16 January 2009

Friday Follies...
It's SO cold...
-we had to chisel the dog off a lamp-post
-the local flasher was caught describing himself to women.
-your shadow freezes to the sidewalk
-you have to break the smoke off your chimney
-you have to open the fridge to heat the house

-the police tell a robber to "FREEZE", and he does
-the Statue of Liberty put the torch INSIDE her dress.
-lawyers have their hands in their OWN pockets
-the prisoners were BEGGING for the electric chair!

-my balls have became ovaries.
-when I put on my coat to take out the garbage it didn't want to go!
-a fire hydrant is begging dogs to pee on it.
-that my car won't start running and my nose won't stop.

-only people like "Ed" and "Bob" have enough time to write their names in the snow.
Ok, I give. You win. I have cried "uncle", and said "maitta" as I slapped the mat.
It is TOO DAMN COLD outside...simple as THAT..
Mm last name isn't Shackelton, Scott, Nobile, or Amundsen.
I'm not stationed at McMurdo OR Thule AFB, nor am I planning to drive a rig across some frozen lakes to Alaska!
It's painfully frigid outside today, so if you DON'T have to go anywhere, stay the hell INSIDE and watch the frost creep across the storm door glass.
There's a TON of stuff to get to today, so let's have at it, as we enjoy a nice HOT beverage.
--Item: U.S. Air flight 1549 makes emergency landing in Hudson river.
When I saw this, I thought "Holy Crap", NICE save. Any water landing usually results in having the plane break apart, but the pilot brought it down INTACT.
That speaks volumes as to his SKILL.
The pilot, Chesley Sullenberger, an honest-to-God REAL HERO, is to be commended for his "grace under fire", as it were, when he brought his crippled airliner in for a landing in the Hudson River, between NJ and NYC.
And, in typical fashion, as the captain, he was the LAST man off the plane, checking the aisles THREE times to make sure everyone ELSE was off the aircraft.

All 155 passengers and the entire flight crew survived, with a few broken bones, assorted bumps, bruises, and cuts. The flight crew managed to deploy life rafts and inflatable slides, get everyone outside the slowly settling plane, and out onto the wings where rescue crews from BOTH states awaited in the forty degree water. Ferries, Coast Guard, police and fire boats were on scene in MINUTES, pulling people onto their decks and whisking them to shore.

--Item: Ricardo Montalban has passed away.
Death has claimed the man once known for granting fantasies to people on his island. Mr. Rourke has bade us farewell.
The nemesis of Captain James T. Kirk, known as Khan Noonian Singh was perhaps the one movie role he was most known for. Ricardo began his career as a Latin lover back in the 1950s. In the late 1970s, he was extolling the virtues of "Rich, Corinthian Leather" for Chrysler Motors Cordoba.
For the full story, here's the link:
Truly, this was a man that broke the molds when it came to minority acceptance.
He was 88 years old.
And we all appreciated him.

--Item: Actor Patrick McGoohan dies.
An actor I first came to know (in my youth) as
The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh (aka Dr. Syn),
and who later played the enigmatic "Number 6" on the allegorical series The Prisoner has passed away.
He was 80.
He also starred in Ice Station Zebra and played Edward Longshanks in Braveheart.
Here's a link to this story:

--Item: FWPD make second police action shooting this year.
I followed this story along on the scanner two nights ago, and it was one that unfolded minute by minute.
Apparently, the bank robber was heading to Showgirls III, according to chatter on air. The suspect was brought down by and transported to hospital where he died of his gunshot wounds.
Here's a link to this story in Today's paper:
And here's a link to the related story of the shooting:
Regarding the second story, I will state that I own more than several "fake" weapons that actually look BETTER than my real 9mm (thanks to my artistic talents, but I have NO plans to utilize them to further my financial status), and I've also said in my online reviews of certain BB pistols and paintball markers that they look real enough to get you SHOT, if you brandish them in a manner other than their intended use.
The police did what they had to do, taking no chances, and eliminating the immediate threat. 'Nuff said.

--Item: ACSD is shooting for a new outdoor range:
Sheriff Ken Fries is using money confiscated from that HUGE pot bust (about $6 Mil) up by Harlan to front a new OUTDOOR shooting range.
Here's the link to this story:
I say it's about damn time.
Sheriff Ken NEEDS a facility like that for his department, especially since the former site up north was closed under Sheriff Herman's watch. I'd like to see something of a "Hogan's Alley" set up, available for BOTH pistols AND long guns.
Lastly, back to all this COLD...can't really recall an event that was NOT indigenous to an area like ours such as as this deep freeze. I've been through cold, but this is BRUTAL.
To all you men & women serving the public in either POLICE or FIRE:
You people PLEASE be careful out there. This is a DANGEROUS type of cold.
And who knows...on a day such as THIS, even CRIME might decide to stay indoors...for a spell.
We can but hope.
Drive safely, dress warmly, and think smartly.
And do have a good weekend.


Phil Marx said...

It sounds like a lot of the goals Fries has listed for his facility will duplicate what already exist at the Public Safetey Acadamy. Why don't they just add a shooting range there and save us some money?

Robert Enders said...

Hey Bob,
Let's say the brave folks of Flight 93 gained control of the plane after the pilot and co-pilot were murdered. Could a novice land a airliner in the ocean without getting everyone killed?

Bob G. said...

An OUTDOOR range is something that's been needed since Herman closed the one up north.

The location down south just doesn't have the acreage, although there is a small (privately owned)parcel that is "loaned" to FWPD/ERT for training in small explosive door breaching and EOD farther south of the Academy.

The Regional Academy down south only has an INDOOR range (and a damn decent one at that), along with an INDOOR "house" with moveable walls that allows teams to practice entry and "sweeping" technics.

ACSD would definitely allow the FWPD to use THEIR facility and vice versa for the Academy at Southtown.
An OCEAN ditch is a LOT different than a "fresh water" ditch...

The best case would be to find a small LAKE, but a river is almost as good.
Ocean swells and wind currents prevent anything like what transpired on the Hudson (and that river has a pretty good current as it is).
Whether a novice could do it?
Well, they COULD get the craft DOWN, but in HOW MANY PIECES with HOW MANY SURVIVORS would be the question, right?

Let's just say that three things had a hand in flight 1549:

Thanks for the comments, guys!