16 September 2006

This Was Worthy of Note....

While helping ANOTHER (good) neighbor of mine move, he yanked this OLD car out of the garage. It was a 1966 Ford Galaxie CONVERTIBLE (red...body in very nice shpe...no rust), and the top was like NEW...no dry rot at all. It has a 352 truck motor under the hood, and after cleaning the distributor POINTS off (yeah, they USED to really have those)...and after a brief shot of starting fluid down the carburator (they used to have THOSE too...) throat...it started the hell UP...after TEN years of sitting around, collecting dust!!!

Two tires needed air, and after pumping them up, the new owner drove it away to get some gas put in it. Cripes, I'm surprised the engine hadn't seized or something. It will need some new plug wires, a major tuneup and a tweak here and there to go with the OIL CHANGE it desperately needs....then it's GTG (good to go)..!!!

Amazing....they way they USED to build cars...simply freaking amazing!

Makes me wish I had taken my Dad up on HIS offer, all those years ago to HAVE (free and clear) his 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD with the small block 289 V8. That engine could take almost 2 tons of car, get it to 70 MPH with NO sweat at all...AND get respectable mileage to boot!!

Ahhh......for the good old days of REAL cars...that you could REALLY work on. Funny thing...mostly ALL of those older cars (without the HO big blocks of course) used to get about the EXACT SAME MILEAGE as a lot of the so-called "technologically advanced" computer-controlled cars of TODAY. And we're talking an average of about 25-30 MPG combined driving, city AND highway.

Nice to know ALL those BILLIONS spent on "R&D" didn't go to waste....all the CEOs have nice places in the Caribbean for their yachts and helicopters...LOL!

The irony in that alone should get a lot of us scratching our heads...shouldn't it?

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Jana said...

gotta agree with ya... AMAZING!