03 December 2007

Monday Musings...
Loads of things to take a look at (or a swing at) today, so without any further ado...

-Item: Evel Knievel Passes Away.
At the age of 69, Robert Kneivel has gone to that stunt show in the sky. I can say with pride that I saw him perform a jump at the old JFK stadium back in Philly in 1976, and he did not disappoint. Still have the slides I took of him in mid-air. Helluva show...and SHOWMAN. He might have been many things, but he DID love this country, and he would say as much after every jump. Considering he broke about every bone in his body over his career (and a few more times than even he could recall), it's amazing what he still managed to accomplish. Love him or hate him, there's one thing had to say - he talked the talk AND walked the walk!

-Item: Two Masked Gunmen At Large.
Anyone following the local police reports has to have seen this recent spate of armed robberies and home invasions that have been perpetrated by TWO masked gunmen. Now I can't say that all these crimes can be attributed to THESE two jerks, but it does look like a trend is occurring. It just doesn't track that we'd have SO MANY "copycat" crimes with people dressing the exact same way when they rob a bar, break into a home, or rob a convenience store. I would wager that they are being done by the same two men, simply because almost ALL the descriptions are the same, whether it's clothing or even the pistol they are brandishing,or even their ages. Get THESE two f$ckheads off the streets, and maybe we can still have a nice holiday season.

-Item: Is Paris Burning?
France is in the midst of some serious immigration woes...and we can learn a LOT just by watching. Immigrants to France are basically refusing to assimilate into the French culture and are waging a "war" of sorts against the government by torching parts of Paris. Over 120 policemen have been injured in this melee. And this is not the first European nation to enjoy such behavior from it's immigrant population. Amsterdam is reported to soon be a MUSLIM city within a decade. These nations have an out-of-control immigration situation, and unless THEY step up an do something, they will lose CENTURIES of their OWN culture. We can definitely learn a lot when it comes to OUR OWN immigration problems (hopefully we WILL), and especially along our southern border.

-Item: Comment-less Blogs.
Today's' paper had a nice article about blogs and the lack of comments to them. I can relate to this, as my comment count is lower than a male dachshund in a snowbank. And (imho) it should not be this way. I bring stories to you that need to be told, and I'm not afraid to point fingers where finger-pointing is warranted. It might make you mad, it might make you smile, but it will make you THINK, if nothing else.
But how would you even KNOW that if you're not READING and commenting here, eh? It bothers me when OTHER bloggers report the same thing I do, and their comment count is into double digits, while I stare at the daily "goose-egg". I take the time to read all these other blogs, and comment on THEM, and I have to admit that the manner that I present news & views is (relatively) easy on the psyche, tough on the right people, and is guaranteed to make you THINK...and it's usually reported BEFORE the other blogs.
And I find it just a bit arrogant that so many other bloggers do NOT comment here with any level of reciprocity (my GOD, this guy uses BIG words too) .
Is this sound like "sour grapes" on MY part? Yeah, maybe it is, but I've got MY reasons as to why I think it is, and anyone that wants to "man up", and care to COMMENT can find out why....LOL! This does not apply to any "regulars" that stop on by. If you've been too busy to stop in...that's fine. Hey , maybe everyone just AGREES 100% with what I 've been saying here....'ya think?

As I say -YOUR mileage may vary.

Have a safe week - be wary of the weather, because everyone else around you will not.


bobett said...

Always enjoy reading your blog Bob. My prayers go out to the hockey community. Several games from High School to College on the roads the past weekend.

God Bless the Purdue Hockey Team
traveling to South Bend during
the Ice storm to play Holy Cross
Saturday nite. several injured
1 student died in the ice bound
road bus crash.

Believe in commentment to travel to play...Ice...rain...shine...
win/lose. Life is great and although it was not one of my sons
that passed. My heart goes out.

bobett said...

Just to let you Know! I read your blog! ...alot. My comments are not important. What counts is that you keep many readers thinking.

The PA-IN Erudition is much appreciated ...keep blogging. It is important.

Bobby G. said...

Thanks for your readership...

I have to admit when I "hear crickets" after a week of postings, it makes ME think (and a lot of people don't like it when I do that...LOL).

So don't ever sell yourself short about commenting. It might just be that ONE word YOU type that spurs debate...and with debate comes ideas...and then actions.

Again, thank you.



Fr. Fozy Bear said...

"...lower than a male dachshund in a snowbank."

I loved it! I only read your blog on a bi-weekly rotation. So usually by the time I would comment on something the story would be so old you would wonder profusely as to why I am commenting on it now, etc. So I haven't 'til now, sorry.

Fr. Fozy

Bobby G. said...

Nah..comment whenever you want to...good OR bad. We like the kitchen, so you know we can "take the heat"...LOL!

Now go have some hot cocoa...you earned it!