09 January 2009

Friday Follies
It's a Weekend!
Okay, dig out that Dave Edmunds song and crank it UP.
Here's a link if you forgot the lyrics, or just wanna tap your feet and sing along. It's a nice little ditty.
More COLD weather coming to the Summit City...shades of Thule AFB, except the neighbors THERE are a lot friendlier (if you like Polar bears), and girlie mags can cost you a week's "pay" (or more).
Speaking of freezing one's ass...I mean assets off.
Obama's already telling us things are going to get worse, and this "stimulus package" (a term which already has me wanting to chuck up my breakfast because of it's OVERUSE) isn't even going to be as "grand" as Bush's was....go figure.
And I'd sure like to know WHERE all these "new jobs" will be coming from. I didn't realize there was tree out back of the White House you could pluck them off of, did you? Must be the SAME type of tree the government THINKS I have in MY yard to pay for all THEIR programs and TAXES...
What else is going on?
Oh yeah, the judicial system sucks...mall shopping sucks...the weather sucks...school system sucks... politicians suck...most all my neighbors suck...the branches STILL laying (or is that LYING?) in the street from the ice storm nearly THREE weeks ago sucks...my hip and knee pain sucks...AND my vacuum cleaner sucks (and damn well too, thank you).
Wow...that's ONE in a row!
Anyway, whatever happened to the winters I USED to know? The ones with the sledding, the snowball fights, the snow forts, and never even FEELING all that cold, thanks to the 17 LAYERS of clothes Mom stuffed you into?
Cripes, now I go out to shovel the driveway, and after 15 MINUTES, I'm ready for some SERIOUS breakfast (4 eggs, bacon, sausage and toast...pass the cholesterol, please) and THEN a SERIOUS NAP!
Seems like my "get up and go" decided to do JUST THAT.
It got up and went.
This whole getting old(er) thing seems a bit on the overrated side. I see these commercials for AARP with ALL those smiling seniors (that remind me of grandma and grandpa) and then hear that they're talking to people "FIFTY OR OLDER"...
Whoa, hold the phone here...I'M "fifty or older"...When the hell did THAT happen?
Then I start doing my Bobby DeNiro:"You talking to me? You talkin'...to ME?"
Yeah...they're talking to me (hangs head in shame).
The assorted aches and pains you laughed off as a youth come back to haunt you like the ghostly apparitions from Disney's Mansion, only this is one ride that never ends.
--You don't drink to get plastered any longer; you're too busy getting the walls in the HOUSE plastered.
--You dread getting on the floor to look for something or to play with the cats, because getting back UP takes a lot longer.
At least I still got all my REAL teeth...so far...LOL!
When you were younger, a victory might have been raising a flag on a hill in some God-forsaken land, or rebuilding that engine in a garage, or getting that briefcase full of "sensitive" stuff to it's destination...Today, I take my victories where I can get 'em.
-Like waking the hell up: VICTORY!
-Hitting the "head" FOUR times a day instead of 48 times: VICTORY!
-Still nailing the "ten ring" (not the bathroom one): VICTORY!
-Still able to form highly coherent sentences: VICTORY!
'Ya See? It's the little things you tend to appreciate as you become more "seasoned".
(yeah, I got more "seasoning" than Mrs. Dash going on...)
One thing that never ceases to amaze me, is the fact that as the BODY ages, the MIND can STILL retain it's "spunk".
By that I mean you will still attempt to do things you ONCE did 30 years ago....with unpredictable results (see above driveway shovelling).
And it's at that time, I have to keep reminding myself that I'm NOT 30 years old anymore (physically).
Nature (and God) are telling you to slow it down a bit, and you best take heed, lest something wicked your way comes.
I've known people younger than I who have passed on already, due to a myriad of things.
Somehow, that never seems right.
People OLDER than you should pass away first, not those younger.
Children should bury their parents, not the other way around.
I know many of you are in the same boat as I am...just at a different oar. We're ALL getting old(er), and many of us don't wish to "go softly into that good night". Can't blame you one bit.
Still, the autumn of one's life should be a great time...
The kids are gone (hopefully), you're retired or semi-retired. You still have a modicum of health with which to work, and you are really growing to like those channels that air all the TV shows from the 1960s and 1970s.
You don't shrug off aging, rather you embrace it as best you can.
You adapt, you persevere, and you get by. You survive, and survival is life.
Wow..sounds like something I heard many years ago...in another lifetime.
"You talkin' to ME"?
DO have a SAFE, WARM weekend, wherever you go.
(that means stay home, and stay out of the cold)

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