28 November 2008

(Black) Friday Follies...
Yepper, you just KNOW it's THAT time of the rolling year when people are getting up at 0300 (and NOT for "a nature walk")...
JUST so they can get to some store and snag some bargain.
I'd bet good money that the 20 or so residents over at the Apartments in the WIllows at Coventry aren't worrying about bargains right now, though.
They're more concerned with getting ANOTHER place to live.
This is the second fire in a month, but I won't get into the mechanics of the structures, and why buildings like these are inherently flawed when it comes to fire safety.
If you've checked other local blogs like AWB - (H/T - I borrowed one of your pics) , Fort Wayne Observed, & Fetchy's Bantering you'd see the tragedy that these people had to endure as THEY faced Thanksgiving.
But thanks to local agencies, these people did not go without. Many have gotten other apartments in the complex, and all have received shelter, due in no small part to the local Red Cross.
Ironically, it was a case of someone who FELL ASLEEP WHILE COOKING that precipitated this blaze...and I thought dumbasses like THAT only lived in MY part of Fort Wayne.
Nice to be wrong once in a while...
Like I've stated here, there ARE some people that simply cannot be allowed to mainstream with normal folk.
I ask you...who in their right mind would nod off when you've got hot grease cooking on a stove anyway?
But the damage is done, and we can chalk it up to the overall dumbing down of America, I suppose.
Donations for furniture are being taken at a local agency called THE MUSTARD SEED.
Meanwhile, back at the stores...
Those shoppers are out in full force today, so be on YOUR "best behavior", and by that I mean keep watching your "six"...
People will have only ONE THING on their primate minds today:
That means to hell with driving sensibly...and being courteous...and being patient...and being capable of watching their kids.
Yes indeed...A fun time for all. NOT.
Still, we're doing our grocery shopping today instead of tomorrow, and THAT should prove less nerve-wracking.
We hope.
Then again, if the past few weeks at our local SCOTT'S proves an indicator of times to come, we may be just as bad off.
See, the store has this nasty habit of not fully staffing the checkout area...think only ONE cashier...with a long line of people waiting...and NO express lane open. And this is after 0900 hours.
Go figure.
Never used to be like this...then again, the store USED to not be owned by Krogers (which has a store a few blocks from our SCOTTS).
Yeah, I know...go figure (again).
This year, I'm relying more on online shopping...tons less hassle.
I don't have to make an ATM run (and take the chance of getting robbed there), the parking is fantastic (I don't even have to leave the garage), and the crowds are well...non-existent (they're all where everyone else is at, fighting the crowd, looking for parking, etc).
And what I purchase COMES TO ME, and I don't have to drive all over creation to find something.
So hopefully, the wife and I are staring at a calm weekend.
Which would be a nice change from the neighborhood "festivities" yesterday.
The fun ranged from a rise in boomcar traffic (almost double previous days) to a cherry bomb being set off last evening, to scads of people coming over to visit our "neighbors" to check out the new "crib" (obviously due to the fact that for some unknown reason, these visitors NEVER have people over THEIR houses or apartments...must be a cultural thang). Nope, they all flock to OUR neighborhood locals.
And they're never content to come over and stay all day. Nope, they keep coming and going...like someone keeps forgetting something they NEED to complete the day's activities.
Anyone ever hear of making LISTS and then getting everything AT ONCE?
Apparently not.
Traffic becomes unusually high, even in our alleys (or as I like to call them - the "auxiliary streets").
But that's what "makes the season bright" (about as bright as that laser I shine into their faces as they thump past the house...lol).
So be alert today...the world can always use another LERT (or two)...!
Here's some tips to chew on:
1) Watch your wallet (or purse).
2) Don't leave items in your car where they can be seen from the outside.
3) LOCK the car doors when you get out (and for God's sake...take the keys WITH you and not leave them in the damn ignition).
4) Don't leave the garage remote in plain sight either (that's what center consoles and glove boxes are for).
5) Don't lose your receipts (ID thieves love it when you DO).
6) Be careful in parking lots - look around a lot.
7) Drive defensively - the life you save might be YOUR OWN.
8) Be patient 'cause everyone else won't be.
And there you have it...eight very simple rules that will cut down the risk of YOU becoming a victim of crime not only TODAY, but throughout the holiday season.
Stay safe out there and DO have a great weekend.


Jana said...

In the Sears at our local mall, a man in his fifties was attacked and beaten up by a group of teenagers in a bathroom. They stole all the gifts he bought and left the man bleeding on the floor of a bathroom stall. An employee found him later and he received over 50 stitches all over his body.

Also, did you hear about this?:


Very sad...

indy said...

wow horrible
i was getting gas last night at the nearby station. i saw some guys over in front of the store loitering. didnt give it much of a thought. then one started coming over to chat. something about cash. well, i may have been having a bad day with my back hurting and leg on fire with pain. but, i squared myself up quickly and said in my nasty voice. i aint got no cash. and aimed the nozzel of the gas hose at him and showed him my lighter. (i dont smoke but i have been carrying it for a time like this. he turned my color and about pooped on himself as he ran back to his buddy. after that i filled up and they left me the hell alone.

i really hate getting gas.

Bob G. said...

Well the "score" was:
1 dead part-time Wal-Mart employee in Nassau County, NY - trampled to death on Black Friday by shoppers...and over on the left coast, we had 2 shootings at a CA TOYS R US (gang-related)...
Shopping anyone?

If you have to get gas, by all means always try to do it in broad daylight...
I like to do it before a lot of criminals have a chance to even get up!
After all, being out all night robbing people IS hard work, and they sack out from 0400-1100 hrs.
Stay safe out there.


indy said...

thinking about going to walmart at 3:35am and hitting the atm on the way home. bad move eah? lol.....i probley wont but, i am debating it.