14 August 2008

Believe It Or Else...
Time once again for more of the inept, inane, ridiculous, and utterly preposterous shenanigans we see every day, but that you might have missed.
And far be it for me to DENY you fine people of such enlightenment.
Not to mention, it makes anything YOU might do pale in comparison, right?
So buckle up - it's the law.
--It seems that with all the money FWCS claims they "need", they can find the funds to front a "workshop" today at the Coliseum for all the admins and staff.?
Now while I think this is worthy of praise, I do have my doubts.
Such as, how MUCH does it cost to "rent" the Coliseum and have FREE parking for the attendees? And who is footing the bill for the LUNCH that is to be served (for several thousand people in 40 minutes)?
And there are the SPEAKERS (two) that will be...well, speaking. NEA president Reg Weaver will be there along with Dr. Deborah Estes (brain-based learning), so I suppose they aren't doing this for FREE? Or are they?
My wife was told this was to be a "collaboration". Well, when you have to sit for SIX hours while OTHERS talk, that is NOT collaboration. It's a LECTURE (read workshop). Someone needs to get their nomenclatures straight.
((editor's note: The money for this came from a Wallace Fondation GRANT as per my wife's digging for the truth))
--And speaking of nomenclatures, the FWPD and the ACSD (Sheriff) STILL cannot figure out how to MERGE the 911 call centers, which are still separated by a stinking plexiglass wall!
So what IS an agency to do in this case?
What they USUALLY do...hire a CONSULTANT. Well, it is a bit better than forming another committee...or another task force, but not by much!
Now who the hell needs a bloody consultant to look at several operators manning the phones, separated by plexiglass to determine HOW they can be merged?
How about tearing DOWN the wall, Mr Gorbachev...I mean Mr. Henry? Wow, I suppose history DOES repeat itself. Who'da think? Besides, isn't everyone on the same radio freqs for 911? And if not, WHY not?
Sure, let's waste more money hiring people that will tell you what you already know. It's the Fort Wayne way!
--And down by Dunkelberg Road, there was a home invasion last night. Seems crime is spreading it's wings. Funny thing about people down there, they LIKE to shoot at burglars (same as I do). While no one was shot the sheriff's department secured the area and with K-9s looked for the 3 suspects (one of whom was known to someone in the house invaded).
Lesson learned here? Never f$ck with someone's house when the owner has a gun and is more than willing to unload it in your general direction.
--Fort Wayne's 17th homicide was a parolee...big surprise there, huh? No new developments in this case either, so you can all stop holding your breath.
--The FWFD responded AGAIN to the 500 block of Hendricks Street (between Broadway and Fairfield) for the THIRD house fire there in less than 2 months. Can't find that arsonist yet, hmm?

As of today, no arrests were made. Must be ALL that great "communication" between the police and the citizenry at work.
--And just when you thought it was safe to go BACK in the water...in East Chicago, a boy was trapped alone on a speeding boat on lake Michigan after his folks fell overboard. The wake from a larger boat tossed the adults over the side where they were rescued by another passing boat.
When Dad was going over the side, he must have tuned the wheel, sending his boat into a circular pattern. The boat finally stopped after the prop nicked some rocks.
The boy was shaken, but not stirred...I mean injured.
--Finally, and you have GOT to love this...the PRAY AT THE PUMP movement founder, Ricky Twyman says that a "higher authority" was what caused gas prices to drop over the last two weeks.
And his group has been praying at the gas pumps from Frisco to Baltimore. Now THAT'S devotion. And he thinks it's working. He also believes that if the entire nation prayed, gas prices would be back UNDER $2 a gallon.
Well, Hallelujah, sell my clothes, I'm goin' to heaven!
You have to admit that Ricky and the prayer team is doing better than CONGRESS in that regard.
Yeah...so take THAT, OPEC. Our God is better than yours...nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!
Now Ricky, how's about you rallying the flock, coming over to MY house and laying some hands on that inoperable A/C compressor on my Firebird? I'll provide the refreshments and lunch, and for a lot less than FWCS...!
It DOES have the novelty of never having been tried before.
(now where did I place that old hymnal?)

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