21 December 2006

Open Wide and say "AHHhhh".....

And I don't mean that satisfied, GOOD kind of AHHhhh...but rather the tongue-depressor laced, doctor is looking for something that is causing your GAG-REFLEX to kick in...THAT kind of AHHhhh.

Because the city has got out their "ramrod" again. They're going to KEEP attempting to "force-fed" the populace of the Summit City as to all the "great" things that WILL happen WHEN that downtown Ballpark is COMPLETED (to the tune of $125 MILLION dollars). Sorry gang, I JUST turned off the radio....don't wanna hear THAT tune again.

I suppose it hasn't occured to the city leaders that within the same past SEVEN DAYS, the FWCS has proposed a repair "bill" that will cost anywhere from between $100 MILLION and $1 BILLION bucks? Maybe someone should send them a local NEWSPAPER....

The city of Fort Wayne (for the uninitiated) has OVER THIRTY separate "entities" that can (and usually WILL) levy property tax HIKES against the homeowners. Now there is a "cap" on HOW MUCH they can raise the tax (somewhere around 3.99 percent), and they can't do it EVERY year. Instead, the city and the county take a page from the WWF and do a "tag-team" on US, the paying populace.

This year, it's the COUNTY...next year...it's the CITY...and, well...you get the picture. But we ARE only talking about TWO of those THIRTY "entities" above. The FWCS has got to weigh in on this, and make sure to get THEIR piece of OUR pie...and don't forget the FWIA...they've got a new tower AND a (future) parallel runway to pay for. And guess whose pockets they will be DEEPLY reaching into?

It's small wonder as to the real "why" involved in all this annexation. And yet there WERE those people opposed vehemently to being annexed (in Aboite). Sorry friends, your voice means SQUAT...you belong to THE CITY OF FORT WAYNE now....! Get ready to empty your pockets...they want to YOU to pay for things you really have no vested interest in.

Fort Wayne wants to have a vital downtown....OK, that's a nice idea. The FWCS wants to repair the school buildings...again, a very noble undertaking. But where in God's name is the justice to the homeowner when their property becomes inflated JUST SO whatever "entity" is involved in the latest tax hike can"justify" the increase in revenue? I live in an area where the avergae price of a hiuse is about $40K...and that's for a NICE house, not some hovel. My latest property tax has the house currently listed as being worth $76K and change. Now I can tell you one thing...I couldn't SELL the house for that if hell froze over tomorrow AND pigs began to sprout wings!

We don't need bigger government...that much is certain, and we SURE as hell DO NOT NEED "bigger" taxes either. After all, isn't UNFAIR TAXATION the catalyst that got the colonies "in deep" with Mother England in the first place?

Anyone for a cup of tea?
And....Be sure to wear your warpaint!

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Anonymous said...

So I take it you're voting for Nelson Peters this spring?