03 July 2007

Deep In The Heart Of Taxes...

Well, we've covered the property tax gig rather well last week, along with the problems of recent city annexation, and anyone who still buys cigarettes has seen the latest edition of the "Sticker-Shock Times" where the price for a carton pf ciggies had smokers stocking up late last week on the cheapest find around. I can say that our favorite brand now is "Class-A"...absolutely NO frills whatsoever.

Actually, buying some bulk tobacco online and rolling our own is looking better (and less expensive). Or we could just quit until someone finds something ELSE we can't (or shouldn't) have.
Add to the list of ever-increasing holes in your paycheck. Milk prices alone are rivalling those at the gas pumps now...time to start letting the rest of our bones soften too, I guess.
It would be right in keeping with America's loss of backbone in some regards.
And it would explain many of our current shortcomings.

Which brings me to yet another interesting find....the price of BEER is going UP.

Yeah, yeah I know....you stopped driving a lot because of GAS PRICES, and you quit smoking because of the prices as well as the smoking ban, and just when you "thought" you found a haven in your favorite malt beverage...BOOM...along comes...(everyone, all together now)....HIGHER PRICES FOR BEER. I know a six-pack of Guinness is up to $9 and change, so I do SAVOR the rare occasion to purchase one. You can blame ETHANOL on THAT now too. Seems farmers are growing less BARLEY and more CORN to "feed the fad". And we know that any beer worth it's foam can't be made without barley (excluding those cat-piss hued cheap-ass brands like Bud Light, which tastes like they brew it with used cat litter instead of barley anyway).

So there you go. Boned again!
Wow...at this rate, copping some marijuana or crack might become the newest "bargain" in town, although your life might become a tad ruined in the process. But one could say it would imbue the southside with some much-needed "renewal".
Decisions...decisions to be sure.

Now here we are, on the eve of this nation's INDEPENDENCE DAY...where we stuck it to the king (largely) because of TAXES. Divorcing ourselves from England, and tossing off the shackles of our oppressors, we forged ahead with a hope of a new land where liberty and freedoms could reign instead of "the crown".
Appears we've come full circle after all these years, and we're close to being back where we started once again.
Nice job.

OK, so we're "free"...free to do what? We're free to drive our cars as long as we ALL BUCKLE THE HELL UP. We're free to pay HIGHER PRICES for damn near everything. We're free to get shot by thugs on our streets as well as when they break into our home. We're free to allow millions of illegals into our country to ruin our infrastructure for those who are here legally. We're free to annoy others with fireworks, boomcars, and other assorted sources of cacophonous noise. We're free to smoke (in our homes, or on some remote island in the South Seas). We're free to drink (in places that have NO smoking), and we're free to pretty much do damn near anything (as long as we don't get caught).
Luckily, we're still free enough to bitch, piss and moan about all this crap, so YES, we STILL are free to "sing the blues".thank the maker!

Ahhhh.....the American Dream has been realized.

And if you're filthy rich, NONE of this applies to YOU, so go on about your business.


Jen said...

You'd think with the rising taxes everywhere else they'd at least *lower* the booze tax. That way we can drink away our sorrow and not be in so much pain when they ram us from behind! :P

B.G. ((Semper Paratus)) said...

Well, we'd "like" to think that....
they SHOULD make VASELINE as well as PREPARATION H totally FREE.

That would help.



bobett said...

Well said!

Even with the loss of common sense in this great nation, I still am thankful...everyday.

There's much to improve on that's
for sure. Love the blues.