24 June 2011

Friday Follies:
Okay, so all of you have been wondering "Where the f$ck is BOB this morning?"
Well, maybe half of you....nah, perhaps a few.
Alright...I suppose TWO of you might be wondering (aside from my cats).
*** We've been out at the grocery, spending MORE and getting LESS.
Bread is still a buck a loaf (used to be 26 stinkin' cents!), milk is UP to $2.69 a GALLON (gas isn't that far away at a reduced price of $3.45 a gallon here), a package of baby spinach leaves (for salad) is $3.29 and mushrooms are $2.99.
Cereal is mostly OVER $3 a box (about 15-17 ounces) which is smaller than normal sizes, but if you catch a sale, buy in bulk (at least 5) OR buy GENERIC brands, for it's close to what you USED to pay.
All in all, it's becoming an adventure not unlike looking for the ARK OF THE COVENANT (move over, Indiana Jones,...you got competition at Krogers/Scotts these days).
Some weeks you do well...others, not so much.
Now, with that behind us, let's see what else is happening out and about, shall we?
*** I now have ACTUAL PROOF that there IS A GOD.
(well, I've felt and believed that for a LONG time, but some folks like to be shown, so here we have it finally)
Here's the link to the entire story:
Paul Helmke, 3 term mayor of our fair city of Fort Wayne (read Fart Waste), who manged to allow the SOUTH side of town to take the *A* train to Dante's 5th layer of Hades...in a handbasket, no less, is STEPPING DOWN as head of the Brady Institute for GUN CONTROL!!!
(let the pigeons loose and sound the trumpets)
Finally, we advocates of our SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT to keep and bear arms are catching a break.
Tell me there's no God NOW, because this shows that THERE surely IS.
The only down side is that we might get someone WORSE in place of Helmke, but we'll deal with that bridge when we get to it.
Now that Paul's basically RETIRING , I think we should all pool some change together, get him a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to the NRA and take him hunting (or at least to a police shooting range).
I hear Dick Cheney is on board with this in the WORST way...wonder why?
*** Elsewhere...in a related story in Indiana:
(( Published: June 24, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Not allowed to ban guns, library sets down limits - Vivian Sade The Journal Gazette
A new state law that strips local government of its ability to ban guns at public places has had Allen County Public Library officials scratching their heads.
On Thursday, the library’s board of directors agreed to modify the libraries’ code of conduct concerning firearms in hopes of thwarting any potential problems.
The law pre-empts local firearm regulations, and city and county governments can no longer regulate in any matter involving carrying, possessing or transporting firearms or ammunition.
That includes such places as libraries, museums or parks.
The library’s old policy allowed security employees to ask a person suspected of carrying any kind of weapon to leave the building or to prohibit that person from entering.
Effective immediately, patrons may bring a handgun onto library property or into a library, but only if they provide a valid permit.
Any person carrying firearms must provide proof of license upon request to library personnel.
"This new policy sends a message that while guns can no longer be banned from the library, certain standards of behavior will not be tolerated," said Jeffrey Krull, director of the Allen County Public Library.
The firearms must be secured to prevent potential injury or serious bodily harm to others, and no one will be allowed to point, brandish or display a firearm in any manner intended to threaten, according to the revised policy.
A separate policy states that staff members may not carry firearms in the library or on library property unless authorized to do so. And any firearms brought onto library property by staff members must be stored in a locked vehicle out of public view, according to the policy.
Now this is all well and good, providing library staff ASKS you to see you permit. What if they NEVER KNOW you're packing (which is the whole point behind CONCEALED-CARRY)?
They going to ask EVERYONE coming in about weaponry?
Nah...only folks that security "suspects" of carrying, so just ACT like you have a gun (adjust the belt or say to your friend "gee, this weighs more than I thought it did", speaking about your WALLET), and then watch the fun as the guards try to find a firearm on you.
What about carrying a SWORD in a scabbard on one's back (as I often do...lol)?
I'm just sayin'...
*** Found this little nugget in the "Oops, that can't be a good sign" files:
(( Published: June 24, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Inmate charged with possession of crack - The Journal Gazette
Authorities reported finding crack cocaine on an inmate at the Allen County Jail, according to court documents filed Thursday.
Correctional officers received a tip Saturday that the inmate, Trent B. Gaulden, had drugs in his possession.
Officers interviewed Gaulden, and he reportedly got into an altercation with them. During the scuffle, he punched and scratched officers, and he tried to crush and eat the cocaine, court documents said.
Once Gaulden was restrained, officers recovered a clear plastic bag that held less than 3 grams of crack cocaine, according to court documents.
Gaulden, 28, of the 4400 block of South Hanna Street, was jailed this month on a felony charge of marijuana possession. He now faces felony charges of cocaine possession and battery.
He was being held without bail Thursday at the jail.
Well I certainly HOPE he's being held WITHOUT BAIL...after this clusterf$ck!
Makes 'ya wonder HOW he got the crack...and WHO (exactly) brought it in to the jail and passed it to the felon.
Speak about adding insult to injury...but that's the way people like this shake out.
And then he tries to RESIST...in a JAIL.
"WTF?" are you thinking?
Man, is THAT asking for a "wood shampoo"...or what?
What a MORON!
*** Today is "Take your dog to work" Day according to our ASPCA calendar...
Well, all those K-9 units for the FWPD (and other deparetments nationwide) oughta be find and dandy with THAT.
As for "Scrappy" ?
Well Chris, I dunno how that would work out for 'ya, but it's worth a try.
I guess the next big thing will be:
"Take your dog to get his driving test" Day.
We have seeing eye dogs...
Why not dogs that drive?
Think of the possibilities.
Hey, stranger things have happened...look at our economy!
*** Lastly today, tomorrow is Mrs. Bobby G's Birthday (since life begins at 40, she's but an "infant"), and we're planning a soiree' up to RED LOBSTER for an early lunch (she's worth it)...besides, she LOVES lobster. I'll probably getting the Captain's special, or some kind of mixed-shrimp entrees.
Oh, and a nice cold GUINNESS to wash it all down.
If anyone is in the area (we only have the one that I know of..up north on Coldwater Road) around 1130 - 1230 hrs, stop on by.
(well, how will we KNOW you, Bob?)
Good question...Look for someone that looks like my profile picture...only NOT wearing a tactical vest, not carrying a sub gun and not wearing camos (for a change) and NO (visible) weapons, plus a black Philly PD ballcap on the table with a FWCS teacher sitting across from him (eating lobster).
How's that?
We like to go on her birthday, because we used to get a free mini-cake (with singing staff members)...I don't think they do that anymore, but it's still GOOD EATS and drink!
And who knows, we might even drop on over to Gander Mountain and see about guns, ammo and other fun things. They have a really nice Ruger .380 pocket pistol...in PINK, no less - the perfect birthday gift for the special someone living on the SE side of Fort Wayne!
It is worth a side-trip to Glenbrook Mall OR Toys R Us...(I would hope)...heh.
It looks to be a nice (albeit brief) time away from our "Fortress of Reason", located on the shores of the Sea of Apathy.
But, we do have to maintain security ...just in case.
Be great to be able to take some vacation time away from here...about 2 weeks would be fantastic, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon with these mooks around.
In any event, tomorrow will be nice enough for me...AND Wifey.
Probably be sleeping that meal off most of the late afternoon, too...LOL!
So have yourselves a marvelous weekend, wherever the fates find you.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and as always...
Stay safe out there, America.


CWMartin said...

boy, a lot to comment about!
First, while I'm much less, umm, adamant in the gun battle than you, I also was glad to hear Paul finding a new line o' work. Nevr trust a man whose upper lip never moves (except Randy Travis).

Second, Scrappy and work would NOT go well, I'm afraid... unless we could have a "it's all about me" day for him.

Hey, you guys have had more than your share of occasions to celebrate here lately, ain't ya? Just kidding. RL is right in our neighborhood, so we might just stop by- if my back'll let me and Laurie's not sick (she's been fighting something off for a few days)... if so, I'll probably try to get there early and wait for ya. Most likely I'll be wearing my Reds hat (the one with the mustached ball-guy) and Laurie will be the one with the long brown hair. Let me know if anything changes.

Bob G. said...

Something about Helmke struck me as "odd" when we first moved here in '97...I noticed he seemed to be SMILING even when he WASN'T (like Mr Sardonicus - a really bizarre film of it's day).
And I know it's probably wrong, but I never trust people (especially in power) that are also "in denial" (not the river in Egypt).

All About Scrappy Day...I like the sound of THAT...lots of puddles to wallow through are a MUST, though...lol.

Our celebrations are actually few and far between (except in JUNE...aka WIFEY MONTH...ROFL)

If you can make it, I look forward to pressing the flesh and meeting the man driving the MUSIC TIME MACHINE...and if 'ya DO pull up in a Delorean, I'll most likely go into cardiac arrest!

Reds hat, huh?
Well, I always DID like Johnny Bench and Pete Rose.
Hope to see you both.

Have yourselves a great weekend.
And thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there.

CWMartin said...

If I pull up in a Delorean, you won't be alone in your C.A.!