02 December 2008

It's Now Official...
We're definitely in the throes of "old man winter" (at least if this morning's temperatures are any indicator).
And, we're definitely in a recession (according to the latest analysis of our economy).
We've also seen Wall Street taking the E-TICKET ride on the financial roller coaster.
And even gas prices are inching their way back up.We're not out of this fiasco yet.
So, if any of those items aren't enough to throw you "off your game", hang in there...
...it gets even better.
**From the "Ether" It's Meth Or a Car That Won't Start Department:
Seems Kosciusko County is making some decent busts when it comes to meth.
A working lab was seized on the east side of Lake Wawasee in a mobile home (9700 block of East Chickadee Drive - Cromwell) around 2100 hours last Wednesday when Drug Task Force officers responded to a tip regarding the smell of ether.
Arrested were James Charters, 38, who faces dealing charges, and David Gaff, 31 of Syracuse (also had an outstanding warrant). Both are being held without bail. A third person, a woman from Syracuse, age 24 was being held on $350 bond for a misdemeanor count of visiting a common nuisance.
**From the "See, I told you that law was enforceable" Department:
FWPD officers arrested a man last week after he ran from them for NO GOOD REASON.
A patrol officer was looking for suspected drug activity in the 290 block of Lillie Street and came across a group of men. The officer talked with the men when one of them took off running.
After a foot pursuit, the man, IDed as Marteques L. Black, was arrested with the use of pepper spray. The officer asked him why he ran. Black replied he thought there was a warrant out for him (guilty conscience, huh?), according to the report.
Police checked and found no warrant was pending, but Black was charged with resisting law enforcement.
Black was citing for fleeing police because of his FAILURE TO USE A SIDEWALK WHEN PROVIDED.
Hallelujah...the laws DO work.
Now...IF ONLY we'd have this same officer with a brand new citation book write up ALL the damn "streetwalkers" we have around here...the city would be out of the financial "red" in NO time!
**From the "Last Place They'll Look" Department:
The 64 year old man who caused a three car fatal pileup along Wayne Trace Rd at Oxford (Sunday) was arrested after he fled the scene on foot.
Donald Marshall, who lives at 2603Holton Avenue was found AT HIS HOME, where he had injuries consistent with being in a car crash. Marshall was also intoxicated, had slurred speech and bloodshot, watery eyes.
He faces prelim charges of OWI, leaving the scene of an accident (causing death), and leaving the scene of a personal injury accident. He is being held without bail.
Marshall was previously convicted of OWI back in 2006.
Here's the link to the news Sentinel story:
(In my best Horatio Caine)...So the question becomes:
How the hell did THIS poor excuse for a human being slip through the cracks, Ms Prosecutor?
Seems YOUR department didn't just drop the ball with this guy...hell, they blocked for the OTHER TEAM!
(Bob Gevers must have set the "standard" for the prosecutor's office when it comes to flubbing good cases)
I will bet good coin of the realm that this EXACT SAME scenario is being played out all over this city...just waiting for the next OWI fatality to occur. Hell, I have one felony OWI butthead at the other end of MY block (arrested over THREE times), and he's still driving the hell all over. Yet this city is considering allowing alcohol sales on SUNDAY. Cripes, these drunks are getting PUH-LENTY enough as it is the OTHER SIX DAYS. Why add insult to injury (or death)?
Just another fine example how the local judicial system fails EVERY ONE OF YOU, (the taxpayers) who expect justice...and get a lot less.
Finally, I was getting my nightly dose of Bill O'Reilly and one segment really got my attention. it had to do with the Wal-mart stampede on Long Island that caused the death of a store employee. Customers trampled to death a SIX FOOT FIVE, TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY POUND MAN...all for the sake of getting a cheap deal on worthless piece of technocrap, And not even ONE DAMN PERSON extended a helping hand to allow this individual to get up. Customers even complained about his blocking the floor at the entrance...imagine that.
O'Reilly's spot focused on this "mob-mentality" that's so pervasive in America today. And Bill nailed it when he blamed the parents and the kids. We've at least ONE ENTIRE generation brought up without the values system which kept such acts like this from occurring. We've basically got parents with no scruples bringing up kids in like manner. Add technology into the mix, which has been supplanting REAL social interaction over the last few decades, and you've got a recipe for anarchy in the making.
Here's a link to the NY Daily News article:
Yet there are those who would be disturbed should the national guard return from overseas and begin to patrol our streets HERE (as has been alleged by 2011-2012). Seems the time is ripe to do so NOW, before more people like this Wal-Mart employee, Mr, Jdimytai Damour don't have to become the victim of hedonistic consumerism run amok.
As long as people are permitted to act irresponsibly, are not held accountable for their actions, and are basically allowed to do "whatever" for the sake of "diversity", or "rights", or "entitlement", we'll never fully be able to protect those that still understand and espouse such virtues.
But that's just *MY* opinion...
Do drive safely out there...your life depends on it!


indy said...

we are not in a recession. it takes for an adverage 18 months to even report that we are in a recession by the us government. we are really starting into a depression. DEPRESSION yes, not a recession. i have heard financal reports saying gas will be going down to 80 and 90 cents per gallon. i dont know weithor to beleive it or not but i do know one thing yesterday i was thinking the same thing while driving by a gas station. i think allen county does a good job locking up the prositutes. my neice got locked up on this charge a few years ago. i wont have known but she called saying she was in lockup and i called allen county lockup wondering what the real reason was. they had some termenalogy and i told them that i didnt understand since i've never been there or done anything and dont plan to start. then they guy broke it down and said she is an alleged prositutve. i know by the time they book these people they have a pretty good case so i said well i think she probley did it and it dont matter eithor way i was just nosey. we both laughed and had a nice day hanging up on one another. i think people that like to drive drunk should not be looked up in a jail cell. we should take them out to a test trake and put a droken slob behind a semi truck wheel and see if they can out run the semi and see how they handle the whole thing. if they live the first time around put them back out on the trake the next day in the afternoon and try again. if they live again do it another night like at 0200 hours and see how they react. after a while they will eithor die or have a heart attack. most liquar store owners are against the new law becouse the only day they get off from work is sunday. same with car dealership owners and workers.

i love all those law and order shows. heratio... you silly man.

when i went to best buy on black friday they were only letting 25 people at the time into the store. they had annouced it. if they had not done this i think we would have rushed the store eithor for the deals, heat, or the restrooms. not saying any of this is right but, i could see it happening.

Bob G. said...

Hey, I know it, and you know itm, but the gov't says otherwise, and they KNOW IT ALL, right?

Nice idea for the drunks...free up some cells & beds.

So many other stores DID have some policy in place to prevent stampedes...and they got that whole "mob mentality" thing down pat.
And kept their doors from being ripped off the hinges.

Kudos to them.