13 February 2009

Friday Follies...
Finally made it to another weekend. After all this "stimulus" crap flying around, I'm surprised we made it past MONDAY!
** I was talking with the missus last evening, and I mentioned the debts we currently owe (which isn't all that much), and I proposed a plan to eliminate those debts, thereby "jump-starting" our household.
I told her this: "Suppose we owe $1000. We go and BORROW about $100,000 to pay it all off. Sound familiar?"
After the smirk went away from her face, I pretty much stated that THIS was what the government was doing with this economic recovery plan.
Now of course, this is nonsense, but expand this case into hundreds of billion-dollar businesses and money-sucking entitlement programs, and what do you have? Right...NONSENSE.
Sure, America is STILL a great country...it's just the people in charge don't know their ass from a hole in the ground (or our pockets).
Moving along...
** Tomorrow is THE LAST DAY for Scotts on Decatur Road.

(God, that sounds like something from LOGAN'S RUN...which explains the "blinking crystals" in the palms of the employees' hands there...Next step, CAROUSEL...anyone?)
Thank you, Kroger for the wonderfulness of your "logic"...been taking notes from the Oval Office, have we?
I've been informed that tomorrow will be a media circus with bagpipes (to sound the death knell, no doubt), the Mayor, city councilmen (useless as the 2 we have down here are), et al....a little LATE for any false demonstration of "concern", isn't it?
But NAH...there's going to be no "ceremony" slated for tomorrow. Just a quiet "burial" of another of this city's LANDMARKS. Sorry folks.
Personally, I'm VERY sad to see it close.
More bad press for our part of town.
But on the "up" side....ALL the THEFT that the Decatur Rd. location was privy to now MOVES over to Southgate Plaza and THAT KROGER store. Let's see how well they handle THAT.
You didn't know about all the THEFT at Scotts?
Well, it's par for the course around here. Just look at the people, and tell me different. They're home all day, don't work, and what better way to kill the time they're basically PAID to waste, than to steal some "stuff" from the local businesses (when they're NOT robbing them outright, that is).
It's ENTERTAINING to them, people.
** The Mayor's "state of the city" address yesterday at the Regional Public Safety Academy (nice place) was one of those venues where you hear the words, but they carry little weight. In other words...BOR-RING!
Dan Turkette at AWB'S GIG did a wonderful synopsis of the "event".
Take a stroll over and check it out at the link on the left side of this blog.
** Glenn Beck's program on FOX is one of the more riveting sources for information and commentary. I've always liked Glenn's style of broadcasting, and he's not afraid to call ANYONE on the carpet, regardless of political affiliation.
I admire that.
He's got this multi-phase take on our government, and how WE relate. Recently, he listed 9 PRINCIPLES, and has now added 12 VALUES. If you recall the early Colonial flag with the segmented snake, you'll get the drift.
Here's the link to his page:
Add to that a guest he's had on this week (Burton Folsom) an author/historian who recently penned the book: "New Deal or Raw Deal?". This looks like a keeper on my "to read" list...and soon, too. It shows how FDR started America down it's very own slippery slope, economically-speaking.
And by the looks of things, that slope just got a LOT steeper...and a lot more slippery.
** You say you never liked having your kids attend school with the "block" schedule? Well, never fear, true believers, because the days of that schedule MAY be numbered.
Rumor has it that FWCS may be returning to a "more traditional" SEVEN PERIOD day. Gee, I remember when MY high school (Abraham Lincoln H.S. in Philly) used to have days that ran TEN PERIODS LONG.
When the block schedule was first thrust down the throats of the people (like everything else), I took a look at the plan, and said straight away that it would NOT work in a larger urban environment.
Hell, when I was a teenager, our attention spans BARELY made it past that 55 minute period, let alone having to endure some boring mathematics teacher for an HOUR AND A HALF...AHHHHHH!!!!!
Add to that the new plethora of technological distractions (we just used to watch the girls' gym class outside on the field doing their warmups...indeed!. THAT was "our" distraction, and the teacher would promptly close the shades).
A return to what schools USED to be is a damn fine FIRST STEP. The trick will be to see what FWCS decides to do AFTER taking that step. Let's hope that stumbling isn't on the "agenda".
** Lastly, I saw another "newbie" moving onto our block, and of course I've made my "predictions" as to what TYPE of people they will be, and so far, it's looking damn good.
They moved in with a few vehicles dropping things off (uh, oh), and then, almost immediately after occupancy, guess what pulls up in the driveway? A RENT-A-CENTER truck (UH, OH), and off comes the furniture. And then right after THAT, I'll bet you can't guess who came next.
Right...COMCAST (got's to have de cable, yo).
Bet the living room consists of a BIG SCREEN TV, huge speakers, a chair or similar device for parking one's drunken ass, and perhaps some air mattresses ...maybe a coffee table. Bedroom has a mattress on the floor and scattered clothing and blankets all over, I'd wager.
And people wonder WHY children are the way they are...it's the lifestyle, if one can even CALL it that.
You have people that do NOT know how to claim personal responsibility. They do NOT know how to be an ADULT. They do NOT know how to raise a child, and they do NOT know how to run a household or maintain a house.
Yeah, welcome to the SOUTH side, friends.
I neglected to mention that they have brand NEW Chrysler Pacifica (helpin' the economy, no doubt...at the taxpayer's expense).
And yesterday, a young male from the house was pacing out front up and down the block (reminded me of a damn DRUG-HOUSE LOOKOUT), and then he comes and hangs at our corner (that crap won't float...I don't DO loitering). After a few minutes, he meandered around the block, smoking those Newports. And his pants were SAGGIN', too, so you know what THAT means...(he borrowed dad's pants? NOT)
Yeah, another fun (dysfunctional) "family" moves in, and the tide of flotsam rises ever higher...and inches ever closer.
But it's the Friday...let the pigeons loose!
Stay safe out there and DO have a good weekend!


Daniel Short said...

Love that Glenn Beck...can't stand them saggy pants future liberal voters. Have a good weekend.

Bob G. said...

Roger THAT, Daniel!
Back at'cha!

indy said...

he would hate it if i was the owner of the house on the corner.
i would have to come out and hang out with him in my yard. and talk about how i take care of people at 3am if needed. already informed on of the local teens that if they kept hanging in the local empty house and i felt threatened that i would shot first and never ask a question later. let alone call 911. i dont know why but i dont have much problems with that empty house.

Bob G. said...

I happen to be the owner of a corner house, and I DO care about PEOPLE.

It's when those "posers" think that MY property has amazingly become THEIRS that I have a bit of a problem.

If they WANT to pay some of the property taxes...or help subsidize my new roof or doors, or foot SOME of my expenditures, then I'd be MORE than happy to let them hold court. Then they'd have a vested interest in MY place.

This false assumption that many have today that "what's YOURS is MINE and what's MINE is MY OWN" needs to addressed.
Many of us bust our ass to get WHAT we have...and we like to keep it looking nice, in spite of those that feel otherwise.

Most ALL of my neighbors are prime examples of something I'm working on for Monday's post...all about CONSUMERISM.

I think it'll be interesting.

Thanks for the comment.