08 October 2008

Humpday Happenings...
Last night's debate was...well, it wasn't a "debate", that's for sure. At least not in the purist sense of the term.
I did see a nice (and predicable) Q&A session, and it was pleasing to know that Tom Brokaw didn't get away with any MSM shenanigans along the way.
What I wish some news or history channel would show would be some of the (real) DEBATES from past presidential races. And the farther back, the better. When I hear the word DEBATE, by God I want to see a freaking debate!
If I wanted to watch some version of "Ask Me Another", I'd watch a courtroom proceeding or Jeopardy!
When it comes to anything political, I tend to stray from the "norm" as far as the general public goes; that means I don't HAVE to be ENTERTAINED. I want to be INFORMED, first and foremost. Entertain me LATER, OK?
I cannot see how anything other than that will aid me in making my decision come election day.
I need FACTS. I need statistics, I need some truth. THEN I can come to a better conclusion.
Sorry, blame that on my upbringing.
My generation was prone to such behavior...LOL.
And for crying out loud, if you're going to follow time limits, then interrupt the candidate when they get to bloviating over the period allowed, OK? They're grown people...they'll understand. At least I think they would.
Curious thing about the times we live in...everything just HAS to have an air of "entertainment" somewhere in it, as though the powers that be feel compelled to attract our attention, and then keep it by any means possible.
This is a Presidential race...it's some serious $hit, people. What "we" decide will be someone we're going to be stuck with for at least FOUR years, and we damn well better be sure we're making the right call on this. Let's make that call based not on whether the candidate is a "novelty", how well they dress, how old they might be, or anything else that is more superficial than substantive.
We need to understand all the angles of all the issues, and when we don't get the answers we asked for, we should keep on asking those tough questions UNTIL we DO get answers that they are not over our heads, but directed right at our hearts and minds...plain and simple.
We don't want to hear some legalese mumbo-jumbo that sort of sounds like it makes sense.
If this nation can dumb down tests for our kids, and dumb down hiring requirements and mislabel it affirmative action, then we sure as hell can also dumb down these issues so that every single one of us that is capable of casting a vote can comprehend what the hell, and who the hell we're voting for. No more smoke and mirrors, please.
Now I'm no escapee from MENSA, nor do I profess to even coming close to sneaking into anything that intense, but I like to believe that I can hold my own in most intellectual situations. Lord knows I've "shot" my share of "unarmed" people during MANY a battle of wits.
But I was brought up thinking it was perfectly OK to ask questions...and expect answers. And those answers were supposed to be the RIGHT answers, and not something contrived for the sole purpose of my obfuscation. It's like a road sign that's been turned around. You EXPECT to be driving on the correct road, when in fact you're not. But you notice that on the map, you should go the OTHER way...and you do, in spite of what the "sign" reads. And you get where you're going, which was your original intent.
Same goes for politics...for ME, anyway.
Many times in life, you are given facts, and expected to ACT on those facts...sometimes immediately.
Sometimes there is no "easy" answer, but there should at least BE an answer.
When I ask something, give me a straight answer, even if it's "I don't know" (then find me someone that DOES know), but when I am misdirected, I tend to get real terse...real fast.
My time is important, and I can't waste it chasing down the answers that someone was supposed to provide when I asked them in the first place, in the belief that they SHOULD know something about it. Sounds simple enough.
Ask a question...get an answer.
No excuses, please. We all know about those, right?
And if a reason (for not providing the correct answer) is presented truthfully, I can get on board with that.
Just give me an answer.
When I ask "What our alternative energy prospects for this nation will be in 10 years?", I sure as hell don't expect to hear (as an answer) something about Iran...or endangered species...or my retirement...or even higher prices at the grocery stores. I already KNOW about all that crap. I did a little something called READING (or research if you will). All I want is the answer to my question - straight up. I don't need a sermon...or a thesis, or even some "pontificatory oratory" (correct or not, I like the way that rolls off the tongue).
I don't know about you, but when I'm given a bunch of facts and figures, I can disseminate what I need to come to a conclusion, thereby making a pretty decent decision.
And that doesn't seem like all that big a deal...or a hard thing to accomplish, does it?
Come to think of it...when we look around us, all we see are SOLUTIONS. The conundrum lies with knowing WHAT PROBLEM can best be addressed along the way utilizing those solutions.
Perhaps we should ask some questions?


indy said...

after last nights debate and watching mccain trying to put words in obamas mouth and obama fighting back it has only reenforced me to vote for obama. i dont like or trust palin and i'll be darned if i ever vote for the likes of her. i watch in how my mind how she is doing her family over. and i say oh no not me too.

Bobby G. said...

It's definitely the lesser of two evils...
I might just write MYSELF in...LOL!

At least I know where "I" stand on the issues.

Wouldn't THAT be weird is EVERYONE did that?
The person that got TWO votes wins...!
(where's my wife...I got me some campaignin' to do)