03 March 2010

Humpday Happenings...
And what happenings we're seeing in Fort Wayne on this Humpday, friends...
Makes me wonder WHERE to begin, really.
It's CRIME TIME, people, so turn on the scanners, keep the OC handy, and switch your safety to the OFF position.
*** Here's a story that once again conveys the problems we (along with other like-minded, law-abiding people) have to endure:
(( 1 shot to death in fracas at house -
Holly Abrams The Journal Gazette
A man died after an apparent shooting on the city’s south side Tuesday night, the result of a disturbance inside a house, police said.
Officers were called to Avondale Drive and Richardsville Avenue, just south of Rudisill Boulevard, about 7 p.m.

When police arrived, they found a man in the road suffering from an apparent gunshot wound, said officer Liza Thomas, police spokeswoman.
The man, in his early 20s, was taken to a hospital in critical condition. He was pronounced dead shortly after arrival, Thomas said.
Thomas said it was unclear whether he fled on foot or in a vehicle or whether he lives at that home.
A description of the gunman was not available.
A four-door white Chevrolet Cavalier was parked on Avondale Drive across from the home where the
disturbance occurred.
Police examined the inside of the vehicle before towing it. Thomas said investigators don’t know whether it was the victim’s car.
Neighbors reported hearing one gunshot and said the Cavalier is frequently seen in the neighborhood.
Police don’t have a motive for the shooting or the disturbance, Thomas said.
This comes the day AFTER another shooting occurred in the same vicinity, but went unreported by the media.
Here is the call for that shooting:
10F025696 18:37:08 58 SHOOTING 42XX MONROE ST S
The really WEIRD thing about this police call, is that just PRIOR to the shooting, my wife drove right PAST the area on her way to a sorority meeting uptown (where a lot more decent folks live).
I called her cell phone, advising her to avoid the area, as I knew she was going to be driving past.
In THAT shooting, the vic was tagged in the butt, and was taken to Parkview in B+ condition (he just won't be sitting down for a spell).
And no suspects are in custody along with no motive for the shooting (again). But I WILL add any updates to this post when they become available.
Last night's shooting was something you just KNEW would end up with the vic being DEAD. I heard the medic on the radio saying "most of the back of his brain was out" (sorry if I bothered your breakfast, but these are the facts), and the BEST that would come out of such an injury would be a vegetative state, so this was all cut-and dried as soon as his vitals were taken and he was in transport to hospital.
And no, you still can't effectively place a tourniquet on a major head wound!
Now in LAST night's homicide (this WILL be number SIX for those keeping score with betting pools), there WERE witnesses out the ass, and YET...not ONE of these throwbacks could ID the shooter.
(who came from the damn house where all the people were)...
C'mon now, WTF is wrong with that picture, people?
Nobody could describe a person who had JUST been in your f$cking rental crib and went out front to shoot a man???
Back in the day, they'd ALL get a ride "downtown", just because the PD could DO it. Must be a "cultural thang" with these people.
At least it's nice to know that all these ILLEGAL guns are "finding a home" on the SE side of town.
One would have to wager that the pistols used were NOT bought at a GUN SHOP, but are being brought INTO this part of town, either from someone outside the city, or even (dare I say it?)...outside the damn STATE.
Could this be a turf war? Perhaps.
Is it going to be a "fun" summer down here? Time will tell, but I'd say yes.
(and not the Midwest county fair let's take a ride on the tilt-a-whirl kinda FUN, either)
((** Editor's Update - As of 1600 hrs, FWPD is looking for one David Alexander Johnson, 37, believed to be headed to Gary, Indiana.
He is black, 5'9", weight is 190, medium complexion, has a tattoo on one arm that says NOT, and on the other arm one that says GUILTY.
He is believed to be driving a 90's era white Lexus.
He is considered to be armed & dangerous.))
I also find it "odd" that many tips I send along to the FWPD go relatively unchecked, as certain "situations" in my area remain unchanged (that would be drug houses operating month after month, along with the curbside drive-ups).
I mean do THESE "gentlemen" look like they're discussing what HYMNS are going to be sung at church this Sunday?
Actually, they finally got into the Suburban, and drove off after two of them spent several minutes sitting inside the truck. That Suburban driver sees more than his share of "stop-bys" that ONLY take a mere 2 minutes to complete.
Makes one wonder when you have NO job, how you can afford to have such a nice (new) BIG truck (plus gas & insurance to keep it on the road), doesn't it? And you have an infant mouth to feed as well (he is procreating, damn it)
Some of these houses around here are rented by older black folks who must turn the other cheek, and front the antics of these young buck drug dealers...there's no other way to put it. These young men don't "live" at the house, but it's always damn convenient to just "show up", pay mom's rent and then conduct "bidness" as usual out front, in the driveway, or by taking a spin around the block (as is often done to divert suspicion).
But hey, it's not ALL blacks who are causing problems...on, no.
Here's a story about a lowlife WHITE guy (up north, where more white people live or have fled to):
(( Marijuana plants found at business
The Journal Gazette

A Fort Wayne man was arrested Tuesday after police said they discovered he was growing marijuana inside his business.
Michael Turner, 45, of the 4200 block of Derome Drive, is charged with dealing marijuana.
He was being held in lieu of $50,000 bail.
Fort Wayne police said they received two tips that Turner was growing marijuana inside his business, Trinity Stone Ltd., at 3511 Eleanor Ave., just
south of Glenbrook Square.
When detectives went to the business Tuesday morning and interviewed Turner, he admitted to growing the plants, police said.
During a search, detectives found 75 live marijuana plants, several dead plants and several harvested plants.
In addition, they found an AR-15 rifle, Beretta 92 9 mm pistol, a .40-caliber handgun and a 12-gauge shotgun, police said.
I'll say one thing for this piece of crap....he HAD a nice business, and found a way to "help" that business through tough economic times...he just needed to find a LEGAL way to pursue it, don'cha think?
But all good things MUST come to an end, right?
Here's the website for the business:
I wouldn't count on them to be available to come out and refinish your bathroom...not right way, anyway.
At least they advertised QUALITY PRODUCTS...didn't say anything about being able to SMOKE them, however.
Nice collar, people!
NOW...if only MY "tips" would be as staunchly pursued...we could perhaps clean up a VERY LARGE chunk of this part of town.
Sure, we live in tough times, but taking some "easy" way out is certainly anything BUT easy.
Just ask these people.
Life is not really MEANT to be all that "easy".
Life is there to CHALLENGE you.
It's there to TEACH you.
And it's there to allow you the opportunity to succeed or fail, based on YOUR merits, YOUR choices, and YOUR ability to learn, pay attention, and remain within the confines of the laws we have in this land.
Doesn't sound all that complicated, does it?
To some, it's hell.
To the rest of us, it's a chance to become better people.
Therein lies the lesson for the day.
Be well, make a difference somewhere, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
"Be well, make a difference somewhere, and stay safe out there."

What a nice thought after the trouble that came before. I hope you are taking your advice about the staying safe. I would probably be up-front in this situation, too, but wow--I still worry some about you.

I go out to be challenged again today, may my fortitude be great and my spine stiff but flexible,

Thanks for the inspiration.
Ann T.

Bob G. said...

When it comes to this house and my wife (and yes, even the cats), you BETCHA I play it SAFE.

I figure it's often better to end a post on as positive a note whenever possible.

Life is too precious and way too short to NOT take a moment now and then to first steel onself to the trials that await us.
But after we do that, we need to ALSO appreciate the gift we're given every single day.

I'd much rather dwell on a few minutes of peace, quiet and serenity, than get hit with ALL the crap flying at us...

(that's also why we learn to DUCK...LOL)

Thanks so much for the kind words...and for taking time to stop on by.

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
Oh, it's the ducking that's the secret!
Ann T.

indy said...

i'm glad your wife was not involved in that mess. may the Lord keep you safe. i understand what your wife went threw the near misses of life. a few minutes here or there things would be different in a bad way.

it happened to me a few years back. i chose to go to target instead of walmart one day. it was a whim at a stoplight. we pulled into targets lot and found out a few miniutes later that there had been a shooting at walmart.

Bob G. said...

I call stuff like that:
Now we have TWO Guardian Angels putting in some O/T...LOL.

Many times, if you're someone who's the least bit awake to what's going on around you (situational awareness is the phrase), then ALWAYS "trust your gut" if you "feel" something's not kosher.

Always better to be SAFE...than SORRY, right?

Thanks for stopping by.