08 December 2010

Humpday Happenings...
Someone (probably Asian) once stated that:
"To very YIN...there is a YANG".
It's one of those "balance of life" gigs.
Doesn't matter if it's sweet or sour, good or evil, light or dark.
Everything has it's "opposite".
Unfortunately, that extends even into the Christmas season.
We've talked here about the gift of GIVING, and that never gets old.
To be able to give of oneself, in a selfless manner is truly a remarkable thing, whatever age you are.
It's timeless...and it's important.
Yet, there is the "other side of the coin".
While at this time of year, we see such an outpouring of GIVING, we also have our share of TAKING.
Yes, folks, there is that portion of humankind that uses the holiday season to either take blatantly from store shelves, or take from individuals with those of giving hearts...and apparently, these nasty people has absolutely no conscience whatsoever.
And that's pretty damn sad.
*** Case in point, this article from our local paper:
This is the story of a pitiful person, one Mr. Clinton Bunch of Fort Wayne, age 46 years.
He has been canvassing stores in the county, basically ROBBING them in a nonchalant manner,as he strolls out with bags or even a cart full of items, which include booze, electronics, and even a power drill.
He has hit Menards (which really surprises me, as they have the better security in the area, especially at the doors), CVS pharmacies, Wal-Mart, and even a Big Lots...and has gotten away scott-free...so far.
He parks near the store, and has been known to cover his license plate with cardboard to obscure the view from any outdoor cameras at the locations, so this guy's fairly savvy.
Now, I suppose that some uber-liberals might condone this to a degree, saying he's just caring for his family...bullsh*t!
He is taking an otherwise nice holiday and turning it inside out with his behavior...and sticky fingers.
He is preying on stores, for the sole purpose of stealing.
In Turkey, if he were caught, we'd be calling him "Lefty".
They don't cotton much to thieves over there.
But that's not the only instance of people TAKING.
*** How about THIS (from Indianapolis)?
This deadbeat couple recruited their two CHILDREN in this shoplifting spree, which ended when they were caught.
After a search of the couple's vehicle, police not only recovered the stolen items from a nearby Meijers, but also DRUGS, as in several bags of pot.
Merry Christmas, and welcome to Indiana!
Now these two cases are but a smattering of what goes on in stores across the country.
And it's indicative of the permissive aspect and allowing people to negate their personal responsibilities...not to mention, being good parents and role models for the kids. Seems this couple missed THAT boat a long time ago when it sailed.
But the TAKING that goes on is not only relegated to the "retail" level...oh, no.
This is the time of year when people of good principles and values are more CHARITABLE, and that means giving to some worthy organization to help those that are having difficulty helping themselves.
And with such charity comes the SCAMMERS, who are more than willing to bilk anyone out of heir hard-earned money for THEMSELVES.
If you feel compelled to give to some charity, make VERY sure that's a reputable organization, and never give out any information to anyone who may call on the phone or come to your door.
There WAS a time when it was okay to do that, as the people calling were trustworthy.
Today, it's a whole new ballgame.
It's all about relieving you of YOUR money...separating you from YOUR finances, and these thieves have an arsenal of means at their disposal.
But, YOU have one weapon they do NOT have, nor could ever hope to have...your BRAINS!
THINK...before you act.
Better to look up a charity and select it yourself (after doing your homework about the agency) than to just give away "the keys to the candy store", as it were.
Double-check your emails and don't respond to the latest "novelty"...called "SMISHING" (where someone calls your cell phone and says "you have a problem with your account, please call this number"...)
That's ASKING to be taken to the cleaners, especially with all these damn phones can do today.
Like I said, your BRAIN and ability to reason things out is your BEST defense against those who would seek to TAKE, rather than GIVE at this time of year.
I know that things such as these tend to make one jaded against the true spirit of the season, but never fear, because YOU have control over such things...and people. All you have to do is pay attention, be wary, and believe in yourself.
And by the way, aren't those traits the ones we tend to practice the REST of the year?
We should be in fine intellectual "shape" , as we've been working out the other 11 months, right?
Don't let the joy of the season blind you to the predators that roam among us.
You can steel yourself against such intrusions AND enjoy the holidays just fine.
Just don't allow those that TAKE to take away from the gift of GIVING.
Those people will receive ALL that's coming to them...you don't need to "help".
And when you DO give, what YOU will get back is many times greater.
Just some things to think about.
Should YOU "take" anything from this time of year...it's TIME to pause...to reflect, and to bask in the wonder that Christmas has for us all.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.

(( Only 17 shopping days until Christmas))


Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
Last year about this time I wrote about an Internet site called Charity Navigator. They list charities in a searchable database so you can pick the right one.

They categorize by type of charity, administration cost ratio, but also other things in a way that' completely transparent. That way you can also decide based upon your criteria as much as theirs.

What a great service this post is. Now I know I will not get smished!

Ann T.

Bob G. said...

Thankfully, there are those that ARE looking out for others (in the best way) and like you have discovered sites that HELP rather than hinder those with a giving spirit.

Like I said everything has it's OPPOSITE...even the bad things (and that's ALWAYS good, right?)

Thanks so much for taking time to drop by today.

Stay warm.
(it's chilly around the fence)

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
It IS chilly around the fence. I need to get my sister to knit you an electronic muffler. Specify favorite color, please--

Ann T.

Bob G. said...

Tell 'ya what...let's toss caution to the wind this season...make is as many COLORS as she can find...!
(the more, the merrier)


indy said...

i give threw my work and charities that i personally know of. those two from indianapolis are horrible. THATS, why they look so old before their time. heck i look younger then she does. never the less. i was so confuse yesterday. i thought yesterday was thursday and the next day would be friday. i thought this till 5pm. at that time my daughter was getting confused on what i was talking about and she had to tell me that the next day was NOT friday. i was like really disappointed. i was waiting for my last day at work and my payday. sigh. well tomorrow really is friday.......lol it took alot of guts to break that news to me. i was like you mean to tell me that i not only dont get paid tomorrow but i have to work more days till the weekend. she was like (meakly) saying yea.....lol life.

Bob G. said...

When I worked for the Treasury Dept., I ran the section's UNITED WAY charity every year...got an award for getting people to give (and I didn;t habve to turn 'em upside down, either...LOL)

As for the "days" thing...I do that myself. There are days where I lose ALL track of time...and think it's the NEXT day.
I just hope the day of my funeral...that I DO forget the day and don't show up.

Late for my own funeral?

Have a great THURSDAY...lol.
Tomorrow is the weekend..finally.