29 January 2009

Spring IS Coming...
Eventually, it WILL get here, but in the meantime, we have to revel in this arctic weather.
Blame THAT on "global warming", people.
MY poor environmangelist, Al Gore...he just doesn't know that it's the EARTH that's in control of this planet and NOT mankind.
How deluded he's become.
The Earth has cycles, and it can brush all of us aside as easily as it has other species over the millennia.
Our situation is one of symbiosis...or extinction.
Poor old Al doesn't see the forest for the trees in that regard. He's too busy leaving HIS carbon footprint across the planet, while telling others what THEY should be doing. Sorry, no wool,over MY eyes. Not even any polyester.
It never ceases to amaze me how people can become so bamboozled by whatever rhetoric comes down the pike.
Seems no one wants to be bothered with QUESTIONING something...or ANYONE...or ANYTHING these days.
Sure, there are those staunch people (such as ourselves) that DO take time to weigh ALL the facts, look at things from AS MANY angles as is allowed, and dare to ask for EXPLANATIONS where one is required.
Sadly, many others are quite content to meander along behind the lemming in front of them to the nearest cliff.
Take for example the FACT that FWCS did NOT deem it necessary to have a 2-hour delay this morning, IN SPITE of having way too many of the residential SIDE STREETS not plowed. Sure, the plows will be by sometime today (crosses fingers), but did it occur to ANYONE at the FWCS transportation department that kids have to walk THROUGH all this snow to the stops, or that the buses THEMSELVES have to navigate MANY of these unplowed streets (as well as some of the staff, like my wife)?
Apparently not.
Then you have the FACT that hardly anyone (in my part of town anyway) has cleaned off the SIDEWALKS from all the snow, to make it easier for the kids to walk to those bus stops. Yeah, I know, the kids would rather slog their way down the MIDDLE of the streets instead.
One lazy act begets another, doesn't it?
Consider the people you are dealing with, would be the answer to THAT query then, right?
Civilized people shovel the sidewalks. Civilized people walk ON those sidewalks. Civilized people make the EFFORT to get out of the sack early enough to clean their driveways and vehicles off before they leave. I know, I've heard it all before (mostly from my own lips).
Well, if we had civilized people around here, the issue would quickly become a moot point.
Still, it doesn't let the city OR the FWCS off the hook THAT easily.
What amazes me is that Jay County schools closes at the drop of a hat, or at the (seemingly) first snowflake, and yet, I'd wager that THEIR students have higher achievement records and graduation rates.
Wonder WHY that might be?
We can add to all this mess the FACT that we (in my neighborhood) are STILL awaiting the city's removal of limbs and branches taken down back on 19 DECEMBER 2008! Toss THAT into the mix of unplowed streets and drivers who for many reasons are drunk, high, or possibly evading the authorities for some reason, and you've got a recipe for near disaster.
Just in the past TWELVE hours, we've had a stabbing as well as a police pursuit that ended with the driver in critical condition and his passenger under arrest for an outstanding warrant...big surprise there, huh?
The good news to that is that the car involved in the crash was one of those "donks" I talked about a few months back, so good riddance to bad rubbish. Seems THIS part of town is the repository for ALL the POS vehicles from 1989 on back to the late 1960s.
But, even through ALL of this crap, we can take solace knowing that...SPRING is coming.
And the FACT is, we've got plenty to keep us all "entertained" until then, right?
I mean the SUPER BOWL is this weekend (I'll be watching the PUPPY BOWL on Animal Planet channel instead...much more enjoyable). And we ARE getting that "digital conversion" in February (not June) for our TVs.
Note: For all the conspiracy theorists out there, think on this:
((The government NEEDS digital transmissions to quantify their use of subliminal and audio/visual stimulation of the frontal lobe, to suppress our need to question things...make us all more docile and "pliable", or in some cases, make us more prone to violence. It depends on the frequency and amount of exposure. Analog just doesn't do that effectively. Digital is the way to go.))
There, that gives THEM something to chew on for a spell...lol.
Lastly, speaking to "stimulation",this incredible waste of money, otherwise known as "The Stimulus Package" is a bad idea for way too many reasons. Basically, it's "welfare for the masses", it rewards bad behavior (on the part of big business), and, in the long run, will not endure regarding job creation and longevity. It's the biggest band-aid to ever be placed on a compound fracture that's bleeding out.
But since we've changed from a manufacturing society, to an information-gathering society, to an entertainment-driven society, it will be "fun" to sit back, put our feet up, and watch the shenanigans, won't it?
Makes you wonder WHO will be running things (here) in say...thirty years, and what LANGUAGE they "might" be speaking, doesn't it?
Could make for an interesting type of "civil warfare". Yep, SPRING is coming (to a theater near you).
Pass the popcorn.
Better yet, I'll wait for the 2 disc DVD release.
And then get it on eBay for cheap.
((PS: If you need a GOOD laugh today (and who the hell doesn't?) please stop by AWB'S GIG (link at left) for the latest in automotive tech...and be advised to keep liquids AWAY from the keyboards.))


indy said...

the language? probley urdu. i know some.......

Bob G. said...

I was thinking along the lines of something from the movie BLADE RUNNER...a bastard tongue made up from sevreal countries, INCLUDING CHINA...

Seems they're going to own a LOT more of "us" than many people think, with our national debt the way it is...
But Urdu could work...we can ALWAYS add it in the mix, right?

Thanks for stopping by!