21 January 2009

Humpday Happenings...
We now have a brand new President...and I must say that the over TWO MILLION people in D.C. for the event (gee, I mentioned the SAME number even before the count was tallied...hmm) behaved in a rather civil manner.
There were, of course people suffering from hypothermia and dehydration from standing outside since as early as 0430 hours. (and I also said that district resources would be put to the test).
There was something that occurred at our house last evening that was in keeping with the situation, as it were.
And it took me totally by surprise.
I was doing the dishes, when my wife brought up the inauguration and the parade that followed, and when she said President OBAMA'S name, the weirdest thing happened; A light shone from above (somewhere) and the dishwater parted like the freaking RED SEA...amazing.
Seriously though, I DID find President Obama's inauguration speech stirring, and even if it was a tad cliched, it did have an air of inspiration...and yes...HOPE. Whether or not I can BELIEVE in that hope remains to be seen.
One thing that bothered me, and that was whenever a military unit passed in review during the parade, President Obama SALUTED. Vice President Biden held his hand over his heart, which I've always thought was the CORRECT display for anyone who didn't serve in any military venue.
So when did all that change, and is this the "change" I can believe in?
-Military or EX military = salute.
-Civvies= hand over the heart.
Seems simple enough, but if I'm in error, I do apologize. I'm STILL not getting ALL my memos.
Former President Bush left an envelope for President Obama on a table at the White House with the number "44" on it.
My guess?
It's the SPOILERS to the season finale of '24'...LOL!
I WAS happy to see Bush pardon those two border guards. Great way to end his term.
And I know that after 9/11, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else at the helm of this nation.
If, after the next 4 years, I can say that America did not suffer another such incident, I'll call that another "Mission Accomplished".
It was nice to see that new Presidential limo (aka the Beast) moving along the streets. Close to 4 tons of rolling "Protect the Big Guy" there.
And I couldn't help but watch the Secret Service personnel as well as the rooftops, as the motorcade left the Capitol en route to the White House.
The sheer volume of people really "straightened my tie", as I have NEVER seen THAT many people in D.C. at one time.
All in all, I was pleased with the smooth transition of power from Bush to Obama, and look for good things to come from the Oval Office.
I wish the best for our new President, and with the path that is spread out before him, God knows THAT will not be an easy road to travel.
I might be adverse to some of his decisions in the future, but I will still hold his office in the highest esteem, for he is MY President, and YOUR President, We, as true Americans owe him that much.
And in other news...
--FWPD bomb squad goes on a "training" mission?
Two suspicious devices were found at the Summit Ridge Community Living apartments ion Eastwick Drive around 1400 hours when a call into dispatch from the property manager mentioned what appeared to be a bomb was found as the apartment was being cleared after an eviction.
The propane bottle with a cell phone attached to it with wires turned out NOT to be a bomb, but just some odds and ends scrapped together to LOOK like an IED. Minutes after the device was hit with a blast of compressed air to render it incapable of detonation, a second "device" was found. This item was a soda can with wires coming out of it. It was dispatched with a jet of water and was destroyed, again, with no detonation.
Both items were hoaxes, said FWPD PIO Mike Joyner. Joyner added: "They were made to appear to be explosive devices, but were not capable of exploding".
Sgt. Greg Stier, of the FWPD's EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) said that is the propane tank HAD been a real bomb, it would have severely damaged the apartment.
Police are not sure what charges can be brought against the person responsible for making these items, other than a possible arrest and costs incurred to deploy the FWPD's bomb squad with the time involved.
--FWHA gets a new suit?
And you can bet there isn't a matching vest and 2 pairs of slacks to go with it.
A former Fort Wayne Housing Authority employee is suing the agency, claiming she was the victim of sexual abuse, and fired for being a WHISTLE-BLOWER (uh, oh).
If there's ONE thing ANY government agency DOESN'T like...it's to have someone working for them to tell THEM the TRUTH.
In the lawsuit, filed in Allen County Superior Court, Sheila D. Barnes sued the city agency for back wages, compensatory damages, and attorney fees. She claims her civil rights were violated during her tenure with the agency, according to court documents.
She claims she saw the unfair treatment of WHITE clients, compared to the preferential treatment of BLACK clients between the months of January to August of 2007.
Barnes said management and staff at the FWHA routinely gave blacks more money than they were entitled to, made it easier for them to qualify for federal housing and Urban Development money and kept them on the HUD programs for too long, while discriminating against white and impaired clients by NOT giving them the appropriate benefits and services, according to court documents.
Barnes complained to her supervisors, and she claims she was fired in retaliation for bringing these allegations of preferential treatment of black clients to their attention, according to the lawsuit.
In another accusation, the lawsuit says the executive director of the FWHA (Maynard Scales), sexually abused her by tucking $60 into her cleavage.
Curiously, messages left by the local paper to the agency were not returned, and agency board member, ANDY DOWNS could not comment on pending litigation.
Cripes, what the heck is Andy Downs NOT into?
Nice mouthpiece you got there, FWHA!
This kind of allegation explains a LOT about WHY neighborhoods such as MINE continue to fall further into the societal abyss.
And it also explains WHY we can't get any DECENT people back INTO neighborhoods such as MINE.
Got the dregs of society and NO place to stick 'em?
Not a problem...head on down to the S/E side of town.
Screw those few people still trying to live down there, who happen to OWN the house they live in, and WORK for a living, providing much-needed TAX revenue for this burned out burg we call Fort Wayne...we can FORCE them to move away by moving in enough of the "right" (read wrong) people placed all around them. They'll have no choice BUT to move away...and the FWHA can get even more housing.
Prefab-Ghettoism...what WILL they think of next, hmm?
You can blame that on the liberal mentality...that "progressive" mindset.
And if ANY of you saw Glenn Beck last evening, you know full well what the REAL progressive movement is ALL about...and why we, as Americans should be a bit frightened by them. It was a riveting show.
But, in the words of Scarlett o'Hara...
Tomorrow IS another day.

Catch 'ya on the flip side, people!

Stay safe and warm out there.

Like my Buddy here.


Phil Marx said...

Well, I came across these two images, which I assumed meant you were mistaken on the protocol.



But then I found this article which seems to indicate that you are correct.


Bob G. said...

Phil...so now BOTH of us are "confused", eh?

Phil Marx said...

I'll salute you on that. Wait, I never served in the military. And neither did you - or so you say. Guess we can't do that.

I can't give you an hooah, hooyah or ooh-rah either or I might get my ass kicked by a bunch of soldiers, sailors and marines for disrespecting their service.

I guess I'll just give a simple nod and say yeah, I is confused.

Bob G. said...

That's right.
I never DID "say" I was in the military, but I WAS in the Federal Government...wonder if THAT qualifies, hmm???
(wink, wink, nudge, nudge)
Military personnel ARE "federal employees", come to think of it.
(and no, you can't see my resume')

I also did a "reccy" around the internet, and found BOTH can be true, depending on who you speak to.
Then again, I'm "old school", but you knew THAT already...lol!

BR said...

I guess now is the time to go after the Section 8 fraud in the neighborhood. I wonder if they will actually do something this time?

Bob G. said...

I sincerely doubt it (although I would also hope they would BY NOW).

Section 8 isn't the only FRAUD being perpetrated against those who still DO own a house down here and are trying their damnedest to survive and NOT become the next stat on the PD blotter.

The city needs an ENEMA!

But at least TWO of us already KNOW that, right?