06 November 2009

Friday Follies...
We're not starting this weekend off on a good note, that's for sure, so you're all going to have to seek out the good in the world for yourselves.
** By now, all of you have been riveted to your media sources concerning the shooting at Ft. Hood. (home of the U.S. Armored Commands)
And I'm sure there are a lot of troopers that are wondering HOW this could have happened, as well as thinking THIS isn't (quite) what they signed up for. I hear you people.
For the most recent updates to the story, here's a link: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,572305,00.html
What surprises me about the whole situation is HOW this "shrink" could have gotten under the radar as well as he did for as LONG as he did.
If he exhibited behavior that not only required a "dress down" (as was reported when he served at Walter Reed Medical Center), but also had Internet postings (as far back as 6 months) that alluded to some anti-American sentiments, then he should have watched a bit more carefully.
It's a case of "who watches the watcher?". Another army shrink should have conducting interviews and evals of Major Hasan, right?
And since you have an "all-volunteer" military, with a LOT fewer service personnel (as compared to the conscription days of 'Nam), it should be even EASIER to monitor and "flag" any and all personnel for suspect behavior.
This did not seem like a simple "conscientious objection" issue, but seemingly had far deeper roots.
I recall people being "interviewed" not only for the military, but for the FEDS, and (for the lack of a better term) this "vetting" was done to separate the "wheat from the chaff", as it were.
Like I stated earlier this week, the government, in ANY capacity - civilian OR military LOVES PROCEDURE.
They will go as far as to conduct interviews to see WHAT interview they WILL be conducting.
Think of it as the "Department of Redundancy Department" gig.
Now, you can also play conspiracy theorist all you want on this, saying he was a "sleeper", or that having a biochemistry degree led him to "experiment" with substances (on himself) that produced a homicidal "side-effect".
I mean any of those could be speculated into something news-worthy, and there might even be a smattering of truth to a minuscule portion of it. But I would say what needs to be done is to get the shooter (Major Hasan) a LOT of help (and rest assured, he will) to find out the cause of such a heinous act that he inflicted on our OWN service men (and his fellow soldiers).
** This story, which happened in Fort Wayne, is disturbing in a similar manner...
-A man was pulled from his motorized wheelchair, beaten and robbed near downtown early Wednesday.
He told police he met the man who attacked him at the BP gas station at 437 W. Jefferson Blvd. shortly before 2:40 a.m. The assailant said he could give the man and his wheelchair a ride home in his pickup truck, according to a police report. The victim followed him to an alley nearby in the 400 block of West Brackenridge Street, where the robber pulled him from his wheelchair, punched him twice in the face and stole his coat, which contained cash, credit cards, medication and identification, police said.
** And here's two more...
Robbers grab cash from 2 stores - The Journal Gazette
Fort Wayne police responded to two business robberies within about four hours of each other Wednesday on the city’s north side.
-The first occurred at Boudoir Noir, (our very own local sex store) 1002 Coliseum Blvd. N., about 3:30 p.m. The robber looked around the store before pulling a silver handgun and demanding cash, police said.
After getting the money, he fled on foot. Police tried to track him, but the trail ended at a nearby gas station, police said.
He was described as 6 foot to 6-foot-1, black, with a medium build. He was clean shaven, had a trimmed haircut and wore a dark winter jacket.
-The second robbery occurred about 7:45 p.m. at Biscuit Pottery, 7605 Coldwater Road.
The robber told the clerk he had a gun and knife and demanded money. She gave him cash from the safe and he fled without displaying any weapons, according to a police report.
The robber was described as 6 foot, white, about 225 pounds with scruffy facial hair.
He was wearing dark jeans and a brown Carhartt coat.
** How about one for the road?
-Pizza delivery driver robbed on St. Joe - The Journal Gazette
Two men robbed a Pizza Hut delivery driver after calling him to a northeast-side home with an order late Tuesday.
The driver arrived in the 6200 block of St. Joe Road about 11 p.m. and was confronted by the men, one of whom was armed with a pistol. The other wielded a length of 2-by-4 board, police said.
They ordered the man to lie on the ground and took his two pizzas as well as his cash and cigarettes before they fled. They left a 2-liter bottle of Cherry Coke and his pizza bag.
Complete descriptions of the robbers were not available.
(busy day all around, eh?)
Granted none of these other stories are AS severe as the Ft. Hood shootings, but unlike these robberies, the incident at Ft. Hood IS a very isolated situation, and does not reflect the overall atmosphere of that community.
We simply do NOT see shootings of personnel at military bases on a scale similar to city crime. That simple WILL never happen.
I mean who in their right mind wants to commit crime on an installation where most EVERYONE there knows how to use a gun (and many already CARRY ONE), hmm?
Better to prey on the innocent, the infirm, the helpless and the hopeless, instead. Isn't that the way it usually works?
Our military is STILL...the BEST on the planet, and this isolated occurrence should not dissuade us from believing that.
My heart goes out to the families of those killed at Ft. Hood, and my prayers go to those wounded, that they will recover fully.
This is not the time nor the place to point fingers at specific people for blame, although inquiries will determine WHO should have caught this fastball that was tossed on the base at our troopers.
We live in perilous times...times when we NEED to be on our guard.
Doesn't matter if we're on a military installation, on our city streets, or even in our homes.
We've developed into such a "complex" society that we need checks and balances to maintain our way of life, as well as our individual and collective sanity.
We need to stand fast in that regard.
Our society has cleaned up larger messes in the past, and I feel we can be up to that challenge again, when called upon to do so.
THAT is what makes THIS nation..OUR nation so damn great.
Remember our fallen, no matter what uniform they may wear.
Remember our loved ones to keep them in our hearts and minds.
Have yourselves a great weekend, and always remember to...
Stay safe out there, America.

05 November 2009

Things That Make You Go "Hmm"...
How many times have you went HMM?
Just today?
Bet it's a LOT..usually is.
This is one of those interesting aspects to the English language.
I mean, it's way better than ER, UM, or UHH, as it denotes a sense of THINKING on behalf of the person using it.
It can be used as a positive OR a negative. You can seemingly ask a question with it...OR make a statement. Try THAT with other words.
Yet, it's not a "word" in the traditional sense, but it IS something we tend to use offhand, without even thinking.
And, you have to admit that there are levels of "hmm".
Sometimes, we use "hmm" to signify something mysterious or curious.
Other times, we use "hmm" as a mild form of astonishment. It's more sedate than going WOW, but better than just going "oh...".
So, with that in mind, let's take a look around and see what makes US go "hmm", shall we?
** First off, the recently commissioned USS NEW YORK (LPD 21), a transport vessel is docked on the Hudson river TODAY.
She has incorporated into her hull steel that was forged from the remains of the WTC towers.
Here's the official website for her:
She is one of the San Antonio Class of Amphibious Transport Dock ships.
And she will be OPEN to the public (that's YOU guys) from today until 11 November (Veteran's Day).
So, if you're in the NYC vicinity between now and then, stop on over and take a look at her.
** If you're like most homeowners, you're probably used to "playing with drywall" (like running with scissors, but a lot less dangerous).
Unlike older homes with PLASTER walls, drywall has become the new symbol of status when it comes to home building.
It's easier to repair, and cheaper to work with. And somewhat LESS messy.
BUT...(uh, oh...he found something wrong)...did you know that drywall can ALSO be a cause for concern?
No, kids aren't EATING it...at least, not that I know of.
The problem is a bit worse than that.
Here's the link for the entire story:
So, if you have a drywalled house or apartment, and have been suffering headaches or general malaise, you "might" want to think about this. It might NOT be the carpeting, but the WALLS that are making you feel less "up-to-snuff".
High sulfur content from Chinese drywall promotes bacterial-fungal growth (who knew?), and this has been an ongoing study for over a year. Makes sense if "Fido" or "Muffy" have been chucking their din-din on the floor lately, too...doesn't it? (indeed)
Hmm, if it's not lead paint in out TOYS, it's sulfur in our DRYWALL.
Will say one thing...China's got some interesting "biological weaponry" at it's disposal.
** If you've been following ANY news, you had to have seen this serial rapist/killer in Cleveland.
Here are a few links to the story: (warning - graphic descriptions)
Now, THIS boy got a head FULL of f$cked up wiring!
And people say ONLY whites are SERIAL KILLERS....I think not, folks!
This kind of sickness inflicts people of ALL ethnicities. Whites don't have sole propriety to this. Virginia Sniper ring any bells?
Anthony Sowell JUST got out of jail for a rape charge, too.
Someone needs to get this guy's ass EXECUTED...a LOT...and SOON.
** This is a shame, but when you do stuff you're not supposed to...sh*t WILL happen.
Bernie Kerik, once NYC's top cop has fallen from grace...in a big way.
Here's the links to the story:
I mean, he is planning to PLEAD GUILTY, after all, so he's "manned up" to the situation.
This has been going on since 2007, when Kerik withdrew his name from the Homeland Security director job vacated by Tom Ridge, citing immigration and tax issues. Hmm...
Sad to see a good cop get caught up in this, I had a lot of respect for the guy, and I suppose I still do...when it comes to being a cop.
** Lastly, the Yankees have won their 27th WORLD SERIES with a 7-3 win over the Phillies in game 6. And it was the first time a JAPANESE player (Hideki Matsui) won the MVP award. That's pretty cool, even if my former home team lost out. Hell, the Phillies won last year anyway.
Guess that NEW stadium in New York might just pay off. Besides, they did need more room to hang ALL those banners from past championships, right?
So there you have it...from drywall to baseball...with a few other stops in between.
Never fear, the weekend IS coming (like a jail on wheels).
And our dollar is getting slightly stronger...as oil prices actually dropped this week.
Amazing stuff, hmm?
Curious times we find ourselves living in, aren't they?
Have yourselves a great day, play nice, do well to others, remember your manners, and...
Stay safe out there, America.

04 November 2009

Humpday Happenings...
Middle of the week, full moon is behind us, regional elections are over, Republicans mount a small offensive against "Big Brother" (and do pretty damn well), and most all of us are still HERE, alive and breathing....(whew).
Be still my beating heart.
We're also looking at about FIFTY (that's 5-0) shopping days until Christmas, and I know I've barely started.
Of course, the Internet makes the task a helluva lot easier...heh, heh, heh.
In the meanwhile, there was a story in our local rag that caught my attention this morning.
** Published: November 4, 2009 3:00 a.m.
((Scarcity, suspicion in bullet blitz
David A. Fahrenthold and Fredrick Kunkle-Washington Post
WASHINGTON – In a year of job losses, foreclosures and bag lunches, Americans have spent record-breaking amounts of money on guns and ammunition. The most obvious sign of their demand: empty ammunition shelves.
At points during the past year, bullets have been selling faster than factories could make them.
Gun owners have bought about 12 billion rounds of ammunition in the past year, industry officials estimate. That’s up from 7 billion to 10 billion in a normal year.
It has happened, oddly, at a time when the two concerns that usually make people buy guns and bullets – crime and increased gun control – seem less threatening than usual.
The explanation for the run on bullets lies partly in economics: After rounds became scarce, people hoarded them, which made them scarcer.
But the rush for bullets, like this year’s increase in gun sales, also says something about how suspicious the two sides in the gun-control debate are of each other, even at a time when the issue is on Washington’s back burner.
The run started, observers say, as people heeded warnings from the gun-rights lobby that a new Democratic administration would make bullets more expensive or harder to get. Now that the shortage is starting to ease, gun-control groups are voicing their own dark worries
about stockpiled ammunition.
In between, in the 12 months since last October, gun shops sold enough bullets to give every American 38 of them.
It was already a political truism that Democrats prompt sales of both guns and ammo.
The U.S. government taxes both to support wildlife conservation, and those receipts jumped after Bill Clinton was elected in 1992 and after Democrats retook Congress in 2006.
But the spike under President Obama seems to be on a different scale: The receipts are on pace to set a record in 2009, according to Treasury Department data, with tax revenue due from guns up 42 percent and revenue due from ammunition at 49 percent. Recently,
analysts have said earnings reports from gunmakers seem to show demand for weapons easing.))
Now that probably only means something to you gun-toting mobsters and anti-Democrats out there, but I find it refreshing to know that my purchases HELP wildlife conservation. Take THAT, you left wing radicals and ultra-right codgers! I know it's been REAL hard getting some .45 ACP ammo...in damn near ANY "flavor".
Fortunately, I've got enough 12 gauge and 9mm rounds to fend off those that NEED fending off, but I've only got 20 rds (2 mags) of .45ACP +P TAP ammo (tactical application police - close quarters), and I really should get some target rounds as well as some 185 grain personal defense rounds. Nothing says "How 'ya doin'?" like a nice slow (800fps) .45 ACP round up close & personal.
(Note to self: Ask "Santa" for some)
** And yes, Virginia there IS good news....sort of.
The "neighbors" across the street from us (north side) moved out last night (HUZZAH...!!!), the bedsheets have been removed from the windows, and it only took THREE pickup trucks (and one car), so we shouldn't be hearing any more "honkies" laying on the damn car horns when they come to call, AND no more of her (very loud) "mighty mouth" antics.
Yeah, that's the GOOD news...
Now, for the BAD news...
Without a shadow of a doubt, whatever "landlord" (and I use the term LOOSELY) is running this place (this month) will wind up moving in yet ANOTHER bunch of human flotsam (I've yet to be proven wrong here), and we get to start the "fun" all over again. And, I'll probably have to "school" them on what is meant by the phrase OTHER PEOPLE'S PROPERTY, as in stay the hell off of it.
Yes folks, the frivolity NEVER seems to end down here, does it?
And people wonder why I don't have more "upbeat" posts.
Would if I could, but when dealing with a cesspool, you just can't fool yourself into believing the SMELL is that of ROSES, no matter HOW far you stretch your imagination.
Well, at least the birds, squirrels, and rabbits are still coming by to snack out.
There, how's THAT for being more "positive"?
** It looks like we've got another "Costaplenty Square" in the works in downtown Fort Wayne.
The city recently purchased the RENAISSANCE SQUARE building for something like $14 mil, in order to consolidate city/county offices, and NOW, we're hearing the RENOVATIONS to said purchased building might cost ANOTHER $2+ mil!
So, we got a $10 million dollar building for $14 million, and after revamps, it will total out around $16 million (or probably MORE)...yeah, that's REALLY an effective use of TAXPAYER money.
I hear Bloomberg's got a BRIDGE in MANHATTAN for sale, too...worth HEAP PLENTY WAMPUM!
** And if wasting money is just your cup of tea this morning (make mine Myers rum-laced coffee, thank you), how about that wacky President of ours, hmm?
I mean, it's been a year since he was elected on this "hope and change" ticket.
And NOW, a LOT of those who voted for him ARE full of HOPE...for a CHANGE from the current agenda!
This man (and assorted cronies) has managed to do things I thought resided in the realm of fantasy and/or science fiction.
Who could dream up a plot for a novel that takes America to the brink of financial insolvency in such a shirt time?
This is the stuff of BEST SELLERS, isn't it?
Trouble is...it's ALL too real.

But it IS..."The CHICAGO WAY".
We...the people, are being pulled in so many directions, it's hard for any of us to focus on ONE issue at a time...and that's the way "they" want it. Those in power WANT us to be so damn distracted, that we'll never notice what's being done TO this nation.
You got Al Gore, the Empire's "environmangelist" spewing his "global warming"...I mean "climate change" rhetorical BS all over the place, when more and more REAL scientists are debunking the hype.
You got people in D.C. wanting to all but censor the Internet (so much for free speech).
You got others ram-rodding flawed legislation through the halls of power that will either break America's piggy bank, or severely hamper it's ability to be a world power, or BOTH.
You got foreign loons wanting to join the "nuclear club" when they can't even provide RUNNING WATER for ALL their citizens.
You got out-of-control spending on Capitol Hill, that is devaluing our dollar AS WE SPEAK.
You got CHINA, licking it's chops at OUR problems.
In essence, "You got trouble my friends...right here in River City".
And I wish it WAS all about pool.
But that's okay...we live in the United States of Entertainment, so sit back, have a brewski, and watch the next, new reality show...all will be all right. You will be "taken care of" by our warm and fuzzy (overblown) government.
You can die a slow death through government-offered entitlements via the "nanny-state" mentality, or you can live and hold those in power accountable for what they are perpetrating against our nation and it's founding documents.
You can get busy living...or get busy dying...your choice.
I've kinda gotten fond of the whole "living thing" myself...grows on 'ya after a time.
And I trust you feel likewise.
Stay safe out there, America.

03 November 2009

There's Safe, And Then There's SAFE...
In another lifetime, I used to work in the security realm...alarm system monitoring, installations, loss prevention...you get the idea.
In still another life, I worked for the Treasury Department, and that came with it's OWN set of safety protocols.
One thing that would get 2 agents at your terminal faster than you can say "Jack Robinson" would be *if* you typed in YOUR Social Security number. You were not permitted to view ANYTHING regarding YOUR "account". Strictly VERBOTEN!
Didn't always used to be THAT way, though...
Time was, the only "safety precautions" anyone would take would be to keep the shotgun handy when the wolves got too close to the cattle pen, or you heard something else on the property that wasn't quite "right".
Today, we are mired in "safety"...
Most of it IS very good, and is there with proper reason. Some of it is just plain nonsense.
We go to extremes to not become victims of the criminal element, which is always a good thing. There ARE people out there that would kill you for what you have quick as look at you.
We have alarm systems for our vehicles, our houses, our businesses, and our infants (as they sleep).
We have invisible fences for our pets, chain link for our yards, and low-voltage fencing for cattle.
We have NORAD to watch the skies, the Coast Guard to watch the waters off our coasts, and armed forces to protect us from those who would seek to harm us.
And we have our law-enforcement officers to protect us from ourselves.
So, you could say we're pretty well set as far as being "safe", right?
But who protects those who are sworn and have chosen to protect US?
Case in point, the recent killing of a Seattle officer.
Here's a the link to the story:
Now, I recall a similar situation back in Philly. I remember it so well, because it was my brother in law who "swapped shifts" with the other officer (for a family matter) who was killed in a similar manner. Back in 1984, Officer Tommy Trench was basically assassinated as he sat in his cruiser near 17th & Spring Garden Sts.
Who protects people like Officer Brenton (Seattle)...or Officer Trench?
Many would say that they're watched over by St. Michael, the patron saint of police officers. Others would say St. Christopher.
Some would just say God, period.
Have we, as the "general public" ever thought of ourselves as being part of that contingent who watches over our protectors?
Or are we content to just sit back, and believe that everything's okay, and things will work themselves out?
Is it our civic DUTY to keep a watchful eye on those who CHOOSE to put their lives in harm's way daily?
I mean, there are those of us who gladly take the opportunity to watch a law-enforcement officer during a "tune-up" of a non-compliant suspect. That kind of crap pops up as fast as it is recorded.
I find it disturbing that we can take the time out of OUR lives to video heinous acts perpetrated against citizens...BY citizens, and all the while, our protectors are being watched...not so much for what they do RIGHT, but for what they "might" do WRONG in the performance of their duties as assigned.
Hey, everyone screws up, even police officers, but why single THEM out, when we all know damn well we wouldn't even NEED their assistance if every one of US behaved in a helluva lot more CIVIL manner?
The short answer is that it makes for good entertainment...and Lord KNOWS we love to be entertained.
We often go to such extremes when it comes to "personal protection" (deordorants not withstanding), and I'm guilty there as well. I got me a nice .45 ACP autoloader to DROP anyone (dead) that thinks of screwing with me or my family and property. With the level of violence on the streets today, you need an "edge". Criminals want to think THEY have the edge, and as long as we're complacent or docile, they will.
I remember when the police went to 9mm handguns, because the CRIMINALS had them. Away went the wheelguns in favor of more firepower and higher number of rounds. Then criminals gravitated to assault rifles, and the police started carrying them in cruisers to avoid a scenario like North Hollywood, circa 1997. Criminals went to body armor, and the police uprated theirs to deal with larger caliber rounds with the kind of hitting power you only found on a damn battlefield.
It's a constant back-and-forth "game", perverted as it seems.
All in the name of safety
But, I digress...
This story got my teeth itching, and with good reason:
((Five Fort Wayne police officers were suspended in October on separate violations.
Police Chief Rusty York announced the suspensions to the Board of Public Safety on Monday.
"Unfortunately, we have the longest list of disciplines that I can recall," York noted to the board before reading the officers’ names and their violations.
Officer Douglas Hart, a four-year member of the police department, served a five-day unpaid suspension for coming to work with alcohol in his blood stream.
Hart’s supervisor smelled alcohol on the officer’s breath and tested Hart. He had a 0.02 percent blood-alcohol level or lower, violating the department’s policy that requires officers to be sober at work, York said.
York said it was residual alcohol from the evening before. It’s a rare situation, and only three or so officers have been suspended for similar violations during York’s tenure as chief, York said. All violations stemmed from heavy alcohol consumption the night before, he added.
Detective Dale Wilson, who joined the department in 1985, received a one-day unpaid suspension for investigative negligence. He disconnected a secondary phone line serving officers in the juvenile aid division, York said.
The line was out of service for a week before technical staff could correct the problem.
The department received complaints from people who couldn’t reach the juvenile detectives, he said.
Officers Bryan Thurman and Everett White as well as Detective Brian Doran each received one-day unpaid suspensions for being absent without leave. All three were late or did not attend mandatory training sessions, which were scheduled at times other than the officers’ normal shifts, York said.
Also in October, officer Mike DeLong served a three-day unpaid suspension for unreasonable force. And Sgt. Robert Girod served a one-day unpaid suspension for investigative negligence. Both appealed their suspensions to the board in October but the board declined to hear their cases.))

Now, according to the old (and probably forgotten by many) Six Sigma "stuff" that was put in place by former mayor, (read king) Graham Richard, it might interest people to know that Rusty might be making a few bucks off of all these suspensions. Think of it as an "incentive" plan. The more "faults" you find, the larger the "commission". SO...you look for things...petty things in some cases.
Guess that "hope and change" isn't helping the chief's retirement fund all that much.
But that's just the scuttlebutt that blows my way...I "could" be wrong....(ROFLMFAO...I don't think so)
I know that police officers are held to higher standards, but they also STILL are something I like to call...HUMAN.
Like I said, we ALL make mistakes (yes, even me...lol), but a SUSPENSION instead of a written reprimand on the record?
WTF, Rus...???
Residual alcohol in your system...I can understand that., but a disconnected phone?
I've disconnected a phone for whatever reason (non-intentional), and simply FORGOT to hook it back up.
And being "late"?
What's this...frigging ROMPER ROOM schoolhouse?
"Sorry sarge, the dog ate that accident report".
If the officer didn't provide an explanation, or failed to notify that he was GOING to be late is ONE thing...traffic HAPPENS, doesn't it?
Absent without leave bothers me, too.
Being AWOL is one thing, while attending some "emergency" is quite the other.
And all police officers are TAUGHT about a little thing called PROCEDURE.
Having been a former government "employee", I can tell you that bureaucrats SO LOVE procedure.
The more...the merrier.
So, I find it difficult to wrap my mind around the "lack" of following procedure, but perhaps the officers had a lot on their plates...it happens (to us all), people.
I still think written reprimands would go far to alleviate any morale issues that "might" crop up.
And heaven knows the LAST thing we need in a city that has violent crime is bad police morale.
(But I never said that, and was never here)
Again...I "could" be wrong here...it's been known to occur.
Just not all that much.
Blame it on MY procedures...
Stay safe out there, America.

02 November 2009

Monday Musings...
A brand new month...and a Happy Dias De La Muertos to you all...
Just in case anyone was wondering about this whole "day of the dead" thing...
This is not only a day when the dead are "celebrated" , but it should be a time to notice all the "living dead" we have among us.
Don't think we do?
Well, if you're a teacher, or even know one, just ASK them if it's true that the "dead" come back to life...when that BELL RINGS...LOL!
I just get to see my neighborhood "zombies" meander about, doing the same thing...every day of every week...week after week, year after year. And if that's NOT what it takes to be a zombie, I don't know what is.
We did survive Halloween...simply because not ONE PERSON came to the door...hmmmm....wonder WHY?
On the "up" side, the missus and I did snack on some popcorn and watched the movie THE DARK KNIGHT.
(good flick, btw)
Nice to NOT be interrupted, too. Can't imagine WHERE all those kids I see in the neighborhood actually WENT?
Like I say: We take our victories where we get 'em.
** I hope some of you managed to watch CHRIS WALLACE of FOX yesterday, because if you did, you saw a really good interview w/ Rush Limbaugh. And while I don't tend to be nearly AS conservative as Rush, I do appreciate his POV, simply because he backs it up with FACTS.
Gee, whatta concept...backing up what one says with FACTS...it might just catch the hell on...you never know.
** Leaf pickup (the first of two) begins on the SOUTH side of Fort Wayne today...and thanks to wifey's help on Saturday, we have damn near all the leaves at the curbs and berms surrounding our "battlements".
Like I bemoaned last week, others simply raked them into the gutters.
I suppose I can't really gripe...at LEAST some people RAKED...(better than doing nothing, as is the SOP for many around here)...
** Barack Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm) will be making a decision SOON regarding the troop situation in Afghanistan (about freaking time, too).
He wants to make SURE the "strategy" is correct.
Lemme clue da Prez in on something...
When your GENERALS (who just happen to be in the military...weird how that works) TELL YOU that "this or that" is NEEDED...and ASAP, you SHOULD pay some attention to them...because THEY KNOW SH*T!
I mean, that's usually HOW they GOT TO BE generals in the first damn place...by making some good decisions along the way.
And they probably saw their share of military action aka COMBAT, so they've done some homework where THAT is concerned.
It's like a police chief constantly lobbying for more men or equipment, while the city is aflame with crime...
You (as mayor) should PAY ATTENTION...or just watch the news once in a damn while.
We have in place (in Washington, D.C.) an interesting study in what CAN go "wrong" when people of limited expertise are allowed to sit in the "big chair" and make those life-changing decisions.
I mean how LONG was Obama a SENATOR before he ran for (and won) the PRESIDENCY?
And how much "executive" experience does any of his staff REALLY have when it comes to the nuts and bolts of our founding documents?
So far, I'd have to concede that I'm not seeing too damn much!
It's funny....I didn't really start out to do a "political" blog, and I stated that several times in the past, but you can't help it.
You see and hear things that even people who would NOT otherwise be even mildly involved in ANYTHING political are beginning to take notice to.
** And a lot of this "stuff" is scary.
I mean, to have ANY government all but DEMAND that everyone get health care...OR be subject to a fine (or imprisonment) smacks of a Communistic mindset.
There will ALWAYS be people that don't have health care...that's a given.
And many people (mostly the young and fit) won't see a real NEED for it...they're immortal, after all (or so WE used to think).
The people who REALLY require ANY real form of health care are usually:
a) the already infirm
b) the elderly
And most of THEM already DO have some form of care.
But, the government knows best (so THEY think)...and will "blow the wad" (read screw up our financial status and value of the dollar) to get it done.
I'd like to believe that our government does have "our" best interest in mind, but to take us all by the hand, and lead us through our lives is simply nonsensical at best, and highly intrusive at worst.
The government does NOT spend all it's time with me...I DO.
Therefore, I fully believe that I am the best-qualified person to understand what MY NEEDS are...simple huh?
And I'm sure YOU believe likewise, right?
And I will do what is needed to ensure that my "needs" are taken care of in the best and most cost-effective manner possible.
Every single one of us does it...and have done it since the nation's inception.
We rely on OURSELVES...FIRST, no matter what situation we find ourselves in.
Funny thing is...our government, as conceived, took JUST THAT THING into consideration, didn't it?
Be nice if all those in some political office took some time from their junkets, golf games, lunches, and trips to sit their asses down and READ the founding documents...or even the BILLS THEY WRITE!
In order to secure our FUTURE, they all have to look to our PAST, in order to make the PRESENT have some meaning.
Yeah, that's probably why I never took to politics or wanted to hold any office.
I couldn't stand all that "fun time"...AND, I like to READ...
Ah, well...it IS Monday...and about 52 "shopping days" until Christmas...
Perhaps Santa won't be affected by this financial clusterf*ck...
Don't see any "cash for sleigh" schemes...that's good.
No "cap and trade" being sought for the North Pole OR his reindeer...fine by me.
And PETA isn't after the fat guy for having that fluffy white fur on his "business suit"...fantastic.
Yeah, it could be a decent week after all.
But, it's only Monday.
Things "could" change
Stay safe out there, America.