14 October 2008

When the $hit Hits the Fan...

Well, we've got ANOTHER "virus" or something weird with this NEW computer...don't ask me what, but there IS one computer store in town that will be getting an EARFUL over this...rest assured. All it does is keep trying to reboot and reboot....over an over. And the AVG software has NEVER detected any viruses. Plus, I always delete any and all cookies after every session. Go figure.
The last time, we were "told" it was a corrupted disk, and the O/S was swapped out (with all previous data on a huge "old drive" file). I sure as hell don't want to have to go through that all over again. In the interim, I'm going to have to return to the ancient Win 98 system with dialup for the time being.
And it will be SLOW...and LABORIOUS...and jerking my blood pressure WAY beyond human tolerances...again.
Suffice it to say that what I had "planned" for today will be postponed until we get this crap sorted the hell out. I will state that I noticed our FiOS router blinking like crazy this morning even BEFORE the system was turned the hell on.
And when I used to be in computers ages ago..."blinking lights" meant something was happening.
Now I don't know WHO or WHAT is behind this crap, but I've about had it.You got an axe to grind with me...be man enough to FACE me, and don't sneak around bugging up my computer.
Yes, I can add THIS to the last day of hell I've been experiencing.
Yesterday the wife was going to make a payment for the garage roof we just got, and she cannot find the COUPON BOOK. She thinks she tossed it out.
So we've got to try and get ANOTHER book and get hip-deep into twelve kinds of shit again. Of course, since we're headed into FALL, it's time for the male cat to start RE-MARKING his territory all over our drapes.
We were doing so damn well with the pee-in-the-litterpan / treats thing. Cause and effect was working damn well...until this past week. I though it was an "accident", but probably not. He's been doing his business elsewhere.
I need a dog...BAD!
And this morning, wifey's hair dryer goes on the blink, cutting in and out while she's getting ready to head out to school (work).
Thank God I bought her an EXTRA one last Christmas...that she hasn't used (until today).
As far as the old hair dryer?
No sweat...I just swapped out the GFI plug, and took care of THAT problem. Why all this is going down at once beats the hell out of me.
So be thankful that none of YOU have MY luck this week...!!!
We'll catch you on the flip side...unless THAT has a virus as well.


Jana said...

Not sure exactly what kind of internet you have, but if you have DSL is it set to be a private network system, requiring a password to log on to the web if you're trying to access the router with a wireless computer?

Dave and I have our DSL network set up that way. It also stops other people trying to steal our bandwith.

I hope you get everything figured out.

When it rains, it pours, doesn't it.



indy said...

not sure about the computer thing. i agree with the old wire and phone idea. personally i will be changing internet providers soon. going at&T they seem to have a lower price then comcast. and the dog situation...well our dog will pee for days outside. but is too imbarrassed to take a poop out there. she has a favorite pooping spot in my home. in the bathroom. usually when i am on the pooper first thing in the morning...........NASTY.......thank God its just the hair dryer going out. i am having problems with my catalatic converter on the car.

indy said...

oh and by the way my air conditor compresser is out on my car too........now that sucks...having hot flashes and stuck in traffic.

Bob G. said...

Verizon's been good so far...I guess there is just someone out there that doesn't like ME...LOL!

But we DO have a SPANKING NEW NOTEBOOK size laptop that I'm using RIGHT NOW...and ONLY $379!!!
(thanks, Best Buys)

Catalytic converters are pretty easy to swap out...just get a GOOD muffler shop or mechanic to do it.

As to the hairdryer...that was my RELAXATIONB FOR THE DAY!

And, if it makes you feel better, my car hasn't had A/C for about EIGHT YEARS...we've been too busy replacing computers...LMAO!!!

Thanks both for the sentiments and knowing that OTHERS have had a bad day here and there.
I'm really NOT ALONBE...!