17 October 2008

Been A Helluva Week…
Aside from all the problems I've experienced the past seven days,THIS blog has made it to
Ain't that a kick in the ass!
I will say that during this time, the Missus and I have really enjoyed our “home version” of OUR NATION’S ECONOMY AND THE WALL STREET MELTDOWN these past few days. Difference being, OUR version is the MICROSOFT EDITION.
Seemed like we were playing MONOPOLY, CLUE, CHUTES and LADDERS, and LIFE…all at ONCE.
But hopefully, the next week will a lot less troublesome than these last 100 (or so) hours.
Still, I can’t help but wonder how many OTHER households across America have been in the same boat as us, just at another oar?
The solution we’re looking at is to (most likely) return the Gateway system, KEEP the NETBOOK, and get the Stone computer (and maybe even the reliable H/P Pavilion) tower fixed. If it’s a software issue, the hardware is still good-to-go, so why trash it, right?
And, they BOTH have WIN XP on board, And that’s a lot LESS stressful to this old fogey than trying to VISTA my way into the afterlife…LOL.
Now don’t get me wrong, here. I like a FEW of the novelties that VISTA has, but not enough to justify wanting it. Then there IS that compatibility issue with our 6 month old printer, that not even the manufacturer has a fix for. So there’s no way in hell we’re dumping a perfectly good printer with 4 ink cartridges. Add that to more software incompatibilities than I care to mention…so much for “ease of use by a consumer”, hmm?
Anyway, with that almost placed BEHIND US (where it belongs), it might be good to re-enter the world of the REAL (as Morbius would say)…whatever ‘real’ is.
***There was a raid up on the North side of the city yesterday that netted 58 POUNDS ofmary jane”, along with 7 guns, and about $2300.
Monica Radiminski, 33 of 2815 Hazelwood Avenue faces prelim charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, as well as maintaining a common nuisance. Bail was only set at $3250, so she’ll be out in no time.
Police also arrested Darren Hargrett, 35, of the 400 block of Wiebke Street. His charges are dealing marijuana, possession, and resisting law enforcement. Now HIS bail was set at $160,750 (that’s more like it, people).
The same day, police also served a warrant to the house at 627 Kenwood Ave., where they found 3 ounces of pot, FIVE guns, FIVE mopeds, 95 pills (probably “E”), and close to $3000. (I’d wager the mopeds and guns were probably used to mule the drugs around town. Makes sense.)
Arrested were Shaun Joseph Bowser, 32 on charges of dealing pot, dealing a Schedule II substance, and possession of said two narcotics, while Monica Sue Shappell, 25, was charged with possession, and maintaining a common nuisance.. His bail was set at $105,000, while her’s was set at $5000.
The cases remain under investigation and more arrests might follow, and police do not believe the two operations were related.
I’d probably think not either, as we have MORE than enough of a drug trade to “go around”. And one can look no further than my neighborhood…or Phil’s.
It simply amazes me that when you see ALL the trappings of a drug house, and take the time to get good intel about the place (busy days, times, as well as people, cars, plate numbers), and then pass this on to the department, after a few months later, that house is STILL “in business”.
That bothers me, as it should ANY other decent citizen.
Granted, doing a drug investigation DOES take time, as you need to build an airtight case against the people at the house, but how LONG do you need? I’d say that after you make a few buys, surveil the place and notice all the crap going down (that we have to live with daily), that would kind of speak for itself.
Maybe not, I guess.
And it’s this “hands-off” approach that I find disturbing on too many levels.
Is it because it occurs in the “rough” part of town? Since our area is "blighted" does that mean that investigators can take their good old time? And is it OK to turn the other cheek, because “these people bring this shit on themselves”…?
Those don’t seem like very good responses to me.
As I always say: “A city is ONLY AS GOOD as it’s WORST AREA”.
So that should clue you in on the “Fort Wayne Scene”.
Does this part of town get a “bum rap”?
Not in the slightest.
We did it the OLD-FASHIONED way...we (present company excluded) EARNED IT!
If a city has a problem area, it NEEDS to be called on it, as do the politicians that have allowed this boil on the city’s ass to fester. And it needs to be CONSTANTLY in front of the city’s populace, so that THEY can know what the city has NOT done to reverse the problem.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t fall to the media to do so…at least not to the degree it NEEDS to be.
That’s where “we” come in…the bloggers.
We might come off as being whiny, fault-finders that have nothing better to do than watch our neighborhoods as they decline around us.
Well…isn’t that what ANY decent citizen SHOULD ALREADY BE DOING?
I’d like to think so.
And on that note (sounds like a C sharp to me)…
Have yourselves a nice, SAFE weekend.
Enjoy the foliage…you leafers”, you…LOL


Jim said...

C'mon, Bob you know from your own experiences that the pinch point for a lot of cases is the prosecutor's office. It's not that the police department isn't pursuing the cases seriously...this prosecutor demands a "lay-down" hand before they'll even file a case. While the police department isn't perfect, it's not the only player on this stage. By the way, "A.P." has been locked up, and charges against his cronies are flying like snowflakes, with more to come. How about doing a ride-along with the guys sometime soon?

Bob G. said...

Oh, I agree with you that the Prosecutor's office has a LOT (imho, too much) to do with bringing good cases to court, or summarily dismissing them, which is something MORE IMPORTANT today than in decades past, given the increased severity of the crimes committed.
The ambulance-chasers are looking for that missing "dot" over that "i", to get a "rock solid" case tossed..and all the GOOD police work that went along with it.
And you have to be concered about I/A investigating YOU if any perp's relatives open their piehole against the thin blue line.

Good deal on the "A.P." gig...I heard that Rico was also "cuffed & stuffed"...wtg, people!
Nice job!

Love to do another ride along...
Last one I did was w/ Bernie (before he made Sarge and went to CSI)close to 4 years ago...had a blast and a half. Wonder if he still carries that S&W Sigma?
He "should" trade up...lol.

Stay Safe Out There, Boss!

Jim said...

Bob, the whole dept. traded up...Glock 17 is the standard issue these days. Plus, we're finishing our 4th year of carrying patrol rifles to level the playing field a little against some of the thugs.

Dark-Star said...

The way things are going in America, I wish I could give your department P-90's as standard issue.

Bob G. said...

Personally speaking, although I DO like the FNB P90 a LOT (with the 5.7x28 round - amazing stopping power at distance), when it comes to CQB, I have to opt for the Tavor micro 21 made by IMI...or even the H&K MP7.
Subgun - no debate...the .45 cal KRISS Super V XSMG!

As for a sidearm, my father-in-law was one of the first in Philly to get a Glock during the initial pilot program in the late 80s, and although I liked it, I prefer something like the H&K P2000, the Jericho 941, or the Walther P99 (in .40 cal naturally).
Also, any decent .357 wheelgun with a magnaported barrel!

Patrol rifles, hmm?
...good to hear that.
I take it they're a version of the M4 carbine in .223?
Honestly, I never did "love" the old .223...seemed like I was "auto-plinking" with a Garcia/Rossi...LOL!
I wish they'd go to a LARGER round with a lot less ricochet potential...or even the frangible rounds.

I told our Quad CPT. about those "Extreme Shock" rounds.
I carry Federal Hydra-Shoks in my pistol (yeah, ouch).

As to shotguns...I like anything that pumps or is semiauto in 12 gauge...and I like to mix up the flavors a bit...
-00 shot (gets your point across)
-#4 shot (to piss em off)
-rifled slug (to stop them period)

And I'd wish they'd open up some more ranges near town...and have a "Hogan's Alley" too!

You'd figure with ALL the shooting on the SOUTH side, there would be a "need" for more ranges because SOME people can't seem to hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle...!

But we are talking LEGAL firearms (and owners) though.

Thanks for the comments, people.

Stay Safe

Phil Marx said...

Well, if you ask me, there is probably plenty of blame to be shared between Karen Richards and FWPD.

I once seved as a juror on a murder trial here in Allen County. The biggest mistake the prosecuter made was allowing the FWPD dective to give such poor testimony. It really made us pause before deciding to convict.

Dark-Star said...

Won't argue with those - especially the H&K. Those people know how to make firearms like Stradivarius made musical instruments. But the P-90 is designed to be totally ambidextrous from front to back, in addition to serious stopping power and compact size (for tight quarters and also concealment) IMHO it would be the cat's meow. Wish I had the means to own one myself. 8/

indy said...

i'm still old school with my weapons. but i can put them together in the dark and disasmble too. that would be a m16 or ar15 which i do not own. and a colt 45...