30 June 2011

Believe It, Or Else...
Yes boys and girls, time once again for stories that are there to AMAZE, ASTOUND, and otherwise BEWILDER the hell out of you (hey, it ain't MY fault...I only present the dang things whenever they crop up).
I remember when if you read something like these stories, it was more an "oddity" than anything else, hence the entire "believing" aspect to them.
You don't know whether to shake your head in disgust, break into tears, lamenting the state of affairs, or roll over laughing.
Sometimes, I do all three, though I recommend NEVER do them ALL AT ONCE...LOL.
(that could ellicit a trip to the emergency ward for an acute schizoid embollism)
Anywho, here we go, gang...strap yourselves in and refrain from taking a LONG drink from whatever beverage you're enjoying...it MIGHT wind up on your keyboard (...eewwwww...).
*** Fellow blogger "SLAMDUNK" would find this story interesting.
Here's the link to the source article:
The story concerns a 12-year old "cold" case over the shooting deaths of two teens at a house located at 3501 Smith St back in 1999.
Roderick Vandrell Lewis, 30, a convicted felon who has spent the better part of the last decade in JAIL down in AZ (some things never change) has been formally charged with the deaths of the teens, and made his first appearance in Allen County court this past Wednesday.
This Smith St. house was known as a "party house for "yoots" (gee, sounds like some houses around OUR ghettohood, that never get shut down) , and that neither of the two teens lived at the residence.
Lewis, then 18, became the person of interest when theories surfaced regarding gangs and drugs (on the SE side of Ft. Wayne??? Who knew it was around over TEN years ago? I did, for one)
During the investigation, Lewis was ID'ed as a suspect.
Since 2005, lewis has been a "guest" of Maricopa County (Sheriff Joe's domain) since he was charged with burglary, theft, assault, AND disorderly conduct (damn lucky some resident didn't shoot his ass outright...they DO that out there, 'ya know).
Nice to see a happy ending, though.
And nice to see some animals NEVER change their "stripes"...just the color of their jumpsuits...LOL!
*** Here's an update on that "Van Jones" lookalike that robbed the bank here last week:
(( Published: June 30, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Police nab smiling bandit suspect - Archie Ingersoll The Journal Gazette
A man who allegedly robbed a downtown Fort Wayne bank last week sporting a jacket, a tie and a big smile was arrested Wednesday while shopping for a gun, according to a news release from city police.
An off-duty officer spotted the suspect, Cameron Nelson, 23, at H&H Firearms, 1525 Directors Row, and detained him with the help of on-duty officers, police said.
Nelson was interviewed at police headquarters and then charged with robbery, police said.
On June 22, a surveillance camera recorded a man walking into the Fifth Third Bank, 202 W. Berry St., at 1:04 p.m. Three minutes later, another camera captured him with a wide grin as he stood at a teller’s counter.
Police said the man used a note to demand money before he fled with an undisclosed amount of cash and an exploding dye pack. The dye pack apparently worked as intended: Red-stained bills were found on the sidewalk outside the bank. Witnesses told police the man went into a nearby alley after the robbery and stripped down to a white tank top.
At least one customer was in the bank at the time of the robbery. No one was injured, police said.
Nelson, who is homeless, was in custody Wednesday evening with a bail amount of $10,000.
Wow, a HOMELESS guy stopping into H&H Firearms to shop for a weapon...ROFLMAO...!
Collered by an OFF-DUTY officer..WTG!
Yeah, he's "homeless"...like I'm a freaking billionaire!
Down here, being "homeless" means a couple things.
1) Your welfare babay-mama tossed your lazy ass the hell out (this week).
2) You don't want to give a REAL address and inplicate your welfare babay-mama so you STILL have a crib to crash at.
3) You live at home, and don't want to involve YOUR mama.
4) You live with your gang (posse), and they'll KILL your ass if you tell the po-po you live with THEM.
Sound about right? Pick one...or all. They do apply in the ghettohood.
*** This could be our homicide # 12 if we're lucky.
(( Last updated: June 30, 2011 4:28 a.m.
Bowser Avenue death under investigation - Journal Gazette
City police are investigating the death of a man found lying on the sidewalk near Bowser and McKee avenues early this morning, according to a Fort Wayne Police Department report.
Officers were called about 1:20 a.m. on a report of a man down on the city's southeast side. They discovered the unresponsive victim with an injury to his torso. He died at the scene, the report said.
An autopsy will be performed to determine what type of injury the victim suffered, the report said.
No arrests have been made and no one is in custody, the report said.
The case remains under investigation by the Fort Wayne Police Department, Allen County
Coroner's Office and Allen County Prosecutor's Office.
The injury was described as a TRAUMA, so you be the judge as to the TYPE of injury sustained.
A resident happened to be looking out their window (always good to surveill your area on the SE side of Ft. Wayne), and having noticed the man on the sidewalk, called 911.
It's often been said that:
"The police cannot prevent crime...all they can do is investigate it after you're dead."
I would contend that they CAN in fact prevent crime...IF the mandate is there to pursue the problem-oriented policing stance.
Constant patrols in hot-spots, teams designated to target SPECIFIC crimes and crime patterns all serve to prevent a lot of the crimes that can occur in certain neighborhoods.
I will concede that the police can not prevent ALL the crime, ALL the time. That would dictate that we ALL have an officer "in house", and we've neither the money nor the officers to make that a reality.
Besides, officers have their OWN houses to go home to...you want them in YOUR house 24/7/365?
(("Excuse me, officer I really need to take a crap...could you wait OUTSIDE the bathroom?" ))
You see the problems it could create...lol.
*** I posted some time ago that schools in Indiana were thinking about doing AWAY with cursive writing...
Well, friends, worry no longer...it will become REALITY soon enough!
(( Published: June 30, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Indiana schools no longer required to teach cursive - ASSOCIATED PRESS
MERRILLVILLE – The days when Indiana’s elementary school students were required to perfect the looping script of cursive handwriting are ending.
Starting this fall, the state Department of Education will no longer require Indiana’s public schools to teach cursive writing. State officials sent school leaders a memo April 25 telling them that instead of cursive writing, students will be expected to become proficient in keyboard use.
The Times of Munster reports the memo says schools may continue to teach cursive as a local standard, or they may decide to stop teaching cursive altogether.
East Allen County Schools Superintendent Karyle Green said she didn’t find the decision surprising.
"The skill of handwriting is a dying art," she said. "Everything isn’t handwritten anymore."
The district will still teach cursive, albeit in a limited form, according to curriculum director Marilyn Hissong.
From now on, second-graders will be taught cursive. But students will no longer be assessed on the handwriting style in third and fourth grade.
"We think it’s still important for kids to be able to read cursive," Hissong said. "But after that, it begins to become obsolete."
Andree Anderson of the Indiana University Northwest Urban Teacher Education Program says teachers haven’t had the time to teach cursive writing for some time because it’s not a top priority.
And Anderson says students’ handwriting is atrocious.
Wow, and a long time ago, TYPING was something those GIRLS did in their "home-ec" courses in high school.
Guys didn't take TYPING...that was sissy stuff!
I guess that welfare check can NOW be signed "with your *X*" (if they ever recall how to WRITE a damn *X* in the first place...lol).
Sorry, but the ability to WRITE one's name, or even a letter SAYS a lot about someone.
It says you VALUE who you are...it's PERSONAL.
Everyone's handwriting is different, as is the legibility.
Mom used to tell me, as I got older that "you should be a doctor, because you sure as hell WRITE like one", and I don't think she meant that I wrote in an "expensive rich manner"...lol. She called it "chicken-scratch", but I could write well...WHEN I TOOK MY TIME.
Hell, I would have BEEN a doctor (to please Mom), but I did never DID "have the PATIENCE"...(you may now groan).
I feel we're doing a disservice to ourselves by DENYING the need for cursive writing.
We will loose even more of our social-interaction skills...just like we already have with computers and even more so with smart-phones.
Writing is about US...and each other.
I had my share of pen-pals when in school...we WROTE to each other...with a PEN....on PAPER.
(give anything to find out what ever happened to them)
But, it's more important THESE days to worry about TIME...typing becomes faster than writing if you become proficient enough...(and Wifey doesn't rub the letters off of the keys when fidgeting...LOL)
Time moves at ONE speed...forward!
We ain't gonna change that anytime soon (how ironic)
*** Lastly today....at 5 PM, it will mark the FINAL episode of the Glenn Beck show on FOX.
I know some are dancing in the streets...I'm not, really.
I found his show to be much the way I am about things in life.
Whether you like or dislike him shouldn't be the issue...the guy is RIGHT too damn often to NOT pay attention.
And yes, I WILL miss having that 5 PM spot "reserved".
I have learned MORE about history watching his show, than I learned in ALL my years in school, plus what I read after school (which was quite a lot).
And many of the stories Beck presented were what I had been thinking about for a while, as well.
In some ways, we were "on the same wavelength", and I enjoyed watching someone with whom I shared more than a few views about things.
I do intend to follow Glenn online, as well as on the radio, and will also watch FOX whenever I feel the need to hear the REAL story, and not some tainted news from a preconcieved viewpoint which is 180 degrees from what I've come to know through the facts.
In today's world, we have news 24/7, and it can fast become a form of "informational-overload" if we're not careful.
We have to DISCERN the TRUTH from everything else...the "wheat from the chaff" as it were.
We have to be vigilant in our search FOR that truth, too.
And, we have to have the knowledge and wisdom to know what to do with that truth, and become emboldened to share it.
In that regard, I think Glenn Beck got us off to a damn fine start...and kudos to him for doing so.
It has made a lot of us better people for his talents and dedication, as well as his ability to overcome his personal demons in pursuit of God and country.
That's not a bad legacy.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.

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