24 February 2009

Tales From The South Side...
Yes, friends, from the land that brought you people that can't figure out what a sidewalk is used for, and the area renown for it's mid-winter barbecues out front of those rental cribs, comes another installment of true stories, meant to make one ponder, perhaps even to chuckle a bit.
**From the "Bang, You're Not Dead, Just In Critical Condition" Department:
A man was shot in the abdomen outside a S/E-side apartment complex. He was walking through the 800 block of Oaklawn Court in the Chapel Oaks Apartments, off of Hanna Street.
Around 1900 hrs, shots were fired, hitting the man, FWPD PIO John Chambers stated.
No witnesses have come forward (typical) to police as of yet ("gimme sumfin free an I might say sumfin"). Must be that "selective memory" thing, right?
The man was taken to the hospital after the shooting (good idea), and his name and address have not been released, pending family notification.
There are currently no suspects in the investigation and no arrests have been made.
(anyone ELSE seeing a "pattern" here on this side of town YET...after all these years?)
**From the "If You Got The Money But Forgot The Smokes, Be Stupid Enough To Try To Rob Them AGAIN" Department:
It was back on 14 February when the Smokehouse Tobacco Store, located at 2217 S. Lafayette Street was robbed. And the perps made off with some money (as usual).
Yesterday, things played out a little differently...
When two armed men came into the store around 1800 hrs Monday, they found a store employee willing to shoot back (or even shoot first). A third man waited outside the store's door ("c'mon man, where mah smokes?") as the other two attempted to rob the place.
No one was hit during the gun play (lucky for the employees, damn shame for the perps). And no one has been arrested in EITHER robbery....yet.
** From the "Don't Taze Me, Bro" Department:
A Fort Wayne man faces preliminary charges of armed robbery and resisting arrest after he robbed a taxicab driver back on 21 February at around 0200 hrs. Jose Flores, 31, of the 2900 block of Weisser Park Avenue (not wide enough for an avenue - think street) was found by police a short time later, hiding behind an air conditioner unit at a house on Felician Street. When he refused to comply when asked repeatedly to show his hands to the officers, they deployed a TAZER to subdue the perp. Mr Flores is currently resting comfortably as a guest of the local jail in lieu of $38,250 bail.
** From the "Mah stuff is YO stuff Fo Re-eel" Department:
My wife and I had the opportunity to get FiOS when it came to this part of town, and we're pretty pleased with it, considering the other option would be continue with a dialup modem at a ridiculously SLOW speed, and no cable TV (I really don't like satellite TV...after installing it for a few years, you learn the CONS as well as the PROS real fast).
So, for a little more than $100 a month, we get phone, cable, and Internet in one nice, neat bill. Saves on stamps, too...LOL!
But we're a family that brings in (legally, I might add) a bit more than a few Thousand "semolians" per year.
Can't say as much for the "neighbors"...
you see, THEY don't work (as you or I define the word anyway), stay at home all day, every day, and always enjoy some sort of takeout OR grilling outside the hovel (remember the winter cookouts in the snow?) while having all their "friends" of similar disposition/persuasion stop on by.
So you can feel my amazement when I see a FiOS truck pull up to one of the nearby cribs to INSTALL the very same system WE have (for that $100+ a month I mentioned).
Now, I have read up on what WELFARE is all about (I have several books on the subject), and why this country is hemorrhaging money because of the failures OF this system, but I didn't know that CABLE TV was a "given" (much like that new car or SUV parked out front) to these bums, did you?
And I don't recall ever seeing houses for RENT down here with FREE CABLE advertised, either.
I mean it's like paying Verizon TWO TIMES OVER (or more) to have THESE people get what we bust a nut for.
Something doesn't quite add up here.
Maybe they DO "work" for it (drug dealing CAN be a "stay-at-home" occupation, I suppose), but I didn't know that Verizon took FOOD STAMPS.
If this is part of "Obama''s Economic Package", then it definitely needs to be thought out a helluva LOT more.
Yes, it IS sad to count all the working stiffs on your block on ONE HAND (minus three fingers), but that's not due to the economy.
It's due to people getting the "pass" to have everything that everyone else gets by WORKING for it.
That's called ENTITLEMENT.
It's an insidiously addictive way to enslave a population, or at least a specific portion of it.
Seems some people trade one set of chains for another, and feel good about it.
And it's a damn fine way to "redistribute the wealth", which leads down the evil path to SOCIALISM.
Don't know about you, but the last time I checked, we (America) were STILL a democratic REPUBLIC.
** Lastly, from the "South Side Jokes R Us" Department:
-- What is my neighbor's favorite anti-perspirant?
-- How are my neighbors like broken guns?
They don't work AND you can't fire them.
-- What's the most confusing day in my neighborhood?
Father's Day.
-- What do my neighbor's kids get for Christmas?
YOUR bike.
BTW, it's Fat Tuesday, for all you Mardi Gras buffs...
Feel free to don the Gold, Purple and Green.
Sure wouldn't wanna be a LEO in NOLA for the next week...
So there you have it, folks.
News & Views...at the speed of LIFE!
Stay safe out there.


indy said...

this is probley how it went down with the fios thing. hummmm that guy is pretty smart we need to look into it. then they found out you get a ton of channels for 47.00 a month. bet, mtv, amc, turner clasics.... and said whoe thats a good deal. then they called them up and got the 47.00 a month plan. and if they were nice to the intallers they might had gotten the free deal called pay 47.00 a month and well boost you up to 99 a month plan but wont tell anyone......i know all about that stuff. i had a similar hookup like that at one time.....lasted for yearssssssss many yearssss then the economy went bad and they sent people out in my area to disconnect extra service alot of us were getting for free or almost free......lol so i am on the free tv plan, but fios is an attractive deal if i lived in 46808 zip code. or there abouts.

your right about dish tv it sucks like a big dog. trees, weather, phone calls you name it can mess it up.

Bob G. said...

We USED to call "free TV" having an ANTENNA on the roof...LOL!

Then someone found out you can CHARGE people for CONVERTERS "if" they decide (read forced) to switch to DIGITAL SIGNAL RECEPTION.
(nice one, Feds...)

As to cable, I'm glad Comcast got knocked off the "monopoly" mountain.
Time to let some more kids play in that sandbox.

Thanks for the comments.


indy said...

no, lol really all i have is my local channels with the rabbit ears on top of my digital tv. lol i am a reformed "free tv" person. about 6 months ago i was paying for basic tv and comcast came by and said that i wasnt paying enough and disconnected the part i was getting for free. I DONT KNOW HOW that would have happened at my house getting a "hook up" ;)

all i can say was there was an up roar the min they did it and i even went outside with my robe on and confronted the man. my daughter had already ran down our almost 200 ft driveway to catch him. we were a little ticked.

after that i told comcast that i wanted all of their services disconnected immedently. and went without the tv portion and now have att for internet. i pay over 50.00 a month less then what i would have with comcast. plus i dont think i was getting all the channels that basic fios gets. att is still not fully in our area for cable, and i dont really even watch tv anymore so i will be waiting to see when fios will be in my area (if ever) and see what kind of deal i can get.

have a great one.