02 October 2006

It's That FIRST Week of the Month, AGAIN...

And we ALL know what that has come to symbolize, right?

(NO...it's not just the FIRST day of Yom Kippur)
(NO...it doesn't mark the start of "fall foliage")
(NO...it's not JUST 84 shopping days until Christmas)


Yes indeed...the week when ALL liquor (especially the cheap $hit) is ON SALE! It's the week when ALL the GOOD meats will be gobbled up by lazy-ass people who will most likely screw up that beautiful sirloin tip roast you had YOUR eye on. It's the week when mailmen will be assaulted for "that check" from their dear uncle (Sam) that YOU, the working class have paid for in full.

Now let me state now and forever that I am NOT talking about those who are TRULY IN NEED....those people are trying to make ends meet, with this being merely a "stopgap", and NOT a WAY OF LIFE for them. I'm referring to the scores of undeserving, taxpayer-bilking, sit on their dead ass all day and do nothing but find ways to annoy others kind of people.

You can always tell who doing the WIC gig when you check out their shopping carts...filled to the brim with (mostly) "Crunch N Munch" and some type of cheap-ass orange drink...(the ghetto breakfast of "chumpions"). It amazes me that they even BUY anything for breakfast...hell, all their kids get the "freebies" at school anyway, right? Then they have the balls to leave the store and get into the NEW vehicle, be it a Caddy or SUV (parked of COURSE in the handicapped area with the obligatory sticker they also got for free by lying their ass off).

Thank the maker that a major "reform" for this is in the wind. States stand to lose a TON of $$$ if they don't start getting these people off the "dole" and into SOME type of work. I say "About damn time, too". It's no wonder that the Social Security system is going broke.....I'll wager the government is "borrowing" (after some fashion) monies from there to front the multi-generational welfare households, with NO regard to those who have paid their share by WORKING for a living. They just don't want the working-class to KNOW it, that's all.

Now I might be a tad wrong, but I wouldn't put it past our politicos to "rob Peter to pay Paul" in this regard. Maybe that's why they want us all OFF of SSN....they need the money for welfare...'ya think?
Granted that SSN was ALSO "supposed" to be a "stopgap" as well, but with rising inflation and incurred debt out the wazoo, it made sense to be able to have the populace have SOMETHING as a nest-egg when they retire, because Lord KNOWS most companies are about a reliable when it come to retirements as a dead employee showing up for work every day. Those days of the PENSION and the gold "pocket-watch" after 20+ years of service to a company are LOOONNGG gone! Cripes, you're lucky is you even still HAVE a company after 20 years THESE days!

SO...remember that when you go grocery shopping THIS week.....take a second to "people-watch", and see if YOU can spot those taking the rest of us for a ride.....THEN, go ask THEM for a lift home...LMAO!

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