23 January 2009

Friday Follies...
Lots of stuff to take a look at today, so let's dig right in and start getting our hands dirty, shall we?
--From the "Solutions R Us" Department:
I think I've found a way to get a "leg up" on those that don't particularly enjoy having a normal nice (white) husband and wife living in their midst.
I've always views the INTERNET as a learning tool FIRST. Blame that on working with mainframe computer systems WAY back in the mid 70s.
In my travels about the "ether", I've come across something that I will be trying out on the "locals".
I will start swearing to them in their "native" tongue
...thanks to Rosetta Stone...LOL!
Nothing says "Here's a taste of your MOTHER(f$cker)LAND..." QUITE like THAT, right?
And I'm going to be swearing in none other than...(NO, NOT Ebonics...geez)...SWAHILI...!
Yes, sir. You call me white trash and I'll reply with a smiling "Nenda Kutomba"...right back at'cha!
I should add one of those "basso" Geoffrey Holder laughs as well.
Might even put up a sign on the door with that on it...AND a smiley face.
I DO know one thing...it WILL, if nothing else, confuse the hell out of them.
And if your adversary is confused, YOU have the tactical advantage.
In THIS part of town, that's ALWAYS a plus.
Scientia est Potentia, right?
-- From the "That's MY Milk Money" Department:
Seems (down in Indianapolis) there is a "twosome" that have strong armed schoolkids waiting at their bus stop for their LUNCH MONEY!!!
I don't make this stuff up, folks!
Here's the link to the story:
Now you KNOW these perps are pretty damn PATHETIC when they have to STEAL from schoolkids (for whatever reason). Bet they're the SAME kind of human refuse that shakes infants, falls asleep while cooking (and burns the section 8 housing down in the process), and drives with NO license, NO registration, and NO insurance.
Well, why NOT rob students?
After all, the kids are ONLY attempting to get EDUCATED...so THEY won't have to stand out in the cold robbing schoolkids, right?
Makes me really miss the days when kids all WALKED to school, with that tall policeman at the corner, stopping traffic so WE could get OUR education. Mayor Greg Ballard (ex Marine) calls this "reprehensible".
Yeah, I'm on board with that.
I suppose with all the troops that Obama will bring home, we can start placing sentries on BUS STOP CORNERS with their M-4s to keep the kids safe. Sounds like a plan to me.
--From the "No Tag - No Baggage" Department:
It would appear that we've got some budding "artists" (as progressives would call them) among us. And for some reason, people are not happy with the "venue" of choice for these would-be wannabe gangstas. Go figure.
Here's the link to the story:
Graffiti has always been a bane of larger urban areas, and now WE get to "enjoy" it as well.
Curiously, it's the Sorrenos (southerners) and the Norrenos (northerners) "tags" (prison gangs from Mexico) being displayed.
And those Mexicans don't like blacks all that much...ask anyone in CA that has members near them.
I would suggest if any of you in Fort Wayne happen to see ANY graffiti around, get a picture of it, contact the FWPD and ask to speak with Sgt. Chad Thurston. You might even be able to email it along to him.
--From the "Travis Bickle School of Firearms Education" Department:
The perp that was killed by the Belmont Beverage store clerk the other day was one of those with a rap sheet as long as your arm. He was jailed back in 2000 for a string of robberies around Fort Wayne. Curiously, Judge Fran Gull, when imposing sentencing told him: "You're lucky you didn't wind up on the business end of someone else's gun".
Yeah, well HIS "luck" took a day off Wednesday, didn't it?
Mr. Donald Nigel Jones apparently didn't PAY ATTENTION at that time. Must be that lack of "short term memory".
And it cost him...his life (unlucky for him - lucky for us) .
That old saying is still true:
"You LIVE by the gun...you DIE by the gun".
Here's the link to the story:
People ARE starting to fight back...and with good reason.
THEY have something to lose, and the perps obviously DO NOT.
THIS is the reason we've lost SO many businesses down here over the years...and the politicians do NOTHING.
THIS is why crime rates are the highest throughout the city down here...and the politicians do NOTHING.
If you read yesterday's post, you get a good idea as to the WHYS about this part of town.
The black community (which has the largest number of people represented in MY part of town) has the largest number of young men incarcerated (and killed), as well as the most drug trafficking, and the most crime overall.
And most of THEM...do nothing.
You might get the infrequent person dropping the proper dime to get someone arrested, and that's good, but usually, it's frowned upon, because of the basic aversion to law-enforcement down here by that part of the citizenry.
It's sad...but too often the truth.
--From the "Pick Up Sticks" Department:
OK, it's been over a MONTH since that nasty ice storm that played havoc with this town (and many of our properties)...so WHY is it we STILL see all these limbs, branches and trees all over the place?
Well, I can speak to the fact that "we" have had all OUR storm damage fixed, the trees pruned back, and ALL the branches we had strewn across our property REMOVED. Can't say that about many others around here in their rental hovels.
One family behind us lucked out; the UTILITY company took the debris away, because they had to restore power to a line duplex for that block...easy.
Everyone else has not lifted one, welfare check-cashing finger to move ONE damn branch, as is evidenced by these "before and after" pictures at left, which clearly shows the time span.
Now I understand the city is "supposed" to come by and remove this crap...OK, I'm good with that.
But MY issue stems from the fact that branches that are STILL in the damn street SHOULD have been moved by someone TO THE CURB (for pickup by the city whenever they get around here). That has NOT been done.
Funny, people around here have money for BOOZE...or nice CARS...but not one damn penny for a chainsaw, a HAND saw, or pruners to get the branches out of the street.
Driving down here is like skiing a damn SLALOM course...there are NO "straight line" drives on nearly any street...and no gate flags, either (damn).
It will REMAIN that way UNTIL the city comes along and does it for free (for these lazy-asses).
Welcome to the SOUTH side...where life is laid back (as are most of the low-class women, STDs not withstanding), people are LOUD, car stereos are LOUDER, alcohol runs like a river, and "BLOW" is more frequently used than COMET cleanser.
No one said it was a pretty picture, least of all me.
I'm here to bring you the FACTS (ma'am)...JUST the facts.
DO have a SAFE weekend, everyone.


Phil Marx said...

A couple years ago I hung a sign over my door that said "Taklmakan". It refers to the large desert in Central Asia, and it's name means "He who goes in doesn't come out". That was to signal my intentions to any wandering Turks that might be tempted to enter this oasis.

The city picked up limbs here yesterday, so you're probably not far behind.

Bob G. said...

Hey Phil...you know me...I NEVER hold my breath waiting...LOL!

(unless is a covert insertion ops in the Maumee)