26 September 2008

Friday Follies...
Somehow, amongst all the angst and trepidation over the economy of the nation, we managed to make it to the weekend.
No easy feat, right?
Still, life goes on, and with it, all the stuff that makes the journey through life just a wee bit more...interesting.
**Swing and a miss -
The President and members of the House and Senate got together yesterday to skull out this $700 BILLION economic debacle, caused by major banks and lending agencies (who screwed themselves in the housing market).
And it appears as if the first round of discussions went down the crapper.
We'll try again today.
And maybe they'll make some progress.
I just wish this nation's leaders got AS interested whenever we ran up a few bills. Maybe we're not trying HARD enough?
I know that when people default on paying for their vehicle, it WILL get repo'ed. And "collection agencies" still harass people neglecting to pay their bills, sometimes attaching paychecks to collect their money.

Nice to know SOME things never go out of fashion.
Hey, now THERE'S a damn good idea...hire some goons of Italian lineage and mobbed up the ass to go "talk" to these lending agencies that tanked, and "convince" them it's in THEIR best interest to pay up.
I can see Rocco the Pipe, Fat Vinnie, and Muscles Marinara coming to visit Wall St.
Yeah, make 'em all an offer..."they can't refuse".
And I'd wager under penalty of "something quite accidental happening", that these Wall Streeters would (all of a sudden) FIND the means to cough up the dough, and I don't mean by climbing into MY pockets...OR yours.
All this sort of gives new meaning to it now being the FALL season, doesn't it?
In other news...
** About 52 pounds of marijuana plants were found at a mobile home in Warsaw when officers of the Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department went there to serve a warrant around 2100 hours Wednesday.
Surprise, surprise.
Don't bother to get up...we'll just let ourselves in.
You want to talk IRONY here?
The name of the trailer "court" (read park - white trash haven) was HIDE AWAY HILLS...LOL!
Not anymore...!
Tony Geib, 23, and Troy T. Touchton, 28, were arrested on inital charges of marijuana possession.
** And, lest we forget the SOUTH side of Fort Wayne -
FWPD reported a woman beaten and robbed of her purse Tuesday around 1300 hours. The victim told police she and her son (hope he wasn't school age) were getting into her car at the Decatur Road mobile home "park" when a man reached in the car window to grab her purse. The man proceeded to punch the WOMAN in the face (real MANLY behavior there, buck).
The woman attempted to fight the man off, but he did get her purse, and lost the keys to his minivan in the process (what a douche bag). Officers found the minivan parked nearby and towed it for evidence, but the robber remains at large.
** Attempted robbery lands teen in jail -
A Richmond, IN teen was formally charged AS AN ADULT, accused of trying to rob a Fort Wayne taxi driver using a sawed-off shotgun (that's illegal) and threatening police (that's just plain stupid).
Where is Travis Bickle when you NEED him anyway?
Malik A Dean, 17, wearing a black ski mask and hiding in a ditch near River Cove trail was found with the shotgun next to him by ISP officers using a K-9 unit on 19 September.
Police said that Dean threatened to kill all the officers who were at the scene (kind of hard to do when your SINGLE-SHOT shotgun is no longer in your possession, buttwipe).
Dean faces formal (as opposed to casual?) felony charges of attempted robbery, possession of s sawed-off shotgun, pointing a firearm, criminal recklessness, and intimidation. Add to that a misdemeanor of giving police a false name.
See 'ya later, Dean-o. In about 3-5 years.
**FWCS ID theft very possible -
On 17 September, FWPD discovered a life insurance document dating from 2004 in the home of one Steven T. Brown, of the 100 block of Leith St, that led to Brown's arrest.
The 93 page document, found in a filing cabinet drawer, contained the names, DOBs, and other information (probably the SSNs) of 3,348 current and retired employees of FWCS who received benefits in 2004, the FWPD spokesman stated.
FWCS is urging it's employees to report any suspicious "activity" regarding their identities, especially if they have been victims of ID theft over the past 4 years.
The document was a quarterly report from The Terrell Co., a term life insurance broker to North American Benefits Co., detailing participants in the FWCS program. FWCS officials were notified of the document by the FWPD on 17 September, but it was 19 September when officials learned about the discovery, and even then, details were vague. It was late Tuesday when the full scope of the case was learned.
FWCS emailed all of it's current employees Wednesday, telling them of the breach, and is in the process of contacting retired employees.
Letters will also be sent to current employees.
Brown was arrested on charges of forgery and counterfeiting after police found three fake payroll checks, which appeared to be from Manchester College, in his pockets. Police said Brown may be behind other counterfeiting cases and that more charges are pending. Having the FWCS insurance document possession is not a crime, however.
Nah...he just COLLECTS them...like baseball cards, right?
I'd get the FEDS in on this bird...pronto.
Oh yeah...it's Friday. You can almost SMELL it in the air.
Oh wait, that's just another idiot driving along my street with bad piston rings...
Or is it another "open burn"?
I didn't think that was FOG anyway
In the meantime...
Have yourselves a SAFE weekend.
Catch 'ya on the flip side!

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