02 February 2009

You Know What Today Is, Right?
This JUST in...
--Dateline: Punxsutawney, PA -
Punxsutawney Phil, the legendary sage of weather prediction did, IN FACT see his shadow today, so that means SIX MORE WEEKS of Winter.
Like we couldn't see THAT one coming from several miles off.
(actually, with all the media lights around, he saw TWENTY-SEVEN shadows, suffered an ocular migraine, dove back into his den, cracked open a bottle of Wild Turkey,and settled in for the next ICE AGE...sorry, Mr. Gore)
Tell 'ya one thing: If someone I didn't recognize, dressed in a long coat and top hat, reached into MY nice, warm bed, grabbed ME by the scruff of MY neck, drug ME out into the early morning with near freezing temps, THAT guy would be RE-counting his once delicate digits (after I shot his ass)!
No "excuse me"?
No coffee?
No donuts?
No breakfast?
What's a groundhog to do?
Time to "gear up"...
Yeah, that'll learn these people...don't mess with a furry guy from Pennsylvania, ESPECIALLY when it's THIS damn early in the morning!
And speaking of Pennsy...
--For the SIXTH time, the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl.
And NO, I didn't bother watching...was too busy laughing my butt off and going "awwwwww" at the four-footed furballs on Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl (with the Kitty Halftime Show).
--We now return you to your regularly-scheduled homicide:
I believe that makes number FOUR this year (and counting).
And it occurred on the (once again, everyone...) on the SOUTH side.
For the story so far, click the links:
From the Journal-Gazette:
And from the News-Sentinel:
Now my wife is a very astute person, and observed the fact that Ms. Underwood showed up on scene SO quickly. If there is one thing the black community does NOT lack, it's a GRAPEVINE!
And we're talking one that runs deeper than the Marianas Trench, and as large as the Beanstalk of the mythical "Jack".
Our police here, typically have to fend off these people, who would otherwise hinder an investigation, contaminate a crime scene, or just plain BE IN THE DAMN WAY. The personnel on scene know their job - that's why you pay taxes to TRAIN them in the first place, so back the hell off, and let them DO THEIR JOBS.
Oh, wait...many of these folks pay NO taxes, so they must feel they have a God-given right to wade right into a crime scene to see if the vic was "ma baby"...yeah, that makes perfect sense.
Plus, many of them rarely show ANY regard or respect TO the "PO-lees" (police), and will clam up at the first sign of being asked a question BY an officer (to protect the guilty).
Don't worry...it's just a "cultural thang".
One other thing that I find amusing...the vehicle stopped by the house on Weisser park Avenue (which should be called a street) to pick up a woman and TAKE HER TO WORK.
I find it incredulous that ANY of them would WORK at all, let alone on a SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!
That just doesn't sound right...and I know from watching MY neighborhood, that staying home all day, every day (for them) is the NORM, and not the exception. Be nice to have working people living down here again, instead of all the "GIMMES" we DO have. Yeah, I call 'em "GIMMES" because they ALWAYS have their hands out to someone for something, usually the government (who reaches deeper into YOUR taxpaying pockets). And before ANYONE says it,or even thinks about saying it, GIMMES come in EVERY "flavor", so don't even GO there.
Granted, there are a few "old-schoolers" (and even a few young'uns) that STILL DO buck their system, and HOLD A REAL JOB...congrats to them. They should be the ones that all the others are trying to emulate, instead of having these numb nuts going around shooting one another.
Trouble is, no matter HOW MANY are shot (or killed), more keep crawling out from under some rock.
You'd think we'd hit a tipping point, and the number of idiots would begin to decline. Apparently not, but never fear...
Stupid IS...as Stupid DOES.
And while we're on the subject...
--A Rochester, New York LEO remains in critical condition after being shot in the back of the head.
Here's the link for this story:
And another link http://www.theithacajournal.com/article/20090201/NEWS01/90201001
Seems we had a similar event in Indy last year?
These thugs are getting more and more violent by the day.
--According to a story posted at Officer.com, the number of GANG MEMBERS has now hit that "magic" mark - ONE MILLION MEMBERS.
That's about 999,999 TOO MANY for MY liking.
And they are not ALL in those ghettos, or blighted urban areas across America.
They are in the suburbs and housing developments as well. They could be living across YOUR street, or down YOUR block.
Think about THAT as your kids walk to the bus stop (and hopefully do NOT get mugged like they have been in Indianapolis).
Kind of makes me wonder if that groundhog saw HIS shadow, and not someone coming up behind him to shoot him in the head instead.
Either way, HE'S back inside, safe for another year.
Can we say as much, given the scope of American terrorism within our very cities, towns, and suburbs?
Something to make you THINK about, that's for sure.
DO be safe out there.


BR said...

I don't know if you read in the paper, in the last couple of weeks, that since crime in the SE section of the city is up, the NAACP will be holding their annual Stop The Madness event 4 times a year. Don't know if anything will actually be done, but there will be plenty of pink, lavender, yellow and orange suits being sold. Hmmmm? Maybe that's why Tim Pape gave $25,000 to the Urban League.

Bob G. said...

For ALL the money...ALL the prayers...ALL the t-shirt sales...ALL the speeches...ALL the "meetings", and ALL the media coverage (which is still not enough, IMHO)...one would THINK we'd start to see something POSITIVE come out of all of this.

The only POSITIVE thing I can see is the fact that I'M POSITIVE that crime is more violent, getting worse, and getting a lot "closer to home" for my liking.

Maybe it's time to stop all this tossing good money after bad, and put the bucks where it can definitively do the most good...

THAT might stop the madness.
(or slow it up a helluva lot more than it has been doing)

Thanks for the comment.

ida said...

i can see someone working on superbowl sunday. in fact i did. i had to be in at 6pm. if she is in my profession, or the medical one then yes, she worked or was scheduled in. in fact it may of been her off day and she was offered overtime becouse there might be quite a few lazy people that have to watch the game on their regular scheduled day. i was one of the few white folks that showed up to work. most of the ethnic folks always make it to work. most of the time i would rather work with black people. and yes, that grapvine is thicker then you would ever beleive. the men are the big gossips.

Bob G. said...

I can agree that the police/fire/medical professions that NEVER seem to get ANY time off.
ANd students are not exempt from "post-gameday illnesses".

Like I said, those stalwart "old-schoolers" are to be commended for THEIR devotion to duty and work ethics.
Darn shame the rest of the posse can't follow along...they MIGHT learn something.
And yes..the MEN are the worst (present company excepted...lol)

Thank you for your observations and comment.