05 May 2010

Humpday Happenings...
And a hearty CINCO DE MAYO to all of you.
Now, I'm not going to go and expound on the significance of today...that's YOUR assignment.
SO here's the WIKI on it:
Now for some, it's just another day to get soused and become a fool...to others today DOES mean something.
Then again, in MY neck o' the woods, EVERY day is a day to get soused and act the fool.
(yours truly one of the VERY few exceptions).
And speaking of foolishness...
Let's take a brief (and totally fictitious...yeah, right) tour of my area.
It does make you wonder when you see SO many young men with SCARFACE shirts on. They MUST all be AL PACINO fans.
First off, the shirts don't look like "shirts", but rather dresses...yeah, they're THAT long. Could it be a gender crisis issue?
Aside from me, I'm not seeing too many other males that understand what a SHIRT really is.
It's NOT a dress, that's for sure.
Most times, it's meant to even be tucked the hell in.
And they do have SIZES for a REASON...to FIT people.
If you're 5'8" and weigh around 140, you DON'T go and buy some 3XXXL size, unless you're planning to become a human kite when the wind picks up. "That's a lot of sail you be packing, matey...arrrrggghhh...shiver me timbers"...LOL.
And then there are the pants...
Where to begin...
Well, let's just say that belts ARE making a comeback...AS LONG AS you tighten it ABOUT YOUR THIGHS.
That ensures that your South Poles do not ride "farther south".
Here I thought only BABOONS had their asses on display for the females...silly me.
Another case of "cultural diversity", I suppose.
Actually, in cities that give a damn about the decent (taxpaying) citizens, it's called INDECENT EXPOSURE.
But,no one EVER said these people were "fashion plates", did they?
This goes "ditto" for the "ladies" (and I cringe to use that word).
If it's got glitter...you'll see it down here.
And if the jeans look SPRAYED on, it must be a southside victicrat-in-training.
Trouble is, some of the females should NOT be wearing anything tight, if you get my drift.
(guess all that FREE gub'ment food's to blame)
Well, we cant blame ALL of society's woes on free food...can we?
There are always the "beverages" of choice down here, designed solely to "fortify" the ID in all of us...I mean THEM.
Nothing better in the AM (for breakfast) than a nice, cold 24 ounce can of MAGNUM malt liquor...freshly purchased (probably stolen) from the local grocery or liquor store. Yessir...can't beat THAT with a stick (unlike the baby-mama back home in the crib, who DOES get beat with a stick when fists aren't enough). If you want to feel like a REAL MAN, then bag yourself some of this swill, and wail away.
After all, what you call a life is pretty much shot to sh*t, and you have no self-worth or self-respect, so what better way to prove to everyone else that YOU ARE...SOMEBODY, than by drowning your sorrows in some "liquid courage".
Then you're ready to take on the world (and maybe a few police officers as well).
Just don't bitch a fit when things don't wind up QUITE like you planned.
(bad decision making tends to do that to people)
Still, you COULD always hop in that POS car with some "friends", share some of the drugs they're carrying, and go on a motoring sojourn through the city streets, playing your crap music (?) as loud as possible for all to "enjoy", because your hearing is impaired from years of exposure TO such cacophony. (what?)
That's fine....you're sure to NOT get pulled over, and even if you do, it'll be just a warning (for the 15th time).
You could swing past the local playground (drunk and high as you probably are before 11AM) and vandalize the children's swings and sliding board, before that quick pickup game of two-on-two.
After that, there's always a fast food joint to bop into, and after getting your order, complain to management that there's something you don't like (no, those bugs crawling on the burger are from your drug-induced hallucinatory stupor, asshole), and start a fight inside the place, scaring the bejeezus out of the "normals" there. After a timely (and speedy) exit from that fast food place, you might need to quench that thirst, so it's off again to another liquor store (there are SO many to choose from in the blighted part of town...ever notice that?), and either rob the place or, if you're feeling a bit more "mellow", actually take up a collection between you and your posse and BUY a can of cat piss malt liquor...or even some cheap-ass BRANDY or VODKA.
I know...so much to do...so little time. But there is ALWAYS tomorrow. Remember, YOU don't do a damn thing with your pitiful life, so why worry at all, right? Let the DECENT people, and the taxpayers, and the homeowners in your part of town worry instead.
* * * * * * * *
Now I played out this little (daily) scenario to demonstrate how much so many of you miss by NOT being exposed to such things.
And this is representative of one of the "good" days we have down here. I didn't get into the gunshots, the ambulance calls, or all the other fun stuff you're missing.
To think that as recently as TEN years ago...such things were practically non-existent in this neighborhood.
But I saw it coming...and passed that along to the police.
A few listened...very few.
Yet, nothing was done to allay my fears of this rising tide of abhorrent behavior from so many. And nothing has been done (to date) to either halt this OR reverse this nasty trend.
Some days around here, it's damn hard to feel you're making ANY progress, but you still fight the good fight, because doing nothing accomplishes just that...NOTHING.
And running away from ANY problem, does not make that problem go away.
If anything, it proclaims victory to those most undeserving of it. It provides the impetus to create even more chaos in a neighborhood.
It IS hard to remain focused on days where you read or hear about our NATION teetering on the brink of some really bad "thing".
I have plenty on MY plate right here (in "River City")...on my own block to keep my ass busy every damn day (aside from the in-home "to-do",lists).
And whether it's a city block, a neighborhood, or even a nation...when you allow the bringers of discord to get their foot in the damn door, you find it's pretty damn hard to get that foot out and get that door shut again. Not to mention, you have to watch the windows as well, because it's coming in from all directions these days.
Once it gets established, it's like a virulent disease...it spreads.
What needs to be done is for a cure to be allowed to be employed.
We can't keep on fixing compound fractures (or that disease) with band-aids - that dog just ain't gonna hunt.
We CAN remain vigilant...in whatever watchtower we may find ourselves, lanterns at the ready.
America deserves as much from it's citizens...at least the ones that still care.
America does not owe US a damn thing...rather we OWE this nation more than we can imagine. We don't need to be wearing any uniform to figure that one out.
I think we need to remember that...
If we want to KEEP this nation as the founders intended.
Be well, make a difference today, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
I never get the belt under the butt. All this was supposed to be satire at first (I mean, the hat worn the wrong way,like Stepin Fetchit). Now I don't know how people walk.

But as for those big shirts, I know how they're hiding guns.

I will say standards of dress have taken a steady nose dive all over. I don't know what happened. sometimes I watch noir movies just to see somebody in a tie or dress when they're just hanging around.

The beer couture,right.
Ann T.

Bob G. said...

Dress codes have INDEED taken a nose dive...I recall when so much as a pair of sneakers in CLASS would net you a visit to the local neighborhood school disciplinarian.


Sadly, the people I mention are IN THEIR TWENTIES (in some cases, even OLDER).

I mean, when do these folks plan to grow the hell up, anayway?

I can't imagine my parents wearing ANY of this crap that passes for "casual" clothing these days.

My Dad always wore a button down shirt and PANTS...as in REAL, FITTED PANTS...never saw him in a pair of jeans...EVER.
Ditto for Mom.

They didn't have much most of the time, but they knew how to LOOK GOOD while being darn near broke (or badly bent, as Dad used to say).

That rubbed off on me for the most part. I've relegated JEANS to yard work or home repair.

I wear CAMO BDU's about the house (most days...they wear like IRON - PLUS, I consider myself somewhat in a "war zone"...lol), but if the missus and I go out, I've got enough "dress" clothes to fill the bill.

I believe in that the way you DRESS (to fit the venue) speaks VOLUMES to other people.

You wanna DRESS like a slob...then don't bitch when people VIEW you AS a slob...it's that simple, right?

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

the observer said...

Gosh, where to start?
I was at a MickeyD's not long ago. I had ordered and was waiting for my food. This gal came up to the counter. She was wearing the tight pants, the bare midriff, the tats, and the attitude. She had a male with her whose pants were around his knees, with shorts underneath. She orders and says then:

"It's fresh cooked--I want freshly cooked."

Her attitude...I want what I want and I want it now. I had to actively suppress two urges: 1) To ask her how she grew such arrogance and entitlement and what did she do to entitle her to boss people around in such an arrogant and demeaning way? (She talked down to the man taking her order, like he was her butler or something.) 2) Pour my large Coke on her head.

#1 would have caused a verbal (at least) disturbance; #2 was a waste of perfectly good Coke, so I did nothing but shake my head and mutter apologies to the order taker.

What in the world did we do to our selves?

Just have to keep fighting the good fight! Prayers help...

The Observer

gadfly said...

Now for the countdown ...
CINCO . . .


bye bye

Diane said...

We wore jeans in school...when I went from parochial school in 6th to 7th grade public school, I was SO looking forward to wearing jeans or pants and a Tshirt...no more uniforms! (go figure, I can wear plaid now!)

But we had the smiley bumper sneakers when I was in 7th grade..and then we went to Nikes with the red swoosh.. I wore mine until they fell apart, and then held together with electrical tape wrapped around them (great during a MN winter!)

When did Schlitz Malt Liquor get replaced? Gee, I must be stuck in the early 80s.

I was at the gas station this evening at the Exxon where I have a CC for (gee thanks) and there was a drunk screaming female in the parking lot, some car pounding with bass, and 2 cars with a bunch of yutes smoking dope. I gassed up the church van as fast as I could, pushed NO for a receipt (didn't want to wait that long) and got the heck out of dodge.

Bob G. said...

(short for the observer...hope that's OK)
WE in fact HAVE done this to ourselves (not all of us, thankfully), when we instituted the "Entitlemnet Mentality" among those we believed were down-trodded...when all "they" needed was a good swift kick in their butt to get them motivated to DO FOR THEMSELVES...like the rest of us.

We, as a society will be judged by those who unfortunately represent the WORST among us.
What WE have to do is make OURselves shine that much more.
And yes, prayers helps.

Thanks for stopping by.

Bob G. said...

ROFLMAO...nice one.

Thanks for the link.
(I think)

No boom today, there's always a boom tomorrow.
(Commander Ivanova - Babylon 5)


Bob G. said...

God, you're SUCH a "young'un", ain't'cha?


M'dear...Schlitz is second shelf THESE days...ditto for Colt 45.

It's all about MAGNUM...and OLDE ENGLISH 800 (not affiliated with that Gerard Butler movie "300" in ANY way)...and then there's COBRA...COUNTRY CLUB...MICKEYS (with collector cans, even)...BIG BEAR...CRAZY HORSE...
Well, you get the idea.

See all the things you miss NOT living in a blighted area of a city?

Hey, thanks for stopping by.
(electrical tape on sneakers...what? no DUCT TAPE?)


Diane said...

No duct tape.. I don't remember seeing any in dad's garage, but he had electrical tape.. black tape on white sneakers :P Most of those beers I don't even recognize the names of. But then again, we don't see Genesee beer around here either. Is Hamm's still made? I remember that commercial with the Hamm's beer bear :P "comes from the land of sky-blue waters"

Bob G. said...

Genessee (cream ale)...used to LOVE that...
Too many good beers gone...that's why I got used to GUINNESS.
It ain't cheap (damn import tax)...but it IS good.
I haven't seen HAMMS in a LONG time, nor SCHMIDTS (they closed in Philly).
Their TIGER HEAD ALE was fantastic.
Guess when my Dad died in '78, stocks dropped...lol.
(that's what HE would have said, anyway)


Thanks for swinging on by.