11 February 2009

Humpday Happenings...
Yesterday I posted about reality TV and how America's economic situation seemed to mirror that, and if it wasn't all so damn distasteful, it could be rather humorous.
I mean if *I* am in debt out the ass (never gonna happen), the LAST thing I would want to do is TRY AND SPEND MY WAY OUT OF IT...
Sorry, that dog ain't gonna hunt no matter HOW you try and make it.
What I would do is find a way to PRODUCE MY WAY OUT OF IT, and by that, I mean get cracking to make money to pay OFF the damn debt.
But I digress...
Reality TV, for the most part IS crap. There, I said it, so sue me.
It's "tripe for the senses", plain and simple.
But there are a few shows out there that buck the trend.
Take the show COPS. Been around for a LONG time, and it never gets old. It shows us the degrees that people will go to JUST to get a free ride downtown by the local LEOs.
In some ways, it IS the "original" JACKASS (regarding the perps of course).
Then there is America's Most Wanted.
This show actually performs a REAL public service with tips that are sent in, and has done quite well getting notorious people off our streets. Be nice to have a LOCAL version of that program for Fort Wayne (I might be able to clear out some, if not most of my neighborhood...lol).
It would seem that for every honest-to-God GOOD reality show, there are about a dozen crap shows up against them, and that's too bad. It gives the whole realm of reality shows a bad name.
Last year, I found two more shows that I REALLY enjoy watching.
One is simply called DEA. The other is REAL VICE COPS (uncut).
DEA revolves around a team of Feds that are attempting to work their way UP the "corporate ladder" when it comes to the drug hierarchy in various cities. Last season they were in (of all places) DETROIT. This season, they're in NEWARK, NJ (another drug-infested hellhole, trust me).
What strikes me about this show is the NEIGHBORHOODS they go into to nail these suspects. They look a LOT like Phil Marx's...or MINE for that matter. And in these neighborhoods are the "usual" players....lookouts, pit bulls, pimpmobiles, 40 oz cans, trash strewn about, lookie-loos out the wazoo, and so on. Yep, it's just like looking out my front door.
In REAL VICE COPS (uncut), it's usually a Sheriff Department or special local police unit targeting prostitution, drugs, and anything else connected with "vice", and again, they seem to go into areas that look pretty much like many of the neighborhoods around here. Both last season and so far this season, they're in Shelby, County, TN (Memphis).
And that brings me to some more REALITY.
Memphis is NUMBER TWO on the latest FORBES list of MISERABLE places to live.
Who'da thunk it?
(provided by Forbes)
1-Stockton, CA
2-Memphis, TN
3-Chicago, IL
4-Cleveland, OH
5-Modesto, CA
6-Flint, MI
7-Detroit, MI
8-Buffalo, NY
9-Miami, FL
10-St. Louis, MO

These ten cities were determined by such things as unemployment, crime, weather, commuting time, taxes...well, you get the drift.
And they specifically chose the top 150 largest metropolitan areas inclusive of cities that had populations GREATER than 378,000.
They didn't print ALL 150 cities, but I can't WAIT to see it. I'll bet Indianapolis is ON there somewhere.
We in Fort Wayne aren't there YET...but soon...very soon.
And if we're "lucky", we'll crack that TOP TEN in NO time!
I can feel it.
But hey, it's NOT like these cities deserve those places on the list, right?
They didn't ASK for high unemployment.
They didn't ask for all their JOBS to be sent OVERSEAS or SOUTH OF THE BORDER either, did they?
And I could also go on about forced integration at schools that pretty much leads to more segregated neighborhoods when other races move away, but many of us already KNOW how that tune is being played.
And I could mention a thriving drug trade that supplants peoples' need to eat by having them commit crime for the next hit, but I won't.
Then there's the whole "poverty" issue that is a smoke & mirror charade perpetrated on the taxpayers to lay a guilt trip on those with some money and a lot more common sense to "buy into it" when some government has it's hands in our pockets, but most of you have felt that all too often as well, correct?
I'm sorry, but when I see scores of able young men AND women of every race with nothing to do all day but get drunk, get high, screw around and make more babies, pursue a life of crime because it's easier than "punching a time clock", and are otherwise less productive than the recently deceased, that cheeses me off. And it should do likewise to you.
How's about we start getting America back on track by getting ALL these lazy-asses OUT there somewhere and fix our infrastructures?
And while we're at it, tap that damn PRISON POPULATION, too.
All those strong boys just ITCHING to "work off" all that repressed hostility. A pick-ax, shovel, and some potholes to fill would work WONDERS for their "attitude"...AND they might even learn a damn TRADE in the process.
(Bet that's got the liberals screaming bloody murder & climbing the walls, eh?)
If people are willing to DO nothing in life WITH their lives...then, by God, they should GET nothing FOR their (and our) troubles.
Pretty simple, huh?
Yeah, I know...I'm an idealist.
I keep thinking of JFK & RFK when it comes to asking things...
**Ask NOT what your country can do for YOU...ask what YOU can do for your country (state, city or neighborhood).
**I don't look at things as they ARE and ask WHY...
I look at things as they COULD be, and ask WHY NOT?
And I'd bet the price of that so-called "stimulus package" that it wouldn't cost anywhere NEAR a TRILLION bucks...
Never fear, though...the weekend IS coming.
No, really...it IS!
I promise!


Eric Fetcho said...

Philly didnt make that top 10 list?!?!? :)

i am actually surprised there wasnt a single PA city on there.

im NOT surprised about the two MI cities on there!!

Bob G. said...

Yeah, even with "Fast Eddie Rendell" at the helm (da Guv), Pennsy dodged a bullet (or two) on that top ten list.

I think Philly and/or Pittsburgh MUST be on the list, just not at the top.
Same goes for Indianapolis.

But they DID use that population OVER 378K as a barometer.

And these cities all share commonalities...if you're willing to dig beneath the surface (for the truth).

Thanks for stopping by, Buddy!
Stay safe out there.