21 April 2011

Tales From the South Side...
There is an old proverb (or idiom, if you prefer) that says that "One man's meat is another man's poison".
It's also found in various forms such as:
One man's trash is another man's treasure.
One man's ceiling is another man's floor.
You get the idea, right?
I'd like to do like Emeril Lagassi would do, and "kick it up a notch", by saying that:
"One man's NORMAL is another man's ABERRATION".
(you may quote me...lol)
*** Case in point...and those of you living in what can be considered a NORMAL neighborhood WILL appreciate this one.
I'm a relatively light sleeper for the most part, and whenever I hear some sub-sonic bass thumping, I tend to be awakened by the din.
So, EARLY this morning around 0350 hrs, I get up because I'm hearing something "otherhousely" coming from outside our Fortress of Reason.
(I had to take a leak anyway - pardon my being crass, but you'll know why)
I saw a red 2 dr SUV (with those goofy big rims) FLASH his headlights once to a 4 dr dark gray sedan that stopped at the intersection.
Both vehicles stopped in front of our house, nose to tail, and the hairs stood up on my neck, because this is something that NORMAL people don't usually do at 4AM on a weekday morning.
Now, I had my 9mm in one hand, the spotlight in the other, so I flashed the spot on the vehicles.
All THAT did was cause the red SUV to drive off, leaving the sedan sitting at the curb (???).
The SUV made an orbit of the block and returned to the corner, where a black male got out with a (good size) plastic bag.
He proceeded to the sedan and drove off, as if nothing in the world was bothering him (and no one had flashed a spotlight on him).
Another SUCCESSFUL DRUG DEAL made in the wee hours of the morning on the SOUTH side of town, courtesy of the lack of police patrols in the area.
Now, the Missus said (tongue firmly in cheek) that perhaps the man "just forgot his lunch and the other guy was bringing it to him, before he went to work".
...yeah, that's GOT to be it...what the hell was *I* thinking?
Oh, they were both "at work" all right...you can bet the farm on that one.
Suffice it to say, that THIS type of behavior is not, nor should become INDICATIVE of any slumbering neighborhood, correct?
Maybe I'm wrong here, but I don't think so.
We few, remaining folks down here that STILL remember what is known to be NORMAL behavior NEED to have something done about such goings on when "no one" is around (in white cars with those cool flashing lights and neat sirens).
Now, let's think about this.
Where DO drug dealers go to conduct "business", anyway?
Do they go where they know the police are AT?
Or, do they much prefer to go where the police ARE NOT?
I don't know about YOU, but I tend to believe the LATTER.
I mean, there's nothing WORSE than having the po-po right across the street when you make that drive-up purchase or deal, right?
Those cops might try and ARREST you (how dare they?) for doing something ILLEGAL.
What is wrong with those people...can't a person do business any longer?
Short answer: NO, you can't...DUMBASS!
But, apparently, it IS okay to do just that around our part of the ghettohood, because the police are JUST NOT AROUND.
Now, I sure don't want to hear anything about this type of "activity" NOT happening around here...I SEE IT (even without my glasses on).
Fort Wayne DOES have a drug problem, as those FORTY PLUS people that were arrested and charged earlier this week clearly show.
The trouble stems with an inadequate amount of officers to ACTIVELY PATROL areas that are (or can become) prone to drug dealing.
(that would be OUR neighborhood, chief...in case YOU were confused)
And, it's NOT like I've been telling the FWPD quadrant captain for YEARS what's been going on...I HAVE...(and will).
If this sounds a bit like a broken record, it's only because the BEST way to "learn" anything is BY ROTE...and that means by REPETITION...plain and simple as that.
Used to work in all our schools REAL well, before the Libs got their fingers in THAT pie, but that's another post for another day.
Still, the need for POLICE in our area is getting more pronounced each year...damn shame the MAYOR (or the police chief) can't (or won't) see this...
Then again, THEY have a squad car parked IN FRONT of THEIR houses, so no worries there, eh?
Meanwhile, back at the Fortress...
*** A little more info on yesterday's dumbass of the week - aka "Mr. Online Pimp".
Here's his mugshot...another stellar citizen as you can plainly see.
Now, what "normal" woman wouldn't find SUCH a catch like THIS well worth whoring herself out for, hmm?
C'mon now...be honest...THIS guy is to "go to jail" for, isn't he?
All because of the technological advances we've made as a society...and all the while the POPE says to beware the EVIL of such technology...
(who knew?)
I think the Pope's onto something here...and I ain't even CATHOLIC!
*** Uh, oh...ANOTHER SHOOTING...say it ain't so, Bob!
(shamelessly lifted from WANE news)
(( One person seriously hurt in shooting
Updated: Thursday, 21 Apr 2011, 3:52 AM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 20 Apr 2011, 9:31 PM EDT


Fort Wayne police are looking for suspects after a shooting Wednesday night.
It happened just after 9 p.m. near the intersection of Hessen Cassel and McKinnie.
Witnesses say it started with a fight among a group of people.
There were reports of multiple gunshots, but medics took just one male victim to the hospital in serious condition.
Police say they're looking for two men who got away in a dark, box style car.
A "box-style" car???
MY thoughts on THAT "description" (gotta love those "eyewitnesses" that don't know sh*t, right?), is that the vehicle MIGHT be a older model car (from the 1980s back to the 1970s). At least that's when cars were more ANGULAR in shape, instead of looking like eggs with wheels.
OR, it could refer to a "box" as in a car from that era that has those HUGE RIMS and TIRES...like the BOX, BUBBLE and DONK (terms the FWPD probably doesn't know all that much about, but I COULD "coach them" on it...if they want).
I'm just sayin'...
And once again, the shooting was on the...(all together gang)...the SOUTHEAST SIDE of town!
Doesn't say much for those patrols I mentioned ABOVE, does it.
Now, I will say this until I die, but there HAS to be a certain level of PROACTIVE POLICING in cities like ours that DOES indeed have a growing (and not shrinking) DRUG PROBLEM.
Thing is, we've WAY too much REACTIVE POLICING..."chasing the radio" as it were...every day and every shift, and all because most of the PEOPLE in these areas have NO self-control, and act pretty much like WILD ANIMALS.
That'll do it most days.
And the story refers to a "group" of people...that's being kind.
Last weekend we had a "group" (of about 50 black girls) causing some trouble fighting...TWO fights actually, one probably a retribution gig, and not ONE word about THAT anywhere.
Anyone in our city law-enforcement seeing a trend YET (apparently NOT).
This part of town, on ANY given day is like that pot of water left on the stove....it's already boiling and waiting to BOIL OVER.
Thing is, what's being done to "turn down the heat"?
From what I can see...not a whole helluva lot.
If anyone believes that not taking notice to such things will play out by having those things just up and "go away", they are sadly mistaken.
And THAT is not proactive policing...in anyone's book.
That is NOT solving problems, because the problem is not even that well acknowledged (if at all).
Yes, there are those days when you wish to God you COULD wake up without a chip on your shoulder, or a better demeanor than the one the "locals" permit you to have, because of THEIR behavior.
And it's due to things like that, that I miss the person I used to be.
I'm a pretty easy-going kinda guy...and I'm a passionate person as well as a romantic (must be the LEO in me...the LION that is...lol).
I live my life in a way that bothers no one, but will help anyone when the need arises.
I'm a throwback...to a gentler time...a time when everyone DID give a damn about one another a lot more, and for the right reasons.
Today, it's more a challenge to not lay waste to the whole neighborhood, JUST to get some peace and quiet.
I suppose my faith has a lot to do with THAT.
I figure God's retribution is much better than anything I could come up with.
I just would like to see some of THAT in action...somewhere...anywhere, and especially to those that require such "intervention" by the Almighty.
What this nation has been allowed to become is NOT what I remember growing up.
All I would want would be some of THAT nation back...the part that made us better people than we appear to be these days.
I'll keep doing what I need to do in order to grow as a person.
And I will keep my faith...and my hope.
After all, tomorrow IS GOOD FRIDAY, and I can always use some "good", no matter what day it shines on.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.

**BTW - today is...(yawn)...Earth Day, if anyone wants to know**
(fire up your CFLs, Komrade)


CWMartin said...

I realize the danger in doing so, and would never suggest doing it serioously, but it's too bad you couldn't have skipped the spotlight and went straight to the 9mm!

Or better yet, a rocket launcher (will Mrs. G let you have one?)

Anyway, answering yesterday's reply, sure save me the caps. I did get a handful of Guinness, a Harp, and I think a Killians to add to the one I already had. Oh, and the one with the odd sayings on the bottom, I am informed, were Magic Hat brewery out of Vermont.

Blurry eyes right now, when I tell you about the dspecial project for time machine I attempted tonite, you'll see why.

Beanie and Cecil WMD... I laughed loud and long...

Bob G. said...

Consider any beer caps saved.

And I'm one of those "weird" people that HATES to "deform" the cap whenever I remove it (in case I want to recap it and save some for later...I'm nowhere NEAR a bing drinker...never was...purely a "social" one.

It's not that the MISSUS won't allow a "LAWS", it's the BATFE (you know, the guys that ALLOW guns from the USA to be taken to MEXICO...yeah, THOSE guys) would require (at least) a CLASS 3 license, a $500 fee and several flaming hoops for me to jump through...
But it IS a great idea (evil grin).

Wouldn't have to resort to ANY of that, though...IF we had more patrols from the FWPD chasing people like this OUT of the area.

It's the lack of presence PLUS the "quality" of the people who moved down here that all but forced me to purchase several firearms...and NOT be afraid to use them if need be.

THanks a lot for stopping on by today...I'll be looking for your time machine post.

Have a blessed Good Friday.
Stay safe up there

indy said...


a potential box style car. i dont think its the same one i see on the roads all the time drivin by non drivers that are not white. but, its a close one.

listen bob. i've told you time and time again this and i know you will dismiss me. but, move. just pack up and dont tell anyone (even on here) and move. dont shine flashlights eithor. you might get shot for giving out your position. i wish you had a plate number. not like the police would really do something. but, you might have hit the big time with what you saw. move baby. move and dont look back.

Bob G. said...

If things were different , believe me, we WOULD move...(and far enough away) and NEVER look back.
But the way this place has been devalued over just the last several years, well, that ate up a LOT of what we were planning to put aside for a damn DOWN-PAYMENT on a better place.

Guess the city (or the locals) would NEVER think of COMPENSATIING us for THAT loss, hmm?

I am seriouslt considering going higher on nthe law-enforcemnt ladder, and if that means over the local authorities to get something done down here...so be it.

If it were me, I'd just go door-to-door and shoot the lot of them...the same way you clear a street in Saigon,...or Baghdad.

Perhsap soon we'll be fortunate enough to have the funds to bug out...
I'd personally love to bulldoze this place, JUST to keep it out of the hands of the locals...
(they do want it badly)

I do thank you for your concern AND for taking time to stop by and comment.

Much appreicated.

Stay safe down there.

CWMartin said...

Woodbridge apartments, BG. $675/mo., no more yardwork, and just an occasional armed robber to practice on... : )

indy said...

i've never seen this before bob. but, if you go on zillow and look at your address there seems to be two different prices. for 2 different homes but at similar address. if your the 2bdm 1.5 bath with the garage in the condition that i think your are in. i would list for 68,500. why that much. i know sounds crazy for the area your in. well it is a corner lot with a good garage. plus, and this is the biggie it has a 2nd bathroom!!! you have a basement so that could add bedroom space to someone with a large family. sounds like your home is large and in charge so time to declutter and go for it. i personally wont go below 45,000. yea your area sucks. but your not in a rental type home (aka wear and tear) or a repo (aka wear and tear. and i should know that i let my house go a few years before i walked. you dont fix when your walking out.). so i would go for it. i know your not going to get in the 100,000 like in the past. but times are a changing and do you really want your wife stuck in that place if you should go first to meet our maker? this is what you need to consider your wife. happy easter. and take care. been mia for many reasons that i dont know. but, during this time i've almost paid back my military buy back for retirement and have been working hard on getting my old outside shell improved. its funny i went to improve the inside and i forgot to keep out the outside shell of a body. lol. well, good thing its not too badly distressed. lol

indy said...


went to school with him back in the day. he was one of the first people to friend me on facebook. not sure if he is a good seller or not. but, he was nice in school. lol i guess the Lord above was nagging me so i went ahead and refered you to him. i look at it like this. he cant be any worse then a stranger in the book. heck, he is still a stranger. lol have a great easter.

Bob G. said...

Appreciate the offer (more than you know), but that's $675 a month MORE than we're putting out now (house is basically free and clear, and got a great credit rating as a result).
We'll wait and see...
(and say a lot of prayers, too)

Thanks for swinging on by today.

Bob G. said...

Never heard of "zillow"...have to check that out, but it sounds a LOT similar to our type of house.

I'd LOVE to sell for around $50K - that would be a DAMN nice D/P for a better place AWAY from the wild animals (but I do so love visiting the local ZOO, just not THIS one on our block...LOL)
It's like a drive-thru safari-land...ROFL!

I trust your MIA wasn't too bad.

I know there are days I feel the pangs of age as well as disgust for these idiots around us, as well as a little depression now and then.
Sure glad I have a Guardian Angel putting in ALL that O/T to keep me on the straight & narrow, eh?

Thanks for the input...I'll be looking into all of it this week.

ANd thanks for being the person you are. You have got to stop by next time you find yourself up here.
Just give me heads up as to what you like to drink (anything from java to juices to soda to beers and the hard stuff...we do it all in our HQ...lol)

Take care and have yourselves a great Easter.

God Bless.
Stay safe down there.