25 April 2011

Easter Monday Musings...
Easter was always one of those times of year you really looked forward to ...at least as a child, and for reasons other than the religiously obvious.
It was getting the Easter Basket, filled with candy, jelly beans, and a few small toys.
And ALWAYS a great dinner, if not at home from Mom, then at a relative's house or even (if you could afford it and give Mom the week off)...a sit-down fancy restaurant! Now THAT was special.
Of course, this was always AFTER you went to church (or Sunday School)...that definitely came first. As I grew up, the Easter Bunny became a faded memory, and he probably retired to some nice hutch nestled high in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania.
Going to church and receiving the message as I got older was more important.
And all the Easter music (choral OR instrumental) was easily something worth listening to.
The redemptive story about salvation and sacrifice brought a certain (new) importance to Easter; the type you can't get with a candy-filled basket.
There was even a time when HOLLYWOOD embraced such notions.
I can't imagine anyone "taking a chance" on making a movie like King of Kings (Jeffrey Hunter), or even the series Jesus of Nazareth (Robert Powell), considering the nature of sales and marketing today.
Mankind, for the most part, is way too busy sticking their noses into their iPads, iPhones, or MP3s to bother with anything like that.
Take OUR neighborhood for example. (please...)
Easter Sunday becomes no different than any OTHER day down here...same old idiots doing the same old things, and usually at the same level of cacophony.
That's pretty damn pathetic, to have a life (if you can call it that) that is filled with so much "same"...never bothering to improve oneself, or educating oneself, or (God forbid) ENLIGHTEN oneself.
If there is ANYTHING that might be considered "change", it's the level of STUPIDITY displayed by the locals.
THAT is something these idiots ALWAYS can find ways to supplement.
And for some strange reason, these "people" will ALWAYS gravitate to OUR block...as if the ONLY house that can fully accommodate SO MANY others is the smallest section 8 rental on YOUR damn block.
Given that we only have 8 of 10 houses occupied, such morons will freely "take over" as much as possible.
Think of it like having folks such as these trying to cram TEN pounds of sh*t into a FIVE pound bag..they have THAT many people over to their "crib".
So much for trying to enjoy ANY holiday (on my part).
If nothing else, I do know what is meant by BOUNDARIES...as in I know my OWN (and stick to them, as well as knowing my limitations).
Others on the block...not so much. (if at all - your tax dollars at work once again, my friends)
Now, I readily admit to not "getting around much anymore" (as the song goes), but I do get out and about when it's required and is necessary.
That also doesn't mean that I am not trying to make myself a better person than I was yesterday. I am.
The Internet alone takes care of that much. it's like having the library COME TO ME (...and NO late charges).
I spend my fair share of time reading blogs, looking up facts and figures and reading stories about what's happening at any place in the world at any given time (like getting dozens of newspapers without paying those subscription rates or drying out an otherwise rain-soaked copy of the local paper, thanks to a carrier that doesn't take his job seriously enough).
I've become a "WATCHMAN" of sorts, I suppose.
And I think our society requires that such people exist these days.
We can no longer go to bed with the windows open, and definitely without the doors being locked (several times over in some areas).
We also cannot take for granted that whoever we hire to protect us will always be there...they simply cannot.
Yes, Easter DID mean more in times past as far as my life goes...
When I listen to the police radio, and hear about all the crimes being committed on EASTER SUNDAY, my heart just sinks.
Surely, there are better things to do than commit a crime, or batter a woman, or burglarize some home or business?
Apparently not, according to those doing those nasties.
When exactly did we wander off of the trail of civility and into the underbrush of apathy and ignorance?
And why should we all be a lot more CONCERNED about this appalling trend?
Life is meant to be lived.
And it is there to challenge us...every damn day.
No one (even God Himself) ever said that life would be "easy"...no way.
And many times, life can become overwhelmingly difficult to endure.
But each and every one of us (somehow) finds the strength to go just ONE more day forward...a mere 24 hours further.
And we do that again the following day...and so on.
I like to think of it as a way of being "reborn" every day. A new day, and (hopefully) a new (or better) "me" to walk into it.
Other people though, have not the will, nor the desire, or even the want to do anything today that they did not do the previous day...same old, same old to them.
A lifetime of existing in a rut...by and of their own design.
Somehow, I don't think that's anywhere in God's plan for any of them (not that they even care about it).
Now, I'd best restrain myself at this point, because I feel a sermon working it's way up...lol.
(that was also a few lifetimes ago)
Suffice it to say that in OUR house, we DO hold to that which is meant by Easter, from a Christian standpoint.
We know what is written in the Bible, and we take (by faith) the truths contained therein.
And I can tell you, that some days around this ghettohood, FAITH is about all you got in your arsenal to combat the forces that would strip you of your sanity.
But you do whatever you have to do, and use that which God provides, be it faith, or strength of will, or whatever you want to call it..
Easter seems to be a far cry from days of old.
It no longer seems to be about Easter parades along the boardwalks in NJ, or getting a new outfit to wear on Easter Sunday.
Not in neighborhoods like mine (in Fort Wayne), anyway.
It IS about knowing the REAL meaning of Easter, however...and being bold in your acknowledgment of it.
It's not about wailing the snot out of one another for some dumbass reason, nor is it about playing some ear-bleeding bass several blocks away to "prove your manhood". It's not about basketball, bling, or buckets of KFC.
It's about ONE MAN...who made a difference ALL those years ago. One man who was sacrificed and died in everyone's place...so we didn't have to.
That's not to say we can't die - quite the contrary...almost all of us die a little each day, and some have "died" (inside) more than once.
Many sacrifice, and some have given the ultimate sacrifice.
Others merely stand around and continue to take, because that's all they want (or care) to do.
Yeah, Easter used to mean a LOT more.
And it would sure be nice to have back some of the old-time Easter.
But whatever the case, let's never forget the REAL reason we celebrate the day.
It just might get us through the next 24 hours...
Or more.
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


CWMartin said...

BG:, yes, all the holidays began to slide once mom passed.
I'm disappointed in myself more than anything in letting Easter go. I've been struggling getting back to "going" to church for about a year, and truth be told, despite my leaving the Catholic church I miss the ritual. I try to check out the televised masses now and again- but with bishop D'arcy gone and the tv deal seemingly gone, all you get is the Holy Father and neither Latin or German work well for me.

Y'know, I wonder if your neighbors don't engage in enlightening activities because it only points out how crappy things are for them to start with. At a certain level, I do have some sympathy for that. Too many use that as an excuse, though, and that I don't have any for.

Perhaps I should just save it for you and me. Maybe we should do a holiday get together sometime, so we don't spend all day banging keys and cussing neighbors.

Momma Fargo said...

Great post and love the tree pic. I am partial to those. LOL. Funny how after the HOLY day, all chaos breaks loose. You'd think it was the calming factor in the land of crime. Crime has no holiday. No celebration. In fact, it's worse during the holidays. Ugh. Perhaps we can throw crime and politics on a different schedule so they don't run amuck while we enjoy our time off. :)

Wrexie said...

I saw the location of a perfect sunrise service...
We were driving back from the lake and the "Cowboy Church" in a little town was setting up for sunrise service. Oh man... to be out in wide open spaces watching an Arizona sunrise.

We were going to go...but we would have had to get up at 3am....

not that it wouldn't have been worth it.

Anonymous said...

its time to move. or at least put out the sign and see what happens. sorry about the nagging. but, i really feel this way so i see no need to hush up my feelings. in another 10 years or so i will be wanting to move too. too old to be living in a warland. just want to settle in and relax.

Bob G. said...

I've been to my share of Catholic masses (even the HIGH ones), and I must say they are remarkable (love the smell of the incense the bishop was swinging in the censer). He later became a CARDINAL, and I even got to shake his hand after mass...not too shabby for a "mere" PROTESTANT, eh?

MY neighbors wouldn;t know the word "enlighten" if thier lives deopended on it...it's not about a crappy situation with them. They all (somehow) manage to have nice cars, plenty of cash for "take out" (everyone cooks but those living in the house), new clothes (wear once, then take them back to the store) and enough for drugs, too.

Who knew the taxpayers took care of THEM so damn well, hmm?

I'd be up for a get-together anytime at all...I WELCOME any opportunity where I can converse with NORMAL people!

Thanks a lot for stopping on by today.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Glad you like the picture.

Roger that on crime and the holidays.
A holiday (in all my old neighborhoods) was a day to take a BREAK from all the humdrum stuff...like WORK, and STRESS.

Time to put the feet up, soak in the trappings and ENJOY...for THESE creatures, not so much.

It's sad to hear over the radio that on (early) EASTER SUNDAY, some perp is whacking the snot out of his (in)significant "other"...

Nothing BETTER to do?
(Put down the crack pipe, Jerkmarcus and man up to being a human for a change.)

Hey, I'm all for taking crime and politics and put 'em BOTH on a VERY slow boat (with a VERY large leak) to nowhere!

THEN, we CAN ALL kick back, and enjoy...lol.

Thanks for rolling on up here today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Wow, that sounded nice.

Nothing like "God's handywork" in action, hmm?

Might have BEEN worth that 3 hr ride. Then again, each sunset IS different, so that WAS a "once in a lifetime" shot.

And today, you have another chance at that "once".

Thanks for dropping by to comment.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

No need to hush your feelings...at this point in time (financially) we're hunkering down and attempting to ride this one out until it's determined otherwise.
(or we hit a multi-million POWERBALL...lol)

I'd love nothing better than to up and bug outta here.
And flip everyone the f*ck OFF along the way!

Hell, I'd even pay the city to RAZE this house to keep it out of the "wrong" hands!
(cheaper than arson, and a lot more "legal")

Might send out some feelers...JUST to see what's nibbling in the waters.

But it will be a direct SELL and at a heftier price tan the county assessed it at, that's for sure.
They want it?
Let 'em PAY for it through the nose.

Appreciate your concern, though.

And I thank you for taking some time to stop by and comment.

Stay safe.