04 December 2006

How Ridiculous Can Things Get?

Over the weekend, it was reported that GWYNETH PALTROW "slammed" the USA. Such could not be farther from the truth. She was said to have bashed the United States, when IN FACT, she was merely PRAISING the UNITED KINGDOM. She said such (horrific) things as: "I love the English lifestyle, it's not as capitalistic as America. People don't talk about work and money, they talk about interesting things at dinner". And by God, you know what? She's freaking CORRECT in that assessment! She went on to say: "I like living here because I don't fit into the bad side of American psychology. The British are much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans".

Now I have to admit we have OUR share of MORONS in this nation....heaven KNOWS that. But we DO have our share of very intelligent people, it's just that THEY are not "pushing all the buttons" in this nation, unfortunately. And in some extreme cases, I'm glad that a few of them may never get that chance. And we ALL know the REST of the world has IT'S share of IDIOTS and IMBECILES, right?

But back to Gwyneth....poor girl has been misread by the media once again. They have taken her praise of the UK and turned it back around to "reflect" (think fun-house mirror type reflection) "their" concept of what they "think" she really meant. And that was a blatant bashing of our nation....WRONG!

What the media needs to start doing is letting "We the people" decide what is actually being said (by anyone of note), instead of feeding us pablum-laced, "pundicratic" rhetoric from the fringes of either the ultra left OR right. We're not ALL lemmings...(yet).

All she did for Christ's sake was PRAISE another damn country...what the hell is wrong with that? I do that all the time. There are aspects of MANY countries that DO deserve praise, America notwithstanding. There are JUST as many that deserve our scorn...that's the way life works!

I can see all this uber-sensitivity spilling over into most every part of our lives REALLY soon....

Take the classroom for example: "Johnny got the highest mark in our class" quickly becomes: "The other 34 of you morons don't desrve to even hold a damn pencil".

Or what about on the job? "Linda is being promoted to senior sale representative" now becomes "The rest of you worthless scum might as well chain yourselves to those filing cabinets".

Even the sanctity of the home is not above reproach...." Honey, I LOVE this pot roast" will be considered to mean: "I wouldn't give the REST of your crappy meals to a starving bum on the street, it's THAT pathetic".

It's all about "SPIN", people.....and as long as we just let it happen, it WILL continue. And those that refuse to get involved to chabnge it will forever be led around by their collective noses, privy to whatever way "the wind blows" in the media. Let's not turn praise into undeserved hate, when it's not warranted. We have enough OTHER problems to worry about.

There used to be TRUTH in journalism......not so much anymore. We have to SEARCH for it, discern it from the headlines, do our own research into the "real" meanings, and separate the "wheat" from all the "chaff", as it were.

But I'll refrain from praising those who already DO that...that would be "bashing" all those who DON'T...!

And we certainly don't want THAT...or do we?


Jana said...

well said!

she's just doing what any other person who likes living in their own country would do: praising their own country and explaining why by comparing it to others that they dislike!

Though, I have to say that by her saying "The British are much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans" kinda makes me irritated.

Does she have factual evidence of this? Where are the studies to back these claims up?

It's all from her personal perspective and I hardly consider her to be a professional in the area of social sciences.

Nice post B!


B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

It's just one of those "off the cuff" statements....'ya take it with a grain of salt (and give it yay or nay on it's dues), and move on along...

it's just the "media frenzy" for good news that gives us tabloid entertainment such as this. I just contend that "if" taken into other areas of life, this misinterpretation "stuff" can get kinda ugly...

As to the Brits intelligence...well they DID know better than to KEEP America as a "colony" (they give US the Beatles & the Stones...and we give them RAP music - a fair trade?)...oh yeah, right sure....ROFL!


Jana said...

LOL @ rap for Beatles & Stones...