04 December 2008

Another Slope To Slip On...
Our fair city is looking to streamline the parking situation downtown, and I don't mean make it EASIER in ANY way (heaven forbid).
The city would like to get all their apples in one basket, as it were by creating a PARKING AUTHORITY (ahem).
Seems that the regulation and enforcement of parking throughout the city is currently wallowing in the "too many agencies with not enough oversight" department. You have ONE agency that takes care of parking garages, with another taking care of street parking. And I have no idea where PARKING CONTROL fits into the mix, except to say they do a good job getting vehicles moved off of residential streets..
This is another of the same type of problem I've noticed that this city excels in.
Now I come from Philadelphia, population: a couple MILLION (and change).
And THEY DO have a parking "authority", the PPA.
It was even featured in an A&E series called "Parking Wars".
After watching the series, I can truthfully say that in a few regards, their "system" works. Notice I did say FEW.
In MOST regards, the system SUCKS (to put it mildly).
It has the type of RED TAPE that WASHINGTON, D.C would be envious of.
But when the population of a city reaches a "tipping point" there is no alternative. You have to create a self-evolving "monster" that will be fully able to enforce parking regulations throughout the city. The problem comes when cars get towed, booted, or otherwise impounded. THEN, the problem begins for both the city AND those people inconvenienced (and who break the law).
If you thought people had little love for city government, you ain't seen nothing yet.
The part of the system in Philly that DOES work is the people who ticket illegally parked vehicles and those who place the "boots" on the vehicle wheels. It's not a popular job by ANY means, but the "grunts in the trenches" get it done.
Overall, the PPA itself (imho) is an agency that promotes animosity between the city and it's citizens simply by the convolution of the laws it sets out to enforce...period.
That can (and will) happen when people don't want to follow the law, and others hired to enforce it do just that.
Just look at how unpopular the FWPD are in MY quadrant of the city...all because they ENFORCE the LAW. But most of the minority population have an inherent distrust and disdain for the officers, until something hits close to home. Then it's "all forgiven".
Here in Fort Wayne, we're at the starting gate of a similar race when it comes to a parking authority..
And whether we win, place, or show is dependent upon the "horse" and the "jockey" we place IN that starting gate.
Can we get all small groups into ONE, EFFECTIVE parking authority? Sure we can, but it's going to cost a few bucks; bucks we might not have. Of course, we ALL know WHO will wind up paying for any and all cost overruns, don't we?
But my question is more pertinent to the issue:
WHY couldn't ANYONE in the city government see this coming, especially with the population growth we've had here over the last 20 or so years? Why does this city always seem to wait until after the fact to even begin to act on things like this?
If you were wanting to revitalize the downtown (and they've been screwing with this for a lot longer than the "Costaplenty Square" deal was signed in the citizens' blood, sweat and tears), why not do something way back THEN, instead of waiting until NOW?
And whenever you act with such impending "immediacy, you're bound to f$ck things up, and make no mistake, things WILL be along the way.
I can definitely see the creation of ONE agency...a parking authority for this city. As to what department they will come under... that's another story. They could come under the FWPD (not my first choice, although it IS the most logical - but the police have PLENTY on their plate as it is). Maybe the street department? Perhaps the Sheriff's Department? Neighborhood Code Enforcement? How about Animal Control?
You have to realize that this will be an agency that has the ability to CITE lawbreakers, as well as the power to tow and impound vehicles.
Sure sounds like a "police" agency, doesn't it?
It must come under either public safety, public works, or community development departments..that much is certain. Pick one of those three only. It could work well, BUT...it should have been done a LONG before now.
In Other News...
--Three men were taken into custody for robbing MJ's Pizza at 3311 State Blvd. The silver Pontiac Grand Am they were driving was pulled over after a north side chase using stop sticks. When the suspects bailed, money flew out of the car. Found IN the car were several black ski masks and 2 MJ's pizzas (crime DOES create an appetite). Also founds was a full mag from an AK. Several hours after the stop, police found the AK along the road near Dupont & Lima, and believed this to be one of the weapons involved in the robbery (2nd this year at the pizza parlor, last being in April when one person at MJ's was shot in the arm).
Arrested were Brandon Britt, 23, of the 700 block of Taylor St., William Britt, 21, same address, and Julian Grady, 27, of Indianapolis. Both Britts are "guests" of the Allen County lockup under $10K bail, while Grady (also a guest of the local jail) is being held lieu of $14,000 bail.
Police also found (both in the car and on the persons) cash amounting to over $1000.
All three are believed to be involved in other robberies around the city.
Be a damn shame if something "happened" to these scumbags, wouldn't it?
--Speaking of other robberies...
Hair Plus, located at 3822 Lafayette St. was robbed around 1700 hrs last evening.The two masked men took money from a cash register (gots to get some xmas gifts for the chillun).
Twenty minutes later, the Radio Shack at Apple Glen was robbed. A man carrying a handgun ordered an employee to "hand over money". When the employee replied there was NO money in the store, he handed over his Apple iPhone, according to reports.
"Happy Holidays", eh?
Makes me wonder how many of these robberies could be avoided (and how many perps shot dead and away from society) IF we had an OPEN-CARRY law? I mean if the criminals are going to want to bring back the old west with their particular style of "holdups", then, by all means, let's arm the citizens too. Let's rally up some posses rallied and get us some "natural justice" back in vogue.
Used to be a time when you just DID NOT KNOW who was packing heat, or HOW MUCH of that heat they were carrying...so you behaved yourself, and treated others with the same level of respect. You were courteous, and civil of tongue.
Today, there is a GROSS desensitization of the masses, and these jerkoffs think everything is one damn video game after another, and that they can do whatever they wish, because they know they will probably get away with it. Time to let these perps know that in LIFE, there might not be ANY "do-overs" when they act as reprehensible and violent as they do. Yes indeed, 'tis the season to be JOLLY...
(one less criminal to muck up the season)
Oh, how I love happy endings!


indy said...

well after reading this post i am scared to go to the hair salon. we also had a hair salon robbery here a few days ago. they made the customers get down on the floor and robbed them too. pretty darn scarey. guess banks just arnt paying these days. and all the hair salons i've been reading about are in their own neighborhoods.......scarey.

Bob G. said...

I'll tell ya, it's getting REAL WEIRD out there...
And I''ve seen my share of weird over the deacdes.

Stay safe out there!


indy said...

i hear ya. wanted to get gas at 5am. noone but me and this other guy that raced threw the light right to the gas station. welllllll..........i just went home after that. think i'll get gas later. i'm down to my last few ounces.........lol oh well.

Bob G. said...

My suggestion is try to find a station that has frequent police visits (yeah, we call it cooping)...with several PD cruisers in the lot, you just KNOW you won't be bothered.

Might even make a few FRIENDS in the process.

Stay safe.

indy said...

lol friends....thank you and your right. i looked it up on the indy 911 calls and there was a person/person in progress a little later there. glad i dont use my turn signals all the time they would have known my intent was to go there. and your right time to find a new station. but, tonight i will be going there. just one of the most avalable ones. thanks for the reminder though.