06 November 2007

Odds And Ends...
**Today is ELECTION DAY, and here in Fort Wayne, we'll finally see if the rubber will meet the road, politically-speaking. Everyone's been crying for a changing of the guard, and perhaps it will happen. Too many people here have had enough of the "status quo" (not to be confused with Status Quo, a great hard rock band from the late 70s), and wish to see people elected who have passion, drive, and a sincere desire to cut needless spending in our local government (and not at the sake of city services).
A daunting task, yet a noble one.
Time will tell how this will play out.

**I hear that you might be able to nail a deal on some office furniture and computers real soon. Kitty Hawk will be selling off it assets (after falling flat ON it's assets right smack-dab into their SECOND bankruptcy this decade), and it will most likely be a public sale. Check the papers for information.

**Gas prices are on their journey UP again. Man, this "roller-coaster" is making me nauseous. With problems in Venezuela, Iran, the price of oil is tickling $100 per barrel (I, for one am NOT laughing). Maybe the British should have NEVER turned their Middle East "possessions" back to the native population after WW2? The GOOD news is that GM is rolling out some prototype hydrogen fuel cell cars for people to test drive. The BAD news is that YOU won't be ONE of THOSE people (tests are being done in CA, NYC, and Washington, D.C.) lucky enough to drive one. Celebs should apply.

**This winter looks to be a "mild" one, meteorologically-speaking, thanks to La Nina. We're looking at a 2-3 degree higher mean temperature. The "down" side to this is that atmospheric moisture will abound, providing us with more inclement weather. Now if I do the math correctly, that means (maybe) not so many big storms, but a snotload of little ones, and that alone can make snow accumulate to where we develop "cabin fever". Then again, everyone could be wrong.
But never fear...the price of NATURAL GAS will only go UP regardless.

** Crime is down...or is it? Here in Fort Wayne, crime (so we've been told) has dropped over NINE percent, but what we're NOT being told is that VIOLENT crime (you know, those nasty crimes such as RAPE...HOMICIDE...the kind of stuff that has LASTING EFFECTS on people, such as DEATH) has gone UP about FORTY-FOUR PERCENT! Thanks to some good reporting over at the Fort Wayne Sentinel (blog), we get the REAL story. Gee, seems like I WAS right all along about this (as usual). Yeah...it's a curse, I know.

**If you're thinking of buying a home (and I know I always am, if JUST to get the hell AWAY from these aborigines), then having a good credit rating is essential (DUH!...'ya think?). People "should" aim for a rating of 720, so says an "expert" in the field (and we know what EXPERT really means: X=an unknown quantity, and a SPURT= a sudden jet of water from a faucet), and he should know. Our credit rating is...let's say ...in the 800s - 'nuff said, so where is OUR home? You realtor mooks should be lining up at our door to sell us a house, right?

**With Hoosier health in the hopper (we're 32nd out of 50 states), being able to exercise outdoors safely is a priority, and being able to be seen is very important (unless you live down HERE, where STEALTH is more important during a fun-filled convenience store heist, or those home invasions at 3AM). Reflective outerwear is now available in most every aspect of clothing from hats down to socks (and let's not forget those glow-in-the-dark-thongs and condoms). Living in an area where the ONLY time you can see ANYONE at night is when they SMILE would seem like the PERFECT place to hawk these articles of clothing....(yeah right). That's gonna happen...when pigs fly*.

So on that happy note, get out to vote early. Make a difference. Be someone who supports change, not for change sake, but for PROGRESS (which is still the opposite of CONgress...LOL).

And when dealing with any *porcine aviator...do NOT look up!

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