17 November 2008

Monday Musings...
OK, the coffee is poured and properly sugared, my "watch cat" is in the window, and I've got my property tax bill ready to go in the post (and if you live in Allen County and haven't paid yet...today is the deadline, so be prepared to cross something off of the old Christmas list).
And that reminds me...
If you're like me, you probably are having some difficulty deciding WHICH is ticking you off more; the DTV "Countdown to Staticville", or the countdown to Christmas (that should REALLY be starting at Thanksgiving, thank you very much).
Most times, the DTV gig is the winner, and for the obvious reasons. They've ALREADY given more than ample time and effort to "make sure" that every one of us is sucked into blowing some more money in the pursuit of entertainment.
But every day, we're hammered into becoming a cable subscriber or a dish owner. At the very least, we're cajoled into purchasing a CONVERTER BOX for the old antenna-driven signals we USED to enjoy for totally FREE.
At least the "gub'ment" saw fit to ease our pain by providing $40 off coupons to purchase something that probably doesn't even cost $20 to manufacture.
That's why we got TWO (even though we only need one). Should something happen to one converter...(ta-da) instant replacement (for cheap).
Still, I miss the days when TV was an adjunct to living and not everyone's "raison d'ĂȘtre", as it were.
There were also some interesting stories in Sundays' paper.
**The first story was a bit troubling and it was something I alluded to during the election.
Here is the link to the entire story:
I will go on record as stating that while Obama was not MY FIRST choice as President of the nation...or even the second or third, he is none the less our new leader, and barring anything that could be considered unconstitutional, treasonous, or impeachable, he is MY President, as well as yours, and I will pledge my allegiance to that effect.
What we have to be careful of are the radicals from the OTHER side of the fence, just as much as the leftists. Anyone that cannot strive for parity and balance needs to be called into question.
There are enough loons out there to make this a Presidency full of racial divisiveness,. on BOTH sides of the fence. We've got blacks that think they now have (even more of) a free ride (and will be sadly mistaken), and we've got whites that feel "cheated", and are incensed that a black man will be running this nation. They don't feel this is what the forefathers had in mind, and feel like their country has been "stolen" from them.
Now you know how exactly the NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS felt (and still feel), Kimosabi!
If this were a nation of total segregation, maybe I'd agree. But when you have allowed anyone and everyone to co-mingle and spread the old genes around, what can you expect? Even the Bible cautions about lying down with and marrying other races, but hey, that was pretty much OLD Testament stuff anyway, right? If we didn't have blacks and whites, or Asians and Hispanics, we'd STILL have Jews and Catholics, or Protestants and Buddhists marrying. It's simply unreal to think we can come close to any form of ethnic, racial, or religious "purity" these days, and anyone that thinks otherwise is in for a rude awakening.
This is NOT Nazi Germany, nor is it Utopia.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, gang?
**The second story was written by Frank Gray, about a local man who recently passed. Now that in and of itself isn't all that newsworthy, but who this person was to many others is what is significant.
Here is the link to the entire article:
Mr. Codell Morris was one of those unremarkable people...the kind you'd pass on the street and be done with it. But to the men and women of the FWPD, he was a fixture in the HQ lobby, always greeting the officers.
Codell wanted to be a police officer...it was that simple.
Unfortunately, the fates were not kind to him along the way.
Codell suffered from a condition or injury from birth that left him with a limited mental capacity. He also suffered from seizures that were controlled by meds. The seizures alone would wipe him out from becoming an officer, and that was told to Codell with a gentle directness.
Codell remained in the lobby, however.
Officer Mike Joyner (and others in the department) found some agencies to assist Codell when his mother passed four years ago, secured some job training and got him an apartment. Codell worked at Fazoli's on Covington Rd, and later got a job at the Southtown Wal-Mart. if you visited the store, it was probably Codell who greeted you at the door, or checked you receipt when you left, or returned your shopping cart from your vehicle.
Mike Joyner made sure Codell was not alone, and looked after him.
He stated that Codell wanted nothing more than to be a role model in his community.
I think Codell Morris succeeded in ways he could have never imagined.
Nevertheless, Codell slipped from this world earlier this month.
A small service today will be held at Spiritual Israel Church and It's Army located at 610 Douglas St. at 1100 hrs.
Those wishing to help Codell make it to his final home may call FWPD administration at 427-1230.
I can feel what Officer Mike is going through, especially at this time of year.
I feel it every year.
It's damned hard to lose someone you cared about, be it a family member or even someone who has endeared himself to people like Codell Morris had.
Whatever reason we find that empty chair at our table, and no matter how we may even expect it, we are never quite prepared for it's eventuality.
We bring nothing into this world, and we leave it the same way. What every one of us LEAVES BEHIND though, is directly proportionate to the number of souls we have touched along our journey.
May we find ourselves as fortunate as Codell in that regard.


indy/ida said...

never meet the man but i would have drove up for his funeral. sounds like he was a true gift from God to remind us to be very greatful and happy with what we have. i tend to forget this on occasion and let the devil do its work. but, God has a plan for everyone. weithor it be big or small. becouse everything is big in Gods eyes. trust me its best Gods way.

Bob G. said...

They laid Codell to rest yesterday...the community outpouring was fantastic (said officer Joyner)...a gravesite was secured.

And the best part that Codell would have REALLY liked...he was given a POLICE ESCORT.