23 December 2008

It's Things Like This...
Yeah, sometimes there are forces out there determined to undermine your Christmas spirit.
And Lord knows we've had OUR share attempting such a feat.
Yet try as they might, we're still hanging in there. Maybe it's only by the skin of our teeth, but at least that's something.
On today's "Menu", we have the insurance adjuster coming by to assess the damage (too late...got the pictures ALREADY, and LOTS of people have SEEN them...so THERE). He states that the insurance will NOT pay to have the tree TOPPED OFF. Funny, preventive measures should be a GODSEND to insurance companies...you'd THINK.
One way or another, we WILL have that paid for. I'm not going to be out $250 because an insurance company wants to "banter semantics". They'll find out they're dealing with a PRO where that's concerned.
We'll just have to "persuade" him that it's in HIS best interest to ALLOW the tree to be topped, unless he wants ANOTHER claim he'll have to pay out.
We'll have to "reword" the work done on the tree to make it fit into whatever "mold" the insurance company wants...so we can get our hard-earned money BACK. You'd think being the FIRST (and only) claim in TEN years would MEAN something...apparently, not that much.
The power company (I & M - AEP...take your choice) will be here around midday, as will the electrical contractor to provide us with a NEW weatherhead. Power will most likely be out from noon until sundown (if we're lucky, that is).
I'd really hate to see someone screw this the hell up.
I mean we've spent the last few days, biting our nails down to the second knuckle, waiting for the power to go out as it is. It's not that we don't want to be disappointed.
We LIKE having power, trust me!
Beats freezing your keister off ANY damn day.
Yet in spite of living on this roulette wheel of electrical uncertainty for several days, we sure don't need a clusterf$ck.
I always tell the missus that whenever you start adding more PEOPLE to ANY situation, the potential for something to go marvelously WRONG will grow exponentially.
That's just fact.
Yeah, I know these people KNOW their craft, but given the type of situation this city faces with the weather, it makes the whole "problem potentiality" increase...not lessen.
We just don't wish to get "caught up" in all this frivolity.
We just want some type of normalcy brought back to Christmas...like it was in the "good old days".
And that got me thinking.
(uh, oh...here he goes again)
Ever recall when you were young, and Mom & Dad seemed to have all the answers?
You could ALWAYS count on them to make things right and to make sure nothing would come along and mess things up.
I miss those days.
It's not that I avoid taking charge and solving problems.
I rather do quite the opposite.
Many would say I wade into problems.
Trouble is, I like things to become resolved WITHOUT all the B/S, the "red tape", the bureaucracy...yeah, all THAT (fun) stuff. I prefer it be resolved ASAP, and not to hear tons of"excuses" along the way.
You have a REASON why? I'm good with that, but NO excuses. And before you even open your mouth or ring me up, I already DO know the difference.
Just do what you need to do, kapeesh?
Hopefully, we'll be able to get our vehicles OUT of the garage after today. Yeah, I can drag those branches off to the side AFTER that power line is hauled back up to that 12 foot height (where it's supposed to be). The tree guys can remove them tomorrow.
And then we'll await the NEXT bout of bad weather (oh, joy)...
--Today's Journal gazette had a pretty good article about houses being burglarized during this storm.
Here's the link to it:
I've been monitoring the FWPD scanner during the past few days, and with the exception of the day OF the ice storm, "business" is back to usual around MY quadrant of the city. Been way too many code 62s and 51s (party armed - robberies/burglaries) to make ME feel good about leaving the house unattended for any length of time.
The media also asks you that during this really bad weather, to check on your neighbors.
Well, I've BEEN doing that every day since this weather has hit (a lot)...I've checked on ALL my "neighbors".
(Damn...I'm not trying hard enough, I guess)
Ah, well, there IS always NEXT year.
(and by the looks of that new CLINT EASTWOOD movie: GRAN TORINO, I might have some "ideas" to try out.)
One thing I've been attempting to do is keep my holiday spirit up...and it's been sorta-kinda OK...and then I come across THIS, and that gets me to laughing my ass off..and helps to no end:
That kind of pretty much sets the tone around our house.
Only no one (like the relatives from hell) is stopping by to HELP make the holiday suck.
It's doing it ALL on it's OWN, with some timely assistance from good old Mother Nature.
Still, I've got a few Christmas movies and programs to watch, some homemade cookies and eggnog to down, ENOUGH bottled holiday spirits to keep a Joker-esque smile on MY face for two weeks, and my 12 Gauge pump shotgun to keep people OFF of the property indefinitely.
Now I ask you...what the hell MORE does ANY person really need?
'Tis the season, right?
Stay Tuned...
((Editor's update: As of 1300 hours, we have ALREADY received a check for the FULL amount of the repair costs - less deductible. Problem is a small case of "holiday incompetence"...aka The electrical contractor bringing part to replace the weatherhead. They "thought" it was for a 200 amp service, when I remember telling them it was 100 amp...They are supposed to return TOMORROW with the correct parts to replace the mast and weatherhead, so another day of hoping we don't lose power...AND STILL not being able to get either car OUT of our GARAGE. Gotta love it.))
((Editor's update #2: OK, so as of 1500 hrs., the electrical contractor CAN come out today...hooboy. Be nice to get this BEHIND us.))

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