...and the student had crossed AT THE INTERSECTION, instead of the middle of the block.))

SO there you are....some food for thought, and after looking around MY neighborhood (at least)...I can tell that TOO damn many folks are STARVING TO DEATH...LOL!


Jana said...

hate to say it, but maybe the people dying from eloctrcution, rolled over SUVs, and being hit by cars is God's way of "culling out the weak so that the strong can survive."

Jessica Rabbit said...

I stay pretty un-opinionated on most everyone's blogs....however, lately, I have left no doubt on where I stand on the issue of child molesters. I have a zero tolerance policy. When it is an adult preying upon an innocent child and forcing them to do unthinkable acts that they don't even comprehend, and then force them to believe they are dirty, shameful people who must keep the secret, there just isn't anyone lower than that.... And then they think they have rights? They don't reform, they just find other ways to manipulate people.

I met a man who seemed to be totally crazy about me, he was relentless in his pursuit of me, but somehow, I just didn't feel right about things and finally got him to leave me alone. Long story short, I have kept an eye on Family Watchdog for quite a long time. He never showed up on it.....til his birthday, five months later, I guess he had to re-register then or something....he is a child molester, I felt so just ewww....and then I felt stalked and that I had put my kids in jeopardy. I confronted him about it and he tried to tell me he was all better and my kids would never have been in jeopardy....so why did he hide it from me??? Hmmmmm..... creepy... So I guess this is why I get so pizzed off and animated about this subject.