14 November 2008

Weekend Roundup...
Today's post will be just a wee bit pithier than usual, as I am going on a (_________) later this morning.
I don't know if I'm at liberty to mention it in detail yet, but I will state that it's something not privy to "any old average Joe" (whether he's a plumber, an electrician, or even a village cobbler).
So let's jump right into it.
Just be sure to scrape the shoe bottoms when you're done....some of it tends to stick.
**Fort Wayne office involved in collision -
A FWPD officer, Aaron Johnson, was responding to a call to assist (signal 15) when his cruiser hit another car at the intersection of Pontiac and S. Anthony around 0900 Hrs yesterday.
Officer Johnson did have his lights and siren on at the time.
Three civilians in the passenger car that was struck were also injured. Two were minor injuries, while the third person was taken to Parkview Hospital in fair condition. Officer Johnson suffered injuries to his arm.
FWPD spokesman Roy Sutphin stated: "He practiced due regard at the intersection."
I can truthfully say that when you are in "Hollywood" mode (lights and sirens), you have this microsecond "cringe" when coming through EVERY intersection. You hope that people are paying the hell attention to YOUR cruiser and will yield right-of-way, even if THEY have the light with them.
Time and again, we see instances of officers and civilians hurt in crashes that CAN be avoided, if only folks practiced more "situational awareness". It's a 2800 pound piece of metal, rubber, and plastic rolling down the road, for God's sake, and the amount of control is directly proportionate to the amount of attention paid to what going on upon that road you're driving on.
**It's All In the Genes...I mean JEANS -
When Dametrick M Gray (22, of the 4300 block of Austin Drive - Fort Wayne) robbed the BP gas station on Bluffton Rd back on 19 October, I'd bet the last thing he was worried about was his choice of "business attire".
That choice got his ass caught, thank you very much.
Seems Dametrick (pronounced DAH-MEE-TRICK for the ebonically-challenged) decided to wear his baggy jeans with that DISTINCTIVE DESIGN on the back pockets (and you know the type I'm talking about).
So when he robs the gas station with his revolver (no shell casings in case he shoots anyone), guess WHAT shows the hell up on the security camera video of the incident?
RIGHT...those pocket designs...bold as day.
And thanks to a witness that saw the video on TV later and ID'ed the jeans, told police they knew WHO had a pair JUST LIKE THOSE.
So the police come a'callin' to Dametrick's house, warrant in hand, and GUESS what they FOUND there? Not only the JEANS, but the REVOLVER as well. And just to add another nail in Mr. Gray's coffin, the clerk at the station picked him our of a lineup.
Ahh...I love happy endings, don't you?
**This Just In -
You never know what you'll find around MY neighborhood unless you get up real EARLY (as I tend to do).
A short time ago (about 0705 Hr), FIVE FWPD cruisers showed up at the house at 4847 S. Monroe. There was also a silver FWCS SUV with a tall gentleman driving it (most likely Bob Rinearson - bus security south ) on scene. The police were all over the place, and wound up taking one shirtless white male into custody.
The resident at the house, Mr (white trash if ever there was) Matthew Fuller (included is his mugshot) was actually fully clothed as he spoke with officers. And it's a damn shame they didn't take HIS ass to the hoosegow, as he's into way too much crap around here. He's been into drugs, theft, B&E, felony DUI, and apparently NONE of it has been able to stick to this "teflon don".
The good news is that Fuller had to "get up early" too. This tweaker is up twenty-FIVE hours a day it seems..must be the METH!
The bad news is that he isn't dead (yet)...or in jail (again).
((editor's note - reports say that a man tried to kiss a schoolgirl at the bus stop at the corner there - that would explain the FWCS interventuion on scene))
**If At First You Don't Succeed -
I guess you have to just try HARDER...to get the police to come knockin' at the door.
And that's JUST what the boys in blue did (once again) at the Twin Oaks Apartments along E. Paulding Rd. Wednesday.
Officers were called to the complex around 1000 hrs on a signal 43 (disturbance). When they arrived on scene, they found one man trying to jump from a 2nd floor window and three teens trying to leave the building (no school for them that day???) on Stardale Drive.
A witness told police he had called the police because the teens had guns in a bag, and were possibly involved in several robberies in the area, according to the report.
Officers detained one teen for questioning. The teen admitted the guns in the apartment were his (amazing how he can afford them while still a student...guess McD's pays good these days, or it could be the money he got from the robberies).
Officers found two handguns along with a shotgun (that was reported stolen in Noble County) in the apartment, along with ID cards belonging to victims of a recent theft and burglary.
The burglary victim reported that two electric guitars and some electronic games were taken, and officers found similar items in the apartment,
Police found a bag of Mary Jane in the apartment, and several; bags in the pockets of the man trying to jump from the window. He was arrested on misdemeanor charges.
Not a bad take for a "routine" call.
Yes, folks...all this goes to show you that sometimes, you strike it BIG when doing a typical disturbance call, and other times the "bear bites you" when responding to an assist.
And like I said on Veterans' Day....it's people JUST LIKE THIS, that work "the job" EVERY DAY, so that the rest of you don't have to stay up nights wondering if you're next on the victim list.
And they do it because they love the job.
They are the ones that challenge themselves daily.
And they challenge us as well.
We are challenged to be the type of citizen that would make the officer's job EASIER.
Many will tell you it would be nice to have a lighter work load, meaning fewer crimes and criminals, but they all know that's not going to happe anytime soon.
What they do know is that THEY are there to take care of that problem...no matter what.
So remember that next time you pass an officer in a store or out in public.
In the meantime...
Do have yourselves a SAFE weekend.

(Coming soon- Bob's Excellent Adventure)


indy said...

i got a really bad back (dont even ask me how i can work at the job i do and also do overtime. let alone anything else.) and i really do watch for these vehicles. scared to death i would get hurt not from the collision. but from the impact of it. and the jeans....well i knew how to pronouce his name well. run into a few in the neighborhood and work. and those jeans. lol i guess he didnt know they only make so many then they go to the next design. just about all of them are very unique.

my question is what is B&E

thanks for the blog. changed my hours at work and this is about all the true entertainment i get.

Bob G. said...

B&E = Breaking and Entry.

Got a bad back myself...blame that on falling through a ceiling (once...just once)...among other "extra curricular activities" in my past lives.

Thanks for the kudos...

When reading this blog...
You might smile.
You might get misty-eyed...
You might even get cheesed off.

But you will, if nothing else get informed!

Bad back - heating pads...work wonders.

I just wish they'd bring back THE RACK...I could use a bit of a stretch...lol!