01 October 2008

Heckuva Humpday...
Well, it looks as though the sewer gang will be working outside our "estate" today, so I'm kind of glad I didn't decide to mow that part of the lawn ...it would have really done a number on their hose line draped across the grass...LOL!
So, perhaps it's time to keep it a bit "light" today and take a look at what's been going on around us.
--The city and county are deciding not to pursue a joint headquarters building for the FWPD/ACSD at this time. Well, ain't that nice. I mean the last thing we taxpayers need is another tax hike, right? I wonder how that will shake out when the city's lease on the Creighton St. building expires next year? Not to mention the ACSD is still working on that property over by New Haven.
And it does beg the question as to WHY the FWPD ever closed the "sub-stations" it used to have about the city...like the one that USED to be over at SOUTHTOWN PLAZA (where the police are called to all too regularly anyway these days).
--The "bailout" on Wall St continues as Congress and the Senate vacillate over the whys, hows, and whens of the whole deal. In this blogger's opinion, I'd like to see these lending agencies bail themselves out. I mean, if I got into some deep financial dung, it would be MY responsibility to get myself the hell out. Same should apply to ANYONE else, if we are talking true equality here..
--Today would have been my parents 59th anniversary, had they lived to see it.
Funny how time changes some things and not others. Yeah, I still miss them both, and would give damn near anything to have an afternoon with them...just to chat for a spell. You know you're getting older when things such as that preoccupy your thoughts.
--Henry Ford introduced his Model T on this day. Now there was a unique vehicle. It could run on anything from kerosene to gasoline to moonshine.
Truly, the first alternative-fuel vehicle.
And now we're attempting to come full circle...only for a lot more expense to the consumer.
You left us too soon, Henry.
--As far as the new FALL LINEUP of TV shows...not too much to write home about.
-Knight Rider - NO Pontiac Trans Am, NO William Daniels (as KITT), NO good acting (still), and NO reason to watch.
-The Mentalist - Intriguing show, but can it sustain itself?
-The Fringe - X-Files meets ??? (not a bad show)
-Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
- In the USA, it's as every bit as good as the UK show, because of "our" attitude. A fun watch (count the number of times the word "f$ck" is bleeped - turn it into a "drinking" game with some friends...lol)
Other than that, it's back to new seasons of my personal favorites, and mind you, I only watch these as a "guilty pleasure":
-NCIS - good cast and writing staff...and who doesn't recall David McCallum from the Man from U.N.C.L.E.
(extra points if you know what U.N.C.L.E. stands for and who played Napoleon Solo)
-The Unit
- This team gets it done...whatever "it" might be.
-Criminal Minds - Excellent writing and a good cast.
-CSI Miami - Some nice "eye candy"...and Caruso's deadpan delivery.
-CSI New York - Gary Sinise is first rate, and there are some pretty good "nue yawk" accents.
-Family Guy & America Dad - the guiltiest of my pleasures...wonderfully irreverent and funny. Still, I'd much rather have THEM as neighbors than what I currently have...any day.
-And for those of you that can't get enough Star Wars...this Friday on Cartoon Network: CLONE WARS. This CGI series fills in the gaps between the 2nd and 3rd movies, and although the biological characters are a bit too stylized, the robots and machinery are well rendered.
Then there's always the COMBAT reruns (from the 1960s) on AMERICAN LIFE TV, as well as all the classic COPS episodes on TRU TV.
I suppose I should mention that the HISTORY channels (yes, all of them) are always worth a watch, as are the DISCOVERY channels (especially Mythbusters).
And who can forget Turner Classic Movies when you just HAVE to see CASABLANCA...one more time?
So it won't be for want of something to watch when the weather gets cold, and we all want to sit back with a hot cup of something and a fleece throw about our feet and take life a bit easier.
Lord knows we could all use that now.

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