20 July 2007

Tales From The SOUTH Side...
(With apologies for the quaintly macabre show of a similar title)

Man...Friday AGAIN?

Time flies when the city you live in sucks...

But I digress...

For those of you marking your calendars, we're into DAY THREE of the "Seven Days Of Mourning" for Coratzia Sanders (killed MONDAY), which STILL appears more like a frigging BLOCK PARTY than anything close to being funereal in nature. Her obit is in TODAY'S paper (finally, and she will be interred this Monday, so we can ONLY hope the parties will CEASE.

Yeah...we CAN HOPE!

We had stoned boys hanging in the street AGAIN, and one was SO frigging wasted, that everything he said began or ended with "...the f$ck outta here". Drugs make people STUPID...Gee...'ya THINK?

Another amazing epiphany down here to be sure, brought to you by the Welfare system, the lack of education, and the unwillingness to be anything close to resembling a PRODUCTIVE member of ANY society.
Didn't know grief and partying were NOW synonymous.
True Story:
Four black girls are walking past the house, one has an EMPTY soda can in her hand, so
I quietly "bet myself" as to WHAT the disposition of the can will be. I won $20 from myself, because she tossed it right ONTO the front lawn. Suffice it to say, I was out the door in a flash, startling them all. I said "Don't toss that there...pick that up PLEASE". The girl picked it up, tossed it into the RECYCLE BIN (that she obviously didn't KNOW what it was for), and proceeded on. I called out "Thank you", as they left, but before they got out of (my) ear shot, I heard her say to her friends: "Idiintnoanybodylivedere" (ghetto-speak for I wasn't aware that there was anyone living in that nice house at the corner).

(where have YOU BEEN for the past TEN years, moron?)

I had those RECYCLE BINS out at the curb on WEDNESDAY (the proper day for us), and the air conditioner was on, and after 20+ years, it's not the "quietest" unit in creation. The lawn is low (no weeds), and we have FLOWER BEDS out front, unlike the rentals in the area which actually DO look like no one lives there (for months). How the F$CK can anyone with HALF a damn brain NOT KNOW anyone lives HERE?. Not to mention, I ALWAYS get the paper AND the mail, as well as plant flowers and water the damn lawn.
PLUS...I can still see my REFLECTION in the damn mirror, so that rules "that" out...lol!

Incredible....but TRUE!

True Story:
I look outside late yesterday, as I often do because you DO have to watch things 24/7 around here, and what do I see? I see a brown pit-bull as well as a black lab puppy (with a T-SHIRT on) around the flowers out front. After the initial disbelief of seeing a dog wearing underwear, I tried to shoo them away...and they grudgingly went around the side. I go out on the patio, an they come back to the gate, where I again try to shoo them away (and I love animals, but I don't want someone else's laziness to become MY new "chore" vis-a-vis feeding them...we have enough "animals" roaming around as it is). The pit bull begins barking and I even see his teeth bared, so I reach into the back of my waistband, pull out my BB pistol (which I ALWAYS have on me for obvious reasons), and let loose at him point blank. The airsoft BB struck him square in the forehead, and he took off, not knowing what the hell had hit him.
The puppy didn't need such "encouragement to vamoose". He took off as soon as the pistol went off. I again fired at the pitbull's flank, and after that, I didn't see either of them again. These dogs belong to the quasi-white-trash woman that moved into the old house of my good friend up by DeKalb County (see Monday's post). She works at a vet, and brings "her work" home with her, if you get my drift. She can barely make the payments thanks to not being on time at work (when she even shows the hell up). Gee, you'd think she'd get the idea that IN ORDER TO GET MONEY TO PAY BILLS...YOU have to SHOW UP for WORK! DUH!

Yessir....the tales I can tell (and most likely WILL)...every damn one of them TRUE.

It sure makes the case for the fact that Paul Helmke did NOTHING when he was mayor to keep THIS part of the city from going down the crapper.

And this same guy wants GUN control? ROFLMAO!

He didn't manage parts of the damn city AT ALL, so what is going to make ME think he deserves MY support for something like gun control. you crack me UP, Paul...no $hit!

Yo, PAUL...it's not about GUNS...it's about PEOPLE, as in P-E-O-P-L-E.
Learn the damn difference!

Oh...by the way, do stay safe & have a good weekend!


Angry White Boy said...

Wow.. I really don't have it so bad over here in Aboite, now do I Bob?

Jen said...

I don't know how you do it man.

Bobby G. said...

Any problems you might or might NOT have in Aboite (or anywhere else) really do PALE in comparison to what I, along with an ever-dwindling few ("normals") have to contend with daily.

It's no wonder *we* don't want to have kids...not around THIS kind of crap!

SO feel free to hug YOUR kids, tell 'em you love 'em, pet YOUR dog (or cat), look around YOUR neighborhood and say to yourselves...man, it COULD be a lot worse...we could be in Bob's area!

I envy you guys...honestly.

No brag, friends...just facts (that you will NEVER see revealed at length in ANY media source in this city).


("Plannin' my getaway"...just like Paul Simon)

Bobby G. said...

Hey, maybe I should chage my nickname to ANGRIEST White Boy...

(nah, don't wanna step on Dan's turf...I respect him to much to do that).


Mike Kole said...

See, it's for crap like this that I left the inner city for an inner ring suburb, then left that inner ring suburb for an outer ring suburb. Who needs that stress... in you home?!

Bobby G. said...

Stress doesn't begin to explain it, Mike....

I haven't found ANY word in our lexicon that can fully describe the "experience"...

I might have to make my OWN word up...lol!

I only wish that cities would start to see the REAL REASONS behind their problems (AND OUR ANGST).

Thanks for the comment...much appreciated.