13 May 2011

Friday Follies - For the 13th...
A BLIND man could have seen this one coming.
Blogger was DOWN AGAIN (maintenance?), so it will be all morning before we get to see each other's blogs and can post and have our daily "chats".
Now, IF I were some conspiracy-theorist, I'd say this "was a test"... (albeit a small one, but important none the less) for that "Internet kill-switch" the Obama administration mentioned (they were working on) some time back (forgot about that, did we? Not THIS kid).
In SIX YEARS of being on Blogger, I've NEVER had this occur.
It might be time to consider a jump to WORDPRESS, but all that technical crap bothers me.
I've got enough on my aging mind to fret over these days.
But, wouldn't you just KNOW that this stuff HAD to happen on that traditionally UNLUCKY day...namely FRIDAY THE 13TH!
Simply amazing, folks!
((BTW, if you want some cool trivia/facts about TODAY, stop on over to the "WAITING FOR GOD" blog -link at left...pretty neat stuff. ))
Honestly, I'd really hate to lose those last (almost) six years of ranting, raving, complimenting, griping, observing, and otherwise bringing you as much of THE TRUTH as I could over that time.
We shall see what happens (and how far blogger's head is up it's own ass), fair enough?
In the meantime...
I've got some EXTRA time to work on what I'm SUPPOSED to be posting this A.M.
**Note: It also looks like THURSDAY'S posts have been eliminated (for some unknown reason), so I dumped most of it back in here today (I keep copies of ALL of them).
We've had some WARM temperatures the last 36 hours...record-breakers in fact. Reached 88 in Fort Wayne yesterday!
Gonna be close to 80 again.
And as I get older, the temperature "extremes" become a bit more bothersome (like I need something ELSE to add to the list).
Used to be a time when I loved summer...mostly as a youth, because there was NO SCHOOL.
Then again, I lived the most of my young life WITHOUT air-conditioning, as well.
Only time I was exposed to it was at the movies or at some big store somewhere.
Dad couldn't afford a car, and the buses didn't have air either back then (we slid the windows up...how quaint).
Yep, for us living in the Frankford section of Philly, it was open windows, small oscillating fans and some baby powder on the bedsheets at night...
And somehow...we actually SURVIVED.
I wouldn't mind still doing some of that, but around here these days, it's best to keep the windows shut AND locked.
So, we bow to the almighty god of central air, and suck it up monetarily.
This is actually the FIRST house I've lived in where we DID have central air. Back in Philly, we had a huge 22K BTU unit that was mounted in the dining room wall...cooled the entire first floor, too.
Heavy-ass unit. They built 'em like TANKS in those days (like the cars).
Had to replace the fan motor once. Cost us $75 (and that was discounted due to my job). The cost of the job (had someone else come in to perform the work) would have been about $200, otherwise.
The damn thing weighed a ton, and the motor was close to 20 pounds in weight. But, it worked (and damn well). Upstairs, we used the 5K units in the windows, which meant hauling them up AND down seasonally.
But still...we survived.
Most cars didn't have A/C back then, either. Dad's Rambler and even the '65 Ford Galaxie 500 (LTD) didn't have air.
My first two cars didn't as well.
When Dad got his '71 LTD, he was in heaven.
After a long night on the job, coming home with the A/C on gave his one of those ear-to-ear grins.
And he didn't have to wring his clothes the hell out when he came in the front door.
Still, it seems we all did JUST AS WELL with a helluva lot LESS in those days...
When we got something, we sure were appreciative of having it...like air-conditioning.
Today, don't see that hardly at all.
Too many folks just have no appreciation for what they have...and always want to have more on top of that.
It's like they EXPECT it...whatever "it" might be.
Yeah, everyone's "entitled" at some level these days, right?
This is where lots of people go off the tracks with this concept.
There entitlements, and then there are ENTITLEMENTS.
Sounds confusing, but hang with me here...
CERTAIN entitlements are granted to us by our CREATOR, and by our founding documents.
We are ALL entitled to breathe the same air, and entitled to life itself.
We are also entitled to liberty and freedom (if we can hang onto it, that is).
And, we are entitled to pursue happiness.
Aside from those, everything else is usually something we all have to WORK for or towards.
And because of our "work", we receive the PRIVILEGE of whatever it was we were chasing after.
Can be as simple as a driver's license.
After we PROVE our ability to comprehend the "rules of the road", we are granted the PRIVILEGE of being licensed to drive.
But having said license does NOT entitle us to automatically HAVE a vehicle.
THAT, we have to work towards.
Ditto with housing.
We are NOT entitled to have a roof over our heads - that's something we need to work towards in some fashion.
If, by some chance, we are homeless, then we do what needs to be done to secure another domicile for ourselves and family.
Basically, we are NOT entitled to "free-stuff", nor are ANY of us entitled to take from others arbitrarily.
And for most of us, the challenge is worth the reward.
Some feel otherwise...like they "deserve" anything and everything simply because THEY exist.
Ask any doctor...there's a BIG difference between EXISTENCE and LIVING a productive life.
In my ghettohood, many "just exist", and if there is any "life" to assign to such sorry human beings, it's that they live to take...to use up...to deny others so that THEY might exist yet another day.
And our society rewards such behavior quite well, and apparently asks little if nothing in return.
(from them anyway)
Much, however is expected from YOU and every other working-class stiff.
Your life and what you are entitled to by YOUR hard work is offset by those who do nothing and are on par with many of the exact same "entitlements".
No one ever said that life was fair.
But, we DO need to allow these do-nothings to perform in like manner as we do, in order to learn a bit of that "appreciation" I mentioned earlier.
When you work toward something, you DO appreciate it more, and if anything, it urges you forward, and challenges you further to DO MORE, so that you can reap even more "benefits" from life, as they are there for the taking.
But, that's what happens in a healthier society...we have some way to go to get back close to that.
Be nice if we could...for everyone.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and as always...
Stay safe out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

Well now that was fun. It is indeed Friday the 13th in blog land. Glad to see you back.
When I was a kid we had this huge square thing called a swamp cooler. It sat on the desk in front of the window and you poured water in it and it blew in cool air. I am not sure how it worked but it did cool us down a few degrees. I like my a/c and turned it on today. I am now sitting here listening to my electric meter spin. With no expected hike for us on Social Security again this year. After paying into it all my adult life I can't help but feel short changed. I should just move into your neighbor hood and start collecting the big bucks. Sorry it is just a rambling sort of day for me.

Bob G. said...

I wouldn't want to move here, considering the VIEW that YOU already enjoy...you are blessed.

As for the SSI money?
LIke anything YOU PAY INTO...you SHOULD get back at least what YOU put the hell INTO IT...that's just plain old FAIR (to me).
My late Mother went through the exact same thing.

But in case you are thinking of coming up here, I do happen to have a VACANT house next door to us (and I can tear down the fence...just for you).

Besides, we can put another one up on the OTHER side to keep out the riff-raff.

Yepper...another Friday the 13th.
All I need is JASON (to attack the locals)...now THAT would be enteretainment.


Have yourself a great weekend!

Stay safe (and dry) down there)

gadfly said...

Bob G:

You went down with the best of 'em. Of my favorite blogs, biggies like Althouse, Legal Insurrection and Carpe Diem went dark. Google says their was a glitiz while running a big data update.

One possible solution for all you "big traffic people" is to relocate the blog to a non-blogger host site. Check GoDaddy for available site names and hosts. I recommend a name like "bobghatesblogger.com."

Bob G. said...

ROFLMAO...nice domain name!
(must remember that)

I swear if I didn't know better, someone down at Fort Wayne's CITY HALL was doing that "update"...LOL.

(sounds just like the computer problems the FWPD officers have to deal with daily)

Big traffic people, eh?
Nice to know I'm in the shadows of those "big dogs"...thanks to faithful readers like you.

Thanks a lot for taking time to drop by and comment.

Stay safe out there.