19 May 2011

Tales From The South Side...
Do we have a full boat of goings on down here today, my faithful readers.
Never seem to be at a loss for disgusting behavior.
And curiously enough, most all of it stems from the city's (...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE.
*** We begin with another exciting game of:
"Lemme call the FWPD to chase some loiterers off the corner and promptly get the run-around".
Yesterday, we had two "lurkers" hanging out on the corner.
Then, it became THREE...and then finally FOUR.
Yeah, they always breed like cockroaches, don't they?
Anyway, I place a call into the FWPD dispatch to have the people moved the hell along (elsewhere).
And once again, dispatcher "Amanda" was ever SO helpful with my plight...NOT!
She stated that the police can't do anything if they're on the sidewalk...that's "public property".
(well then, they're loitering on YOUR f$cking property)
It would appear that the FWPD can't do a whole helluva LOT these days, doesn't it? Sure seems like it to me.
She would send an officer by to break them up
(which took FIFTEEN MINUTES - enough time to smoke a doobie, which the tall male did)
The one male has been involved with a house down the street (no longer goes there, thanks to domestic situations), so he prowls the streets, watching the place, and hanging at the corner of OUR house...not a good thing, if he's looking to start trouble (which he has in the past - took THREE FWPD cruisers to send him on his merry), so I watch this guy for signs of trouble (as in I don't want any on my corner).
But Amanda wasn't playing the game "properly"...(she MUST be related to "Dave")...
She is supposed to say that an officer WILL move them along , and not "see IF they can be moved".
Tell 'ya, the "B" shift of the FWPD is really starting to SUCK-ON-ICE, and I don't mean that in a congenial manner.
Well, long-story-short, the moolies moved on, the police came after the fact, and we'll probably get to do it all AGAIN real soon...thanks for playing, Bob.
Hey, all I'm TRYING to do is PREVENT any of the kind of sh*t that occurs with increasing regularity down here...like THESE stories:
*** (( Last updated: May 19, 2011 1:27 a.m
Body found after shots fired - Archie Ingersoll The Journal Gazette
Fort Wayne police late Wednesday were investigating what appeared to be a fatal shooting on the city's south side.
Police were called at 10:56p.m. to a possible shooting in an alley near the 1300 block of Scott Avenue, near Broadway and Creighton Avenue.
When officers arrived, they found a man lying in the alley. He was pronounced dead at the scene, said Raquel Foster, city police spokeswoman.
The coroner's office will determine the cause and manner of death, she said.
Foster said a neighbor heard gunshots and saw a body in the alley.
Police received no reports of a car or another person fleeing the scene after the shots were heard, she said.
Police did not use a dog for tracking purposes because rain would have prevented the animal from picking up a scent, Foster said.
Police set up a perimeter around the area late Wednesday, taking photos and collecting evidence.
Granted, this was on the south-WEST side, but you get the general drift of where I'm coming from.
Looks like we're staring at HOMICIDE #8 here (if you're keeping track for the betting pool at work or home).
Oh yeah, this kinda crap IS spreading...all too quickly.
And then...there's THIS:
*** (( Last updated: May 19, 2011 3:11 a.m.
Victim improves after stabbing - Journal Gazette
A man who was in critical condition after a stabbing late Wednesday night has been upgraded to serious condition, according to a Fort Wayne Police Department report.
Police said the man came to a hospital emergency room with the wound about 11:50 p.m.
The victim had been involved in a disturbance with another person at PJ's Sports Pub and Grub, 5520 Decatur Road, police said. The altercation spilled into the street at Decatur Road and Hanna Street, where the stabbing took place, the report said.
Investigators have identified and are seeking the other person involved, police said.
The case remains under investigation by the Fort Wayne Police Department and the Allen County Prosecutor's Office.
This "pub" is less than a FIVE-MINUTE WALK from our place, not that I would EVER frequent such a dive.
One thing I always notice, and this is VERY disturbing, is that all this crime occurs in those "blighted" areas of the city.
Now, one can argue the point that "poor people" have little else to do...BULLSH*T!
It's the same argument when it comes to the "welfare queens"...if they're SO damn POOR, why the hell are they ALL so damn OBESE?
And don't give me that "genetics" thing...ain't gonna fly with me,.
They're ALL "Eatin' good in the ghettohood", make NO mistake about that,...and on YOUR dime, as well.
They're all lazier than hell, that's a BIG part of their problem...all they have time to do is screw around (literally) and pump out more kids (read next gen of the "gimme" crowd) again, at YOUR expense. Nice to see your money doing something POSITIVE, isn't it?
And speaking of that "next gen" of reprobates...how's about THIS story?
(( Published: May 19, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Snider fight goes viral before police file report - Archie Ingersoll The Journal Gazette
In the age of YouTube, video of an event can be online within minutes for anyone to see. Even the most local of dramas get aired on the World Wide Web these days.
This time, it was a frenzied brawl between two girls in the cafeteria of Snider High School. Video of the scuffle was posted on YouTube just 10 minutes after it happened, according to a report from the Fort Wayne Police Department.
A police officer broke up the fight, and before he even began writing his report, he got a call from the mother of one of the girls. The mother already knew what happened because she had watched the YouTube video.
Krista Stockman, a spokeswoman for Fort Wayne Community Schools, could not speak specifically to this fight and the subsequent YouTube video.
But she said the posting of similar video of fights that took place in Fort Wayne public schools has occurred.
She could not recall a specific example.
"It does happen from time to time. It is something we try to have rules in place to prevent that from happening," she said.
Stockman did not know who shot the video or how, but she said students are not allowed to use cellphones during the school day, and they need permission to operate video cameras or other electronic devices.
"I wouldn’t say that this has been a major problem for us. It’s certainly not something that we’re encountering every day where things are posted on YouTube," she said.
It’s not clear whether the video shot at Snider is still on YouTube. Using various search words, The Journal Gazette could not find it.
YouTube videos of school fights from elsewhere are plentiful. One such video of an Australian student body-slamming a bully went viral after it was posted in March.
The Fort Wayne police officer’s involvement in the fight at Snider started when he saw the girls punching each other in the middle of the cafeteria during lunch May 12, according to the report released this week.
The report said a crowd gathered around while the girls fought and collided into tables. As the officer tried to separate the two, one used profanity as she yelled at him to get off her and punched him four to six times on his face and neck, the report said.
The officer wrestled one of the girls into handcuffs. He then went to help an assistant principal subdue the second girl.
The officer walked toward them, and he told the second girl she was under arrest. She swore at the officer, told him she was not under arrest and started pushing him.
The girl kept resisting, according to the report, but the officer eventually took her to the ground and handcuffed her.
After the fight, the officer felt like his left pinkie finger was broken, and he had "considerable redness" on his face and neck, pain and redness on his left knee and pain in his right ankle and right shoulder, according to the report.
The girls, whose names were not released, were taken to the Allen County Juvenile Center. One, who is either 15 or 16 years old, was charged with battery to police, disorderly conduct and physical resisting. The other, who is either 16 or 17, was charged with disorderly conduct and physical resisting.
Now, Snider High is "up north", but enough kids are bused there from down here in the ghettohood to "lower the standards" of that fine school.
The officer should have MACED their asses, or TAZED them.
Either one works for me.
Now this type of behavior in MY days was unheard of, but today, you have to remember that it's ALL about being "entertained", and the phone-cams make this sh*t possible beyond belief.
I haven't been successful in finding the video, either, and I tried some weird parameters for the search.
And these are probably similar kids that like who like to "loiter" on street corners...or grow up only to stab others at a local bar...or shoot someone and leave them in some alley...and we're all OK with that?
Our local police MUST be to some degree, or they wouldn't have such a cavalier "attitude" when addressing problems that a law-abiding (for the time being, that is) citizen tries to address by contacting them.
The time has come for some REAL law-enforcement...and not some reactive rhetoric that's been the status quo for far too long in this town, because we can plainly see the outcomes of such a stance.
This city NEEDS to get a helluva lot more PROACTIVE, and start doing the things I've been doing...noticing things that I see, and heading all this crap off "at the pass", instead of letting it go until something a lot worse breaks out.
There are too many times, when I feel like the ONLY person who still gives a flying f$ck down here (and yes, that includes the FWPD command staff as well).
It's as though they WANT you to "be alone"...probably so you'll move the hell away and stop being a damn nuisance to the area (by wanting laws enforced and civility to return).
Well, if I'm to be cast in the role of an "exile", then I don't want to hear one single solitary person down here bitch a fit when I start to take matters into MY OWN HANDS.
That seems to be the ONLY way to get things done, when it comes to lawbreakers.
Maybe, if "I" start practicing my own brand of "civility" (through force of action) these moolies down here might take the freaking hint.
(nah, their skulls are too thick for that)
Or maybe meet force with a GREATER force...someone mouths off to me, and I put one over their head as a warning.
I know, that makes ME the "bad guy"...for wanting to do the right thing.
That's always the way these days, and that's sad.
People...ALL people have to learn some level of RESPECT and CIVILITY if they want to survive in the world.
You don't bother me, and I don't bother you right back...seems amenable enough to me.
I know I should always turn the other cheek, but ANY person can only have SO many cheeks to turn.
If you don't speak up (loudly as well as constantly when required), you will never be heard at all, ESPECIALLY on the SE side of Fort Wayne!.
And that's the greatest problem we (the few decent folks) face down here...never being heard.
That's going to change. It HAS to change.
No man is an island...but no man should ever have to cast away upon one, either...no matter what neighborhood or city that "island" might be.
Just something to think about, folks.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Lots of action in your neck of woods, Bob G. I could help you take care of those "lurkers" as well...lol. A little rock salt in the 'ol Glock might do. Wait...maybe a little too drastic. I have lurkers here as well...damn raccoons, skunks, and badgers. LOL. Stay safe. Glad you are keeping your neighbor at task. P.S. is there ever a day there without a homicide? Just wondering. :)

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Rock salt is NEVER a bad idea 'round here...LOL.
(I like mine in 12 ga.)

I'd trade your citters for mine ANY day.

There are a few days between homicides, just not all that many between aggravated assaults, unfortunately.

THAT is what happens when the city ignores the obvious, and directs the police to "embrace diversity" and become street-corner ambassadors and politicians instead of letting them all do GOOD POLICING (like patrols).

Well, embracing such things might put officers in the line of fire more often than not.
And that school lunchroom fracass?
Gonna have one resource officer laid up with a busted finger.
One could ask "what good parenting?
(I don't see much.)

I'm SO glad your daughter will never grow up like thse hellions.

Keep up the good work, Kiddo.
From where I'm holed up...you're doing fantastic!

Thanks for rolling on up today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

A suggestion- a nice metal "tresspassers will be shot" with a fresh bullet hole, posted prominently in hang out areas.

Security word is "raton". So many ways to go...

Slamdunk said...

I used to loiter in my patrol car when we had regular calls like that. The fellows never seemed to want to hang when the party-pooper squad car had someone eating lunch in it.

Bob G. said...

I really like the idea for signage, but people around here love to "collect" them from other people's properties...
Bob Enders ran for city council a few years back, and I had a sign VOTE FOR BOB (I liked the name) on my lawn...was gone in less than two days.

The only exception were OBAMA signs...(wonder why?)

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

I've got NO problem with ANY officer wanting to "coop" for a spell outside the house.
Be nice to have a more visable PRESENCE in the area!

But FIRST, we have to get them to SHOW UP (in a timely manner), and then be "allowed to pause for effect", as it were.

Every reality police show in OTHER cities has NO PROBLEM with loitering (they DEAL with it)...and I know officers in other cities that do enforce THEIR laws.
Wonder WHY Fort Wayne is so nonchaant about it?

Only takes a moment for a loiter to turn into a coroner's crime scene.
Guess command hasn't figured that one out...yet.

Thanks a lot for taking time to roll on by.

Stay safe out there.