05 November 2008

America...The Land Of The Lost?
Thomas Paine once said that: "These are the times that try men's souls" (An American Crisis - pamphlets, 1776), and I can hear those words echo across this vast nation as the sun rises.
America has elected a new President, and for the first time, and African-American President.
Surely the stuff that groundbreaking is made of, right?
Not so fast.
We are placing into on of the highest offices in the world a man untested, unproven, and bit of a mystery.
Well, that's not so bad for a start., but he aure ain't no JFK!
The title of this post smacks back to the Marty Kroftt kids show from the 70s, where a family goes on a rafting excursion, and winds up in a world where everything is changed...ruling lizard people (Sleestaks), dinosaurs, and friendly little furry critters.
Get used to this scenario.
Is Barack Obama the BEST candidate for the job?
No...there were better men from years past, not the least of which was Alan Keyes, also an African-American.
Mr President - prove me wrong.
I can't help but think that what I posted on Monday seems to be all too true. Too many Americans are content to be led around the nose like so much cattle. Vote for someone because he's NOT G.W., or because of his skin color...or his "policy" of CHANGE (for apparently change sake)...NOT for the issues he represents (or misrepresents).
American is ripe for a schism, and you can imagine what it could be based upon.
Have we had the wholesale rioting I mentioned earlier this week? Thankfully not, but we're only in the first day of this "CHANGE", we've heard tell about. There is plenty of time to raise several sorts of hell in this nation.
And don't think those who oppose US as a nation (in the global arena) aren't paying the hell attention.
Oh, yes they are.
You can practically hear their Pavlovian response kicking in from where you sit.
Mr. President - prove me wrong!
Still, I might not prefer the choice that "Amerika" voted for, but I will, as a good American, RESPECT THE OFFICE being held, if nothing else. And I think that's the least any of us can (and should) do.
I will say that I feel that our nation could be shooting itself in the foot, but we'll have to wait and see whether Obama allows us to KEEP the guns in the first place, in order that we may be ALLOWED to shoot ourselves in said foot. We might have to settle for a mere amputation instead.
One thing I would LIKE to see occur with Obama in the White House (whose name might be changed to "Da First Crib"), would be for the majority of the poor, uneducated black population to grab the old boot straps and ante up, turning from their victicratic mentality and becoming a much more productive aspect to our society.
That's what I'd LIKE to see.
Not going to happen, I fear.
Somehow, I don't see the local wild minority urchins that roam my street becoming straight *A* students, aspiring to become civic leaders, and mentors for the future generations (while staying off my property and not vandalizing everything they touch). I don't see these people deciding that disrespecting someone because of THEIR skin color or ability to earn a living and OWN a house changing overnight.
I don't envision a neighborhood clean of drug dealers, boom cars, and slovenly behavior, although the opportunity for such a thing is NOW well within reach with a black President running our country.
I don't see the black population extending their hand to others with as much brio as others have done over the decades in their attempt to bridge any and all gaps between cultures.
Mr. President - prove me wrong!
So, what exactly DO I see?
I see people that will seek EVEN MORE entitlements, while NOT seeking gainful employment, all in the name of "diversity" and "freedom".
(sorry folks, the "freedom" of irresponsibility is NOT in the Constitution)
I see neighborhoods where crime will still hold court, forcing even more decent folks away.
I see local infrastructures suffering as a result.
I see good people being unjustly intimidated and disrespected (hell, we saw that at polling places yesterday...by the Black Panthers).
It comes down to the whole "We gots a brutha in de white house, so we can do wha-evah we wan to now" (sic).
Sorry folks, but you're going to need an attitude adjustment first...a MAJOR one.
Will we see a resurgence back to traditional family values...not on THIS watch.
And as a result of that, we can expect further erosion of societal mores. I could go on and on about how Obama is soft on gangs and crime, but Chicago speaks for itself. You will see for yourself.
I can also expect illegal immigrants to be provided with LEGAL American I.D.s via driver's licenses. And I won't even get into the abortion issue and how that will progress. (or is that regress?)
One thing I can't help but take notice of, is that America has had it's final "slap in the face" to it's Vietnam vets with this election. Dennis Miller made note of this the other night, and I agree with him, so there.
I can't feel good when Obama wishes to cut back technological advances that would keep THIS nation at the forefront of a precision-guided form of warfare, instead of the traditional method, which leads to the usual mass carnage of lands, civilians, and soldiers.
Does Obama have a viable "alternative energy" solution?
Not yet, but perhaps he'll "grow into the position", as it were.
Yet, Obama will be the President of MY country, and I owe him my respect to that office he will hold.
Will my views and opinions bother some?
Yeah, sure it will.
People can't handle truth all that well these days.
This election TOLD ME as much.
Conversely, there will be those that echo my sentiments.
I will say that I would LOVE to see our next President be able to get this nation back on it's feet, it's economy thriving, it's people prosperous and working, and once again become the world leader in democracy, liberty, and freedom for everyone...but somehow I think that's asking for the moon, especially in the NEXT four years.
My take is that those that voted for "change" will, in all likelihood, "get what you want" (or deserve...either way).
Be careful what you ask for...you just night get it.
This is STILL "MY" America as much as it is YOURS.
Also, do remember this...HAVING something is not as desirable as WANTING something.
(that should keep the philosophy majors pondering for hours)
Now all you lemmings do what's expected....the cliff's over there.
I'll just sit back and watch....(for now)
And I'll try not to laugh too much...I promise.
Oh, and President-elect Obama...please...prove me wrong. (I could use the rest from being so damn right all the time..REALLY I could)
No sour grapes here...just common sense.

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