04 May 2011

Humpday Happenings...
Yes friends, another sort of rainy/sunny day in the heartland...I've lost track of how many consecutive days of rain we've had.
Fortunately, it's not been constant...but it has been a whole lot of "off and on" stuff. You know the kind...the kind that keeps your ROOF from getting repaired.
Still...eventually, it WILL get fixed...but not today, or tomorrow...perhaps sometime NEXT week.
In the meantime, last evening I was settling in for a hour or two in front of the "big eye" (TV). The sun had set, street lights were on, as was our lights inside, and that reminds me...we had our FIRST "curly-fries lightbulb" burnout!

Yeah, a CFL that gave up the ghost...imagine that.
You have to see it to believe it...they start to flicker , getting bright, then dim, and finally, after a minute, they go dark...the end.
So, I replaced it with a standard 60w INCANDESCENT bulb (good man), and got back to watching TV.
Now, you're probably wondering if I notified the local HAZMAT team for the proper disposal of the bulb?
Nah, screw that noise...
I did what any person who detests the nanny-state mentality and those who wish to wrest my normal bulbs from my fingers WOULD normally do...
I tossed the CFL...period...in the damn trash, just like a regular bulb (after double-bagging it in plastic bags).
Who's gonna freaking know?
BTW, those bulbs give off something called PHENOL...a little thing the NAZIS used in WW2 to kill people.
Here's some links for the FACTS:
Amazing how the GERMANS and the BRITS are all over this, and not much being said here in the USA (who invented the incandescents).
As for us, we're not going to be using the CFLs all that much...just in case (of fire)...
Anyway,back to the TV watching...
So, I'm sitting there, and I hear kids screaming outside (not the homicidal kind of scream, thankfully), so I figure this is NOT going to be a good night (again) to do anything, and go to the front door.
And here's about EIGHT kids (7 black male & female, one white girl) having FOOT RACES down the middle of the damn street...with TRAFFIC going by!
It's close to 9PM for God's sake...anyone know that Wednesday is STILL a SCHOOL DAY?
So, I call this into the FWPD to get them to move these kids along before someone gets tagged by a speeding car (which the police also never seem to catch).
And dispatch decides it wants to play "this is your life" by asking me for my PHONE NUMBER (which shows up on their screen - I mean they DO have caller ID, right?), my ADDRESS (also on screen), my NAME (ditto) AND my DOB (they wanna send me a frigging card or something?)...
At that point, I asked (back) tersely: "Do you need my 'SOSH' (social security number)?"
They didn't need that...amazing.
So while we're playing "ask me another", time IS still passing...
Dispatch: "Are the kids causing a traffic hazard?"
Me: "Well, cars are honking at them...what do YOU think?"
Dispatch says they'll send along a car to get the kids moved...
And wouldn't you know, less than 30 seconds AFTER I hung up w/ dispatch, the kids automatically all went down the street - no more "racing" for the night.
Screw it...let the po-po roll through anyway, they might get lucky and find a drunk...or a druggie...or Jimmy Hoffa (well maybe not that last one).
Tell 'ya, it IS like living in the damn middle of a FREAK SHOW...and I now have irrefutable proof to back that up.
We have our very own BALLOON PERSON...LOL!
Yeah, can't have a sideshow without concessions and souvenirs, can you?
This person goes good with those burnt metallic orange donks cruising the ghettohood...
Never at a loss for some sort of "color" down here, that's for sure.
I did manage to salvage some TV viewing, as is SOP around here.
Don't ever plan anything that takes time, because you WILL be interrupted (by the locals).
If it's not screaming, it's yelling at one another, or into a cell phone, or thumping bass...or gunfire...or barking dogs..or (my favorite) sirens wailing.
And yet somehow, lots of folks around here take that as somehow being NORMAL.
I see it as more of this desensitizing of much of our nation.
Of course, throwbacks like ME don't see that as being anywhere close to NORMAL.
We recall a time when everyone was a lot more civil, and didn't want to have their "business" screamed all over the place.
I have my OWN life...don't have much need to hear everyone else's, and definitely not all the damn time.
But that's not the way it works for the "entitlement-driven" dregs of humanity.
And that's why people like our councilman Glynn Hines keeps getting elected to our district...
He wants more for HIS people...so they can take it from your pockets and waste it, like they do everything else they get (for free).
In many ways, it's like they have this masterplan to oust you from YOUR home...make YOU want to move, and claim YOUR property as their own.
Now that seems to me to be just a tad on the RACIST side, but it's the type of racism that hardly gets ANY press.
That's a damn shame, too.
Racism is ALWAYS a TWO-WAY street (with lots of thru-traffic and few if any stop signs).
Yet, we don't hear about racism AGAINST WHITES...and we should, because it's perpetrated at significantly HIGHER RATES than the stereotypical racism of white-on-black (or white on anyone for that matter).
But, you can all check out the DoJ stats to find those facts out...it's nothing new (just unreported).
At least half the week is over, the welfare checks have been handed out, and the locals will be a bit more quiescent for a brief time, until the freebies run low and they get antsy again...such a pitiful way to exist, but how they DO love it so.
Compared to them, my life (and the manner in which I live it) seems banal by comparison.
And that's fine by me.
I'll take my boring, yet much appreciated life ANY day over that kind of mentality.
I'll thank my maker for each and every day I'm allowed to enjoy it by HIS hand.
And I think YOU would as well.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

LMAO. Your ranting cracks me up. And now that we are all going to have cancer in our homes from lightbulbs and thankfully underground for our great great grandkids...thanks to your deposal habits...I feel much better.

If you call my dispatch center and mess with the ladies...I would surely shine my spotlight in your window while you are sleeping, and stop to question you about the problem for my report...community service...yeah, I roll like that..but only for you, dearest Bob G....and the poor kids...they were just having some good ol' fashioned fun...like the old days. So...they might have gotten ran over...that would be one less to worry about turning into a criminal. Did I say that?

Anyhoo...great post. Made me laugh. You are quite spunky today. Spring fever?

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
As long as you don't visit any landfills in NE Indiana...you're good-to-go, girl!

And I only "mess" w/dispatch when they ask things they already have the info on (for the last 9 years)...

I HATE repaeting myself, especially when I've been told MANY times that I have a "radio-voice"...go figure.

Next life?
...talk radio...definitely!

I was one of the idiots that bothered to learn the ENGLISH language in school...sue me...LOL.

YOU (and ONLY you) are welcomed to light me up ANY day (or night)...and I'm friends with a local SGT, so I'm serious here.

I'll tell 'ya, it's going to take one of them getting hit to stop this insanity after dark.
Wouldn't do that in the DESERT, would they?
(coyotes love kids, I hear)

"One less criminal"...
ROFLMAO...love it.

As for my "spunk"...dear, wait until tomorrow's tirade, I mean POST...you ain't seen this old boy get his Dutch up..and with good reason (I hope, anyway).

No spring fever here.
(all rounds are STILL accounted for...lol)

Thanks for rolling on by today...much appreciated.

You stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

There you go again, calling a cop when Darwin will do the job for free if you just let him.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I know...bad habits ARE hard to break...and "Darwin" is unfortunately even SLOWER to resond that the local authorities...LOL.

I hear they have someone in custody regarding the assaults at the apartments...about time.

Better late than never...I think Darwin said something like that...

Thanks for stopping on by.
Stay safe up there.