10 October 2008

Friday Follies...
We're staring at an almost summer-like weekend, and here's hoping I can bring some things to light for you that will ensure your weekend does get off to a good start.
(From WANE source)
((-- A local school has hit a road block in planning an annual event for students, and has found itself in the middle of a controversy
with the City of Fort Wayne.
For 28 years, Haverhill Elementary school held an annual jog/walk as part of a special wellness day.
"Teachers, students, all staff members get together to promote wellness. We walk or jog a mile," explains Haverhill Principal Jeanine Kleber. It all happens right in the quiet neighborhood where the school's tucked away.
But, having the event lately has been a bit tricky now that the Aboite area's been annexed into Fort Wayne.
That's when Kleber learned the school would need a $50 dollar permit to have the walk.
"50 dollars over, if we would have been paying it for 28 years, that's a lot of money that could go towards kids educations," says Kleber. "The jog walk is obviously just to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle. There's no money, we don't raise money.
It's strictly a neat activity for us to promote wellness".
The school even thought about moving the walk from the road up to the sidewalk, but the city said it would still have to pay.
"Our city ordinance lays out what we have for a block party, our parade permits, and we obviously have to charge for that based on what our city ordinance says," states City Spokesperson Rachel Blakeman.
(Yo, Rachel...gotta news flash for 'ya...this AIN'T no friggin' PARADE, sweetheart OR a damn BLOCK PARTY...what planet YOU from anyway?)
Blakeman explains the money goes to administrative fees and also any public safety costs that may be needed.
For the past few years, the school's gotten away with paying a reduced fee of ten dollars, but next year that won't be the case.
"It costs the city to offer these services, especially in terms of the budget; we need to be able to recover some of those expenses."
(WHAT f$cking "services"????)
Reducing or eliminating the fee is the city council's call.
But whether the school will take the fight to them is still up in the air.
"It's kind of a catch 22--do you pursue it in order to keep money for the kids, or do you spend your time focused on their education?" says Kleber.
It's interesting to point out that some of the events held downtown -- like Island Fest, or International Blast, don't have to put up with these fees when they block off roads.
Blakeman tells us that's because many of those events are city sponsored.
Haverhill will hold the annual jog/walk Friday, Oct. 10th at 1:30 p.m)) .
Now I think the city is being a bit "harsh" in the way they're handling this. No, the city is damn stupid, period!
I don't feel that the school should have to pay ANY frigging "fee" to walk a DAMN MILE in THEIR OWN NEIGHBORHOODS.
You guys out there want to save a lot of hassle and money?
Here's the plan...
You get a bunch of parents of the kids together...take YOUR vehicles and BLOCK OFF THE WALKING AREA YOURSELVES!
Screw the "public service" BS! Serve YOURSELVES first.
Besides, you NEVER can tell when a car might "break down", can you?
Put the hood up...make it look "legit". No one can argue that.
How long does it take to walk or jog a freaking MILE anyway?
The city is uninvolved (as they should be), you save the fifty bucks for the school, and the kids and teachers keep the tradition ALIVE...Problem solved!
**Next: Simon Rios hang himself in jail....
OK...what TOOK him SO DAMN LONG?
My take - It was an "inside" job. Inmates just don't like having CHILD KILLERS among them, and they tend to "deal" with such situations in their own "unique" manner. Problem solved (again).
**This story is related to the recent shooting over on Reed st, although it's not mentioned.
((Published: October 10, 2008 6:00 a.m. -The Journal Gazette
Police SWAT sent for arrest; house empty
Fort Wayne police spent much of Thursday afternoon outside a Woodview Boulevard home trying to arrest a local man wanted on felony charges.
The department’s Emergency Services Team – also known as a SWAT team – was called to arrest the man, who was possibly armed. But after three hours, police found that the house was empty.
Patrol officers knocked on the door of a home in the 700 block of Woodview Boulevard about 1 p.m. No one answered, but the homeowner gave police consent to search the home looking for the man who had an active arrest warrant, police spokesman John Chambers
said. Police did not release the man’s name and did not release what specific charges he faces.
Officers believed the man was likely armed and possibly with several other people.
Because of those circumstances, the Emergency Services Team was called in at 2:55 p.m.
After 5 p.m., officers finally entered the house but found no one inside, Chambers said.
OK...now (as Paul Harvey would say)...for the REST of the story...
The perp with the FELONY warrants is ANTHONY PARRISH. Police were ALSO looking for a RICO PARRISH as well. Both have definite ties to the local gang called the D-BOYS. And as you will recall, it was the D-BOYS that were involved in a drive by shooting that shot up a house over at 4030 Reed st last week, as well as the shooting over on Hessen Cassel.
Interesting thing...Neither of the PARRISH names showed up on the CURRENT ACSD warrant listings for any county covered. Be nice if they posted a PICTURE of the perps wanted, so people could see if they're cribbing NEXT DOOR to them...wouldn't it?
Another slant to this is that whatever "intel" the FWPD received about Parrish, it had to have been bad, because he wasn't at that house (another rental, of course). And there were a few cars cruising that area SLOWLY, and police on scene noticed them. A few were even tailed.
Now if *I* were the D-Boys, I'd want to know WHEN the police are coming to get me, HOW MANY will show up, and WHAT tactics they might employ to get me in ...so I can be SOMEWHERE ELSE.
And I strongly believe that such a ploy was done on the police yesterday while the Parrish boys were probably watching it all on TV, having a good laugh.
They were probably down in MY neighborhood, knowing how "easy" it is to become invisible down here. The house at Woodview & Hanna isn't all that far away from me, either.
Let's face it...when you're a "local" gang and you want to get noticed by a "big dog" in say, Chicago, what better way to get some "STREET CRED". Like I said yesterday, it's all about EXCESS.
((**Editor's Note: as of approximately 1400 hrs today, Anthony Parrish was in custody, after SWAT was again called out...this time to a duplex in the Brookmill Court apartments along Millbrook Drive, off of Covington Rd., where Parrish was believed to be hiding.
After a several hour standoff which began before 0800 hrs, the entry team finally went in, and found that Parrish had climbed into an attic crawlspace and over to the adjoining apartment, where he was found and apprehended.
Mr Parrish is now resting comfortably as the newest "guest" of the Allen County lockup on charges of felony gun possession, criminal recklessness with a firearm, and aggravated battery. BTW...nice mug shot in Saturday's paper, "dawg"))

Well done, people...Nice OP!!!
(you perps can run, but you can't hide...FOR LONG)
**Picture rrom NEWS-SENTINEL site (from reader query)**
I know it took well over a year to get the (now deceased) Mario Thomas the hell out of my neighborhood, along with HIS posse.
But like a few of us always say (to the FWPD):
If you want the citizens to HELP you...then HELP US to HELP YOU.
Don't dust us off in the process when we DO attempt to assist. The way things look on some of our streets here, you folks need ALL the help you can get.
And those are on the "good" days.
In the meantime, people...
Enjoy the weather and DO have yourselves a GREAT weekend!


Phil Marx said...

One of those guys lives a half block from me. I saw him here just a couple days ago.

Do you think I should call FWPD with this tip?

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you on the Haverhill walk. ;) This is a SWAC school. They can't pay $50.00? Do they want to be like FWCS and it's daily after-skoo walking in the street fit-nass walk?

Bob G. said...

It's a quiet neighborhood (by their own definition), so traffic is minimal at BEST...Our ALLEYS here get more traffic than THEIR streets!

I also don't see WHAT "city services" they feel the need to HAVE to provide that would jusify the $50 (or even the reduced fee of $10)?

If they have a POLICE ESCORT...well, maybe then.

It's just kids and teachers doing a good thing for a good cause...no parade or block party involved.

Abd if any kids have to walk in the streets from the SWAC schools, it's ONLY because they truly have NO sidewalks...unlike the ones around here that can't figure out WHAT the sidewalks (the city installed) are supposed to be used for)...lol.

Thanks for your opinion...duly noted.


Anthony was busted, but I don't know the disposition of "Rico"...if you know OF him...WTH...send in a tip to the C/S site....you might get a reward (to buy TWO MORE cameras...or more ammo)...LOL!


indy said...

for some reason anthonys pic isnt online. is he white or black? or what...........the school thing. well i was ticked when i read that they would have to start paying a fee too. you cant judge a book by its cover. where i am we are in a township. but, about 75% of the kids are getting free books and lunch. they might not really be able to afford that 50.00 fee. times are tough right now. even my family is going threw it alittle. i made over 70,000 last year and this year i will be making less. its not like i am sending out my mortgage payment times 3 every month anymore. i am just making my morgage payment. and it sucks not being ahead of the game. right now i got the christmas kids bought and paid for. for donating toys. i bought alot when they were 75%off at target after christmas last year. right now i havent even started getting my daughter anything. and normally they are wrapped by now. so its hitting and its hitting hard. hard enough my daughter about had a heartattach when i told her that i didnt think there was even going to be overtime during christmas and i normally take home a few thousand working my arse off.

Bob G. said...

He's black...and just because YOU asked for it...I will provide his mugshot...
(free of charge).

Never let it be said that I DON'T take the wishes of MY readers SERIOUSLY...!


indy said...

lol i noticed that. guess he wasnt related to the parrishs i knew back in the day. i couldnt stand them eithor.