25 October 2006

Yo Quero "Mary Jane"?

It doesn't take a talking chihuahua to tell us we have a drug problem in Fort Wayne.

Our latest bust was about a half TON (that's one THOUSAND POUNDS, people) of marijuana coming up from the beautiful state of TEXAS in packaged bales, ready for distribution to a neighborhood near you. Five arrests were made, including a 57 year old male from our fair city, a Mexican national, an hispanic from Goshen, and another from Warsaw (the TOWN, not the street). The "ringleader" of all this was a Brownsville hispanic male, aged 54 (my age...what a coincidence). So remember, when you hear the phrase "The girls are in town", it doesn't mean Aunt Edna from Albion has come for a visit....oh, no. That's just slang for "product on site".

Fort Wayne is a hub for all the major players in the Midwest....think of this city as a drug magnet (and subsequently, an idiot magnet) for a lot of suppliers from "down south". Of course the illegal alien situation MUST be aiding this to no end, as at last count, we have at least 45 illegals in the hoosegow (with an obviously greater number among our populace).

Now I would be one of the first to tell you that the drug trade is doing quite well in MY neck of the woods. During the summer, you can see young males, standing outside their rentals with a blunt firming held in one hand, a beer (or whatever is cheap this week) in the other. Funny, I thought there were jobs available, but I suppose as long as "de biyatch is workin' to support dem kids I made wiff her...I don' gotta work".

Wow...Another example of LOGIC at it's FINEST, eh?

There are open-air drug deals on our streets EVERY SINGLE DAY. And with schoolkids coming home, you would "think" these dealers would show some discretion....HELL NO! hat is their prime time...around the time schools let out. We aslso have increasing instances of middle schoolers caught with drugs AT school! It's what I like to call "The Trickle Down Effect". All the problems that used to be attributable to OLDER folks are trickling on down to younger and yonger people. We're seeing PRE-TEENS now. What's next? Toddler "mules"?
(sorry, already HAVE that with people stashing crack in diapers...)

Still, this latest half-ton bust will hurt the marijuana business. This is akin to that other bust a few years back in Fort Wayne...when they found pot being brought into the city in huge clay vases (modern "art" anyone?). Think of it as a Indiana version of OPEC (and the oil pricing). It's all about SUPPLY AND DEMAND. In Fort Wayne, we have the demand gig down pat. It's the supply part that becomes burdensome to these dealers (and users). And we haven't EVEN gotten into the CRACK and METH businesses. We're still on the "small $hit". Check the DOJ sites for info on "the harder stuff".

Just like Mr. Marx who wants the druggies off of his property (see earlier posting), the rest of us should "want" this to go away, or at least diminsh to a reasonable enough level where our citizens don't have to worry about leaving their houses unattended for a hour without fear of burglary, or be able to walk the streets regularly, or let their children play outside without having to be concerned whether they will be shot at during a botched deal.

I don't think the citizenry of this city is asking too much in that regard...do you?

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