13 December 2006

Label THIS Under "Most RIdiculous"....

The latest news out of Iran is a two-day "summit" (of sorts) of the global community who are there to disprove, refute, and / or debate that the HOLOCAUST even "actually" happened.

Okaaaay then....It makes me wonder if the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Kris Kringle will ALSO come up somewhere in the conversation.

Now I don't know about YOU, but after reading about the holocaust (which for the uninitiated was the wholesale slaughter of over 6 MILLION Jews by the Nazi regime under Hitler back during WW2), AND after seeing horrendous footage of the mass graves and emaciated corpses strewn throughout the labor camps, AND having known a survivor OF those labor camps...it makes me curious as to who the hell can even attempt to "dispute" that something of this magnitude did NOT occur? In this blogger's opinion, this is just another "device" designed to push all the "right" buttons in those who KNOW the holocaust happened. And it will probably work damn well, knowing the depths of depravity these "people" can stoop to just to advance their agenda.

It's amazing that this takes place right on the advent of Hanukkah....

** quotes from AP sources**
**In a speech opening the two-day conference, Rasoul Mousavi, head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Institute for Political and International Studies, which organized the event, said it was an opportunity for scholars Did he infer that these people are LEARNED???? to discuss the subject “away from Western taboos and the restriction imposed on them in Europe.” Restrictions...hmm...maybe the TRUTH bothers you guys a bit?
David Duke, former loon of the KKK stated: “Depicting Jews as the overwhelming victims of the Holocaust gave the moral high ground to the Allies as victors of the war, and allowed Jews to establish a state on the occupied land of Palestine,” Mr. Duke’s paper says, according to the summary. (and this guy is still alive....WHY?)

The conference is being held at the behest of Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who likewise called the Holocaust a myth last year, and repeated a well-known slogan from the early days of the 1979 revolution in Iran, “Israel must be wiped off the map.” He has spoken several times since then about a need to establish whether the Holocaust actually happened. It DID..build a bridge and get over it

Iran also organized an exhibition last summer of cartoons about the Holocaust, which outraged Jews inside Iran and out. You camel-jockeys didn't like it when cartoons about Muhammed were made...did 'ya? Iranian Jewish leaders reacted angrily to Mr. Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust-denying comments last year, issuing a statement saying that his words were spreading fear among Jews in Iran.“We consider the Holocaust as a fact and a disgrace for humanity,” Haround Yashayai, a leading voice among Iranian Jews, said today. “We cannot say that such a conference cannot be held here. We have condemned similar events in the past, and see no reason to condemn it again.” ))

(Gee...that sure sounds like a terrorist agenda to ME....)

I never have any gripe with any race or ethnicity, but it's these few morons with their extremist ways that puts a bad taste in a lot of peoples' mouths. And the people will remember that taste....trust me.

I believe we all CAN get along, provided those that would subvert such beliefs (as the reality of the holocaust) are tactfully removed from the equation by whatever means. And there are those that would label THAT idea just another form of genocide. Sorry, but ridding the world of a $hitload of dumba$$ radicals bent on nothing more than remaking the globe into their own little slice of hell (for everyone else) kinda makes me sleep a little bit better each night....it lets me think we can actually advance as a race (the HUMAN race, that is), and get on with taking care of this planet and it's people. That's called "civilization", friends!

MY solution (which might as well be AS unpopular as the holocaust) would be to bring what the holocaust was (and represented) TO THEIR DOORSTEPS in IRAN (after a fashion)....and that would mean some tactical nukes knocking on THEIR mosques. It does have the added bonus of creating a mini-nuclear winter which would stem the whole "global-warming" debate once and for quite a while (See 'ya later, Al).

It's - Peace ON Earth...not Piece OF (the) Earth, you radical a$$holes!

Get it RIGHT!


Jana said...

yeah, I was pissed when I read about this too.

I guess for the past 60+ years all the survivors of the Holocaust have been lying...

stupid ass-fucking sons of bitches. they need a HUGE slap/punch/fist of reality...

Oh, have you heard about the lady in NY who spit on a soldier in an air port? She walked up to the guy, asked him if he was in the army. When he said yes he was, she spit on him. another soldier saw her do it. she is being charged with 2nd degree harrassment or something.

funny thing is, she wasn't arrested.

now, last I knew of, if a person spits on a police officer it's considered that the spit is being used as a deadly weapon.

now, why wasn't this lady cuffed?

grrr, if she had spit on me or if I had SEEN her do this, I would've knocked her flat on her ass...

B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

In most states spitting on someone IS considered an attack by "bodily fluids"...and not quite a felony (in spite of AIDS and hepatitis).

Sadly, this is starting to smack of 'Nam all over again...

Jana said...

I agree with you about this starting to seem like Vietnam again.

The disrespectful, selfish assholes/bitches who do it better hope to God that they don't do it if me or any other member of my family is around.

If they wanna see some wild southern rednecks, them spitting on a soldier would be the PERFECT catalyst...